Co Donegal Data
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National Censuses/Substitutes


Records Specific to County Donegal

1608ONLINELands Grants in the Barony of Raphoe, County Donegal, 1608 A.D.
1612-3Survey of Undertakers Planted in Co. Donegal . Historical Manuscrpts Commsson Report , 4, (Hastings MSS), 1947. pp 159-82
1618ONLINEPynnar's Survey 1618 A.D. of the Land Grants Given in 1608, Barony of Raphoe
1630ONLINEMuster Roll.
1641Book of Survey and Distribution, NL Ms 968
1654Civil Survey, Vol. lll. 6551 Dubln
1718-58estateWilliam Connolly : Lives in leases on the Ballyshannon estate 1718-58; NL MS 5751, and Donegal Annual No.33, 1981 (1718-26)
1740Protestant Householders: parshes of Clonmeny, Culdaff, Desertegney, Donagh, Fawne, Movill, Templemore: GO 539
1761-75Freeholders, NL P. 975, GO Ms 442, PRONI T.808 14999
1766Donoghmore parish. NA m 207/8 Protestants n Leck. NA 1A 41 100
1770Freeholders entitled to vote. NL Mss 987-8
1782Persons n Culdaff, 300 Years Inishowen, Amy Young
1799Protestant Householders, Templecrone parish. The Irish Ancestor, 1984.
1802-3Protestants n part of Culdaff parish. 300 Years in Inishowen, Amy Young
1842,45estateA.Murry-Stewart : Rentals, 1842, 1845, including lands in the parishes of Killiymard, Killybegs, Killaughtee, Kilcar, Innisgale; NL Ms 5465, 5466
1847-59estateH.G. Murry-Stewart : Rentals, 1847-1859, including lands in the parishes of Killymard, Killybegs, Killaughtee, Kilcar, Innisgale; NL MSS 5467-5476.

Memorial Inscriptions

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