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Co Dublin Data


National Censuses/Substitutes


Records Specific to County Dublin

1568:Herald's Visitation of Dublin. GO 46. NL Pos. 957
1607:Herald's Visitation of Dublin city. GO 48. NL Pos. 957
1610:Herald's Visitation of Dublin county. GO 48. NL Pos. 957
1621:St John's parish lists. Also for years 1640 & '87 Appendix to Vol. 1 of the Parish Register Society, 1906
1634:Subsidy roll. NA M. 2469
1641:Book of Survey and Distribution NL Ms 964
1652:Inhabitants of the baronies of Newcastle & Uppercross. NA 1A 41 100
1654-6:Civil Survey, Vol VII, Irish Manuscripts Commission.
1663-8:Subsidy roll for Co. Dublin. NA M.2468
1664:Persons with 6 hearths or upwards, Dublin city; RDKPRO 57, p. 560
1667-1810:Assessments for the parish of St Bride's; TCD M. 2063.
1680-6:Index to an applotment book for Dublin city. NA M. 4979
1680:Pipe water accounts; The Irish Genealogist, 1987
1696:Poll tax assessments for 1696 and 1699. NA M.2469
1711-1835:Annual Accessment Applotment books of St. Michan's parish.
1730-40:Index to marriages and deaths in Pue's Occurrences & The Dublin Gazette. NL Ms 3197
1756:Inhabitants of St Michael's parish; The Irish Builder, Vol. 33, pp170
1763-71:Index to Freeman's Journal, Dublin NL reading room counter.
1767:Freeholders, Dublin city. NA M. 4910 2
1778-82:Catholic Merchants, Traders & Manufacturers of Dublin. Reportorium Novum 2(2), 1960, p. 298 323 1791-1831: Register of children at Baggot St School. NL Pos 2884
1791-1957:Register of Admissions to Pleasant's Female Orphan Asylum, including places of birth and families. NL & Ms 1555. See also NL Mss 1556 & 1558
1793-1810:Census of Protestants in Castleknock. GO 495
1798:List of persons who suffered loss of property in 1798. NL JL94107
1798-1836:Register of children at Santry school. (Incorporated Soc. for Promoting Protestant Schools). NL Pos 2884
1800-16:Card index to biographical notices in Faulkner's Dublin Journal. NL
1805-39:Register of children at Kevin St school. NL Pos 2884
1806:Voters Lists, by occupation, Dublin city. Ir 94133 d13
1820:Freemen voters. NL P 734
1830:Freeholders, Dublin city and county. NL Ms 11,847
1831:Householders in St Bride's parish. NL P. 1994
1833:estateClaremorris 44 estate rental, Galway, Mayo, Dublin, 1833. NL Ms
1834-5:Returns of those liable for paving tax. Inquiry into the impeachment of Alderman Richard Smith, State Paper Office
1835:Dublin City Parliamentary Election (Alphabetical list of voters with addresses and occupations) Ir 94133 d12
1835-37:Dublin county freeholders & leaseholders, NL Ms 9363
1840-1938:Admissions and Discharge registers for Dublin city workhouses (North and South Union). National Archives.
1841:Voters Lists, Dublin City. Ir 94133 d 15
1841:Some extracts, Thrift Abstracts, National Archives
1851:Index to heads of households, by street and parish; National Archives
1864:City of Dublin Voters List, by district and street; Ir 94133 d 16
1865-6:Voters Lists, Dublin City. Ir 94133 d 15
1878:Parliamentary Voters, South Dock Ward. NL. IL324
Memorial Inscriptions

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