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Wills of Bisley People

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Will transcripts courtesy of The Surrey Plus Wills Index.

Isabella Campion, widow 1506
Thomas Norwood, Husbandman1544BM; Add, Ms 24, 925 f.24v

Wills proved in the Consistory Court of Winchester
, held at Hampshire Record Office
John CobbattHRO; 1592 B14
Thomas Cobat, Husbandman, 1507HRO; Reg. Fox 2 p.29
John FarnhamHRO; 1585 B26
John Hoone HRO; 1594 B30
Thomas UnderwoodHRO; 1585 B70

Wills proved in the Archdeaconry Court pre-1660
, held at London Metropolitan Archives
Agnes Attfield, spinster DW/PA/5/1624/5
Thomas Bannister, 1618 DW/PA/7/10 f.270
Alice Bonsey, widowDW/PA/5/1614/34
Edmund Bonsey, HusbandmanDW/PA/5/1613/15
Richard Bonsey, Husbandman, 1530DW/PA/7/3 f.154
John Burgess, 1540DW/PA/7/5 f.201
Alan Carter, HusbandmanDW/PA/5/1563/110
Thomas Chandler, VictuallerDW/PA/5/1637/33
Margaret Child, widowDW/PA/5/1569/531
Richard Cobbatt, HusbandmanDW/PA/5/1550/41
Robert Cobbatt DW/PA/5/1607/29
Walter Cobbatt, 1487DW/PA/7/1 f.50
Richard Cobbet, Husbandman DW/PA/5/1576/86
John Cobbett, Husbandman DW/PA/5/1632/17
Robert Cobbett, Husbandman DW/PA/5/1612/34
John Filde, Husbandman DW/PA/5/1599/22
Robert GoringDW/PA/5/1570/98
Thomas GoringDW/PA/5/1559/3
Joseph Hone, YeomanDW/PA/5/1636/49
William Honn DW/PA/5/1611/62
William LeeDW/PA/5/1638/74
William Mar, YeomanDW/PA/5/1562/38B
John Pidder, YeomanDW/PA/5/1558/218
William RussellDW/PA/5/1591/89
Agnes RutterDW/PA/5/1559/19
John RutterDW/PA/5/1558/234
Robert RutterDW/PA/5/1563/83
Thomas Rutter, Weaver and Husbandman, 1533DW/PA/7/4 f.29
Ann Simmons, widow, 1618DW/PA/7/10 f.64
Margaret Thetcher, widowDW/PA/5/1570/90
Edward Unsworth, HusbandmanDW/PA/5/1607/98
John Woodruff, Yeoman DW/PA/5/1574/23

Wills proved in the Archdeaconry Court 1660-1858
, held at London Metropolitan Archives
Dinah Cobbett, widow DW/PA/5/1745/22
William Cobbett, Yeoman DW/PA/5/1785/3
James Collyer, Labourer DW/PA/5/1853/4
John Collyer, Yeoman DW/PA/5/1697/13
Thomas Collyer snr, Yeoman DW/PA/5/1714/22
Matthew Dalton, Yeoman DW/PA/5/1694/33
Richard Darburn aka Daborn, Yeoman DW/PA/5/1789/10
John Deedman, Yeoman DW/PA/5/1796/5
William Eacott, Farmer DW/PA/5/1842/10
Moses Evered, Yeoman DW/PA/5/1787/7
Humphrey Field snr, Yeoman DW/PA/5/1688/34
Mary Field, widow DW/PA/5/1702/31
Mary Freeland, widow DW/PA/5/1738/37
James Giles, Husbandman DW/PA/5/1840/7
Edward Goring, Yeoman DW/PA/5/1713/49
George Gosden, Farmer DW/PA/5/1847/4
John Hill, Farmer DW/PA/5/1805/17
William Hone, Husbandman DW/PA/5/1728/60
John Loveland, Yeoman DW/PA/5/1805/18
James Martin, Yeoman DW/PA/5/1757/40
James Martin, Yeoman DW/PA/5/1807/17
Richard Martin, Labourer DW/PA/5/1847/16
Joseph Pocock, Labourer DW/PA/5/1831/18
Henry Pritchard snr, Husbandman DW/PA/5/1761/57
Ann Rempnant, widow DW/PA/5/1779/28
George Rempnant, Yeoman DW/PA/5/1731/96
George Rempnant, Yeoman DW/PA/5/1749/70
Mary Searle, widow DW/PA/5/1802/25
Edward Smith, Victualler DW/PA/5/1854/24
Henry Smith, Yeoman DW/PA/5/1807/23
William Smith, Farmer DW/PA/5/1828/22
Thomas Spong DW/PA/5/1675/67
Isaac Spooner, Farmer DW/PA/5/1840/22
Henry Street, Yeoman DW/PA/5/1802/26
Thomas Thetcher (admon) DW/PA/1/1 pf.42 1678
William Walker, Yeoman DW/PA/5/1838/32
James Wey, Farmer DW/PA/5/1754/68

Wills proved in the Commissary Court 1660-1858
, held at London Metropolitan Archives
Thomas Blundell, Yeoman DW/PC/5/1679/5
Robert Davye, Yeoman DW/PC/5/1694/11
Ann Eacott, widow DW/PC/5/1799/7
William Geale, Gentleman DW/PC/5/1822/3
Isaac Gosden, Farmer DW/PC/5/1842/1
William Heather, Husbandman DW/PC/5/1681/32
Richard Hodd, Yeoman DW/PC/1/13 f.86 &
DW/PC/7/4 ff 189-190 1759
John Hone, Yeoman DW/PC/5/1678/25
George Kidder, Brickburner DW/PC/5/1732/9
Andrew Lamont, Doctor of Divinity DW/PC/5/1712/15
William Loveland, Farmer DW/PC/5/1833/4
George Rempnant, Yeoman DW/PC/5/1774/7
William Smither DW/PC/5/1756/15

PCC Wills 1384-1858
, held at Public Record Office, Kew
Christopher Banford, Husbandman 19 November 1655 PROB 11/251
Thomas Blundell, Yeoman 08 April 1679 PROB 11/359
James Burchett, Common Brewer, late Servant 08 September 1818 PROB 11/1608
John Campion, Rector of Bisley 30 May 1747 PROB 11/754
Edward Cawkitt 19 March 1827 PROB 11/1722
Walter Cobbett, Weaver 11 March 1658/9 PROB 11/289
Agnes Darby, widow 18 June 1650 PROB 11/212
Sir Robert Fawkener4 September 1512 PROB 11/17
William Goodener, Husbandman 28 May 1768 PROB 11/939
John Hone 10 February 1768 PROB 11/936
James Kates, Farmer 09 March 1826 PROB 11/1710
Jane King, wife 04 June 1845 PROB 11/2019
Hugh Lockwood 1649  
James Loveland, Gentleman 13 December 1824 PROB 11/1693
Mary Loveland, widow 14 May 1824 PROB 11/1686
William Marten, Husbandman 13 April 1642 PROB 11/189
Elizabeth Mepham, spinster 11 July 1853 PROB 11/2176
James Steadman or Stedman, Yeoman 01 October 1808 PROB 11/1487
Stephen Steptoe, Thatcher 30 December 1823 PROB 11/1679
James Street, Yeoman 30 September 1852 PROB 11/2159
John Turner 08 August 1826 PROB 11/1716
James Walker, Husbandman 07 March 1833 PROB 11/1813
Jane Walker, widow 02 December 1790 PROB 11/1199
Mary Wigman, widow 12 January 1762 PROB 11/872

Other Wills
: SHC - Surrey History Centre, PPR - Principal Probate Registry
Richard Barnes, Shopkeeper14 December 1815 SHC - G97/5/24 pp517-520
Hannah Collyer, widow10 December 1813 SHC - G97/5/25 p174
George Gosden7 December 1792 SHC - G97/5/24 pp230-231
Isaac Gosden 27 November 1879 SHC - 4538/17; PPR - 1880 p342
Henry Hill23 November 1830 SHC - G97/5/25 pp150-151
Mary Hill 6 March 1865 SHC - G97/5/26 p257
Richard Loveland1 October 1868 SHC - G97/5/26 pp306-307
John Robinson 16 January 1860 PPR - 1860 p149
James Searle, Farmer17 November 1857 PPR - 1860 p74
John Slann 25 January 1855 SHC - G97/5/26 p357
Sarah Steer6 August 1812 SHC - G97/5/25 pp4-5
Sarah Steptoe10 August 1843 SHC - G97/5/26 p20
Stephen Steptoe22 December 1836 SHC - G97/5/25 pp10-14
Henry Street, Farmer24 July 1862 SHC - G97/5/26 p189