Hugenots III
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Hugenot Surnames

  All materials on this page are used with the kind permission of Pat Traynor.


These lists were taken from "Irish Pedigrees",vol.2, by John O'Hart. Pub 1892, Dublin. Note: Pronunciation marks were not copied. According to Agnew's Third Volume of the French Protestant Exiles from France (London: Reeves and Turner, 1874), the Foreign Refugees and their descendants, who settled in Great Britain and Ireland, are divided into three Tables:

TABLE I contains the names of those who settled in these countries before the reign of Louis XIV., of France. (1643)

TABLE II contains the names of those who settled in these countries during the reign of Louis XIV. (1643-1714) GIVE IT TIME TO LOAD large table.

TABLE III contains the names of the Refugees who were Naturalized by Letters Patent. The reader, who desires full information under each of these headings will find it in Agnew's elaborate works on the subject. GIVE IT TIME TO LOAD large table.

This Table contains the names of Huguenot families Naturalized in Great Britain and Ireland; commencing A.D., 1681, in the reign of King Charles II., and ending in 1712, in the reign of Queen Anne. But in the reign of William and Mary, the largest number of foreign refugees were Naturalized in these countries, from 1689 to the 3rd July, 1701. In Queen Anne's reign we do not find any long lists of "Naturalized Foreign Protestants"; because, during the prosecution by England of the war with France, they were recognized as British subjects. At length, how- ever, on the 23rd March, 1709, an Act was passed for their Naturalization; but on the 9th of February, 1712, that Act was repealed. In England the refugee might obtain his Naturalization Certificate on taking the oaths prescribed for that purpose, in the Court of Queen's Bench, or in the Court of Common Pleas, or in the Court of Exchequer; but in Ireland, on taking the prescribed oaths before the Lord Chancellor, the refugee immediately obtained his Certificate of Naturalization. So far as we have yet ascertained, the following are the names of the refugee families which were Naturalized in Great Britain and Ireland:

[* Table: For the names of tbe wives and children of the Huguenots whose names are given in this Table II, see Agnew's French Protestant Exiles, Vol. I., pp. 37-57.

2. Naturalized: It should be observed that the date of the Naturalization of a Huguenot refugee is not necessarily the same, or even almost the same, as the date of his arrival on British soil.

3. Naturalization: For the dates of the Naturalization of other Huguenot families in Great Britain, in the reign of Charles II, see Agnew's "Huguenots".]
Abanzit Abelain Abraham
Acque Adam Adrien
Agace geron Aissailly
Alart Alavoine Albers
Albert Albin Alden
Aleber Alexandre Allaire
Allais Allard Allat
Allen Allix Allotte
Alvant Amail Amelot
Amiand Amiot Amonnet
Amyand Amory Amyraut
Andart Andre Andrieu
Anes Angelier Angier
Angoise Annaut Anviceau
Archbaneau Arbunot Ardesoif
Ardesoife Ardauin Arnaud
Arnaudin Arnauld Arnoult
Artieres Artimot Assaire
Asselin Astory Auber
Aubert Aubertin Aubin
Aubourg Aubri Aubry
Audebert Audeburg Auduroy
Aufrere Augel Augibant
Augnier Aure Aurez
Auriol Aurios Ausmonier
Ausol Ausonneau Austin
Autain Aveline Aviceau
Ayland Ayrault Azire
Babault Bacalan Bachan
Bachand Bachelier Bacot
Badenhop Badnett Bagnoux
Baignoux Baile Bailhou
Baille Baillergeau Bailly
Baisant Ballaire Banquier
Baquer Barachin Barat
Barat de Salenave Barayleau Barbat
Barbaud Barbe Barber
Barberis Barbet Barbier
Barbot Barbotin Barbule
Barbut Bardeau Barel
Bargeau Bargignac Barian
Baril Barion Barle
Barnege Barnouin Baronneau
Barquenon Barrau Barron
Barset Barsselaer Bartalot
Barvand Bashfeild Basille
Basmenil Basset Bastell
Batailhey Battier Baudertin
Baudevin Baudoin Baudouin
Bazire Baver Bauzan
Baurru Baume Bauldouin
Bauldevin Bauer Baudry
Baudris Baudrie Baudowin
Baudovin Beauchamp Baufils
Beaufills Beaulande Beaulieu
Beaumont Beaune Becher
Beckler Beekman Bege
Begre Belet Beliard
Belin Bellanaer Bellemarte
Bellet Belliard Bellin
Belliville Belloncle Belon
Beluteau Belvere Benech
Beneche Benet Bennet
Benoict Benoist Benoitt
Benouad Beranger Beraud
Berault Berchere Berionde
Berlemeyer Bernard Bernardeau
Bernon Bernou Berny
Berslaer Bertheau Bertin
Bertran Bertrand Beschefer
Besnage Bessier Bessin
Besson Bessonet Best
Belton Beule Beuzelin
Beuzeville Bewkell Bezenech
Bezin Biart Bibal
Biball Bibbant Bichot
Bidley Bieisse Bielfeld
Biet Bigot Billon
Billonart Billop Billot
Billy Binand Binet
Bire Blanc Blancard
Blancart Blanchard Blaquiere
Blond Blondeau Blondell
Blondet Blondett Bobin
Boche Bockquet Bocquet
Bodard Bodvin Boehm
Boigard Boileau Boirou
Boisdeschesne Boisnard Boisrond de St. Leger
Boisseaux Boissonet Boiste
Boitoult Bonafons Bonamy
Bonard Boncoiron Boncourt
Bondvin Bongrand Bonhoste
Bonier Bonin Bonine
Bonmot Bonneau Bonnel
Bonnell Bonnelle Bonnet
Bonneval Bonomirier Bonouvrier
Bontefoy Bonvar Booth
Borchman Borderie Boreau
Borie Borneman Bos
Bosanquet Bosch Bosquetin
Bossairan Bossis Bosy
Bouche Boucher Bouchet
Bouchett Boucquet Boudier
Boudin Boudinot Boudoin
Bouhereau Boulanger Boulier
de Beauregard
Boullard Boullay Bouillier
de Beauregard
Boullommer Bounin Bouquet
Bourdet Bourdillon Bourdon
Boureau Bourgeais Bourgeon
Bourges Bourgnignon Bourian
Bourn Bournack Bournet
Bourreyan Bousar Bousart
Boussac Bouteilleir Boutet
Boutilier Boutonnier Bouverie
Bouvet Bovey Boy
Boycoult Boyd Boye
Boygard Bozey Bozuman
Bracquchaye Braguier Bragvier
Bratelier Breband Breda
Bredel Brehut Brement
Breon Bretelliere Brevet
Brevint Brian Brianceau
Briand Bridon Brielle
Briet Brievinck Brigault
Brinquemand Brisac Brissac
Brissau Brisset Brisson
Brocas Brocas de Hondesplains Brochart
Broha Brossard Brouard de la Coussaye
Brouart Brouchet Brouino
Brozet Brulon Brun
Brunant Brunben Bruneau
Brunet Brunier Bruquier
Brus Brusseau Brusson
Bruyer Bryon Bucaile
Bucher Buicarlelet Buissiere
Buissieres Bumet Buor
Burear Bureau Buretell
Burtel Buschman Bush
Bussat Bussereau Bussiere
Bustin Butel Buteux
Cabibel Cadet Cadett
Cadroy Cagrou Cahuac
Caillabueuf Cailland Caillard
Caille Cailleau Caillobeuf
Caillon Cailloue Callivaux
Calmels Camberland Cambrelan
Cancellor Cannieres Caovet
Cappel Capper Cardel
Cardes Cardon Careiron
Cari Carlat Carle
Carles Carlier Carnac
Caron Carpentier Carre Note 1
Carriere Carron Cart
Cartier Casie Casier
Cashaw Cassart Cassaw
Cassel Casset Castagnier
Castaing Castanet Castres
Cauchie Caudaine Cauon
Caussat Causson Cautin
Cavalier Cavallie Cazalet
Cazals Cazaly Cazautnech
Cazeneusne Cazenove Ceaumont
Cellery Cene Ceyt
Chabanei Chabaud Chabet
Chaboissan Chabossan Chabosseau
Chabot Chaboussan Chabrol
Chadaigne Chaieler Chaigneau Note 2
Chaille Chale Chalie
Challe Chalopin Chalvet
Chameau Chamier Champion
Champion de Crespigny Champon Channett
Chapellier Chaperon Chapet
Chapon Chappell Charas
Chardavoine Chardin Chardon
Charier Charle Charles
Charlie Charpenelle Charretie
Charrier Charron Chartier
Chaseloup Chasgneau Chasles
Chasselon Chassloup Chassereau
Chastagnier de Cramahe Chastelier Chataine
Chauveau Chauvet Chauvin
Chauvit Chavalier Chave
Chef d'Hotel Chemonon Cheneu
Chenevie Chenevix Cheradaine
Cheseau Chesneau Chevallier
Chevalier Cheval Chirot
Chotard Chouard Chouy
Chovard Chovet Chrestien
Chretien Chrispin Christian
Chupin Cigournai Clamouse
Clancherie Clari Clark
Clarke Clarmont Clary
Claude Claus Claverie
Clavier Clement Clerembault
Clerenbault Clerenceau Cocker
Coderk Coenen Cogin
Cognand Cohen Coignand
Colebrant Coliner Coliveau
Collet, or Collott Note 3 Collett Collette
Collier Collineau Collon
Colom Colombies Colomiez
Combe Combrune Constantine
Cooke Coqueau Corbiere
Cordes Cormier Cornet
Correges Corso Cossard
Cossart Cosson Costat
Coste Cothoneau Cothonneau
Cotigno Cotreau Cottibi
Cottin Coudain Coudert
Couilland Coupe Couppe
Courallet Courand Courcelles
Coureau Courson Courtaud
Courtet Courtin Courtion
Courtis Courtois Courtris
Cousin Note 4 Cousteil Coutet
Coutois Couturier Couvelle
Couvers Couvreue Covillart
Coyald Cozun Crespigny
Crespin Cresse Cretes
Creuse Crispeau Crispin
Crocheron Crochon Crohare
Cromelin Cromer Crommelin
Crouard Croyard Croze
Cruger Crull Crusins
Criyger Culeston Cuny
Curnex Curoit D'Abadie
D'Agar Dagar Daignebere
Daillon Dainhett Dalbiac
D'Allemagne Damascene Daneans
Daney Dangirard Daniel
Dansay Dansays Darel
Dargent Dariette Darill
Darrac D'Arreche Darrigraud
Darticues Daubuz Dauche
Daude Daure Daval
Davi David Davois
Davy D'Ayrolle De Barry
De Bat De Bearlin De Beauheu
De Beaulieu De Bernonville Debilly
De Blagny De Boiville De Bonrepos
De Bordet Debox De Bouexin
De Bourbon De Bourdeaux De Bournonville
De Boyville De Brissac De Bruse
De Bussy De Camp De Carbonnel
De Carron Sabliere De Casaliz De Cautepye
De Caux de Charines De Charrieu
De Cherville De Clene De Cluset
De Comarque De Conuig De Cosne
De Costa De Courceille De Courcelles
De Diepe De Fossiac De Forges
Deffray De Fonvive De Fouqueinbergue
De Gaillardy De Gaschon De Grandges
De Guerin De Gulhon De Hane
De Hausi De Heule De Hogbet
De Hombeau Dejean De Joux
Delabadie De la Barre De l'Estang
De la Bastide Delabatt De la Bye
De la Chaumette De la Combe De la Coste
De la Couldre De la Cour Note 5 De la Croze
De la Faville De la Faye Delafon
De la Fond De la Fons De la Fontaine
De la Foreste De la Fuye De la Garene
Delahaize De la Hays De la Heuse
De Laine De Lainerie De Laire
De la Jaille Delaleu De la Loe
De la Marre De la Maziere Delamar
Delamere De Lancey De Lande
De la Neuvumaison De la Newfmason De la Perelle
Delapiere De la Place De la Primaudaye
De la Reve Note 6 De la Riverolle De la Riverie
De la Roche De la Rue De la Sabliere
De la Salle De la Touche De la Tour
De Lausat Delavau De l'Espine
De l'Estang De Lestrille Delgardins
Delhomme De Lhoumeau De Lisle
Delmaitre Delmas De Lommeau
De l'Orme Deloumeau De Loumeau
De Louvain Delpeth De Maimbourg
De Maistre Demarais De Marinville
De Marton De Massanes Demay
De Millon De Missy De Moasre
De Molien De Mombray De Monceauxde l'Estang
Demoney Demons Demonte
De Carbonnel De Carron De Casaliz
De Cautepye De Caux De Charines
De Charrieu De Cherville De Clene
De Cluset De Comarque De Conuig
De Cosne De Costa De Courceille
De Courcelles De Diepe De Fossiac
De Forges Deffray De Fonvive
De Fouqueinbergues De Gaillardy De Gaschon
De Grandges De Guerin De Gulhon
De Hane De Hausi De Heule
De Hogbet De Hombeau Dejean
De Joux Delabadie De la Barre
De la Bastide Delabatt De la Bye
De Monterby De Montigny De Montledier
De Mountmayor De Neuville Denin
De Nipeville Denis Denise
Dennis Denys De Paz
De Penna De Perroy De Pierrepont
De Mommare De Pond De Pont
De Pontereau De Pront De Raedt
De Rambouillet Derby Dergnoult de Pressinville
De Rideau Derignee Derit
De Rossiers De Rouredes Bonnevaux De Rousignac
De Roye Derrier De Ruvigny
De Sailly De St. Colome De St. Julien de Malacare
De St. Leu Des Carrieres Des Champs
Deschamps Des Clouseaux Dese
De Selincourt De Sene De Senne
Deseret Desessars Des Fontaine
De Sicqueville Des Lands Des Lauriers
Desmarets Desormeaux Despeiot
Despere Despommare Des Rumeaux
Dessebues Dess Easarts Destaches
De Surville De Urie De Vallan
De Varennes De Vassale De Vaux
Devaux Devaynes De Veill
Deveryt De Vicouse De Viere
De Viletts Devins De Virby
Devisme De Vivaris De Wael
De Walpergen De Wicke Dherby
D'Herby D'fervart Diband
Didier Dien Die Port
Digard Diharce Dinard
Dioze Dobertin Dolep
Dollond D'Olon Donnell
Donut Dor Dornaut
Doron Doruss Dossein
Doubelet Doublet Douillere
Douissiner Douxain Dove
D'Oyon Droilhet Drovett
Drovillart Droz Dry
Dubare Dubarle Du Beons
Dubignau Dubisson Du Bisson
Du Bois Dubois Dubosoq
Du Bourdieu De Bre Du Brevie
Dubrois Dubuer Ducasse
Du Charol Duchemein Du Charruau
Du Chesne Duchier Du Clos
Duclos Du Clou Du Cloux
Du Commun Du Coudray Du Couldray
Du Cros Ducros Dudessart
Dueno Du Faa Du Fau
Du Fay Dufay Du Four
Dufour Du Fresnay Dufresney
Dugard Dugua Du Gua
Du Guernier du Claux Du Hamel Du Hurle
Du Jardin Dulamon Dulivier
Dulon Du Maistre Dumaresq
Dumas Dumolin Dumons
Du Monte Du Monthel Du Montier
Dumore Du Moulin Dumoulin
Dumoustier Duperon Du Perrior
Du Perron Du Pin Du Plessis
Duplessis Duplessy Duplex
Du Pont Dupont Duport Note 7
Duprat Dupre Du Pu
Du Pus Du Puy Dupuy
Du Quesne Durand Durans
Durant Durie Duroure
Durrell Du Rousseau Du Roy
Du Ru Durval Dusoul
Du Souley Du Soutoy Du Tens
Dutens Du Thuille Du Val
Duval Edwards Eele
Eland, Lady Emery Emet
Emly Endelin Enoe
Equerie Ermenduiger Erraux
Escoffier Esmont Espinasse
Espinet Esquier Essart
Estienne Estivall Estive
Estrange Eyme Fache
Faget Fagett Faitout
Falaiseau Falch Fald
Fallet Fallon Famoux
Fanevie Fanevil Farcy
Fargeon Farinel Farly
Faron Fasure Faucerreau
Faucon Fauconnier Faulcon
Fauquier Faure Favenc
Favet Favin Favre
Feerman Feilloux Felles
Felster Fellowe Fennvill
Fenouilhet Fenoulhet Ferard
Fermend Ferment Ferrant
Ferre Ferret Feuilleteau
Fevilleteau Fiesill Fleureau
Fleurisson Fleury Flournoys
Flurian Flurison Flury Note 8
Foissin Folchier Fonnereau
Fontaine Forceville Foretier
Foriner Forister Forit
Forme Formont Forrester
Forrestier Fouace Fouache
Foubbert Foucaut Fouchard
Fouchon Fougeron Foulouse
Foulrede Fountaine Fouquerell
Fouquet Fourchars Fourche
Fourgan Fournier Fovace
Fox Fradin Fraigneau
Frallion Francia Francillon
Francis Francois Francq
Frau Fraylle Frazier
Fremont Freneau Fresneau
Fresnot Fret Frisquet
Fromenteau Fruchard Fruschart
Fumeshau Furon Fury
Gabelle Gabet Gabrier
Gaches Gaillon Gaindait
Gaiot Gairand Galabin
Galand Galdy Galhie
Galineau Galissard Galland
Gallais Galliard Galway, Earl of
Gambier Gardien Gardies
Garin Garinoz Gario
Gariot Garnault Garnier
Garon Garrard Garrie
Gaschere Gasherie Gashlie
Gastaing Gastily Gastigny
Gastine Gaston Gauche
Gaude Gaudies Gaudy
Gaugain Gaultier Gaussen
Gautie Gautier Gaution
Gautron Gavot Gaydan
Gayot Gebert Gelien
Genays Gendrant Gendrault
Gendreu Gendron Genhemiere
Gentilet Georges Gerbier
Gerbrier Gerdaut Germaine
Geruy Gervais Gervaise
Gervaizet Ghiselin Gideon
Gignoux Gilbert Giles
Gilles Gillois Gilman
Ginonneau Girandeau Girard
Girardot Giraud Giraurd
Giraux Girod Glenisson
Gloria Gnede Gobert
Gobs Godard Goddard
Godeau Godefroy Godet
Godfrey Godfroy Godin
Gohier Goilard Goisin
Goldevin Gomar Gomart
Gomeon Gontier Gorin
Gorion Goslin Gosseaume
Gosset Goubert Goudron
Gouffe Gougeon Gouland
Goulle Gourbiel Gourdin
Gourdon Gouvernet Gouy
Govin Govis Govy
Grangier Grasvellier Grasset
Grateste Gravelot Gravelle
Gravisset Grazeillier Greene, alias Vert
Greenwood Grellier Greneau
Grenot Greve Gribelin
Griel Griet Griffin
Grignion Grignon Grillet
Grimault Groleau Grolon
Gron Gronguet Grossin
Groteste Grude Grueber
Gruider Grunpet Gualtier
Guenard Guenault Guenon
Guepin Guerin Guerineau
Guerrier Guery Guesher
Guesnard Guesnaud Guespin
Guetet Gueyle Guibal
Guibald Guibert Guichard
Guichardiere Guichenet Guicheret
Guichinet Guiday Guide
Guidon Guignier Guigver
Guilhen Guill Guillandeau
Guillard Guilleaume Guilleband
Guillemard Guillet Guillien
Guillon Guilloneau Guillot
Guimard Guinand Guinard
Guion Guioneau Guirod
Guitan Guiton Guitton
Guizot Gullet Gulry
Gunge Guoy Guy
Guyon Habberfield Hain
Haines Hallee Hallinguis
Hamelot Hammel Hamon Note 9
Hanbury Hanet Haquinet
Harache Hardossin Hardouin
Hardy Harenc Hartman
Hasbrouk Hastier Hattanville
Hautkwits Havet Havy
Hayes Hayrault Hays
Hebert Helin Hellot
Hellott Helot Hemard
Hemet Henault Herache
Herbert Herison Herman
Hervart Herve Herviett
Hervieu Hervot Hesdon
Hesne Hesse Hester
Heude Heurtin Heury
Heuser Heuze Hibon
Highstreet Hioll Hodshon
Hogelot Hoissard Holl
Holzafell Honze Horion
Horry Horeau Houssay
Houssaye Hovell Hubert
Huet Huger Hugues
Huguetan Hulen Hullin
Huyas Igon Ilamber
Jacques Jamain Jamart
Jambelin Jamet Jamin
Jamineau Jammard Jammeau
Janse Jansen Janssen
Jappie Jaquand Jaqueau
Jardeau Jarsan Jastrain
Jaudin Jay Jeay
Jegn Jerseau Jesnouy
Johnson Joiry Jolin
Jolit Jolivet Jollan
Jollis Joly Jonneau
Jordis Jouanne Jouillot
Jounne Jourdain Jourdin
Jourdon Journeau Jousset
Jouvenel Joyay Joyeux
Juglas Juibert Julien
Julien de St.Henault Jullian Juliot
Justel Jyott Keller
Kemp King Knigg
Knight Kugelman La Bachelle
Labe Labelle Laborde
Labouchere La Boucille Labourle
La Bross Lacam La Combe
La Coste Lacoze L'Advocat
La Fertie Lafeur Lagis
Lakeman Lafite Lafitte
La Font Lafont Lailleau
Laisne La Jaielle Lalon
Lalone Lalovele Lambert
Lame Lamouche Lamp
La Mude Landes Landon
Lane Langelier Langlois
Langue Laniere Lapiere
La Place La Plaigne Laporte
La Postre Larcher L'Archeveque
Lardeau Lardien La Rivie
La Riviere La Roche Larpent
Larrat La Salle Laserre
Lasson La Tourte Lauber
Lauran Laurans Laure
Laureide Laurens Laurent
Lauze Lavaine Lavanotte
La Vie Lavie Lawrance
Lawrence Layard Le Anglois
Le Bailli Le Bas Lebas
Le Bayeant Le Bayent Leber
Le Berginer Le Berquier Lebet
Le Blanc Le Blank Le Blaus
Le Blon Le Blon de Bonneval Le Bourgeois
Le Boytevy Le Breton Le Caron
Le Carron Le Castile Le Cene
Lecerf Lechabrun Le Challeur
Le Cheaube Le Chenevix Le Chevalier
Lechigaray Le Clercq Le Clere
Le Clere d'Argent Le Clereq Le Clerk
Le Comte Le Conte Le Coq
Le Coste Le Court Le Cras
Le Creu Le Croil Ledeux
Le Doux Lee Leeson
Lefabure Le Fabure Lefebure
Le Febure Le Febre Le Ferre
Le Feure Le Ficaut Le Fort
Le Fourgeon Le Franc de Mezieres Lefubure
L'Egare Leger Legrand
Le Grou Leguay Lehad
Leheup Le Hommehieu Le Hueur
Le Jeune Le Large Lelarge
Le Lordier Le Macon Lemaitre
Le Maistre Le Maitton Le Mann
Lemasle Le Mer Le Mesurier
Le Moine Le Moleux Le Monnier
Le Moreux Le Moyne Lenglache
Le Noble Le Noir Le Page
Le Pin Le Plaistrier Le Plastrier
Le Porte Le Poulveret Lequesne
Le Quien Leriteau Lermoult
Lernoult Le Roux Le Rouz
Le Roy Le Royer Lerpiniere
Le Sage Le Saye Lesclure
Lescure Le Serrurier Le Signiour
Le Sire Lesmire Lesneur
Le Sombre Le Souef Lespine
Lestocart Lestrille de la Clide Lesturgeon
Le Sueur Le Tavernier Le Tellier
Le Tondu Leturgeon Leufoes
Le Vade Le Vasseur Le Vassor
Levesque Levi Levielle
Le Vieux Lewis Lexpert
L'heureux L'homedin Liege
Liegg Lievrard Liger
Ligonier Limousin Linard
Linart Liron Lisns
Lloyd Loffting Lofland
Lombard Longuet Longuevil
Lope Loquin Lorens
Lormier Lorrain Lortie
Loveres Losweres Loubier
Lougviguy Louzada Lovis
Lucadou Lucas Lulo
Lunel Luquet Lussan
Lusson Lutra Luy la Grangr
Luzman Lyon Lys
Macaire Machet Madder
Magniac Mahaut Mahieu
Maigne Maigre Maillard
Maillet Main Mainard
Maintru Maintry Maion
Maittaire Majendie Malacarte
Malegne Malet Malevaire
Malherbe Malide Malie
Malense dela Memerdiere Mallet Malliet
Malpoil Manin Manvillain
Mar Marandel Marbeust
Marboeuf Marc Marchais
Marchand Marchant Marchay
Marche Marcherallier
Marchett Mare Maret
Margas Maricq Marie
Mariet Mariette Marignac
Marin Marinville Marinyon
Marion Marionneau Mariot
Marissal Marmot Marot
Marplay Marriet Marseille
Martel Martell Martil
Martinaux Martineau Martines
Martinet Maryon Maseres
Masfagnerat Masly Mason
Masse Massey Massienne
Massiot Masson Massoneau
Massu Masters Matayer
Mathe Mathews Mathias
Matte Matthews Matthias
Maudet Maudon Mauger
Maunier Maupetit Maurice
Maurin Mauze Mayen
Mayer Maymal Maynard
Maze Mazenq Mazick
Mazicq Mazieres Note 10 Meffre
Meldron Melier Melinet
Mell Melun Menage
Menanteau Menard Mendez
Menet Menil Mercie
Mercier Merisseterit Merlin
Meroist Mervilleau Mery
Merzeau Mesgret Meslier
Mesmin Mesnard Mesnier
Messieu Metaire Metivier
Meure Meyer Michael
Michel Michon Midy
Mignan Minet Minnielle
Minuel Minvielle Mirassoz
Mire Misson Monileau
Mogin Moiseau Moizy
Molet Molinier Moller
Monbocvil Moncousiet Monet
Monfort Monhallier de la Salle Monicat
Monier Monnerat Monnerian
Montagu Montague Montallier
Montebr Montelz Monteyro
Montier Montil Montolieu de St.Hippo
Montressor Moore Morand
More Moreau Moret
Morgas Morgat Morgue
Morin Morion Morisseau
Morisset Mortier Motet
Moteux Mouchet Mougin
Mougine Mouginot Moulong
Mounier Mousnier Mousset
Moxon Moyne Moyon
Moze Mullett Mussard
Mutel Muysson Myre
Narbonne Nau Naudin
Neau Neel Neusrue
Nezereau Nisbet Noblet
Nobillieau Noguier Noiray
Nolleau Normand Note 11 Normanide
Norris Nouaille Nourcy
Nouretier Nourtier Novel
Novell Nurse Nyort
Obbema Obert Odry
Offre Ogelby Ogier
Ogilby Oliver Olivier
Orian Orion Oriot
Osmont Oufrie Ouranneau
Oursel Oursell Outand
Ouvri Ouvry Pacquereau
Paetts Page Pages
Paget Pagnis Paillet
Pain Paisible Paissant
Palot Pandereau Panier
Panthin Papavogn Papin
Paquet Paravienne Pare
Parett Pariolieau Parmenter
Parquot Pascal Pasquereau
Pasquinet Pastre Pastureau
Patot Pau Paucier
Paul Paulet Paulmier
Paulsen Pauret Pautins
Paustian Pavet Payen
Payrene Peau Pechel
Pechell Peek Pegorier
Peinlon Pele Pelerin
Pelet Peletier Pelissaly
Pelisson Pellisonneau Pellotier
Peloquin Pelser Peltrau
Penault Peneth Penigault
Penny Pensier Pepin
Peraud Perblin Percey
Perchard Perdereau Perdreau
Perdriaux Pere Pereira
Peres Peridier Perigal
Perlier Perpoint Perrandin
Perrault Perreat Perreau
Pertuison Pertuson Pesche
Peschier Pertineau Petit
Petitot Note 12 Petioiel Peyret
Peytrignet Phelippon Phellipeau
Philbrick Picaut Pien
Pierrand Pierre Pierresene
Pigou Pigro Pillot,
or Pilot Note 13
Pilon Pilote Pillart
Pinandeau Pineau Pinot
Pinque Piozet Pinquet
Piquet Piron Pitan
Pittar Planarz Planck
Plastier Platel Play
Plison Pluet Plumier
Poignet Poincet Poitevin
Poitevoin Poitier Poitiers
Polerin Poletier Pollock
Polran Poltais Pontardant
Pontitre Poppin Porch
Portail Pouchon Poulveret
Poupe Pourroy Pousset
Poussett Povillon Prat
Prestrau Prevenau Prevereau
Preux Prevost Pringel
Prioleau Prion Pron
Prou Pryor Puech
Puisancour Puitard Pujolas
Pulley Pusey Puxen
Pyron Quache Quarante
Quenis Quern Quesnel
Quesnell Quet Quille
Quinault Quintard Rabache
Raboteau Racine Raddisson
Radiffe des Romanes Radnor, Earl of Raillard
Raimond Rainbaux Raine
Rainel Rambaud Rame
Ramier Ramoudon Ranaule
Rand Randeau Rane
Ranel Raoul Rapillard
Rapillart Rappe Ratier
Ravart Ravaud Raveau
Ravel Ravenel Raymondon
Raynaud Raynaut Reale
Rebecourt Reberole Redoutet
Reed Regard Regnaud
Regnauld Regnier Reignier
Rembert Remousseaux Remy
Renaud Renaudet Renaudin
Renaudot Renault Renaust
Renaut Reneau Renee
Renie Rennys Renue
Renvoize Resse alias Du Chouquet Retout
Retz Reverdy Rey
Reynard Reynaud Reynell
Reyners Reynous Rezeau
Riboteau Ribouleau Richard
Richer Rigail Rigaud
Riolet Riou Risley
Risteau Rivand Rivard
Robain Robateau Roberdeau
Robert Robethon Robin
Robineau Roch Roche
Rocher Rodet Rodier
Rodriguez Roger Rowland
Roy Royer Rubbatti
Rucault Ruel Ruffane
Ruffiat Ruher Rusiat
Russeler Russiat Ruvigny
Rybott Sabatieres Sabattier
Saint Saint-Amen Saint Faver
Saint-Pe Salnau Salomon
Samon Samson Sandham
Sandrin Sange Sangeon
Sanseau Sanselle Sanson
Sapte Sarasin Sarazin
Sartoris Sartres Sasportas
Sasserire Satur Saulnier
Saureau Saurin Sausoin
Sauvage Sauze Savary
Savignac Savoret Savory
Savouret Sbuelen Scholten
Schomberg Schonburg Schozer
Schrieber Schut Schwob
Scoffier Segouret Segournay
Seguin Seheult Sehut
Seigler Seigneur Seigneuret
Seignoret Selmes Senat
Sene Senecal Senecat
Setirin Severin Sevestre
Shipeau Shoppee Sibron
Siegler Sieurin Sigourney
Silvestre Simeon Simon
Simonneau Simpson Sion
Smart Smith Sohnms
Soignon Solon Sonegat
Sotie Souberan Soufflet
Souhier Soulart Soulegre
Soullard Soureau Soux
Soyer Sozze Sperling
Stahelun Stample Stanley
Steger Stehelin Sterel
Stockey Stokey Stone
Streing Suire Sureau
Surville Suyre Sylvestre
Tabare Tabart Tacher
Tadourneau Tahourdin Taillefer
Taillett Tanqueray Taphorse
Tardy Target Targett
Targier Tartarin Taudin
Taumur Tavernier Teisseire
Teissier Telles Tellier
Temple Tenderman Ternac
Tessereau Tessier Testard
Testas Testefolle Teulon
Thauvet Thaveau Thercot
Theron Theronde Thesmaler
Thibaud Thibault Thibaut
Thiboust Thierry Thomas
Thomeaur Thomeur Thouvois
Tiel Tiercelin Tillon
Tiphaine Tiran Tirand
Tirel Tissier Tixier
Tonard Torin Torquet
Tostin Totin Toton
Touchart Toulchard Toullion
Touray Tourneur Tourtelot
Tourton Tousaint Tousseaume
Toutaine Touvois Tovillett
Travers Traversier Treiber
Trevigar Treville Tribert
Trible Trigan Triller
Trillet Trinquand Triquet
Tristan Trittan Tudert
Tuley Tulon Turquand
Turst Tutel Vaillant
Vaille Valet Valleau
Vallett Vanderhulst Vanderhumeken
Vandernedon Van Deure Van Hatte
Van Hattem Van Huls Van Lesteran
Vannes Van Somer Vare
Vareille Vareilles Varine
Vashon Vassall Vatable
Vatier Vattelet Vattemare
Vauchie Vaucquet Vaurigaud
Vautier Vautille Vauvelle
Veel Verdetty Verdois
Vere Verger Verhope
Verigny Verit Vernezobre
Vernous Veure Vialars
Vidal Videau Viet
Vievar Vignault Vignoles
Villars Villeneusne Villepontoux
Villette Note 14 Villier Villiers
Villotte Vincent Voileau
Viroot Visage Vivian
Vivier Voier Vollier
Vome Vorer Vouliart
Vourion Vrigneau Vrigno
Vuclas Wagenar Wagner
Waltis Ward Ware
White Wieten Wilcens
Wildigos Wilkens Willaume
Williamme Williams Winsor
Wooddeson Wyndham Yon
Yoult Yvonet Yvonnet
Zinck Zurichrea  



Note 1
Carre: Of this family, which belonged to Poitou, several members emigrate to England and others to North America. In Ireland the name has changed to Carry, and Carrey.

Note 2
Chaigneau: Louis, John, and Stephen Chaigneau were refugees from St. Sairenne, in the Charente, where the family owned landed estates they settled in Dublin and prospered. Louis sat for Gowran in the Irish Parliament; another held a benefice in the church. John had two sons- Colonel William Chaigneau, and John who was Treasurer of the Ordnance. The great grandson of Stephen was called to the Irish bar in 1793, and eventually purchased the estate of Berown, in the county Westmeath.

Note 3
Collot: Collot de L'Escury, a refugee officer from Noyon, who escaped from France at the Revocation, and joined in Holland the army of William of Orange, was Major in Schomberg's regiment at the Boyne. His eldest son David was a Captain of Dragoons, another, Simeon, was Colonel of an English regiment, both of their sons were Captains of Foot. Their descendants still survive in Ireland.
Note 4
Cousin: This name is now rendered Cussen.

Note 5
De la Cour: The first of this family that came to Ireland settled in the neighbourhood of Portarlington, whence his descendants afterwards removed to the county Cork.

Note 6
De la Reve: De la Reve or De la Rive Settled in Ireland. This refugee escaped with his wife across the French frontier into Holland, in the guise of orange- sellers leading a donkey and panniers. On reaching Holland, the Prince of Orange gave him a Commission in his troops, and he acquitted himself bravely in the Irish campaigns. He afterward became agent to Sir C. Wandesforde at Castle Corner, where he died and his tombstone is to be seen in the churchyard of that place. Reeves is another form of this family name.

Note 7
Du Port: A family of Poitou, several members of which took refuge in England. In In Ireland the name has been changed to Porte.

Note 8
Fleury: Louis Fleury, Protestant Pastor of Tours, fled into England in 1683: his son, Philip Amuret, came to Ireland as a Protestant and settled there. The son of Philip Amuret became Vicar-General of Lismore; and his son George Lewis Fleury became Archdeacon of Waterford.

Note 9
Hamon: An ancient Norman family. Two brothers Hamon, who settled at Portarlington in Ireland, were of that family. There are Hamons still in Ireland, though the name has in some cases been changed to Hammond.

Note 10
Mazieres: Peter de Mazieres was a Lieutenant in the French army, and afterward joined the army of William of Orange. He settled at Youghal, in Ireland, where he died in 1746; other members of the family settled at Cork, where they left numerous descendants.

Note 11
Normand: Now Norman.

Note 12
Petitot: Jean Petitot was an excellent painter in enanel, who was patronised by Charles 1, who knighted him. Of his numerous sons, Francis settled in London, whose descendants for the most part removed to Ireland, where the family still exists.

Note 13
Pilot: Josue Pilot settled in Ireland. His son, Dr. Pilot, was doctor in Batereau's Regiment of Foot, and served iu the Duke of Cumberland's northern campaign of1745-1746.

Note 14
Villette: Villette, was minister of the French Church in Dublin.

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