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Co Derry COI Records

County Derry (Londonderry)

Church of Ireland Parish Records

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The following records are available for the Church of Ireland church in County Derry. Some are in local custody (LC) and can be gotten by writing to the local priest. Others are available thruogh the Genealogical Centre (GC) and still others at the National Library of Ireland (NLI) and the National Archives of Ireland (NAI) and through the Salt Lake City Family History Center (SLC film numbers). Good luck in your search.

Parish Earliest Dates Location
Aghadowey no pre 1870 entries .
Aghanloo no pre 1870 entries .
Agherton (Ballyaghran) no pre 1870 entries .
Arboe 1775 LC
Ardtrea (Artrea) 1811 LC
Ballinderry 1802 LC, SLC film 824282
Ballyeglish (in Artrea Parish) 1868 LC
Ballymoney 1807 LC
Ballyrashane no pre 1870 entries .
Ballynascreen (Draperstown) 1808 LC
Ballyscullion no pre 1870 entries .
Balteagh no pre 1870 entries .
Ballywillian 1826 LC
Banagher (Derry) 1821 LC
Bovevagh no pre 1870 entries .
Camus-Juxta-Bann (Macosquin) no pre 1870 entries .
Carrick no pre 1870 entries .
Castledawson (in Magherafelt Parish) 1846 LC
Castlerock (In Dunboe Parish) 1870 LC
Clonmany lost lost
Clooney (formed from Glendermot parish) 1867 LC
Coleraine 1769 LC
Culmore (in Templemore parish) 1867 LC
Cumber, Upper 1811 LC
Cumber, Lower 1806 LC
Derry Cathedral (St. Columb's or Templemore)1642LC, SLC 599241
Derry City (Christ Church) 1855 LC
Derry - Free Church (Christ Church) 1855 LC
Derry - St. Augustine;s no pre 1870 entries .
Derryloran 1797 Lc
Desertlyn (Moneymore) 1797 LC
Desertmartin 1785 LC
Desertoghill no pre 1870 entries .
Draperstown (see Ballynascreen) . .
Drumachose (limavady) 1804 LC, SLC 496750
Dunboe 1839 LC
Dungiven 1795 Lc
Errigal no pre 1870 entries .
Faughavale 1802 LC
Formoyle or Fermoyle 1860 LC
Glendermot or Clondermott 1810 lC
Glenely lost Lost
Kilcronaghan 1790 Lc
Kildollagh no pre 1870 entries .
Killelagh no pre 1870 entries .
Killowen 1824 LC
Kilrea 1801 LC, SLC 908817
Learmount 1832 LC
Lissan 1753 LC
Maghera 1785 LC
Magherafelt 1718 LC
Moville, Upper 1814 LC
Six towns (in Ballynascreen pairsh) no pre 1870 entries .
St. Augustine's (Derry) . .
Tamlaght 1801 SLC 824282, LC
Tamlaghtard 1747 LC
Tamlaght Finlagan 1796 LC
Tamlaght O'Crilly (Lower) no pre 1870 entries .
Tamlaght O'Crilly (Upper) no pre 1870 entries .
Templemore (see Derry Cathedral) . .
Termoneeny 1821 LC
Woods Chapel (formed from Artrea parish) 1807 LC

Co Derry OR County Index

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