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Co Antrim Roman Catholic Records

County Antrim

Roman Catholic Parishes

Dates and Source Locations

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This list only contains Roman Catholic parish names in Ireland and is not considered complete. If your parish is not listed, it may be included in another parish. Please consult "Index to Townlands, Parishes, Baronies and Poor Law Unions of Ireland" for more information. The dates given are those for the earliest known baptism records. There may be earlier marriage records available also.

Please note that NLI = National Library of Ireland, NAI = National Archives of Ireland, PRONI = Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, and BPL = Belfast Public Library, LHL= Lisburn Historical Library, UHL = Ulster Historical Foundation, SLC = Salt Lake City film number which can be ordered through your nearest LDS Family History Center. For any of the above addresses, please see Important Addresses.

Civil Parish Catholic Parish Earliest Dates Location
Aghagallon Aghagallon and Ballinderry 1828 LC, NLI, UHF
Aghalee Aghagallon . DR
Aghohill Aghoghill 1833 LC, NLI, UHF
Antrim Antrim 1874 LC, NLI, UHF
Ardclinis Layde, part Carnlough, Tickmacrevan . .
Armoy Armoy 1842 LC, NLI, UHF
Ballinderry Aghagallon . .
Ballintoy Ballintoy 1872 LC, NLI, UHF
Ballclug Ballmena, see Kirkinriola . .
Ballycor Ballyclare, see Belfast . .
Ballylinny part Ballyclare, see Belfast, part Carrickfergus . .
Ballymartin part Ballyclare, see Belfast, part Antrim . .
Ballmoney (see also Co. Derry) Ballymoney and Derrykeighan . LC, NLI, UHF
Ballynure Part Larne, part Casrrickfergus . .
Ballyrashane Portrush, see Ballywillin . .
Ballyscullion (See co. Derry) see Duneane . .
Ballywillin Portrush and Bushmills 1844 LC, NLI, UHF
Belfast (1) Ballyclare, 1869 LC, NLI, UHF
Belfast (2) Whitehouse, See Templepatrick . .
Billy See Ballintoy . .
Blaris (also in Co. Down)( Lisburn . .
Camlin Glenavy . .
Carncastle Glenarm, see Tickmacrevan, Part Larne . .
Carnmoney part Greencastle, Part Whitehouse, see Belfast . .
Carrickfergus Carirckfergus, see Larne for pre-1828 1820 LC, NLI, UHF
Connor Briad or Glenravel, see Skerry, part Randalstown, see Drummaul 1878 LC, NLI, UHF
Craigs Rasharkin . .
Cranfield Duneane . .
Culfeightrin Culfeightrin 1825 LC, NLI, UHF
Derryaghy Hannastown, Rock, and Derryaghy 1848 LC, NLI, UHF
Derrykeighan Ballymoney and Derrykeighan . .
Donegore see Antrim . .
Drumbeg Derryaghy . LC, NLI, UHF
Drummaul Randalstown 1825 .
Dunaghy Glenravel, see Skerry . .
Duneane Duneane (Toomebridge) 1834 LC, NLI, UHF
Dunluce part Portrush, see Ballywillin . .
Finvoy Dunloy and Cloughmills 1860 LC, NLI, UHF
Glenavy Glenavy and Killead 1848 LC, NLI, UHF
Gelnwhirry Braid, See Skerry . .
Glynn Larne . .
Grange of Ballyscullion Duneane . .
Grange of Doagh Ballyclare, see Belfast . .
Grange of Drumtullagh See Ballintoy . .
Grange of Dundermot Dunloy and Collughmills, see Finvoy . .
Grange of Inishpollen Craiga and Cushleak (Cushendon) see also Culfeightrin 1834 LC, NLI, UHF
Grange of Killyglen see Larne . .
Grange of Layd Cushendun, see Grange of Innispollen . .
Granage of Muckamore see Antrim . .
Grange opf Nilteen See Antrim . .
Grange of Shilvodan Braid, see Skerry . .
Inver See Larne . .
Island Magee See Larne . .
Kilbride See Antrim . .
Killagan part Dunloy, see Finvoy, part Glenravel . .
Killead see Glenavy . .
Kilraghts See Ballymoney . .
Kilroot See Duneane . .
Kilwaughter See Larne . .
Kirkinriola Ballymena (Kirinriola) also part Ahogill 1848 LC, NLI, UHF
Lambeg Derryaghy . .
Larne Larne, see Carrickfergus for post-1828 1821 LC, NLI, UHF
Layd or Layde Cushendall (Layde and Ardclinis) also part Cushendun, see Grange of Innispollen 1838 LC, NLI, UHF
Loughguile Loughguile or Loughile 1825 LC, NLI, UHF
Magheragall See Derryaghy . .
Magheramesk See Aghagallon . .
Newton Crommelin see Rasharkin . .
Portglenone Portglenone (Ahoghill before 1864) 1864 LC, NLI, UHF
Racavan Braid, See Skerry . .
Raloo see Larne . .
Ramoan Ramoan (Ballycastle) 1838 LC, NLI, UHF
Rasharkin Rasharking 1848
Rashee Ballyclare, See Belfast . .
Rathlin Ramoan (Ballycastle) . .
Shankill Greencastle, see Templepatrick . .
Skerry Glenravel or Braid 1815 LC, NLI, UHF
Templecorran See Larne . .
Templepatrick Greencastle (Whitehouse) also part Ballyclare (See Belfast) 1854 LC, NLI, UHF
Tickmacrevan (1) part Carnlough, part Glenarm 1825 LC, NLI, UHF
Tickmacrevan (2) Glenarm (Tickmacrevan) 1784 LC, NLI, UHF
Tullyrusk see Glenavy . .

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