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St Stephens Green Park photo

St. Stephen's Green Park
Formal lawns, flower gardens, Victorian bandstand, fountains and a lake with waterfowl all belie the use of this park in the Rising. During the Rising, Commander Michael Mallin, with the Citizen Army, and his second in command, Lt. Countess Markievicz, with her troop of women and Boy Scouts, entered the Green by two's and three's through eight different entrances to avoid suspicion. Once the public had been ushered from the Park, the Citizen Army set about digging trenches and setting up for the upcoming skirmishes. The Countess' forces set up a commissariat and a Red Cross post for treating the wounded that were anticipated. To help with the defense of the park, Mallin placed men in some of the houses surrounding the Park and blockaded the perimeter. Today statues of prominent literary figures as well as Irish freedom fighters (Countess Markievicz, Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa, Robert Emmett, Wolf Tone) are spread throughout the park.

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