Bairin Breac

Barm brack

1 lb. flour
8 oz.sultanas (yellow raisins)
8 oz currant
4 oz. mixed peel
2 oz. butter
2 oz. brown sugar
2 eggs
1/2 oz.yeast
1/2 pint milk
1/4 tsp.nutmeg, salt

Sift flour, nutmeg and salt, rub in butter (softened). Cream yeast with teaspoon of sugar in a little of the tepid milk. Mix remaining sugar with the flour. Add milk to the yeast and beaten eggs. Keep a little of the egg aside to glaze the bread. Beat liquid into the dry ingredients until the batter is stiff but pliable. Fold in dried fruit and peel. Place in a greased 8" cake tin,cover with cloth and leave to rise in a warm place for 1 hour.Bake at 400 for one hour. Use a little of the egg to glaze top. Return to oven for four to five minutes. Turn out to cool on wire rack.



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