Co Fermanagh Data


National Censuses/Substitutes


Records Specific to County Fermanagh

1630Muster Roll PRONI T.510/2
1631Muster Roll PRONI T.934
1661Books of Survey and Distribution PRONI T.370/B & D.1854/1/20
1662Subsidy roll (Enniskillen) NL MS9583 & PRONI T.808/15068
1747Poll Book (votes cast) PRONI T.808/15063
1761Militia Officers PRONI T.808/15235
1770Freeholders GO 443, NL MS787-8
1788Poll Book (votes cast) PRONI T.808/15075, T.543,T.1385
1794-99Militia Pay Lists and Muster Rolls PRONI T.1115/5A-C
1796Catholic migrants from Ulster to Mayo. See Mayo
1796-1802Freeholders. PRONI D.1096/90
1797-1804Yeomanry Muster Rolls PRONI T.808/15244
1832Enniskillen registered voters.Reports from Committees (Parliamentary Papers), 1837 8 Vol 3 (2) pp 554-7
1837Freeholders. Reports from Committees (Parliamentary Papers), 1837 8 Vol II (I) pp (39) 7-21
1861Protestant inhabitants of Boho parish. NA T.3723
Memorial Inscriptions

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