Co Wexford Roman Catholic Records

County Wexford

Roman Catholic Records

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This list only contains Roman Catholic parish names in Ireland and is not considered complete. If your parish is not listed, it may be included in another parish. Please consult "Index to Townlands, Parishes, Baronies and Poor Law Unions of Ireland" for more information. The dates given are those for the earliest known baptism records. There may be earlier marriage records available also.

WexfordAdamstown1807Roman Catholic
WexfordBallgarrett1828Roman Catholic
WexfordBallindaggin1841Roman Catholic
WexfordBallyoughter1810Roman Catholic
WexfordBennow1832Roman Catholic
WexfordBlackwater1815Roman Catholic
WexfordBree1837Roman Catholic
WexfordBunclody1834Roman Catholic
WexfordCastlebridge1832Roman Catholic
WexfordClongen1847Roman Catholic
WexfordCloughbawn1816Roman Catholic
WexfordCraanford1853Roman Catholic
WexfordCrossebeg1856Roman Catholic
WexfordCushinstown1759Roman Catholic
WexfordDavidstown1805Roman Catholic
WexfordEnniscorthy1794Roman Catholic
WexfordFerns1819Roman Catholic
WexfordGlynn1817Roman Catholic
WexfordGorey1847Roman Catholic
WexfordKilanieran1852Roman Catholic
WexfordKilaveny1800Roman Catholic
WexfordKilmore1752Roman Catholic
WexfordKilrush1842Roman Catholic
WexfordLady's Island1773Roman Catholic
WexfordLitter1789Roman Catholic
WexfordMarshallstown1854Roman Catholic
WexfordMayglass1843Roman Catholic
WexfordMonageer1838Roman Catholic
WexfordNew Ross1789Roman Catholic
WexfordOulart1837Roman Catholic
WexfordOylegate1804Roman Catholic
WexfordPiercestown1839Roman Catholic
WexfordRamsgrange1835Roman Catholic
WexfordRathengan1803Roman Catholic
WexfordSuttons1824Roman Catholic
WexfordTaghmon1801Roman Catholic
WexfordTagoat1853Roman Catholic
WexfordTempletown1792Roman Catholic
WexfordTintern1827Roman Catholic
WexfordWexford1671Roman Catholic

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