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Roman Catholic Records

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This list only contains Roman Catholic parish names in Ireland and is not considered complete. If your parish is not listed, it may be included in another parish. Please consult "Index to Townlands, Parishes, Baronies and Poor Law Unions of Ireland" for more information. The dates given are those for the earliest known baptism records. There may be earlier marriage records available also.

Address letters to "Resident Priest" at the addresses listed if you wish to write. If asking for research, please remember they have limited time and a small donation or reward for their time is much appreciated and will probably get a faster reply.

Catholic ParishMap GridRC Parish:DioceseEarliest RecordsParish Address
Ardcarn4Ardcarn (Cootehall)ELb 3.1843 m 3.1843
missing 6.1860-4.1861
Cootehall, Boyle, Co. Roscommon
Athleque44Atheleaque and FuertyELb 1.808 m 7.1808 d 1.1807
missing dates 5.1828-8.1834, 7.1864-1.1865, m2.1834-3.1836-d. ends 1837
Athleaque, Co. Roscommon
Aughrim19Aughrim (se also Kilmore)ELb. 8.1816, m. 8.1816
missing dates:
b 12.1837-1.1865,
m 12.1837-1.1865
Hillstreet, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Roscommon
Ballintober18BallintoberELb12.1831, m 7.1831Ballintuber, Castlereas, Co. Roscommon
Ballynakill35Ballynakill (Ballymore) Co. GalwayEL  
Baslick16see OgullaEL  
Boyle2BoyleELb 9.1827, m 9.1828, d 7.1828
missing m 6.1846-10.1864, d end 11.1864>Boyle, Co. Roscommon
Bumlin26see LissonuffyEL  
Cam or Camma51see KiltoomEL  
Castlemore9bCastlemore and KlcolmanACb 11.1851, m. 8.1830
missing m 10.1867-2.1868
The Presbytery, Ballaghadereen, Co. Roscommon
Clooncraff21Kiltrustan, etc.,
see Lissonuffy
Cloonfinlough28Lissonuffy, see LissonuffyEL  
Cloontuskert40CloontuskertELb 1.1865 m 2.1865Kilrooskey, Roscommon
Cloonygormican34Glinsk, See Ballynakill
(Ballymore Co., Galway)
Creagh57see Kilcloony, Co. GalwayCF  
Creeve13Creeve, Seep Olphin   
Drum56See St. Peter's (Athlone)TU  
Drumatemple33See BallintoberEL  
Dunamon37Kilbegnet, See Ballynakill
(Ballymoe), Co. Galway
Dysart53Dysart and TissaraELB 7.1850 (2 REGISTERS)
M 12.1862, D 12.1862
Ballforan, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway
Elphin22Elphin and CreeveELB 6.1807, M 5.1807, MISSING DATES
B 12.1808-5.1810,
7-1860-1.1866, M 10.1830-3.1864
Elphin, Co. Roscommon
Eastersnow6Part Killukin
(1) part Kilnamanagh
Fuerty43see AtheleaqueEL  
Kilbride38KilbrideELb 7.1835 m 9.1838,
missing dates b 9.1849-4-1868 m ends 1846
Fourmilehouse, Roscommon
Kilbryan3see BoyleEL  
Kilcolagh11see Killukin (1)EL  
Kilcolman9asee CastlemoreAC  
Kilcooly25see OgullaEL  
Kilcorkey14Kilcorkey and FrenchparkELb 1.1865French Park, Castlereas, Co. Roscommon
Kilgefin39see Cloontuskert, etc.EL  
Kilglass31Kilglass and RooskeyELb 10.1865Kilglass, Co. Roscommon
Kilkeevan15KilkeevanELb 11.1804, m 11.1804, d 2.1805
missing dates b 5.1809-1.1816, 8.1819-1/1826, m 7.1809-1.1816, 4.1820-10.1838, d 5.1809-1.1816, 10.1819-1.1852 end 1855
Castlerea, Co. Roscommon
Killinvoy46See St. John'sEL  
Killukin (1)77Killukin and KillumodELb 6.1811, m 4.1825, d 10.1820
missing dates d. ends 3.1826
Croghan, Boyle, Co. Roscommon
Killukin (2)27Part Ogulla, Part
Cloonfinlough, see Lisonuffy
Killumod8Killumod, See Killukin (1)EL  
Kilmacumsy12see ElphinEL  
Kilmeane45see St. John'sEL  
Kilmore30KilmoreELb 2.1825, m 2.1825
missing dates b 2.1860-1.1865, m 11.1859-2.1865
See Aughrim
(Breedogue and Ballinameen)
ELb 11.1859, m. 2.1860>Ballinameen, Boyle, Co. Roscommon
Aigna, and Ballyfarnon)
TUb l.1824, m 10.1823, d 6.1835,
missing dates b 7.1829-1.1835, m 6.1829-1.1835
Keadue, Boyle, Co. Roscommon.
Kilteevan42see RoscommonEL  
Kiltoom52Kiltoom (Ballybay)ELb 10.1835, m 10.1835, d 7.1837
missing dates b 5.1845-4.1848 m 7-1846-1.1848, d 3.1845-1.1857, ends 1865
Kiltoom, Athlone, Co. Roscommon
Kiltrustan23see LissonuffyEL  
Kiltullagh17KiltullaghTUb 9.1839, m 8.1839
missing dates m 4.1874-1.1877
Ballinlough, Co. Roscommon
Lissonuffy29Kiltrustan, Lissonuffy,
and Cloonfinlough (Strokestown)
ELb 10.1830 several different registers m10.1830Strokestown, Co. Roscommon
Moore58MooreTUb 9.1876, m 1.1877Ballydangan, Athlone, Co. Roscommon
Ogulla24Ogulla and Baslic (Tulsk)ELb 18.1865, m1.1864Tulsk, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon
Oran36Oran (Cloverhill)ELb 1.1845, m 1.1845Cams, Roscommon
Rahara or Raharrow48see St. John'sEL  
Roscommon41Roscommon and KilteevanELb. 10.1837, m 1.1820Parochial House, Roscommon, Co. Roscommon
St. John's or Ivernoon49St. John'sELb 7.1841 several different registers m 7.1841, d. 1854 
St. Peter's55St. Peter's AthloneELb 1.1789, m1.1789, d 1.1789St. John's Lecarrow, Roscommon
Shankill20See ElphinEL  
Taghboy50See DysartEL  
Taghmacconnell54TaghmaconnellCFb 7.1842, m 1.1863 
Termonbarry32Rooskey, See KilglassEL  
Tibohine (1)10Tibohine, also Loughglynn
see below, also part Frenchpark, se Kilcorkey
ELb 1.1833, m 1.1833,
missing dates b 9.1864-5.1875, m 6.1864-2.1865
Tibohine (2)10Loughglynn and LisaculEL3.1817, 4.1817, d 1.1850 
Tisrara47See DysartEL  
Tumna5part Killukin (1)
also part Ardcarne

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