Fianna Surnames Mc/Mac
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McABEET.HallMcABEE, Henry. Believed to have been born, in Ireland or Scotland. Later lived in N.Carolina, USA. There, he married a Cherokee Indian, named Elizabeth HUNTSINGER. Trying to find information on his parents.
McADOREYL.McFaulMcADOREY. Researching Co. Antrim, Ireland, and Worldwide. Also searching origins of this name.
S.DelargeMcALEES McALEESE, Joseph. Born August 7, 1837. Buckna Parish, Co. Armagh. Married Mary Jane CULLY( born c.1861), on July 5, 1880, at Greenock, Scotland. Joseph's parents were John McALEES(E), and Isabella HALL.
McALEERB.McAleerMcALEER, Owen. Born April 5, 1875, in Dromore, Northern Ireland. Died in Paisley, Scotland, 1943.
McALINDENB.ScottMcALINDEN, Patrick. Born c. 1862, in Northern Ireland. He had emigrated to the Manchester area of England, by the 1890's. He married there, and had a large family.
McANESPIES.DuguayMcANESPIE, Catherine (McAMASPY). Born c.1835 in Ireland, and died 1884, in Scotland. Married Daniel KANE (born 1828, and died 1877, in Bonhill Scotland), from Ireland. They had 3 children: Bernard, born Blackwatertown, Co. Armagh, Sussanah, and Catherine, both born in Bonhill, Scotland.
McARDLEJ.RichardsonMcARDLE, Michael. Married Rose COOGAN, emigrated to Canada, c.1837. Believed to have been from Co. Monaghan, possibly Bellanaman township. Settled Emyvale, Prince Edward Island.
McARTORRC McArtorOften McArtor appears as McArter, McCarter, or McCarty, etc.
McATAMNEYP.NolanMcATAMNEY. No further information given.
McATEED.McAteeMcATEE, Edgar J. Born December 7,1881. Married Florence McFADDEN, in 1904. Lived and died in New York city. His parents were, Peter McATEE and Bridget KELLEHER.
McATEEB.MillerMcATEE, Patrick. Born 1652, in Ireland. Died in 1717, in Charles County, Maryland.
MACATEEJ.MacateeMACATEE. Seeking information re 3 brothers, using surnames MAGEE, McATEE or MACATEE, who came from Ireland, as indentured servants. They came to Charles County, MD., USA, in 1674, on the ship "Batchelor", out of Bristol, England.
McAULAYLoudonJohn McAuley/McAulay father of John McAulay, iron forge lab. Younger John married Catherine Geddes in Killinchy,Down in 1833
McAULEYL.DiamondMcAULEY, Mary Elizabeth. Born 1872, in Co. Antrim/ Married Charles McGINNEY. Parents were Charles McAULEY and Mary McMANUS.
McAULIFFEM NigroTimothy, b. Ireland(?) and settled in Troy, NY., by 1855. m. Elizabeth Claven, b. Ireland. Her parents were Jonathan Claven and Frances Alexander. Timothy McA's mother may have been a Frances "Fanny" Delaney(Second husband was a Delaney), who in total had 14 children. Timothy and Elizabeth had 8 children who survived infancy, all born in NY.: Margaret A. James C. Mary Frances Elizabeth Willard John A. Hubert J. Edward T.
McAULIFFEH.CollinsMcAULIFFE, James. 1850. St. Clair County, Port Huron, Michigan, USA.
McARVERYE.McArveryMcARVERY. Believed to come from around Dundrum, Co. Down.
McAVOYR.RichieMichael McAvoy, b. 1797, sailed from Dublin to Savannah GA on the Fair Trader in 1822. He was Protestant; he was probably a farmer. He may have come over with a brother named John Benjamin who settled in New York
McBREAIRTYM.FerwedaMcBREAIRTY. Charles McBREAIRTY settled with his siblings in Allagash, Maine, USA. Little is known of this family. Has anyone seen any references to this name.
McBRATNEYD McBratneyor MacBRATNEY or M'BRATNEY probably Ulster
McBRIDEJune DadeMcBRIDE, Margaret. Married Thomas SLOAN/E, in 1844, at Belfast. Their son James Adair SLOAN, emigrated to Australia, in the 1880's.
McBRIDEJ.McBRIDEArthur McBride born 1867, Navan (Barracks ?), Father Samuel
McCABEMcCabeClanThomas McCABE [1782-1843]m Ellen SULLIVAN [1780-1845] Lived and died, Saul parish, near Strangford, Co.Down. Son Patrick McCABE, b1815 m Cecilia DENNIS of same parish. Emigrated Ontario, Canada 1844 with infant daughter Susanna b1844
McCABEMcCabeClanThomas McCABE, b1700's, m Elizabeth BYRNE - lived Clonenagh Parish, Queen's Co. Sons, Thomas Jr., Peter, Paul & John emigrated to Ontario, Canada 1824. Uncertain of other children or whether parents emigrated or remained Ireland.
McCABEJ.ReynoldsMcCABE, Michael and Catherine. from Co. Cavan- possibly town of Virginia. Came to Red Hook section of Brooklyn, in 1852.
McCABEJ.McCabeMcCABE. From Cloone, Co. Leitrim.
McCABEL.WhitbreadMcCABE. Co. Antrim.
McCAFFREYEdwardIRE to ENG to Fayette County, Penna.-circa. 1890
McCAFREYMB LeinenbackBalleycroy, Co. Mayo 1790-1840
McCALLDick Frank, (Francis) Co Cavan Daughter Anne married Peter Tully from Co Tipperary in Ireland.
McCALLIONFMillerMy gf, Michael Mccallion born Irl 1879,beleive area to be Tyrone or Donegal. Parents were: Mary Hagney and James Mccallion. Mary from Falcarragh,Donegal. James from Tyrone. other children of this couple were: John, James, Patrick, Daniel, William, Mary A., Annie, Sara.Family had holding at Treioneill, Ballindrait, Lifford, Donegal.
McCAMBLEYG.McCambleyMcCambley, Robert. Father of James (1886/7-1968). He was PM of Rockburren Masonic Lodge in 1907. Related to the McCAMBLEYS/McCAMLEYS of Blaris, Co. Down. Researching parents, other siblings, occupations etc.
McCAMMOND McAmmondJohn. Born 1811 in County Antrim. Migrated to Carleton Cty, Upper Canada about 1830/1831 where he m. Jane Foster of Cnty Cavan, Ireland.Presbyterian.
McCANNRickDominick, b. about 1830, Co. Cork (town unknown) mar. to Mary (?)
McCANND.SheehanMcCANN, Richard. Born 1815, in Co. Derry. Married Ann CASSIDY, and they had a son Hugh, born 1833, in Ireland. Emigrated, between 1833-39, possibly through Canada, to upstate New York, Clinton and Essex Counties.
McCANNR.EarleMcCANN, Catherine. Born 1839, Drumcar, Co. Louth. Married Patrick CRAWLEY. Lived in Dundalk.
McCANNG.MartinMcCANN, William. Married Elizabeth COBRAITH, born c. 1786, in Ireland. One known child, Hugh Chase McCANN born 1822, in Co. Antrim? Emigrated to Ontario, Canada, and married Catherine SMYTHE.
McCARDIAJ.GaylorMcCARDIA. No other information given.
McCARDLED.McCardleMcCARDLE. No further information given.
McCARRONJ.HicksMcCARRON, Edward, Annie, and Michael (possibly others), emigrated from Clougher Parish, Co. Tyrone, to the US in 1833. Permanently settled in Providence, RI.
McCARRONcelawsonb. County Cork probably between 1837-1847. Ended in Irondale, Missouri, USA
McCARRYB.HeywoodMary, b. 1825. Daughter of James McCarry and ----- McFADDEN. Married Brian McGEE in Kildaragh, Co. Donegal. Mary died 21 May 1911, at Derryherrif, Co. Donegal. They had nine children.
McCARTE.BrownMcCART, Mary. Married William BANNON, Co. Fermanagh. In the mid 1800's, in the Enniskillen area.
McCARTT.K.McCartMcCART, James, and wife Mary O'BYRNES, in Dublin c.1754.
McCARTANM.DubashMcCARTAN, William. Born Bryansford, Co. Down, in July 1820. Emigrated to US. Killed in battle, Civil War, in 1863. Known to have had an uncle in the same area.
McCARTEC.KennedyMcCARTE. No further information given.
McCARTHYA.WheelerMcCARTHY, Jeremiah. Born Ireland, 1813. Married Ellen ??, in Ireland. Arrived Boston, c. 1850. Children: John, born Ireland 1846, Katie b. Boston 1851, Margaret L.(O'CONNOR), born Boston 1852.
McCARTHYL.Lawless Daniel McCARTHY and Catherine BUCKLEY, married Donoughmore, Co.Cork. Children Mary, Daniel, Patrick, and John, all born Banteer, Co. Cork, in the 1830's.
McCARTHYM.McCarthyMcCARTHY, Simon, born 1825, and Mary COOPER McCARTHY, born 1833. They came from Dunneill, Killimer Parish, Co. Clare. Emigrated to America prior to 1853. Seeking names of Mary and Simon's parents, as well as descendants of their siblings, who remained in Ireland.
McCARTHYM PetzoltJohn/James c. 1816 Clonmel, Tipperary area married to Mary Hogan, went to Brooklyn c. 1850-60
McCARTHYK Emersonfrom Killaconenagh Parish, Beara, Co. Cork to Houghton County MI 1864;by 1880-1895 Butte, Montana
McCARTHYIrishRedHannah, b. 1854 - Caherciveen, County Kerry, Parents Timothy McCarthy and Jane Shea
McCARTHYCkingTimothy, b. Kerry (? ) 1804/05. In southern Illinois 1850 child born in Ireland in 1849. Wife Julia O'Leary. Children Jeremiah 1838, Patrick, Daniel, Michael b, 1849, Julia.
McCARTHYWayne Patrick S. Caheragh, County Cork to San Francisco, CA, 1877
McCARTHYLaoiseTimothy, Florence,Charles, Cornelius all from Drimoleague and Cahearagh Parish Co.Cork pre 1800 - 1900.
McCARTHYB.ScottMcCARTHY, Patrick, married Catherine TIERNEY in 1835. They had 12 children (Patrick, Daniel, David, Mary...) They emigrated to Hastings, ONT. in 1852.
McCARTHYE.McCarthyMcCARTHY, james. Married Mary BREEN, in the mid 1860's. Their son Dennis Joseph was born c. January 25, 1876. Came to America in 1894(?).
MACCARTHYM.BilesMACCARTHY, Charles William. Born 1848 in Fethard, Co. Tipperary. Parents John and Elizabeth, nee FITZGERALD. Married Anastasia CANTWELL, in 1873. Also married Marion CUDDIHY, in 1881.Emigrated to Australia in 1884.
McCARTHYB.McCarthyMcCARTHY, Owen. Donoughmore Ck., 1830 - 1900. Son Eugene went to New Zealand, in 1873. May have been in the Royal Navy.
McCARTHYP.SheehanMcCARTHY, Patrick (1823). Left Ireland in the 1840's, with wife, Bridget, and daughter Ann, to settle in Bradford, Yorkshire. Seeking ancestors and birthplace.
McCARTHYD.SoiettMcCARTHY, Thomas. Married Ann CONELLY. They had a son Patrick William, born July 26, 1869/76, in Tipperary. Patrick,married Margaret BERRY, 1896, in Bolton, England.
McCARTHYT.EarlMcCARTHY, Mary (May). Born 1905, in Killarney. Moved to London, c.1920. Married Thomas WOOLLER. Children: James, David, Henry and Madeline. May's sister, married Tom's brother, George.
McCARTYMcCARTYMcCARTY. No further information given.
McCAUGHANBill JBelieved to be originally from Scotland. Family was in Ballytoy Parish, Drummagee, County Antrim, Ireland for an unknown period.Looking for John, Dennis and Thomas all born in mid-1700's.
McCAUGHANT.McCaughnMcCAUGHAN. Researching all McCAUGHANS, McCAUGHNS, and other spellings world wide.
McCAULEYR HallCatherine b. abt. 1813 Antrim Co, Ire d. 08/Nov/1912 Sanalac County MI Parents:James McCauley & Bridget McLachlon
McCAWLEYT.McCawleyMcCAWLEY, William. Born 1818 in Gallaway Co., Ireland. Married Margaret KERR, in PA., USA in 1850.Son?? McCAWLEY and ?? TUHEY. Looking for parents and siblings.
McCHRYSTALS McChrystalDaniel and Mary Henry arrived in Montreal, Canada from Belfast with 6 month old son in 1833 Children: Margaret, Anna and Phillip
McCLANAHANF.ArnoldMcCLANAHAN. No further information given.
McCLEANMimi71840 TYR,NIR>NY,USA Mary Ann b.4 Feb 1840 Co.Tyrone, married Andrew Moore. Her parents were either Alexander McClean and Mary Russell or John McClean and Jane Barris
McCLEERYG.McCleeryMcCLEERY. No information available.
McCLELLANcallenMcCLELLAN. Born May 1831, in Ireland. Emigrated to the US., prior to 1865. Married Samanthe FRAME, in the US. Died in Iowa, in 1930.
McCLELLANDJanitaGeroge, emigrated to Westmorland PA at age 15 around 1795 from Co. Monoghan
MacCLERKENC.& V.JonesMacCLERKEN/O'CLERKINS. Cleirchen, Cleireachain.
McCLEVEM.RhotonMcCLEVE. No further information given.
B LittlePatrick b. circa 1811 in Londonderry, Ireland. Around 1848-49 Patrick, wife Janet and children emigrated to Lanark, Scotland. Patrick died between the 1851 and 1861 Lanark census.
McCLOSKEYM FoleyCharles McCloskey b. 1827 in Londonderry Ireland married Maragaret SPIKES in 1848 > Boston in 1848
H.SchultzMcCLOSKEY/McCLUSKEY, John. Married Margaret HUGHES. They had a son, Thomas, born April 28, 1841. Came to the USA, as a child. Trying to find location of birth.
McCLUNGJimRuth b. abt. 1761, d 16 Feb 1839, Baltimore m John Royston b abt 1763 d. 11 Sep 1822, Baltimore.
McCLUREC.DaughertyMcCLURE, David. Born March 17, 1810, in Cladymore, Co. Armagh. Parents were Robert and Nancy McCLURE. Siblings: William and Robert.
McCLUREB.ChristieMcCLURE. From Randalstown, Co. Antrim, some of whom moved to Magherafelt, Co. Derry.
McCLUSKEYH.LewisMcCLUSKEY, Manus. Born 1840. Went to Canada, c. 1848, from Londonderry. Believed to have accompanied his father William, and his mother Mary (DONAGHY). Siblings unknown.
McCLUSKEYH.LewisMcCLUSKEY, Co. Derry, c.1820. William married Mary DONAGITY (both born c.1802). Children: Manus b.1820, Henry b.1830, Isaac b.1838, Bernard b.1837, William b.1842, Annie b.1844 and John 1825. All these birth years are approximate.
McCOLGANC.McColganMcCOLGAN. No other information given.
McCOLLIGANJ.McColliganMcCOLLIGAN. Family in Pennysylvania c.1850 - 1900.
McCOMBEA.RossMcCOMBE, James. Born c.1795, in Augaloo Parish, Caledon, Co. Tyrone. Married Ann McCLELLAND, c.1815. Daughter Mary Jane, born c.1817, in Ireland. Enlisted in the 64th Regiment of Foot, 1817. Their next child was born in Gibraltar.
McCOMBSM.ClarkMcCOMBS, Mary. Married David GREER, born 1750 in Co. Antrim. In 1793, Mary, David and several children boarded ship in Belfast, and left for Charleston, SC., USA. They met with his brother George, in Newberry Co., SC. Another brother James, was in Craven Co. SC.
McCONNELLL.WhitbreadMcCONNELL, Alexander. Married Matilda HERRINGTON in Co. Donegal. They had 15 children, five died at an early age. Other children: Sarah, Elsie, Isabella, Peggy, Florrie, Robert, William John, Alec, Jim and Merrick.
McCONVILLEK.AndrewsMcCONVILLE, Margaret. Daughter of John and Sarah McCONVILLE, born c. 1850, in Ireland. Married Thomas McKITTRICK, 1871, in the Wolsingham Catholic Chapel, Co. Durham, England. They lived in Crook, Co. Durham, until c.1881, when they came to Fayette County, PA.
MCCOOKN McCookAlexander McCook b1815 Clinty Finnau Armoy Nth Ireland married Jane Graham b1815 d13-8-1881 to AUS "marco polo" 1859 n.z. 1866?
McCOOLEM.DoyleMcCOOLE, Fanny. Daughter of Hugh and Margaret BOYLE. Born 1867, in Donegal. Children in family: Mary Bridget, married NELSON, and Cecilia. Address c/o Bunbeg Post Office.
McCORKELLN.RoughtonMcCORKELL, John. Born Templemore, Co. Derry, c.1803. Married Elizabeth HOLMES in 1837 at Londonderry. Came to Australia, on the "Robert Benn", from Greenock on September 20, 1841, with his wife and baby daughter, Margaret. Arrived in Port Philip Bay, Victoria, on January 20, 1842. He lived in Melbourne, Victoria, until his death on December 28, 1898.
McCORMACKM.McCormackMcCORMICK, David. Granted land in Mt. Pleasant, Nova Scotia, CAN., in 1828. Looking for how he got to Nova Scotia. Succeeding generations of McCORMICK and McCORMACK'S still traceable through current time.
McCORMICKCloudy 1828 County Tipperary, IRE
McCORMICKKM WilliamsonIreland (Leitrim?) TO Lancashire,UK (Bootle) to Ontario,Can
McCORMICKK WilliamsonLiverpool/Bootle/Great Crosby, England
McCORMICKN RossJohn McCormick born @1796,married Ann Baxter born @1790. Lived Antrim NI, children Jannice, Ann, William, John, David Reid/Reed, James Locke, Maxwell/Maxfield. Came to SC 3/1822, 3 children born SC, many of them to TX by 1840's, first in Polk County, then to other counties including Robertson, Brazos, and Walker.
McCORRISTONN ReebHugh McCorriston from Tamlaghtard McGilligan Parish in Co. Derry settled in New Jersey in 1890's. Also: Cannon
MacCOSTELLOC.ElamMacCOSTELLO. Searching for the daughter of MacCOSTELLO. She was married to Aedh Buidhe (The Yellow) MacDomnail oc O'NEILL (died 1283).
McCOURTHueymacPatrick McCourt- Nothern Ireland 1888>Scot.1913>Albany,NY 1929
McCOURTH McCourtPatrick McCourt Born Co.Armagh Married Cathrine Malone, Childern, John and Ann Born in Co. Armagh Moved to Glasgow Scot. Childern Hugh and Mike born there. 1929: all Moved to Albany,N.Y.
McCOURTH. McCourtPatrick McCourt...N.Ireland to 1913 to Scot. to NY,USA
McCOURTK.VacekMcCOURT, David (1872-1935). From Banbridge, N.I. Married Maggie FITZPATRICK (1892-1963), C. 1913-14. Moved to Omaha, Nebraska, c.1914.
McCOWATTStarweaverElizabeth McKenzie b. 1904 possibly Barrhead, Glasgow, SCOT. d. 12 Aug 1955 m. John Gillespie Gorrie 27 Sept 1923 in Barrhead, Glasgow, SCOT Known children: James Douglas; William Martin; John Ros; Eric Taylor; Robert Fraser; Allan McKenzie; Elma Andrina; Ernest Kirk; Ronald Gillespie; Ethel Martha; Evelyn; Edith Helen; Irene Elizabeth (b. 2 Nov 1926, spouse's mother
McCOYM.HornMcCOY. No further information given.
McCRACKENJD BrandHenry Joy, Ulster Rebellion leader, 1798. My gfather John, his descendent > Lanarkshire, SCT with wife Rose Anne CAMPBELL in late 1800's. John's children include George (who with wife Bell and sons Jack, Gorden, George > CAN) and Joe (m. Sarah, six daughters > Detroit MI, USA to work in car industry).
McCRACKENG.McCrackenMcCRACKEN, John. Born in Ireland in 1841, and married Elizabeth HILL. Came to the US before 1879. Had at least one son named David Hill McCRACKEN,in 1879, in Newburgh, NY. David married Jennie PATTON in Oct. 1905. They had a son, Rev. David McCRACKEN (married Edna COBB). They had a son Malcolm McCRACKEN.
McCRACKENM.RhotonMcCRACKEN. Co. Down, Co. Antrim, 1600-1700-1800's.
McCRALEYT.McCraleyMcCRALEY. No other information given.
McCRARYE.SchaeferMcCRARY, Hugh. Left Ireland, in the late 1700's.
McCRAWN Ross1Benjamin Albind McCraw 13Jesse Samuel McCraw 10/20/1799-4/13/1855 m. Olive Jane Horton 136Abner Benton McCraw bca1842 m. Penelope Jane Griffin 1364Jesse Thomas McCraw m. Leanna Foster 13641 John Ples McCraw 136411(adopted)Nancy Elizabeth McCraw
McCRAYsitkaGGP are irish, scotch, welch...supposedly from Scotland to Ireland..stoaway on ship to USA
McCREAW.McCreaMcCREA. Does anyone know the first occurence, of the McCREA name in Ireland?
McCREADYB.MacCREADYMcCREADY, William. Married Mary GRAHAM. Went to Australia, from Ireland, and then to PA., USA. One daughter, born possibly in Ireland. Elen b. 1847, David 1850, Moses 1855, William 1856, Georgeanna 1857. These children were all born in Australia. Richard born in 1862, in Pennsylvania.
McCREADYJ.McCreadieMcCREADY, Dominick. Married Ann BOYCE in Ireland, and had 3 sons: Manus b.1850, Michael b.1847, and Ennis born 1847. All sons married and died in Scotland. Ann's father was Dennis BOYCE and her mother was Mary COYLE. They are believed to have come from Donegal.
McCREARYH.McCrearyMcCREARY, Johnston. From Castlefinn. Died late 1800's, and had sons by his 2nd wife.
McCREERYdoliverMcCREERY, Samuel. Born in Ireland in 1723, and his son William McCREERY, born in Ireland in 1774. William's grandson, Isaac Newton McCREERY, was born in 1848 in Pennsylvania, USA.
McCRILLISB McCrillisTom MCCRILLIS b.1770 in Ireland(Londonderry?) at the age of 34 he came to America (c.1800), marrying in Virginia to an Elizabeth ?, having three children:John MCCRILLIS b. Sept 12, 1812 in VA, David MCCRILLIS b. 1820 in Fairfield County, OH, Rachel MCCRILLIS b. 1823. Tom MCCRILLIS is buried in Otterbein Cemetary, Perry County, OH. John MCCRILLIS moved to Crawford County, IL and married twice Elizabeth Ann MOCK and Hannah ZEIGLER. Between both marriages he had 18 children. 14 with Elizabeth and 4 with Hannah.
McCRUDDENC.AndersonMcCRUDDEN. Northern Ireland (Belfast area).
McCRUGERE.H.WismerMcCRUGER. No further information available.
McCUBBINL.McCubbinMcCUBBIN, William. Born in Ireland, c.1810.
McCUED.SmithMcCUE, William. Born January 21, 1781. Reportedly came to America in 1799. Died on July 31, 1865, in Palo, Linn Co., USA.
McCULLOUW.McCULLOUGHMcCULLOUGH, Harry, and Houston. Harry born 1865, and Houston 1858. Both were born in Lancaster Co., PA.
McCULLOUGHCarolMcJMargaret McCullough 1826-1903, Balto Co, MD, m. George Wisner, 1847
McCULLOUGHP.BaileyMcCULLOUGH, John. Son of John McCULLOUGH. Married Rachel McQUOID (Daughter of Joseph McQUOID), at Knock Methodist Church, Holywood, Belfast in 1902.
McCULLOUGHE.MershonMcCULLOUGH, James. Co. Monaghan. Born 1826, died 1902 in Iowa, USA.
McCULLYT.MehanaMcCULLY, William. His mother was a STUART. Came from Donegadee or Ballyhae, Co. Down. Sailed to America in 1861. Settled in St. Louis, MO. Married Mary SMYTH in 1863. He built a bridge across the Mississippi. Died 1905. Visited Ulster in 1904, landing back in New York, the day McKinley was shot.
McCURDYN.McEwenJames MCCURDY born 1756 Belzashane[Ballyrashane] Parish, County Antrim Ire.Migrated to Pa.,USA before 1776.Married Nancy MCKINNEY 1783.Died Westmoreland Co.,Pa.11-10-1835.
McCUSKERD WeeksCatharine McCusker, b. May 1860. John McCusker b. Mar.1863. Probably Co. Tyrone
McCUTCHEONF.McCutcheonMcCUTCHEON, James. Born Sepyember 18, 1822, near Omagh. Son of Claudius McCUTCHEON and Elenor ?.
McDADEMargeAnn McDade, wife of John Kelly and mother to Ann Kelly (1835)
McDALEM.RhotonMcDALE. Co. Down, Co. Antrim, 1600-1700-1800's.
McDANIELEN Killedan parish 1828, Tithe Applotment
McDANIELA.MiddletonMcDANIEL. No further information given.
McDERMOTB.MacDermodMcDERMOT McDERMOD, Patrick. Married Rose DOONAN, c.1845. They had a son Hugh, who emigrated to Boston, MASS. He married Mary Ann MURPHY, also born in Ireland.
McDERMOTTP.McDermottMcDERMOTT, Richard. Also his brother John, and sister Betty, from Stalybridge, U.K.
McDERMOTTG.MartinMcDERMOTT, John. Married Anne CONWAY. A son James, born 1840. Emigrated to Canada.
McDEVITTACNeil Mcdevitt(Mcdade) was born in Quigley's Point in Co. Donegal in 1871. He immigrated in 1883 to N.J.
McDILLG.McGillMcDILL. Any information on name and/or location appreciated. Name later changed to McGILL.
MacDOMANGAIRTC.ElamMacDOMANGAIRT, Gabhran of Argyll. His daughter, Ingenach (Lleian), married Aidan or Argyll MacGABHRAN (died c. 608).
McDONALDJ.DuponJohn McDONALD, born Ireland, emg. to NYC, c. 1887. Married Mary Moore there.Reputedly one of seven brothers: the others emg. to Australia.
McDONALDD TaylorSearching for Michael McDonald and daughter Catherine who emigrated to London between 1850 - 1855 from County Carlow. There are two possible families on the IGI index one in Hacketstown and one in Bagnalstown. The first Michael was married to Mary Connell and the second to Bridget Doyle. Could anyone tell me if either of these families emigrated to England
McDONALDD.TaylorMcDONALD, Michael. Born in Co. Carlow, c. 1806, possibly Bagnalstown. Emigrated to England, c. 1850, with his young daughter Catherine. Any information appreciated.
McDONALDM.CaseyMcDONALD, Ann. Emigrated from Ireland, to the US, settling in Scranton, PA., c.1850. She married Michael HICKS, also from Ireland. They raised children, and died in Scranton. They had at least one relative in Scranton, Mary McDONALD, listed as Godparent to one of their children.
McDONALDA.MiddletonMcDONALD. No further information given.
McDONALDC.Smith-StephensMcDONALD, Charles. Born Louth, 1848. His wife Mary, born 1853, in Durham, England. Children: Mary A., Margaret, Francis, and Peter, all born in Durham.
McDONALDC.Smith-StephensMcDONALD, Daniel. Born 1825. Married Catherine. Both born in Ireland. Children: Francis, Patrick, Margaret, Catherine, Edward and Bridget.
McDONALDN.SchnoreMcDONALD, Walter. Born in St Louis. Went to Montana, and married Matilda PELKEY. Then moved to Washington State. Retired from the railroad. Children: Delta, Bobby, Kenny, Helen, Fern and Gerald. Believed to have Irish ancestors.
McDONALDS.WagstaffMcDONALD, Victor and daughter Elizabeth. Both born in Ireland. Victor was a gunner in the Royal Regt. of Artillery, in 1853, and possibly served in Australia. Elizabeth was born in 1834, in Ireland. She married John ROSE June 18, 1853, in Fremantle, Western Australia. Returned to England, with children, prior to the 1881 census.
McDONALDS.WagstaffMcDONALD, Elizabeth and Victor. Daughter and father. Elizabeth born in Ireland, 1834. Married 1853, in Fremantle, West Australia, to John ROSE. Lived in Australia, then returned to England. Victor, a gunner in the Royal Regiment of Artillery in 1853. Possibly served in Australia.
McDONALDR.MaynardMcDONALD, Bridget. Born c.1823 at Kilrush, Co. Clare, to Donald McDONALD and Mary EGAN. Emigrated to Australia, details as yet unknown. Lived in Victoria for a number of years, before settling in Gulgong, in the Mudgee district of new South Wales. Married Patrick CARBERRY from Kilfenora, Co. Clare, at Gulgong, New South Wales, in 1863. Died 1915 at Gulgong.
McDONALDC.CarrollMcDONALD, William John. Born Carnmoney, Co. Antrim, June 21, 1834. Parents: William John Jnr. and Mary (nee JOHNSON). William John Jnr., emigrated to Australia, in the mid 1850's. He died at Narrandera, New South Wales, in 1909.
T.McDonaldMcDONALD McDONNELL, Timothy. Co. Cork. Came to America in 1866. He lived in Pennsylvania, and died January 24, 1910. His father was Michael.
McDONNELLR.ThompsonMcDONNELL, Michael J. Born 1815, somewhere in Connacht. After his wife Mary died, he sailed in 1848, to America with his three children: Mary, Kate, and John. Searching for his parents, siblings and other relatives.
McDONNELLSeabhaccMichael 1803/4 Orne, Co Roscommon m. Nora LALLEY
McDONNELLJ.MorganMcDONNELL, John C.Jr. Born c. 1870, in Ireland. Emigrated to Brooklyn, NYC, USA., and married.
McDONNELLC.McDonnellMcDONNELL, Robert. Left Tyrone, c.1894 for Liverpool, England, with son James Patrick, aged 4(?). Roberts wife died giving birth. Birth not registered. His wife (name unknown) was thought to have been from Moy.
McDONNELLM.LawesMcDONNELL. No further information given.
McDONOUGHS.McDonoughMcDONOUGH, William. Left Ireland as a young child. Came to Nova Scotia/Acadia, with parents and possibly brothers. Married Louise BAKER. Died in 1922. Sons: Ralph, John, Frank and Harry (twins), and Eddie. Daughters: Kathleen, Florence, and Ida May.
McDONOUGHB.PowerMcDONOUGH, Delia. Born 1865, in Co. ? Arrived in the US., in 1880, and married William McKay, born 1865, in Portland, Cumberland Co., Maine, on May 10, 1892. Children: Anna, Irene, Mary, William, Margaret, and Josephine.
McDONOUGHP.WoodMcDONOUGH. From the west of Ireland, them Troy/Albany, New York, in the 1840's.
McDOWELLD HeseltonMonaghan
McDOWELLmimi1845 abt.Glenoe, Kilwaughter Co. Antrim man named John married Mary Rea
MacDUFFYC.ElamMacDUFFY, Dool Oge. His daughter, Margaret MacDUFFY, was married to Cathall(Charles) O'HARA. Dool Oge's birth is estimated to be c. 1520.
McELMANC.A.JacksonMcElman, Ann Elizabeth of Dorchester Ma., or Marion of Cumberland Md. also William or Mathew of New Brunswick
Dirk2Peter: From SCT to IRL c 1745 to CAN c 1761
McELMOYLEMcElmoyleMcELMOYLE/McILMOYLE. No data available.
McELROYSeabhaccMary b 1810 in Ireland m. Thomas O'HARA b 1801 in Co Cavan, father's name Patrick O'Hara
N ReebBernard McElvenny from Donahenry Parish of Urbalreagh, Co. Tyrone. Daughter Susan married Isaac Rice and went to Philadephia before 1860. Son went to Philadelphia also after 1870.
McELVENNYNReebStewartstown, Tyrone to Phila., Pa.
McELWAINH.McElwainMcELWAIN, William. Farmed near Cookstown, in Co. Tyrone, until he emigrated to Canada in 1836. Looking for ancestors and siblings.
McELWEEK.McAlweeMcELWEE, John. Born in Co. Derry. Parents were John McELWEE and Mary PORTER.
McELWEEJ.McElweeMcELWEE. Wondering if this surname comes from Co.Armagh?
McELWEER.YoellMcELWEE, Anthony. Born in Dinty Gal, Ireland. Married Ellen DOOLEY. They had a daughter Mary E. McELWEE.
McENERYW.CrawfordMcENERY, Matthew. Born 1759, in Co. Clare. He married Mary Ann O'NEILL, born City of Limerick, in 1777.Family lived in Co. Limerick, before emigrating to Baltimore, MD., in 1805. Children born in Limerick, include: John, Dunnel, Mary, Henry O'Neill, Michael, Ann, and Paul.
McENANEYJ.MonahanMcENANEY. Believed to be from Westmeath, but could also come from Monaghan. Married to a MONAHAN from Co. Monaghan.
McENTEEM.EganMcENTEE, Patrick. Born 1830. Wife Agnes (HAINES). Emigrated between 1850-52, after the births of their first children; Patrick(1848) and John(1850).Patrick was a tinsmith, born in Ireland and his wife was born in England. Their subsequent children were:Edward Francis, Anthony, Mary, and Aloysius were all born in Philadelphia.
McENTEEJ.ThompsonMcENTEE, Charles. Born in Ireland, April 1842. Married Sarah CURRAN. Lived at 10 Condit Street, Newark, NJ. Died in January 1901. Charles was a molder.
McEVILLYD.McEVILLYMcEVILLY. Researching all McEVILLY, and related names.
McEVOYX. MugnierMcEVOY, Joshua Netterville. Married Mary NETTERVILLE, c.1840-1850.
McEVOYT.McLaughlinMcEVOY McAVOY, John, Patrick and Henry. Co. Down. Left Ireland c.1820's.
McEVOYM.J.McEvoyMcEVOY, Martin. Emigrated to Wisconsin, pre 1860.
McEWANMars7William b. ca 1810 Northern Ireland - immigrated to Toronto, Canada ca 1846
McEWANMimi7 now ENG/IRL>SCT>Toronto,CAN>IL>NJ,USA William Co.Tyrone, married Mary Ann Brown 1809,IRE. Only child, John, b.18 Nov 1841, SCOT. Around 1845 family>Toronto, Ont. CCA
E. HollowMargaret born about 1845 Derry or Belfast Co Armagh married George Morgan at 1852 Willinga S.A.
McFADDENFirstRigIRL 1746> Washington Co PA 1774> Harrison Co OH 1800
McFADDENB.HeywoodMary McFADDEN, married John McGEE.They came from Derryherrif, Creeslough, Co. Donegal. Mary died in 1892. Children Brian, Daniel (became Parish Priest at Glenties, Co. Donegal), Henry, Sally, Molly.
McFADDENK.ChristianMcFADDEN. No data available.
McFADYENJ.SmithMcFADYEN, John. Married Susan SHIELDS. Children: Bridget (1798), Susan (1801), John (1806), all born in Donegal. John married Anne McCALLUM, Bridget married Sam GREY, and Susan married John DOCHERTY (who died in Ireland, c.1841). John Bridget and Susan went to Scotland, c.1840/50.
McFALLL.McFaulMcFALL/McFAUL. Researching Co. Antrim, Ireland, and Worldwide. Before 1864, or after 1889, as researcher has information between these years.
McFARLANDT McFarlandJames married Margaret Lamont 1823 in Ballymoney,County Antrim.
McFARLANDE.McFarlandMcFARLAND, Daniel. Seeking his ancestors. He arrived in Boston in 1718, on the "William" or the "Robert", from Londonderry. Lived in Marblehead, moved to Worcester in 1727, probate 1738, has his daughter Margaret (CAMPBELL), still in Tyrone. Several sons, James from Brunswick ME, and Andrew from Worcester. Anything pre 1718?
McFERRENM.RhotonMcFERREN. Co. Down, Co. Antrim, 1600-1700-1800's
McGAFFIGANL.DunhamMcGAFFIGAN, Daniel. Married Rose HARKNESS. They came from Enniskillen. Parents of John, born 1885.
McGAHANC.SmithMcGAHAN, James and Mary (TALLY). From Ballynakilly, Desertcreat, Co. Tyrone, 1860.
McGAHEYJ FenaughtyJames McGahey of Clones, Co Monoghan, emigrated to NZ. In the Griffith Valuation of 1860 James was recorded as renting a house, office and land amounting to 16 acres, 1 rood and 35 perches at Coolnacarte, Co.Monaghan, leased from Richard Henry. According to Kevin McGahey, he left Ireland 1863 or 1864. There is a death of a James McGahey at Fremantle, W.A.on 10 May 1895, aged 75, believed to be en route to Ireland.
McGAHEYJack FenaughtyFelix McGahey born 8 Jan 1855 Clones, Monaghan Ireland son of James and Rose Mary McDonald, lighthouse keeper, died 10 March 1911, Timaru New Zealand
McGARRB.McGarrMcGARR. Co. Kildare. Believed to have left Ireland, c.1798. McGARR's believed to have been in Carlisle and Penrith. In the 19th and early 20th century, in Lancashire and Cumberland.
McGARRAHANEnideJohn, IRL to LA, USA, 1837
McGARRAHANEnideWilliam, IRL to NC, USA before 1790
McGARRELLN.NeelyMcGARRELL, Margaret. Born in Ireland, c.1837. Her father's name is probably Patrick, and she is thought to have had a brother, Joseph. Margaret emigrated to the NYC area, c.1853, and settled in Yonkers, New York. Margaret married John GORAVIN, 1856. Children: Patrick, John, Margaret, Thomas and Anne.
S.DawsonMcGARRIE McGARRY. Seeking ancestors of Henry McGARRY. Born Portadown. Married Rachel THOMPSON (father Abraham THOMSON, mother Sarah DOCHERRY.
McGARRYA StaffordElizabeth McGarry born in Westmeath in 1800, emigrated to Canada, married Tobias Stafford from Wexford, Ireland
McGARRYR.McGarryMcGARRY, Terrance. Born 1811, in Co. Monaghan. Married Mary LANNON, 1830.
McGARRYJ.McGarryMcGARRY, John. Born 1801, Co. Limerick. Had 6 children, including John 11, lived in Co. Cork. He had 6 children also, including:Patrick, who emigrated to the USA. Patrick married Margaret RUCKMAN, and died in 1931. Their children were: James, John, Joe, Mary Brigid, Don, Ralph and Myron, all born in Aspinwall, PA.
McGARVEYR.A.DalyMcGARVEY. No further information given.
McGARVEYR.McGarveyMcGARVEY. The family came from Co. Donegal. Came to the US, c. 1840, and settled in Pennsylvania.
McGAVIGANJ.RouseMcGAVIGAN. Co. Tyrone. Derry. 1700-1890.
McGAWD.McGawMcGAW. He had two sons; John, born 1757 in Antrim, and Willie, born 1749-50. Left Ireland by ship, and landed in Charleston, SC., c. 1767. Unconfirmed information says that John Snr., was originally from Scotland. Have been unable to trace back past John.
McGEARYGRappJohn. Born abt 1834, reportedly in Bordontown, NJ, but reported on some sources as being born in Ireland. Married Ellen Comerford.
McGEEM.E.ThomasMcGEE. No further information given.
McGEHEANH.KennedyMcGEHEAN McGEHAN McGEEHAN Miles. Born c.1799, in Ireland. Married Mary McKEON. Emigrated to US. (Philadelphia, PA.), c.1830.
McGEOWNJ. McGowanMcGEOWN, Arthur. Born June 15, 1900. According to Dr. Barnardo's records, the place of birth was Ballyconan, Co. Down. Mother, Sarah Jane, Magerafect Workhouse, 1904-1908.
McGETTIGANJ FinnCo. Donegal James & Mary parents of Sarah b.10/31/19
McGEOUGHA HarneyCounty Monaghan name with many spelling and pronounciation variations. Family emigrated to Rhode Island c 1865. See McGeough Page.
McGEVORF.SmallwoodMcGEVOR, William. Lived in Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire, U.K. He had two brothers and two sisters, and his mother was Annie McGEVOR. His father is thought to have been born in Ireland.
McGIFFS.HoodMcGIFF/MOYGIF, Ann. Born 1821, at Pearcetown, Co. Westmeath. Emigrated to Australia, as a free settler, arriving on the "Mary Anne", in 1840. She worked as a dairymaid, and nursemaid. Married John MARAGH, in Port Macquarie.
McGILLD.ChouMcGILL, Lydia Ann. From Co. Cork. Moved to Waverly. New York, 1860-70's. Married Charles VAUGHN. They had a daughter in 1877.
McGILLYCUDDYM FoleyLooking for any from Co. Kerry in Cloghane area. Jermiah married ELLEN DONOUGHUE
McGINGJ.McGingMcGING. Co. Mayo, Westport and/or Tourmakeady areas. Searching for McGING, anytime, any place.
McGINLEYR.A.DalyMcGINLEY. No further information given.
McGINNK.CassidyMcGINN. No other information given.
McGINNEYL.DiamondMcGINNEY, Charles. Born 1860 in Tarragh, Co. Antrim. Died 1914, Belfast.
McGINNISMimi7Peter and Ellen McGinnis. Their daughter, Jane, was born 3 Apr 1771 Carland Parish, Co. Tyrone. Jane married Thomas Moore on 5 July 1800 Carland Parish Co Tyrone. Another daughter, Barbara was born 17 Sept 1775.
T.PointonMcGINNIS, John. Co. Mayo? Married Catherine GROGAN. Son John (born c.1861), emigrated to Luzerne County, PA., c.1880. Other children may be Thomas, William, Anthony and Anne.
MyFamHrtMcGINNESS McGINNIS, Samuel. Born 1740-42 in Co. Tyrone. Died c.1800, in Oxford, Chester Co., PA., USA. Son of James. Married August 22, 1763, in New Castle, Del., to Margaret CANADY,born 1745 in New Castle, Del., and died 1806 in Oxford, Chester Co., PA. They had 6 children.
McGINNISMary AndrewsMcGINNIS. No further information given.
McGINNIST.PellowMcGINNIS. No further information given.
McGINTYMB LeinenbackBalleycroy, Co. Mayo 1760>now, Quebec>Buffalo,NY>Xenia, OH>Indianapolis, IN
McGINTYA.ZerblasMcGINTY, Edward. Born 1895 in NY.,NY. Lived in Brooklyn c.1930, with his wife and two daughters. One a child star on radio.
McGINTYJ.MurrayMcGINTY. Ireland, and Genesee County, Michigan, 1870.
McGIRRC.G.MacGIRRMcGIRR MacGIRR. Mainly in Tyrone and Armagh. They were possibly Scots who came to Ireland during the Ulster Plantation period. Said to be a Galloglas family.
McGIVERYN.StuartMcGIVERY. No further information given.
R. WarrenSeeking info on DOMINICK MCGLINN OR MCGLYNN. May be JERIMIAH DOMINICK MCGLINN. He lived in Richmond area of Woodstock, NB, Canada. In 1860, he married ELIZABETH DOHERTY. They immigrated to Maine. Children were twins, Henry James, Mary Bridget, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Rosa, Frances, Suzie. Witnesses to their marriage were Richard and Bridget McGlinn.
J.PincusMcGLYNN/McGLINN. No further information given.
McGOLDRICKM.FisherMcGOLDRICK, Owen, Philip, Rose, and Tom. Glangevlin, Co. Cavan. 1880. Ireland to New York.
MACGONEGALM.MacGonegalMACGONEGAL, Edward E., 1901-1933(?), Groton, CN., USA. Married Hattie O'HARA (1908-1988). They had one son, William Edward, born 16 February, 1929, in Groton, died 16 April, 1986, Las Vegas, NV. William has a half brother, as Edward left the family, secondary to the Depression,in 1939, moved to NY. Hattie remarried.
McGONIGLEM.StapletonMcGONIGLE, John. Born 1791 in Donegal. Married Margary DOHERTY, born 1800, in Donegal. In PA., USA., in 1831. Parentage, exact birthplaces and dates unknown.
McGOURTYM.MerrillMcGOURTY, Patrick. Born in 1850, at Kiltyclogher, Co. Leitrim. Went to IA., USA. Cousins in PA., USA.
McGOURTYM.MerrillMcGOURTY. Name from Northern Co. Leitrim, from Ballinglera-Dowra, to Manorhamilton to Kiltyclogher, to Belcoo, in Co. Fermanagh. Looking for those who left for the U.S., between 1850 and 1890.
McGOURTYG. BURKEThomas of Gourty ofCornacully Belcoo, CO Fermangh. Married to Bridget Maguire ??1868 and then Elizabeth Mc Govern ??1872
McGOVERNI.McGovernMcGOVERN, John and Alicia (O'REILLY) McGOVERN, from Newport, Co. Mayo. Children: Paddy, Joan, John, Joseph, Dermot, Vincent, Gerald, Ileen, Maureen and Anastasia.
McGOWANJ.McGowanPre 1750 in Ulster
McGOWANC. LamauteJames McGOWAN, came to America from Ulster in 1863, with wife Katherine DUGGAN, and children: Martin, James, Mary, Sarah, Patrick and Michael. Settled in Carbondale, PA>
McGOWANNReebKinaffe, Swinford, Co. Mayo
McGRAILMB LeinenbackBalleycroy, Co. Mayo, 1760-1800
McGRANEW.McGraneMcGRANE, John.Born 1818, County?, Ireland. Father Christopher McGRANE and mother Mary (nee NOLAN) McGRANE. Emigrated to US., prior to 1842. Married Alice GARRITY, January 1842, at the Immaculate Conception Church, Salem, MASS.
McGRANEC.ShadeMcGRANE, Edward. Married Jane Matthews, Drogheda, Co. Meath, c.1880. Six children: John, Joseph, Augustus, Christina, Margaret, and Mary Alice, 1888.
McGRATHkelly-furlongHonora m Joseph FURLONG? 1853? St Johns NF
McGRATHPKBCo Cork, 1860's
McGRATHJ.BlissMcGRATH, Annie (Nancy). Born Co. Galway, 1837. Emigrated to New York City in 1904. Parents John McGRATH and Mary? LARKIN.
McGRATHJ.SokolichMcGRATH, Francis and Mary, nee O'HALLORAN. Cahir, Co. Tipperary. Francis was in the Royal Irish Constabulary, at both Cahir and Mountrath. Their son John, born Cahir, 1870-71. Their 4th daughter, Ellen Mary WALSH nee McGRATH, born 1877-1879. Two other daughter became nuns.
McGREALJ.McGrealMcGREAL, Thomas. Emigrated to the U.S., in the 1800's.
McGREGORN.JewelMcGREGOR, James. Married to Sarah REDMOND, daughter of Robert REDMOND, in 1858, at St. James Church of Ireland, in Ballycastle (Ramoan), Co. Antrim. Looking for his parents and siblings.
McGROARITYD.WolfMcGROARITY, Cornelius Neal. Married Catherine BONNER, who migrated from Co. Donegal, in the early 1820's to southwestern Ohio (Cincinnati area).Looking for his parents and siblings.
McGUIGANBarThomas and Ann Mallon 1870's in Tynan, Cty Armagh
McGUIGANBlackPatrick, b. 1801, Dublin. Emg. 1848 to NY. Married, with seven children.
McGUIGANK.CassidyMcGUIGAN. No other information given.
McGUIRKM.McGUIRKMcGUIRK, Francis. From Co. Monaghan, Parish of Ematris. Married Anna LYNCH. Childen: Patrick, born 1855, Anna born 1857, and Philip born 1866.
McGUINESSI.DominikovichMcGUINESS, Maria. Born c. 1841, in Belfast. Father Patrick, and mother Margaret SHANNON.
McGUINNESSK.McGuinnessMcGUINNESS. No data available.
McGUIREL HarttenMary (Molly) McGUIRE, b. Dec. 1872 in Ireland emigrated to Bridgeport, CT, USA 1890 married Owen MURRAY in 1891 mother of John (b. 1892), Kat- (1893/5), James Henry (1896), Eugene (1903/4), Joseph (1905/6, and Mary (1910/11).
C.FulkersonMcGUIRE, James. From Ireland. Went to the US, and settled in Pike County, AL., c.1850. Daughter, Louisa, married in September 1860. A sister of James McGUIRE, Esther, married John RENNISON, c.1839. Their son James C. RENNISON, was born March 3, 1840, in Ireland, prior to going to the US.
MCHAFFEYP. McHaffeyNo data given
McHALEP.PetersonMcHALE, Thomas, born 1853 in Doonfeeney, married Bridget BELLE, also from Doonfeeney. Some of their children were born in Ballycastle, the rest in the U.S. Settled in Jessup, PA.
McHALEM.FoxMcHALE, Michael and Patrick. Born in Co. Mayo. Possibly Castlebar. Parents: John McHALE and Mary NEALON. Birth daes are from 1832 to 1834. They left Ireland, c.1837, for Pennsylvania. Need birth records.
McHALEN.McHaleMcHALE, Julia. In the Archbald, PA., USA., census of the 1850's, she had 3 children: Michael, John and Ann. Michael married Mary and John married Ellen LOFTUS.
McHARRYM.RhotonMcHARRY. Co. Down, Co. Antrim, 1600-1700-1800's.
McHENRYM.McHENRYMcHENRY, Henry. Born 1861, Parish of Culfeightrin, Co. Antrim. His parents were Henry McHENRY and Mary McFARLAND. Emigrated to the US in 1880. Lived in Jersey City, NJ., until he died in 1928.
McHUGHESC.McHughesMcHUGHES, David. Died 1892 in South Illinois. Settled in Elco, Illinois. Worked on the Railroad. David's son, John Burton McHUGHES born 1883, in South Illinois, died 1958, aged 75. John's son Willard Cress McHUGHES, born 1905, and died 1976.
McHUGOP.MardianMcHUGO, Thomas. Born 1825, in Galway. Emigrated to the US in 1825. Lived in NY., VT., WI., and MN. Settled in Janesville, MN. in 1860. Married Hannah KELLY in 1866. Died in Janesville in 1897.
McILRAVEYB MerrillJames MCILRAVEY b abt 1820 Ireland, m. Jane PYM, moved to Scotland before 1866.
McILVEENM.McIlveenMcILVEEN, Joseph and Elizabeth WITHERS, c.1800. Samuel McILVEEN and Maria CRONE, 1853.
McILWRAITHJ.HugginsMcILWRAITH. N.Ireland-Ulster Scots, around the 1800's. Related to McCRACKEN, MILROY, and by marriage, JOHNSTONE, NIC(H)OL, MILLIGAN, SLOAN, and WILSON.
McINDOOD.DurocherMcINDOO. No further information given.
J.G.MillerJames (b 12/29/1820, Cty Clare, Ire; d 12/28/1872 Burlington, IA, US) sp: Ellen RUSSELL
McINERNEYB.HarrisMcINERNEY, Laurence. Born c.1814, in Limerick. Transported to Australia (N.S.W.), in 1836. He was a baker, Catholic and single. Looking for origin and family.
McINTIREC.SmithMcINTIRE, Thomas J. Married Elizabeth M. CUNNINGHAM. They had 2 children, Thomas J. and Catherine. Came to the US, possibly tha Carolinas, c.1848.
McINTYREE WatsonLawrence McIntyre b 1853, Lislea, Co. Sligo. Married Mary GINTY (b1851) from Co. Mayo, c 1877
McJILTONCarolMcJAdam McJilton c. 1827, Derry Co., Ire., d. prob. c.1862, (McGILTON) Balto., MD, m. 4/21/1851, Faughanvale, Ire, Sarah Jane (MAGILTON) Miller (Millar)
McKAMEYIrish1No data given
McKANEJ McKaneSeeking siblings or parents for James McKane b. 1799 Co. Londonderry, emigrated 1843 to Ontario, Canada m. Elizabeth Lyons
McKANNAMcKannaJohn McKANNA was born in Kingston, Ontario in 1850's. Blacksmith in Saginaw,MI.Married Viola MERRILL, 2 sons, Blaine, 1882, John 1885. Moved to WA State in 1889. Worked as a blacksmith for logging companies. Died in Olympia, WA. 1922
McKAYMugsElizabeth DOB c 1875 Newtonards, Co Down IRL
McKAYIrish1No data given
McKAYB.PowerMcKAY, William F.(or T.). Born 1868, Portland, Cumberland Co., Maine. Married Delia McDONOUGH, born 1865 in Ireland, on May 10, 1892, in Portland, Maine. Children: Anna, Irene, Mary, William, Margaret, and Josephine.
McKAYE.CranerMcKAY, Patrick. Born Ireland. Married Charlotte DURNING, Govan, Scotland, in the 1880's. Emigrated to the USA., in 1889.
mimiLarne or Skerrywheery, Antrim. Janewh
McKEAGNEC.BrownMcKEAGNE. No further information given.
McKEANL.GerbingMcKEAN, James. Born 1832, in Belfast, to Reverend David and Sarah (nee SMITH) McKEAN. Emigrated to Australia, 1853-54.
McKEANC.McKeanMCKEAN, William. Londonderry, 1600-1700's.
McKEARNEYBlinkyHugh, Andrew, Thomas, born c.1840 married in Preston Eng. 1865-1868. All in the building trade.
McKEARNEYBlinkyOwen m Mary GREAVES/GRIMES before living in Preston Eng. 1860 son John was born in Preston.
McKEEV.LogeeMcKEE, John, born in Antrim, married Ellen. Was in New York by 1814.
McKEEM.MunroeMcKEE, Marshall, son of Jim and Jane McKEE, from Bangor, Co. Down. Marshall married Lily. Children: Marshall, June, Billy, Brain, Cora, Olga, Molly, Leslie, BeBe, Hughie, James, Victor, Bobby, Greta. Submitter anxious to locate any of this family, as she is writing a book on the family history of the McKEE'S.
McKEEM.MunroeMcKEE, George and Wesley, sons of Jim and Jane McKEE, from Bangor, Co. Down. George married Molly. Children:Robert, George, and Clark. Wesley McKEE married Lily and they had Maureen, Jim, and Jean. Submitter writing a book on the McKEE family, and would like to hear from any members of this family.
McKEEM.MunroeMcKEE, William James (Bill), born 1886, in Bangor, N.Ire., died in 1960. He was the eldest son of Jim and Jane McKEE of 13 & 13A Springfield Road, Bangor. His older brothers were Wesley, and twins Marshall and George, all now dec. Bill married Mary Elizabeth MULLEN (Molly), their children are: Ellen, Betty and Joan, all in Ont., CAN. Trying to find relatives in Ireland, as a family history book is being written by submitter.
McKEEK.McKeeMcKEE. From Donegal.
McKEEVERM.McKeeverMcKEEVER, Patrick. Born 1850, in Londonderry.
McKELVEYL.YoungMcKELVEY. Born c. 1817, in Ireland. Horse thieves. Moved to America, and are now (mostly) honest citizens.
McKENDELLF.McKendellMcKENDELL. Trying to ascertain if this name is Irish, and if so its origins.
McKENNAB.McKennaBryan Mckenna born c. 1795 and Arthur McKenna born c1832 possibly at Benburb
McKENNAJ.McKennaMcKENNA, Ephrian. Arrived New York City, in November 1861, aged 20. Ship registry indicates he was from Dublin.
McKENTYmcareyHenry McKENTY married to Bridget MOONEY sometime before 1859. Son John born 1859 or 1860. Emigrated to Ontario, Canada abt. 1861.
McKENZIEC.DallasMcKENZIE, John. Born c.1824, in Quin, Co. Clare. Married Ellen ENIGAN? from Sligo. In 1859 living in West Hartlepool, Co. Durham, England.
B.O'ConnellMcKEOGH/KEOGH, Roger. Married Jane McNAMARS, c.1830, in Ballina, Co.Tipperary. Children were Anne 1830, Sarah?, James 1837 and Cornelius 1843. Sarah and her husband Michael BOYLE, arrived in Collingwood, Ontario, c.1857, with Anne. Anne married Patrick McAULEY, in 1859, in Collingwood. Cornelius KEOGH arrived in Boston, MA., in 1858. James arrived in Massachusetts, c.1860, served in the Civil War, and married Alice O'BRIEN, in Salem, MA., in 1865. Cornelius moved to Salem, c.1879 and married Hanorah LYNCH, in 1870. The names McKEOGH and KEOGH, were used by Anne, Sarah and Cornelius in Collingwood, Ont., while KEHOE and then KEHEW, were used by James and Cornelius, in Salem, MA.
McKEONTizLittle information John C.
McKEONR.McKeonMcKEON, James. Sent to Tasmania, Australia, as a convict in 1846, for stealing 3 sheep, from a Mr. McCOY. His native place on trial records was Co. Longford.
McKEOWNJ.NevermanMcKEOWN, Owen. Married Anne McCARTNEY, c.1841, in Armagh.
McKERNEYBlinkyvariation of Hugh McKEARNEY b 1840 m Alice SARGINSON in Warton, Lancs Eng. 1868
McKENTYJ.McKentyMcKENTY, Robert and Nelley. Moved to Cleveland, Ohio, from Norwood NY. Trying to find where his mother and father came from.
McKIBBINS DysartJoseph MCKIBBIN from Co Down, b. 1796, filed intent 1828 Allegheny Co., PA. ived in Birmingham, Allegheny, PA. Died c1855. Second wife Amanda MONROE.
McKIBBINA.GardnerMcKIBBIN, Joseph Taylor. Born April 7, 1802, in Ballycastle, Co. Antrim. Joined the 1st of Foot Regiment, in the 1820's, and became a Sargent Major. He then came to Canada in 1850, as an Irish Pensioner, to releave Fort Malden, in Essex County.
McKIERNANB Wickham John -of Cloone, Mohill circa 1880
McKIERNANNReeb? to New York to Phila., Pa.
McKIERNANB.RaneyMcKIERNAN, Dennis. Married Mary QUINN. Do not know birth, marriage or death dates for Dennis.
McKIERNYCloudy 1848 to CANADA West
McKIMMMcKimRobert McKimm born in 1862, lived in Culmore IRL, immigrated from Greenock, Scotland in 1892 to USA with brother James.
McKIMMMcKimWilliam McKimm(McKim) born in Londenderry, IRL in 1851, immigrated to USA in ?1887.
McKINLEYJoeLittle data
McKINLEYL.WeedenMcKINLEY, Benjamin (1830-1898). Married second wife, Mary Smart (1850-1932). Both are buried in Crawford Co., WI.
McKINNEYsmittyHUGH, b 11-12-1868 in County Down North Ireland, d 3-3-1959 mar. Rose Smith,d 20-10-1914 children Rose, John, Margaret, James, Patrick, Mary Ann, Kathleen
McKINNEYsmittyJOHN, mar Rose Gribben ch: Hugh, Rose, John, Sarah
McKINNEYW.McKinneyMcKinney--Three farmer brothers, indentured servants to Virginia, 1650s. Likely names Daniel,Alexander,Thomas or John. Moved to MD in 1660s, Anglicans, lots of diff. spellings, not sure IR or Scot.
McKINNEYL.WeilacherMcKINNEY, Charles Matthew. Born 1815, Co. Donegal. Married Matilda Jane GALLAGHER (born 1827, Co. Donegal).Emigrated to the US., and settled in Armstrong Co., PA. A son John, born August 20,1851. Married Letitia E. SCHRENCONGAST.
McKINNEYM.McKINNEYMcKINNEY, Arthur. Co. Tyrone. He had 4 known children: John born 1770, Michael born 1769, Patrick and Barnabas. All the children went to the USA, to Warren Co. PA., USA., except Patrick, who lived in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.
McKIRGANT.McKirganMcKIRGAN, John (a farmer) and Jane BRENNAN. Married January 5, 1823 at Balleymoney Parish, Co. Antrim.
McKITRICKDirk2SCT to Co. Down, IRL c-1650 (Lord Duffrin's Estate)at Killyleagh
McKITRICKDirk2James, b. Downpatrick, Co. Down, c-1800, to Wakefield, QC,CAN -1842
McKITRICKDirk2SCT to IRL in early 1600's (Plantation). Settled in Killyleagh. Said to have worked on Lord Dufferns Estate. William McKitrick lived in Downpatrick and died c-1815. Had sons John, Patrick, Robert, George, James and William. James came to Canada with wife, Isabella (Stevenson) and sons John, James and Hans c-1844.
McKITTRICKK.AndrewsMcKITTRICK, Thomas. Born c.1840, in Ireland. Son of Lawrence. Married Margaret McCONVILLE, 1871, in Catholic Chapel, Wolsingham, Co. Durham, England. They lived in Crook, Co. Durham, until coming to Fayette Co., PA., c.1881.
McLARNONT.McLarnonMcLARNON. No data available.
McLAUGHLINKelmo 1760 - Co. Leitrim
McLAUGHLINS.NevilleMcLAUGHLIN, James. Son of James and Anne. Born 1877 Crislaghkeel, Fahan, Co. Donegal. Married Mary CAMPBELL, 1904, in Glasgow.
McLAUGHLINJ.MoodieMcLAUGHLIN, John. Born Derry, c.1855. Married Annie CURRIE, in New Zealand. They moved to Australia.
McLAUGHLINT.McLaughlinMcLAUGHLIN, John. Born 1799. Married Ann GIBBON/GRIBBON. Left Ireland in the early 1800's. County unknown.
McLEAVYJ.CherretteMcALEAVY, John. Born 1887, died 1926. Mary Crangle McALEAVY, born 1890, died 1962.
McLEVEM.RhotonMcLEVE. Co. Down, Co. Antrim 1600-1700-1800's.
Dirk2Peter: L'Derry, Co. LDY. Born in Scotland c-1735, Came to L'Derry, Co. LDY c-1745. Came to NS Canada 1761
McLELLANDirk2Peter, b. c-1735, SCT to LDY, IRL c-1745 > Halifax, NS, c-1755 Great Village, NS. 1756
McLEODDeliaMcLEOD, John. Born 1811 in Ireland, moved to Ayr, Scotland. Had a large family.
McLESTERJ.MurphyMcLESTER. Came from Ireland. Louisville, Kentucky, 1864, Casselton, North Dakota, 1906, Washington State, 2001.
McLINR.KashMcLIN. Tracing origins.
McLINTOCKJ.McLintockMcLINTOCK. No further information given.
MacLOCHLAINNC.ElamMacLOCHLAINN, Domnall. His daughter, Cicely, was married to Domnall (The Young) macAedo MEITH O'NEILL (died 1241).
McLUREJ.McLureMcLURE, John. Born c.1715, near Raphoe, Co. Donegal. Emigrated and settled in Augusta Co. VA., by 1739, when son James was born.
McMAHANM.McMahonMcMAHAN, Simon. Born c.1844 in Ireland. Came to the US between 1850 and 1860 with parents, as a child, and finally settled in Southern Illinois.
McMAHOND HeseltonFermanagh? Tyrone?
McMAHONacornCo. Clare. Mary McMahon b abt 1800 of Lisseycasey m Patrick O'Dea - Had abt 6 children. Catherine b 1830 m James O'Connor
McMAHONM.HeywoodMcMAHON, William Henry, born 8 May 1834 to William Henry and Mary (nee WARD) PEYTON, reared after his mother's death in 1837, by the McMAHON family. He was married in 1862 at Wentworth, N.S.W. to Annie SNOWDEN, who was born in 1842, at Liskeard, Cornwall. Children: Thomas George, Frederick Charles, Daniel, Sophie Ann ( named after his eldest Peyton sister),and John Wilbow b. 1880 ( named after his sister Sophie's husband John WILBOW).
McMAHONS.GouletMcMAHON, Thomas Francis, born 29 July 1893, in Co. Clare. Emigrated to Providence, RI., US., c. 1913. Married c. 1919, to Mary Ellen DEVITT, in Providence, RI.
McMAHONC.E.ScottMcMAHON, Rebecca. Married Asa RAINES, in 1831. Born in Alabama, 1812. Married in Tennessee, also buried there.
MacMAHONV. MacMahon BrambleI am looking for the parents of my G-G Grandfather Thomas C.MacMahon (changed to McMahon sometime between his time and my grandfathers time) Born in 1845 possibly near Antrim. He had two brothers: Robert and Charles. There may have been another one who died young. 4 sisters by the names of Mary Jane (she signed everything simply as M.), Jessie, Maggie (Margaret), Elizabeth (Betty ?) He had an uncle named Charles. His father's name was also Thomas. My G-G Grandfather came to America when he was still but in his teens perhaps and married Sarah Hastings who was born in Scotland. Resided in New York City and had 4 children. Grandaddy died when he was 30 years old of a sunstroke.
McMAHONO.McMahonMcMAHON, Richard. Son of Denis. Lived in Carrowduff, Co. Clare. Emigrated to Australia, on the "Scottish Knight", in 1854.
V.McManigal-BuermanMcMANIGAL McMANEGEHL. Originally from Ireland, place unknown. Settled in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Ohio, U.S.A.
McMANNH.KennedyMcMANN, Patrick. Married Elizabeth A. WHITE. They had five children: Jack, Jim, Harry, George and Martha. At least one of these children was born in PA., USA. Patrick was living in North East England in 1911.
McMANUSG.SnellMcMANUS, Ellen. Born 1801. Married George SNELL, Co. Cavan. Emigrated with her husband to Canada. Her father John had died. Her mother Jane? remarried William ANDERSON. As well as her husband, their three children, her parents, 5 brothers and sisters, went to Canada with her. Family Church of Ireland.
McMASTERK.McMasterMcMASTER. No further information given.
McMENAMINT.McMenomyMcMENAMIN. Looking for information on the origins, roots, and lineages on the clan Mac MEANMAIN/ Mac MEANMAN. Anglicizations include McMENAMIN, McMENAMY, McMENEMY, McMANAMAN, etc.
McMENAMINKay DaveyMcMENAMIN. Co. Tyrone. Would like to locate the town, where the McMENAMINS originated. Went to Philadelphia, c.1900.
McMILLANI.DominikovichMcMILLAN, Alexander. Born 5 March 1823, in Dromore, Co. Down.
McMINISD.HommeMcMINIS, Samuel George. Born in 1886 in Ireland. Died 6 May 1949 in Mannville, Alberta. Married Margaret KIRK, c.1909, in Ireland
KSPAGMcMONAGL /McMONIGLE. No further information given.
McMORRANS.ChambersMcMORRAN, Lorraine Barbara. Canada.
McMORROWN.KiePatrick Mcmorrow,Co Sligo about 1840's
McMULLENSchnipkeLate 1700's in BushMills,Antrim Co., Northeren Ireland.
McMULLENP.PakesMcMULLEN, Hugh. Born c. 1804 in Co. Armagh. Married unknown, and they had one child, believed to be a daughter. Hugh and family left Ireland, in December 1847, for New Zealand as a Fencible Soldier, aboard the Barque 'Ann'.
McMULLENP.PakesMcMULLEN, Michael. Born c.1794 in Co. Down. Married E.McEVOY, and they had four daughters, Mary, Margaret, Roseanne, and Ellen. Michael and family, left Ireland in December 1847 for New Zealand, as a Fencible Soldier, aboard the Barque 'Ann'.
McMULLENR.McMillenMcMULLEN, Joseph. Born c.1819. Married Margaret MARTIN in Ireland, 1843. Both were in Scotland by 1851, according to the New Monklands Census. Information from 1851 backwards, wanted.
McMULLENS.SchnipkeMcMULLEN, Roger. Late 1700-mid 1800. Roger married Jennie ELLIS, near Bushmills, Ireland.
McNALLEYE.MershonMcNALLEY, Elizabeth. Wife of James McCULLOUGH. Born 1826, Co. Monaghan, and died 1907, in Iowa, N.S.W.
McNALLYS.WrightMcNALLY, Michael, a shoemaker living in Ballina, Co. Mayo. Information wanted on Parents, and marriage details.
McNALLYD.SmithMcNALLY, James. Late 1800's, in Cork, Co. Clare.
McNALLYD.McNallyMcNALLY, Bartholomew, Henry and/or Bernard. Went from Antrim to Quebec, Canada, prior to 1810.
McNAMARAMary S.McNAMARA. Associated with Ballyhaunis and Knock area, Aghamore, Co. Mayo.
McNAMARAJ.McNamaraMcNAMARA, James (married a DUGGAN). Born c.1815 in Clare, and his son Thomas, (married a DALEY) born c.1846, in Clare.
McNAMARAL.MacEachernMcNAMARA. Co. Clare, 1770-1799.
McNAMEEL.CastronMcNAMEE, James. born 1801, in Northern Ireland. Married Margaret, b.1809 in Ireland. They arrived in Canada c.1845, with two children, William B.1836 and Robert b.1841. Lived in Centralia, Ontario, and Killarney, Manitoba.
McNANEYG.McNaneyMcNANEY. No further information given.
McNEELYDoreen GuerrieroMcNEELY. No further information given.
McNEILLFinn Mac CoolMargaret, daugher of John McNiell. Mother of John Foster
McNEILLKimbellThomas Francis, b. 1832 in Athleague, Co. Roscommon. His parents were, Thomas McNEILL and Brigid (nee FALLON), marr. 1831 Athleague.
McNEILLYK.Goad-BurgessMcNEILLY, David. Born January 7, 1865 in Co. Armagh. Married Martha ? in Belfast, 1833. She was born 1860, in Donna Adee, Co. Down. They had four children: William, John Charles Dawson, Margaret Jane, and Georgina Florence. All travelled to Australia, except William.
McNEILLYK.Goad-BurgessMcNEILLY, John Charles Dawson. Born 1888-1889, in Belfast. Married Susan MOORE, 23rd January, 1912. Children: David (1912), Georgina (1914), Charles (1916), Margaret (1919), and twins born in Australia.
TLBlackmanJames McNerney b.abt 1798 IRL m. Catherine McClusky b. abt 1799 IRL. 1817 SCT>1830 Ontario CAN
MacNEVING.InghamMacNEVIN, of Young Ireland fame. Son of Daniel, from Gort.
McNICHOLASNReebKiltimagh, County Mayo
McNIFFM.DohertyMcNIFF. From Rosscommon and area.
McNULTYM RuddyMcNulty, Bernard: Tyrone>1851>NY>WIS>Wabasha MN.
McNULTYMB LeinenbackCo. Mayo or Co. Donegal, 1830>1870 immig. to Indianapolis, IN
McNULTYD.McNulty-HughesMcNULTY, John. Born 1815. Wife Bridget born 1810. Sons: Thomas born 1838, John born 1842, Michael born 1844, and Martin born 1845, All born in Ireland, location unknown. Emigrated to Kentucky.
McNULTYSars McNultyMcNULTY. From Killashandra, Co. Cavan. Later at Rawdon, Quebec, CAN., and Vermont, USA. Related female lines: KINGSTON (Co. Cork), DALY, CASSIDY, ROWAN, and McAULEY
McNULTYB.PoorMcNULTY, Catherine Mary. Married M.TARMEY. Her mother was Mary Kath.DACEY.
McPHILEMYJ.LewisMcPHILEMY. No further information given.
McQUAIDShannonMcQUAID. No further information given.
McQUILKENLoudonMary Ann McQuilken marr. James Clark in Down Had son Arthur in County Down and dau. Mary McQuilken Clark in Scotland abt. 1881
McQUILLANV.McQuillanMcQUILLAN, William Robert. Born Auglea(?), Co. Antrim, in (1843?).
McQUILLANV.CartyMcQUILLAN. Born 1840, Newry, Co. Down. Mother Mary FITZPATRICK, born 1817, Co. Down.
McQUIREL Hartten Mary (Molly) McQUIRE, b. Dec. 1872 in Ireland emigrated to Bridgeport, CT, USA 1890 married Owen MURRAY in 1891 mother of John (b. 1892), Kat- (1893/5), James Henry (1896), Eugene (1903/4), Joseph (1905/6, and Mary (1910/11).
McQUOIDCKeenanFelix and Sarah (McQUOID) KEENAN ;b. 1814/1819;IRL (county/town unknown) migrated to Cumberland, ENG between 1845-1849.
McREDMONDGeorgeannSee Page Co. Offaly 1818>Tennesee and Redmond, WA
McRIEGHTL.BaldwinMcRIEGHT/McCRITE/McCREIGHT, James. Born c. 1758, in Ireland. Married Mary ANDERSON, from Ireland. Emigrated to the US.
McSHANEB. Heywood Laurence M'SHANE, Newry, Co. Down. Married Mary. One son James, b.1818, in Newry, transported to Australia. Died of lightning strike, at Phoenix Park, near Morpeth N.S.W.
McVEIGHE.BurnsMcVEIGH, Margaret, from Scarva. Married Patrick BURNS, from Lisnagade, Co. Down, September 26, 1911.
McVETTYpmcvettyJohn born 1814 in Donegal Ireland in 1831 and sailed to Canada (Quebec) in 1830.
McVITTIES.McVittieMcVITTIE. No further information submitted.

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