Co Derry (Londonderry) Muster 1631

County Derry

1631 Muster Roll

Fianna thanks John McCutcheon

The muster Roll of the County of London Derry
Sr Thomas Phillops his servitors lands being 3000 acres his men & armes

swords & calleuers

Christopher Williams
Terge Heyland
William Heiden
John Rosse
ffrancis Coster
Robert Morton elder

swords & snaphances

John Steaphenson
Thomas Whitt

swords & Calleuers

John Spearman
William ffetters
Hugh White
John Martin elder
John Jacks
Richard ffelton
John Waltinshone
James Robinson
Charles Langdell
Alexander Miller
Robert More
Thomas Conn
Robert Martin younger
John Wilson
Steaphen Robinson
David Patten
Richard Bennet
John Sheirley
Charles ffisher
John Martin younger
Harbert Carrudhouse
John Wyre
William Young
John Latham
William Wylly
John Boyd elder
John Gilleland
John George
Archbell Patten
James ffynley
Edward Poke
James Smyth
Archbaldn Cally
William Gartly
William Coulton
Alexander Roger
John White
William Smyth
John Crawfford younger

Calleuers onely

Donnogh Garrald
ffrancis McMarr
Peater Lewis
Iuer Mullan

Sword & snaphances

Angais Bourston
Robert Patten
John Caman
John ffetters
Christopher Moore
Michaell Lamb
John Sherley elder
David Akin
Robert Gillmore
John Boyd
John Mountgomery
Patrick ffletcher
James Robinson
Thomas Moore younger
Patrick Jackson
John Robinson
John Houston

snaphance onely

Robert Lenton
Hugh Jack
Thomas Comnell
Gavin Gilroe
George Robinson
James Oliver
Robert Shanon
Clawdius Sprowell
Thomas Moore elder

sword & musket or musket onely

William Mooregalway
William Michell

sword & musket

Thomas Boyd
James Connell

swords & pikes

Patrick Gibbone
Thomas Smith
Thomas Patten younger
John Martin younger
John Yow
John Crawford
Thomas Sterling
Thomas Miller
John Kellogh
William Dunkin
William Gay
George Roweth
Alexander Steaphenson

Pike onely

Alexander Browne

no armes

James Parvis
Alexander Dunkan
John Steward
Nynean Watters
Wnthony Magee
John ffoord
Patrick Laughlyne

John Cooke Captaine
John Owen ensigne


Anthony Mathew
John Lawson

George Blare, drummer

Pikes onely

Richard Woodfen
John Holliday
Mathew Robinson
George Trotter

no armes

Peter Lewis
Richard Bennet
William Smith
Charles ffisher
Alexander Roger
John Wyre
James Smyth
John Latham
John George
William Young

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