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We meet on the IIGS server. This current group is not meeting.

Other fians may also meet there, but we have been asked to notify MaMaT, (who hangs out in IIGS #Genealogy and makes the hottest hillbilly coffee!) Correct email for that is, rigs, please let her know when your group plans to be there!

If you need to convert GMT times to your local time, check this chart! NEW!

And find out about the Millenium Bug!! Fianna site NEW!

You can get mIRC at
If you are using Windows 3.1, you should get the 16 bit, otherwise the 32 bit version should work for you.

Help getting started with IRC is served up by a good site
and #Genealogy_Help on DALnet has a page here

tex^mom gives a blow by blow on using the mIRC URL catcher
IRC tutorial on sounds!!

Fianna Members may be frequently found:

Afternet 6667#GenealogyForum
Undernet6667#Genealogy 6667#Genealogy-n-UK
** type /list when you get there and see what all is going on! #Genealogy is a nice place to start! If you've never used the "list" command before, it tells you what channels are open on a server, you then go back and type /join  #where-ever-you-decided-to-go !

[Note: Don't use "list" command on big networked servers, like DALnet and such, unless you want several thousand lines of text to spill out at you (often some of it vulgar).}

#ireland-gen is the newest member of the IIGS IRC service, it meets weekly on
USA times are Monday: 1 pm Pacific, 2pm mountain, 3pm central and 4pm eastern.
And for those in Australia, it's GMT+11, making it ??? 7 am on Tuesday?

Check out the IIGS CHAT for more themed chat sessions on IIGS (rootsweb).

ROOTSWEB REVIEW Vol. 1, No. 11, 26 August 1998 has an article by maddoc (Dale Schneider, which talks about chat on the ROOTSWEB server.

ARCHIVES: Back issues of RootsWeb Review may be downloaded from


ANOTHER GROUP HAS A NUMBER OF CHAT SESSIONS (and Fianna folk are often there):

 external site There are "topic" chats in the #RBTGenealogy channel every evening of the week, at either 9 or 10pm ET. We also have #Hawksnest, an "open" chatroom for more unstructured chatting. Most of the chatters use mIRC, written by Kaled Mardem-Bey. For those chatters without mIRC, we have a Java link into #Hawksnest. We have a web site for the weekly schedule, as well as several web sites maintained by the chat hosts. These sites (listed below) provide depth to our chats.
chatroom Java link
(with a hotlink to be added to our mailing list)
 external site Shamrocks and Pipers (Scots/Irish chat)
 external site Surfing the Net for Your Ancestors

Occasionally we have guest hosts who present topical chats. We have had chats on The Origin or Surnames, and the Origin of Naming Practices, among others. Every once in a while we have a spontaneous "mini presentation" as a treat. We are always looking for new topics and potential chat hosts, so if anyone reading this is interested in hosting a weekly chat on a topic they are reasonably well-versed in, please e-mail us through the e-mail link on our Java link page. external site

ICQ is a free on line chat software on the internet. It is similar to aol's instant messenger, but differs in that it offers the user a multitude of things like an icq home page for its users and icq message boards in different catagories, including a genealogy message board (under the family catagory).

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