Co Mayo, Marriages
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Co MAYO Marriages

[Copied to the best of my ability. Townland and Surnames spellings vary.]

Marriages of County Mayo, Ireland.

LDS Microfilm No. 0926020

Diocese of Anchonry, Parish of Meelick and Kilconduff, Starting at 6-7-1808

Reg. No. 1, Sect. A, Swinford

Date, Groom, Bride, Townland, Witnesses


8-17, Daniel Carr to Bridget Mullany

9-4, James Mullany to Mary Lunthehan


3-1, Michael Nolan to Mary Mullany, PFT


2-21, Farrel Royan to Mary Mullany


1-30, John Butler to Bridget Mullany


5-?, Michael Mullany to Ellen Kallahan


2-13, Martin Brennan to Mary Mullany

12-21, P. Michael O’Brien to Mary Oliver

12-21, Patrick McManus, Cullane, to Elinor Doyle


2-17, Jacobias McLaughlin to Maria Kelly, Jacobus Gahalan and Michael Dougherty


2-6, Thomas Doyle to Elinora Durkin, Curtus Moor and Antonius Doyle


4-2, Edwardus Kelly to Anna Lavan, Martinus Lavan and Michael Cunn


3-24, Thomas Kelly to Bridget McDonnel, Catherine McDonnel and Laurence Kelly


1-16, Michael Mullany to Mary Doyle, Thadius Linsky and Ned Connor

3-7, Martin Mullany to Sara Brennan, Daniel Brennan and Michael Stanton

6-11, Andrew Kelly to Alice Durkan, Swinford, Patrick Kelly and John Grufferty

7-23, Hugh Doyle to Marly Healy Fahins, James Doyle and Thomas Healy

9-25, Eugenus Doyle to Elinor Lyons, Culmore, William Lyons and Patrick Gilgalan


3-27, James McNicholas to Bridget Kelly, Kinaffe, James Kelly and Catherine Foy

3-28, Thomas Mullany to Mary Nolon ?, Edward Brabosom


1-13, Edward Boland to Rose Gowan, Anthony Gowan and Ignatius O’Donnel


2-21, Thomas Kelly to Catherine Walsh, Tullanahuby, John Solon and Michael Walsh

3-2, Owen O’Reily to Anne Kelly, Brackloon, Joseph McLaughlin and Martin O’Reily, Culleins

9-5, John Brennan to Mary Kelly, William Brennan and John Connor


2-21, Patrick Doyle to Bridget McAleer, Tom McAleer and William Harkan


1-16, Thadius Kelly to Anne Byrne, Anthony Heely and John Byrne

1-20, Anthony Doohan to Bridget Doyle, Ned Connol and John Doohan, Loeur

2-6, Martin Stanton to Honora Doyle, ? Moor and William Doyle

2-9, John Guane to Judy Doyle, Thomas Mangan and Anthony Doyle

11-14, Patrick Reily to Bridget Kelly, Botale, Tom Tum ? and Bridget Mclaughlin


2-3, Martin Costello to Mary Doyle, Martin Costello and Thomas Doyle

2-13, Anthony Connors to Honor Doyle, Thomas Commons and James Doyle

2-14, John Kelly to Margaret Lundy, John Rowly and Elinor Griffin

2-18, Michael Morgan to Mary Kelly, Andrew Kelly and Elinore Caffel

2-27, Ned MacGuane to Mary Doyle, Templ ?, James Doyle and Deck MacGuane

3-3, Michael Kelly to Mary McVolley, Knockbrack, Tom Foley and John Kelly

5-3, Luke Kelly to Elinor Gallaher, Curvcha, Owen Gallaher and Hugh Kelly


1-26, James Doyle to Bridget Golorn, Tullanahn, Thomas Golorn and Michael Doyle

2-11, Henry Stephens to Mary Kelly, Mary Foly and Hugh Ruddy

2-11, John Kilahan to Mary Mullany, Patrick Kelly and Catherine Kelly

2-20, John Feeny to Anne Doyle, Templdto, James Doyle and John Cobry, Kinna

4-8, Patrick Visard to Catherine Durkan, John McNicholas and Elinor Doyle

4-25, Patrick Grewan to Cathleen Doyle, James Doyle and Mary Gallahor, Treelar

5-21, James Sheeran to Mary McAndrew, Mary Kelly and Terrence Sheeran

12-?, John Tyge to Ellen Stanton, Patrick Warton and Mary Kelly


1-8, Tom Doyle to Biddy Moran, Patrick Doyle and Patrick Durkan, Sidarkey

2-26, Thomas Kelly to Anne Lyden, Patrick Lyden and Patrick Kelly, Brackloon

2-28, Joannus Kelly to Maria Mullany, Martin Walsh & Jacobus Mullany

3-1, Michael Walsh to Bridget Conomy, Thomas Kelly and Anthony Conomy

8-24, Patrick Durt to Honor McHugh, Patrick Doyle and Elinor Sweeny, Swinford

9-1, John Kelly to Tara Lavan, Castleroy, Thomas Lavan and James Kavanagh

9-25, Michael Cunningham to Mary Durkan, Andrew Kelly and William Harkan


1-21, Patrick Madden to Bridget Healy, Patrick Doyle and Bridget Healy

1-25, Thomas Mullany to Margaret Gurin (Fidler), Michael Mullany and Bridget Ferral

2-15, James Burris to Margaret Kelly, John Kelly and Margaret O’Brien

4-22, Michael Fox to Margaret Kelly, James Duffy and Bridget Fox

7-12, John White to Mary Nylan, John Doyle and Nancy Sweeny


3-10, James Moran to Mary Mullany, Castleroyar, Lacky Moran and Mary Horoho

5-30, James Finly and Ann Doyle, Clunoy, Ned White and Martin Brennan


1-13, Michael Cafferty to Bridget Fox, Martin Fox and Mary Kelly

1-27, Michael Kelly to Mary Brennan, James Kelly and Cathleen Brennan

6-16, Michael Doyle to Mary McLaughlin, James McLaughlin and Mary Moran, Kinaffe


?, Michael Doyle to Mary Millard, Lahagan Listraga, James Doyle and Elizabeth Doyle

2-17, Michael Ivers to Maria Walsh, Joannes Ivers & Mathias Walsh


4-15, Michael Doyle to Catherina Brennan, Marcus Brown & Thomas Doyle


2-14, Michael Doyle to Bridget Doyle, Joannus Doyle and Bridget Brennan


1-31, Joannes Mullany to Bridget Doyle, Jacobus Cuff & Maria Walsh


Order No. 735725 (check proper no. for microfilm)

Diocese of Achonry, Kiltimagh Marriages


4-15, Michael Doyle to Catherine Brown, Marcus Brown and Thomas Doyle


5-4, Domenicus Mullany to Anna Roughneen, Jacobus Roughneed and Brigedda Lavin


5-27, Andrew Doyle to Catherine Mullany, Henry Carrell and Patrick Walsh


2-4, Anthony Doyle to Bridget O’Brien, Martin Fordin and Mary Brennan

2-23, James Lavan to Bridget Doyle, Martin Lavan and Mary Lavan, Tempor?


1-31, Bryan Lavan to Honor Doyle, Michael Murtagh and Bridget Brennan


4-4, Patt Doyle to Mary Conlon, John Conlon and Honor Conlon

6-?, Martin Brennan to Ellen Mullaney, Patrick Mulany and Catherine Mullany


10-21, Thomas Glyn to Catherine Doyle, Thomas Brown and Anne Brennan


1-22, Patrick McNicholas to Mary Mullany, Thomas Cunningham and Ellen Doyle

1-23, Martin Mullany to Catherine McElin or McGlin, Martin and Henry McElin or McGlin

3-25, Michael Doyle to Catherine O’Brien, John Doyle and Catherine O’Brien


1-11, James Brennan to Bridget Doyle, Michael Fehily and Peter Conlon

2-17, Martin Doyle to Anna Mullany, Michael Doyle and Catherine Mullany


Diocese of Achonry, Swinford Marriages


1-13, Edmund Boland to Rose Gorman, Anthony Gorman and Ignatius O’Donnel


3-14, Thomas Brennan to Ellen Boland, Kinaffe, Jacobus (James) Brennan and Bridget Creaby, By James Cullen, C.C.

© 2000 Nancy Reeb

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