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Co Sligo Protestant Records

County Sligo

Church of Ireland and Methodist Records

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The abbreviations below stand for: NLI = National Library of Ireland, NAI = National Archives of Ireland, SLC = Salt Lake City film number that can be ordered through your nearest Family History Center, PRONI = Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, SHGS = Sligo Heritage Genealogical Society, LC= Local Custody.

Parish Earliest Dates Location
Sligo Circuit 1819 LC, SHGS

Parish Earliest Dates Location
Achornry 1845 LC, SHGS
Aghanagh 1856 LC, SHGS
Ahamlish 1847 LC, SHGS
Ballisodare (or Ballysadare) 1845 RCBL
Ballysummaghan and Killery 1844 LC, SHGS
Castleconnor (And Killanley) 1800 LC, NAI, SHGS, SLC897365
Drummard or Dromard (including Beltra) 1845 lc, shgs
Drumcliff 1805 lc, nai, shgs, slc982173
Easkey 1822 LC, NAI, SHGS
Emlafad (or Emlaghfad0 and Kilmorgan 1762 RCBL, NAI, SHGS
Kilglass 1886 LC, SHGS
Killanley (see Castleconnor) . .
Killaraght . .
Killapicbrone (See St. John, Sligo) . .
Killerry . .
Killoran (See Rathbarron) . .
Kilmacowen (see St. John, Sligo) . .
Kilmachalgan 1880 LC, SHGS
Kilmacteique 1877 LC, SHGS
Kilmactranny 1817 LC, SHGS
Knocknarea (St. Anne's) 1842 LC, SHGS
Lissadill 1836 LC
Rathbarron, Coolaney and Killoran 1845 LC, SHGS
Rosses . LOST
St. Johns, Sligo 1802 LC, SHGS
Skreen 1846 LC, SHGS
Taunaguh or Twanagh (including Riverstown, Kilmacalane, Drumcollum) 1845 LC, SHGS
Tobbercurry or Tubbercurry 1846 LC, SHGS
Toomour-sligo (see Emlafad) . .

Co Sligo OR County Index

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