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Co Dublin Roman Catholic Records

County Dublin

Roman Catholic Records

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This list only contains Roman Catholic parish names in Ireland and is not considered complete. If your parish is not listed, it may be included in another parish. Please consult "Index to Townlands, Parishes, Baronies and Poor Law Unions of Ireland" for more information. The dates given are those for the earliest known baptism records. There may be earlier marriage records available also.

Parish Civil Parish Earliest Dates Location
Aderrig Lucan .
Artaine Clontarf . .
Baldongan Skerries, see Holmpatrick . .
also holds 1784-1890 for Howth
1784LC, NLI, FHC
Balgriffin Baldoyle . .
Ballyboghil Finglas . .
Ballyfermot Palmerstown, part Clondalkin . .
Ballymadun Garristown . .
Balrothery Balrothery 1816 LC, NLI, FHG
Balscaddan Balrothery . .
Booterstown(1) Booterstown, also Blackrock and Dundrum 1755 LC, NLI, DLHC
Booterstown (2) Blackrock 1850 LC, DLHC
Castleknock Blanchardstown 1774 LC, NLI, DHC
Chapelizod Clondalkin . .
Cloghran (near Castleknock) Castleknock . .
Cloghran (Near Santry) Clontarf (Coolock for later records) . .
Clondalkin Clondalkin 1778 LC, NLI, DHG
Clonmethan Rolestown, see Killossery . .
Clonsilla Castleknock . .
Clontarf Clontarf 1774 LC, FHG
Clonturk (Drumcondra) Fairview, see Clontarf for earlier records 1879 LC, NLI, FHG
Coolock Coolock, see Clontarf for earlier records 1879 LC, FHG
Cruagh Rathfarnham . .
Crumlin Rathfarnham 1861 .
Dalkey Dalkey, earlier records in Kingstown, See Monkstown . LC, DLHC
Donabate Donabate 1760 LC, NLI, FHG
Donnybrook Donnybrook, part Booterstown . .
Drimnagh Clondalkin . .
Dublin Christ Church Michael and John's See St. Michael . .
Dublin Donnybrook (1) Sandymount, see Donnybrook (3) 1865 LC, DHG
Dublin Donnybrook (2) Donnybrook, see Donnybrook, Dubiln City 1871 LC, DHG
Dublin Donnybrook (3) Haddington Road (St. Mary's ) 1798 LC, DHG
Dublin St. Andrew St. Andrew, also part St. Michael and St. John 1742 LC, NLI, DHG
Dublin St. Audoen St. Audoen 1778 LC, NLI, DHG
Dublin St. Anne St. Andrew . .
Dublin St. Bartholomew Donnybrook (3) . .
Dublin St. Bridget's part Michael and John, part St. Nicholas Without . .
Dublin St. Catherine's St. Catherine 1740 LC, NLI, DHG
Esker Lucan, Palmerstown, and Clondalkin . .
Finglas Finglas and St. Margaret's 1760 LC, NLI, FHG
Garristown Garristown 1857 LC, NLI, FHG
Glasnevin St. Michan's part Finglas . .
Grallagh Garristown . .
Grangegorman St. Paul's Dublin City . .
Hollywood Garristown, also Balrotery . .
Holmpatrick or Skerries Skerries, see Holmpatrick 1741 LC, NLI, FHG
HowthHowth, see Baldoyle for 1784-1890 records
Mount St.Mary's, Howth, Co.Dublin
1890LC, FHG
Kilbarrack see Baldoyle . .
Kilbride Clondalkin . .
Kilgobbin Taney . .
Kill Cabinteely, see also Booterstown 1859 LC, DLHC
Killeek Finglas . .
Killester Clontarf . .
Killiney Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire) see Monkstown . .
Killossery Rowlestown (see also Garristown) 1857 LC, NLI, FHG
Kilmactalway Lucan and Clondalkin . .
Kilmacud Booterstown, also Blackrock and Dundrum . .
Kilmahuddrick Clondalkin . .
Kilsallaghan Finglas, part Rowlestown, see Killossery . .
Kiltiernan Sandford, See Taney . .
Kinsealy see Baldoyle . .
Leixlip See Co. Kildare . .
Lucan Lucan 1818 LC, NLI, FHG
Lusk (1) Lusk, also Rush 1757 LC, NLI, FHG
Lusk (2) Rush 1785 LC, NLI, FHG
Malahide Malahide, see Swords for Early Records 1763 LC, NLI, FHG
Monkstown (1) Monkstown earlier records in Kingstown, also Glasthule, Booterstown, also Cabinteely, see Kill 1865 LC, DLHC
Monkstown (2) Dun Laoghaire (Kingstown) 1769 LC, NLI, DLHC
Monkstown (3) Glasthule 1865 LC, DLHC
Mulhuddart Castleknock . .
Naul Balrothery . .
Newcastle Saggart . .
Old Connaught Monkstown, also Bray, See Co. Wicklow . .
Palmerston Rowlestown, see Killossery . .
Palmerstown Palmerstown 1798 LC, NL, DHG
Portmarnock Baldoyle . .
Portraine Donabate . .
Raheny Clontarf . .
Rathcoole Saggart . .
Rathfarnham (1) Rathfarnham, also Terenure 1777 LC, NLI, DHG
Rathfarnham (2) Terenure 1870 LC, DHG
Rathmichael Taney, also Kingstown, see Monkstown . .
Saggart Saggart 1832 LC, NLI, DHG
St. George St. Mary's . .
St. James St. James 1742 LC, NLI, DHG
St. John Michael and John, see St. Michael . .
St. Luke St. Nicholas Without . .
St. Mark's St. Andrew . .
St. Mark's Donnybrook, see Donnybrook, Dubiln City . .
St. Margaret's Finglas . .
St. Mary (1) St. Mary's Pro Cathedral, also part St. Michan 1734 LC, DHG
St. Mary (2) St. Agatha's North William Street, see St. Mary (1) for earlier records 1853 LC, DHG
St. Mary (3) St. Agatha's North William Street, see St. Mary (1) for earlier records 1852 LC, NLI, DHG
St. Michael Michael and John 1768 LC, N LI, DHG
St. Michan St. Michan, also St. Paul 1726 LC, NLI, DHG
St. Nicholas Within part Michael and John, see St. Michael, part St. Nicholas Without . .
St. Nicholas Without (1) St. Nicholas Without (Francis St.) also Harrington St. 1742 LC, NLI, DHG
St. Nicholas Without (2) Harrington St. (St. Kevin's) 1865 LC, DHG
St. Patrick St. Nicholas Without . .
St. Paul (1) St. Paul also part St. Michan 1731 LC, NLI, DHG
St. Paul (2) Cabra, see St. Paul for earlier records 1909 LC, DHG
St. Peter Part St. Michael and St. John part St. Nicholas wihtout, part St. Andrew . .
St. Peter's (1) Rathmines, see St. Nicholas Without, also Rathgor 1823 LC, DHG
St. Peter's (2) Rathgar, see Rathmines for earlier records 1874 LC, NLI, DHG
St. Thomas' St. Mary . .
St. Werburgh Michael and John, see St. Michael . .
Santry Clontarf, also part Finglas . .
Skerries . . .
Stillorgan Booterstown, also Blackrock and Dundrum . .
Swords Swords 1763 LC, NLI, FHG
Tallaght Rathfarnham, also part Saggart . .
Taney (1) Taney or Sandyford, also part Dundrum 1856 LC, DLHC
Taney (2) Dundrum 1861 LC, NLI, DLHC
Tully Monkstown, also part Taney(1) . .
Ward Finglas . .
Westpalstown Ballboghill . .
Whitechurch Rathfarnham (1) . .

Dublin CountyBalbriggan1816
Dublin CountyBaldoyle1784
Dublin CountyBalrothery1816
Dublin CountyBlanchardstown1774
Dublin CountyBooterstown1796
Dublin CountyClondalkin1778
Dublin CountyDonabate1760

Dublin CityDun Laoire1773
Dublin CityFinglas1788
Dublin CityGarristown1857
Dublin CityHowth1784
Dublin CityLucan1818
Dublin CityLusk1757
Dublin CityPalmerstown1798
Dublin CityRathfarnham1818
Dublin CityRolestown1857
Dublin CitySaggart1857
Dublin CitySandyford1857
Dublin CitySkerries1751
Dublin CitySt. Agatha (North William Street)1852
Dublin CitySt. Andrew (Westland Row)1741
Dublin CitySt. Audeon (High Street)1778
Dublin CitySt. Catherine (Meath Street)1740
Dublin CitySt. James (James Street)1752
Dublin CitySt. Lawrence O'Toole (Seville Place)1853
Dublin CitySt. Mary (Pro-Cathredral) Marlborough Street1734
Dublin CitySt. Michael & John (Lower Exchange Street)1742
Dublin CitySt. Michan (Halston Street)1725
Dublin CitySt. Nicholas of Myra (Francis Street)1742
Dublin CitySt. Paul (Arran Quay)1731
Dublin CitySwords1863

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