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The "Bisley Bullet", 1938

Bisley photo
This photograph has the date June 1938 on the back of it and shows in the background the main railway line from Waterloo to the west running over the pirbright embankment and in the foreground "DI" class 0-4-2T no 2289 in its Southern Railway days heading "the Bisley Bullet" (the branch had a speed restriction of 10mph) over the girder bridge which crossed the Basingstoke Canal while it moves on towards the station at the National Rifle Association ranges at Bisley Camp. The bridge was guarded by check rails and on the side shown in the picutre by a set of cattle grids, the Southern Railway working time table appendices for 1934 state that the load of a train over this line must not exceed 64 wheels. Locomotive power for this branch line was originally supplied by Nine Elms but in the summer of 1932 this became the more logical responsibility of Guildford shed.

The locomotive shown in the picture was built by the London Brighton & South Coast Railway at Brighton in November 1879 and originally carried the name "Holmbury" and at the time when this picture was taken had been in service for 59 years.
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