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Bisley, once a remote heathland hamlet, is now famous as the home of the annual National Rifle Association Championships, which was moved to Bisley from Wimbledon in 1890. Now each summer the ranges attract marksmen from all over the world.

View of the Last Wimbledon Camp, 1889 (142kb)New

Aerial view of Bisley Camp, 1977 (46kb) Aerial view of Queen's Prize Final, 1977 (48kb)
Around the Camp (202kb) NRA Main Office, 1906 (63kb)
View from NRA Office, c.1905 (37kb) NRA Pavilion, c.1910 (45kb)
Club Row, c.1930 (36kb) Club Row, c.1960 (111kb)
Bazaar Lines, c.1912 (37kb) Umbrella Tent (156kb)
Range Officers' Mess (50kb) Volunteer Camp (78kb)
View across Century Range (40kb) Century Range Butts, c.1900 (165kb)
Century Range Butts, c.1905 (29kb) In Century Range Butts (43kb)
In Short Butt (172kb) In Short Butt 2 (33kb)
Royal Visit, 1906 (50kb) HM George V on the Ranges (123kb)
Duke of Connaught on the Ranges (81kb) Arthur Hale - King's Prize Winner 1928 (63kb)
NRA Main Gate (40kb) NRA Main Gate, 1967 (26kb)
Sergeant's Mess, 1987 (40kb) Canada House, 1987 (56kb)
Queens Lodge, 1987 (57kb) The Barn, 1987 (62kb)
Lloyds Bank Rifle Club, 1987 (67kb) A,B,C Line Huts, 1987 (47kb)
Bullet Lodge, 1987 (55kb) British Commonwealth Rifle Club, 1987 (64kb)
Artists' Rifle Club, 1987 (49kb) Bunhill Lodge, 1987 (69kb)
The Cottage, 1987 (53kb) London & Middlesex Rifle Club, 1987 (36kb)
City Rifle Club, 1987 (68kb) Ibis Rifle Club, 1987 (83kb)
North London Rifle Club, 1987 (59kb) Richardson Lodge, 1987 (26kb)
English XX Rifle Club, 1987 (62kb) Surrey Rifle Association Clubhouse, 1987 (31kb)
Army Target Rifle Club, 1987 (53kb) English VIII Rifle Club, 1987 (57kb)
British Pistol Club, 1987 (71kb) Council Club, 1987 (61kb)
Council Club, 1987 (51kb) D Line Huts, 1987 (47kb)
Kangaroo Corner, 1987 (65kb) Honourable Artillery Company Clubhouse, 1987 (45kb)
London Scottish Rifle Club, 1987 (37kb) Inns of Court Lodge, 1987 (49kb)
RAF Rifle Club, 1987 (31kb) TARA Clubhouse, 1987 (50kb)
NRA Offices, 1987 (57kb) NRA Offices, 1987 (56kb)
Fultons, 1987 (39kb) Running Deer Target (54kb)
The Pavillion, 1987 (24kb) Parabellum Pistol Club, 1987 (43kb)
Sit Perpetuum Rifle Club, 1987 (40kb) The Exhibition Hut, 1987 (47kb)
NSRA Building, 1987 (61kb) Pavilion, c.1939 (74kb)
Century Range, c.1960 (124kb) Council Club c.1905 (30kb)
Aerial view c.1960 (273kb) Bisley Bullet, 1952 (72kb)
Pavilion, 1915 (53kb) Tentsite c.1910 (39kb)
NRA Camp 1917 (27kb) Stoney_Castle_Camp (93kb)
Inns_of_Court_1905 (52kb) NSRA Meeting (184kb)
Club_Row_1924 (93kb) Church_Service_1914 (176kb)
NRA_Pavilion_1965 (108kb) Queens Avenue (27kb)
Century_Range_c1955 (27kb) Bisley Bullet at Cowshot Crossing 1957 (27kb)
Wash Day (27kb) Edward VII Inspecting Guards (27kb)
Duke of Connaught Visit (27kb) Dismounting (226kb)
Bisley Bridge c.1900 (304kb) Kings Way c.1935 (280kb)
Century Range c.1905 (187kb) Church Service 1914 (301kb)
Warncliffe Tramway (110kb) Warncliffe Tramway (106kb)
Warncliffe Tram Engine (23kb) Bradfield School Rifle Team c.1897 (369kb)
Stickledown_Range c.1910 (426kb) Canadian Hut c.1915 (287kb)
Stickledown Range c.1950 (321kb) Clock Tower c.1960 (181kb)
Firing in The Elcho c.1960 (265kb) North London RC c.1910 (297kb)
Towards Century Butts from Canadian Hut c.1910 (187kb) Caravan Site c.1960 (408kb)
Bisley Bullet (316kb) Bisley Bullet 23rd November 1952 (262kb)
ARA Hut 1930 (345kb) NRA Flag from NRA Offices c.1960 (468kb)