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I have collected from various newspapers articles which are related to births, deaths and marriages.  Each article gives the name of the newspaper and the day of publication.  The page is divided into three sections, births, deaths and marriages.  The articles in each section are alphabetical.

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Transcribed by Carol Hughes

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19th March 1814     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruan Lanyhorne, Mrs Budd, wife of the Rev. Richard Budd, of a daughter.


14th June 1828     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruan Parsonage, on Saturday, the lady of Rev. Richard Budd, of a son.


21st March 1889      West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

CARBIS – At Barruppa, Ruanhighlanes, March 8, the wife of Mr. J. P. Carbis, of a daughter.


16th December 1876      Royal Cornwall Gazette

CARKEEK – At Ruanhighlanes, recently, the wife of Martin Carkeek, carpenter, of a daughter.


18th May 1916   West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

COAD – At Wynberg House, Ruanlanihorne, May 13, the wife of J. B. Coad, of a son.


19th March 1936      Cornishman

COAD – Mar. 11th, at Ruanlanihorne, to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Coad (nee Ivy Conbeer), a son.


14th March 1867      Royal Cornwall Gazette

DAVEY – At her father’s residence, Mr Pearce, Ruanlanyhorne, March 7, the wife of Mr J. Davey, yeoman, Treworgey, of a son.


4th August 1868      Royal Cornwall Gazette

DAVEY – At Treworgey, in Ruan, the wife of Mr. James Davey, farmer, of a son.


12th March 1858      Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Lanburn, in Ruanlanyhorne, on the 5th inst., the wife of Mr. John DAVIS, farmer, of a son.


8th May 1902       Cornishman

DINGLE – At Treworgey, Ruan, the wife of Mr. Joseph Dingle, a son.


15th April 1871      Royal Cornwall Gazette

FRYER – At Ruanhighlanes, recently, the wife of F.W. Fryer, Esq., of a daughter.


23rd October 1875      Royal Cornwall Gazette

FRYER – At Ruanhighlanes, October 16, the wife of T. Fryer, Esq., suregon, of a son.


14th November 1907     West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

Daniell GALLAWAY, a coloured man, of Treworgie, Ruanlanihorne, was summoned by Mr. Francis TRUSCOTT,  superintendent registrar of births and deaths, for giving to Thomas Henry JOHNS, registrar, false information concerning the birth of Annie Mildred MERTON. – Mr. G. F. NALDER prosecuted, and it appeared that defendant caused the child, an illegitimate, to be entered as Annie Mildred GALLAWAY, swearing he was the lawful father. – A fine of £2 and £2 9s costs was imposed.


13th May 1876      Royal Cornwall Gazette

GIDDY – At Barruppa, Ruan, April 28, the wife of R. Giddy, Esq., of a son and heir.


10th October 1851      Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Perruppa, in Ruanlanyhorne, on the 4th inst., the wife of Mr. William HOCKING, farmer, of a daughter.


22nd April 1876      Royal Cornwall Gazette

JEWEL – At Treworgey, Ruan, April 15, the wife of Mr. Rchd. Jewel, policeman at Plymouth, of a son.


28th November 1862     West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

At Lower Treviles, Ruan, on the 20th inst., Louisa, wife of Mr. James Martin, of a son.


29th January 1919     Cornishman

MELLOW – Jan. 24, at Tregongow, Ruanhighlanes, the wife of T. Mellow, of a son.


25th July 1862     West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

At Ruan-highlanes, on the 15th inst., the wife of Mr. M. L. NICHOLLS, Foundry master, of a son.


14th December 1849      Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruanlanihorne, during the past week, the wife of Mr. David PEARCE, of a son; and the wife of Mr. John GROSE, of a son.


3rd May 1917     Cornishman

PENTER,- April 18, at Gonitor, Ruanlanihorne, to Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Penter, a daughter.


8th April 1920      West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

PENTER – On April 1st, 1920, at Gonitor, Ruan, to Mr. And Mrs. F. J. Penter, a daughter.


3rd October 1950     Western Morning News

PENTER – On September 29, at Redruth Hospital, to Joyce (nee CANDY), wife of John Penter, Gonitor, Ruan High Lanes, a son.


17th January 1824     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Treviles, near Tregony, on Monday last, the lady of the Rev. John PETER, of a daughter.


3rd December 1852     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruanhighlanes, on Sunday, the 28th ult., the wife of Mr. PRYNN, Surgeon, of a still born child.


3rd November 1904     Cornishman

ROBERTS.- Oct. 20, at Fulham, London, the wife of Joseph Roberts (late of Ruanlanihorne), a son.


27th February 1852      Royal Cornwall Gazette

On the 18th inst., at the Rectory, Ruan Lanyhorne, the wife of the Rev. H. S. SLIGHT, of a son


20th May 1853      Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruan Rectory, on Sunday, the 15th inst., the wife of the Rev. H. S. SLIGHT, of a daughter, who lived but a few hours.


2nd February 1855      Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruan Rectory, on the 31st ult., the wife of the Rev. H. S. SLIGHT, of a son.


19th September 1856      Royal Cornwall Gazette

On the 12th inst., at Ruan Rectory, the wife of the Rev. H. S. SLIGHT, of a daughter.


19th March 1858      Royal Cornwall Gazette

On Thursday the 11th inst., at Ruan Rectory, the wife of Rev. H. S. SLIGHT, of a daughter.


18th November 1859      Royal Cornwall Gazette

At the Rectory, Ruan, on the 14th inst., the wife of the Rev. H. S. SLIGHT, of a daughter.


1st May 1885      Royal Cornwall Gazette

SOUTHARD – At Ruanlanihorne, April 24, the wife of E.J. Southard, of a daughter.


16th March 1899      Cornishman

STEPHENS – March 2, at Ruan, the wife of Mr. Richard Stephens, a daughter.


17th May 1861      Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruan-road, near Tregony, on the 9th inst., the wife of Mr. Henry STRONGMAN, drummer, of a daughter.


19th December 1862     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Penheskin, Ruan Lanyhorne, on the 9th instant, the wife of William Treffry, of a daughter.


18th March 1864      Royal Cornwall Gazette

TREFFRY – At Penheskin, Ruanlanyhorne, on the 4th inst., the wife of W. Treffry, Esq., of a son and heir.


26th February 1903    West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

WASLEY.- At Ruanlanihorne, Feb. 20, the wife of G. H. Wasley, of Johnnesburg, of a daughter.


18th January 1839     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Trethella, Ruanlanyhorne, on the 12th inst., Mrs A. WILLIAMS, of a son.




24th June 1912     West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

ANDREW – At Ruanhighlanes, June 16, William Andrew, formerly of Ponsanooth, aged 80.


30th August 1917     Cornishman

AVER - July 2, at Germiston, Thomas Charles Aver, second son of the late Thomas Aver.  Mine Captain of the May Consolidated, Germiston, and of Mrs. Aver, The Glebe Farm, Ruanlanihorne, aged 28.


30th Januray 1940     Western Morning News

BALL – January 28th.  John Edward, at Pendower House (late of Treviles), aged 83.  Funeral Wednesday, leaving house at 2.30 p.m. for Veryan Church.  Friends please accept this (the only) intimation.


12th January 1950     Western Morning News

BALL – On January 9, 1950, at Trestrain, Ruan High Lanes, Mary BALL, aged 85, widow of the late Jeremiah.  Funeral at Veryan Church on Friday, January 13, at Two p.m.  Friends please accept this (the only) intimation.


12th January 1927     Cornishman

BALL – Jan. 4th, at Veryan, Rosa, wife of John Edward Ball, of Treviles, Ruanhighlanes, aged 70.


 15th March 1828      Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruan-Lanyhorne, on Friday se’nnight, Mr. John BATE, a respectable farmer, aged 61 years.


5th March 1903    West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

BEARD- At Ruanlanyhorne, Feb. 27, Mary, relict of Charles Beard, of Tregoney, aged 88.


27th March 1823      Exeter Flying Post

On Monday last, at an advanced age, at Goniton, Ruan-Lanyhorne, Mr. Behanna, a most respectable farmer.


6th March 1879      West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

At Ruan, Tregony, Feb. 22, Mr. James Bennett, aged 22 years.


16th December 1943       Cornishman

BEST – On Dec. 9, 1943, Beatrice Laura, at Parc Lamp, Ruanlanihorne, aged 64.  Formerly headmistress Gulval Infants School.


17th March 1865     Royal Cornwall Gazette

BLAMEY – At Ruanlanihorne, Fanny, wife of Mr. Henry Blamey, aged 42.


21st September 1877      Royal Cornwall Gazette

BOND – Treworgey, Ruan, Sept. 14, Mr. John Bond, carpenter, aged 71.


2nd November 1943       Western Morning News

BRENTON. – On Oct. 30, at Treworga, Ruanhighlanes, W. J. Brenton, passed peacefully away, aged 77 years.  Funeral Today (Tuesday), leaving the house at Two p.m. for Ruan Church.


17th April 1875     Royal Cornwall Gazette

BREWER – At Treworgey, Ruan, April 7, Mr. Brewer, yeoman, for many years a Methodist local preacher,  aged 57.


24th April 1875     Royal Cornwall Gazette

THE LATE MR. J. BREWER.- On Saturday the 10th inst., the remains of Mr. J. Brewer, yeoman, of Treworgey, who died on the 7th inst., aged 57, was followed to the grave by a large number of sorrowing and tearful mourners.  The deceased was for many years a member of the Wesleyan society, twenty years as a local preacher.  He was assistant overseer of the parish for several years.  He was beloved by all who knew him for his pious and amiable qualities.  His bier was borne by members of the society.  The service was read by the rector.


5th December 1929     Cornishman

The death occurred on Sunday at St. Just-in-Roseland, of Mr. Jas. BUCKINGHAM, of the Council House, after a brief illness, in his 84th year.  He was late Bandmaster of the 1st Bat. of the East Yorkshire Regt.  A native of Tregony, he farmed Treginin, at Ruanlanihorne.  He was a late member of Truro Rural Council, and also a parish councillor.  He formed the Tregony Town Band, of which he was bandmaster for many years.


11th January 1839     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Calcutta, on the 5th October last, Edward Henry, second son of the Rev. Richard Budd, Rector of Ruanlanihorn, aged 19 years.


13th December 1871     The Pall Mall Gazette

BUDD, Harriet A., widow of the Rev. R., B.D., late Rector of Ruan Lanihorne, Cornwall, at Bath, aged 86,Dec. 9.


14th December 1871      Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette

Dec. 9, at Bath, in the 87th year of her age, Harriet Anne, widow of the Rev. Richard Budd, late rector of Ruan Lanihorne, Cornwall, and the last of the family of the Rev. Jeremiah Trist, of Behan Parc, and vicar of Veryan, in the same county’


23rd February 1849     Royal Cornwall Gazette

On the 22nd inst., at the Rectory, Ruan Lanyhorne, the Rev. Richard BUDD, after the christian discipline of a long and painful illness, borne with exemplary patience, in the 40th year of his Incumbency and the 75th year of his age.


26th February 1849     London Standard

On the 22d inst., at the Rectory, Ruan Llannyhorne, Cornwall, the Rev. Richard Budd, in the 75th year of his age.


4th September 1935      Western Morning News

CARBIS.- At Lamellyns House, Ruan High Lanes, Johanna Webber, widow of J. P. Carbis, aged 75.  Funeral Friday, September 6th, leaving house Three o’clock for Ruan Church.


12th September 1935    West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

Loss to Ruanlanihorne Methodist Church.

Ruanlanihorne Parish Church was crowded, on Friday, at the funeral of Mrs. J. W. Carbis, widow of Mr. Jas. Paul Carbis, a former Truro Rural District surveyor and farmer in the Roseland, whose death at Ruan Churchtown, was reported last week.  She was an ardent and life-long (Wesley) Methodist, in which church her husband held many offices, and was a prominent local preacher.  Her son, Mr. Stanley Carbis, and Miss Carbis, her daughter, are superintendent and organist at Ruan Methodist Church and Sunday-school.  The Rev. H. E. Dunn (rector), officiated, assisted by the Rev. F Chennalls Williams (St. Mawes).  Miss Dunn was the organist.  Mrs. Carbis is survived by a son and three daughters.

The immediate mourners were Mr. Stanley Carbis (son), Mrs. M. Veale, Wadebridge, Mrs. E. Tripp, Veryan and Miss Carbis (daughters), the Misses F. And E. Tripp, Veryan, and Jas. And Geo. Carbis (grandchildren), Mr. M. Chester, St. Mawes, Mr. And Mrs. F. Dunstan, Hugus, Mr. F. Truscott, Truro (nephews and nieces), Mr. And Mrs. T. H. Mitchell, Truro, Mr. W Berryman, Mr. And Mrs. M. Carbis, Truro, Miss Glasson, Threemilestone, Truro (cousins), Mrs. S. Carbis (daughter-in-law), Mr. N. P. Tripp. Veryan and Mr. W Veale, Wadebridge (sons-in-law), Pastor Marston (Veryan Methodist Church), Mr. T. Tripp (Veryan), Mr. Geo. Tripp and Miss Tripp (Philleigh), Mr. And Mrs. S Tripp (St. Allen), Mr. And Mrs. P. Julian (Veryan), Mr. And Mrs. J. Evison (Tregoney), Messrs. A. and S. Bailey (Wadebridge), Mr. W. J. Bailey (St. Columb), Mr. And Mrs. A. J. Grigg, Mr. R. L. Frank (Truro), Mr. S. Gilbert (Truro Rural Council surveyor), Mr. Coombe (Launceston), and Mr. G. Pidler (Hugus).  Others present included Mr. J. Ball, Mr. and Mrs. E. Southeard, S. Miners, Mr. and Mrs. E. Pearce, Mr. W. Phillips and Miss B. Dingle (Ruan Methodist Church), Mrs. F. Thomas and Mr. Thomas, jun., Mr. and Mrs. F. Collett (Philleigh Methodist Church), Mr. C. Pascoe (St. Just Methodist Church), Mr. E. Kernick (Truro Methodist Church), Mr. J. Giles (Probus Methodist Church), Mr. and Mrs. H. Davis (Lamorran), and J. Woolcock (former employees), Miss Nestling, Messrs. G. H. And V. Wasley, Messrs. And Mesdames G. And W. Rowe, F. Miners, W. G. Ball, Messrs. W. Blight, W. J. Brenton, F. Daws, E. A. East, J. Spear, J. Daddow, C. Buddle, E. Dowrick, F. Coad (also representing J. B. Coad), H. And J. Trevail, R. Dingle, M. Miners, W. L. Chenoweth (Philleigh), Colin Grigg (Ruanhighlanes), A. Collett (Collett and Seymour, Truro), R. H. Freethy and S. Penter (Cuby), W. R. Ferris (tenant), N. Yelland and S. Clemow (Tregoney), F. Lutey (St. Austell formerly Ruan), W. C. Batten (St. Just-in-Roseland), H. Fuge, J. and A. Harris (Veryan), S. Manuell (Burngullow), W. Mannell (St.Austell), W. J. Osborne (Tolverne), A. E. Hobbs (Probus, formerly Ruan, also representing M. L., W. A., and E. J. Hobbs).

The bearers, former and past employees and agriculturists, were: Messrs. Wesley Rowe, V. Wasley, Geo. Rowe, W. Daws, Joe Lagor and W. A. Pedlar.  There were many floral tributes.

Mr. H. Rundle, Churchtown, Veryan, was the undertaker.


30th October 1969    West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

Chapel Organist and Council Clerk.

Ruan Methodist Chapel was full on Friday for the funeral service of Miss Myrtle Carbis, aged 80 who died suddenly.  Daughter of the late Mr. And Mrs. J. P. Carbis, of Barn Farm, Ruanlanihorne, Miss Carbis leaves a brother, Mr. S. Carbis.  She had been clerk to the parish council.  A musician, she was organist of Ruan Chapel for about 40 years.  A Sunday school teacher and a representative of the National Children’s Homes, she had also been organist at Ruan Parish Church.

The service was conducted by the Rev. L. Hayes, Superintendent Minister, who paid a tribute to Miss Carbis’s work and her devotion to Ruan Chapel.  Mr. L. Symons was the organist.

Mourners were Mr. S. Carbis (brother), Mesdames T. Thomas, G. Burns, O. Rowe, G. Carbis (nieces), Messrs. J. Carbis, G. Carbis, T. Thomas, G. Burns, O. Rowe, T. H. And L. Thomas, M. And D. Carbis and W. Julyan (nephews), Messrs. And Mesdames, F. Dunstan, M. Chester, P. And E. Symons, Mesdames A. Webber, M. Cannon and F. Burrows and Miss E. Carbis (cousins).

Ruan Parish Council, St. Austell Circuit and St. Mawes, Gerrans, St Just-in-Roseland, Ruan, Trewartha and Philleigh Chapels were represented.  As were Veryan Parish Church and Ruan Parish Church.  Cremation was at Penmount.

Undertaker, Mr. P. Canny, Probus.


22nd September 1892     Cornishman

CARKEEK – Sep 10, at the Royal Cornwall Infirmary, Truro, Edward Carkeek, machinest, engineer, &e, of Ruanhighlanes, 59.


22nd October 1852     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruanlanyhorne, on the 13th inst., Nicholas, son of Mr. William CARKEEK, aged 5 years.


21st November 1862     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruan, near Tregony, on the 16th inst., Martha, wife of Mr. Robert CHIVELL, aged 41 years.


28th March 1912     West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

FUNERAL AT RUANLANIHORNE. – The funeral of the late Mrs. John COAD, Avondale-terrace, Truro, and late of Gonitor, Ruanlanihorne, took place at Ruan, on Monday.  The deceased lady had been ill only a very short time, and death took place while on a visit to her brother, Mr. William MARTIN, The Quinta, Bodmin.  The remains were conveyed by hearse from there and thence to their last resting-place at Ruanlanihorne Churchyard.  The service in the church and at the grave was conducted by the rector (the Rev. T. M. DUNN) assisted by the Rev. H. E. DUNN.  The hymn, “Brief life is here our portion,” was sung in the church, and at the graveside,  “How sweet the name of Jesus sounds.”  Miss DUNN rendered the Dead March.  The mourners included Mr. John COAD (husband), Mrs. DUNSTONE (niece), Mr. Martin MICHELL (nephew), Mrs. James COAD (sister-in-law), Mr. Silas MICHELL (nephew), Mrs. BEARD (niece), Mr. James COAD (brother-in-law), Mrs. COURTS (niece), Mr. DUNSTONE, Mrs. John COAD, the Rev. HOLMES, Mr. H. ROBERTS, Mr. W. H. BEARD and Master Russell BEARD.  Among those who assembled to show the last sign of respect for one who has been held in the highest esteem by all who knew her were Mr. and Mrs R. E. LITTLE, Mr. and Mrs. CARBIS, Mr. and Mrs. BALL, Mr. and Mrs. WILLOUGHBY, Mr. and Mrs. Albert GRIGG, Mr. OSBORNE, Mr. and Mrs. DINGLE, Mr, and Mrs. WASLEY, the Misses MARTIN, Mrs. ANGILLEY (Foxhole), Miss S. H. ELLIOTT, Mr. and Mrs. JENKIN (Philleigh), and many others.  The deepest sympathy is expressed on all sides with Mr. COAD in his irreparable loss, and with Mr. MARTIN, Bodmin, who has been deprived of both wife and sister within about three weeks of each other, and who himself id critically ill.


15th July 1920      West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

MRS. COAD AND FAMILY desire to return heartfelt thanks for all the expressions of sympathy extended to them during their recent sad bereavement, for letters and flowers received, and also to all those who so kindly attended the funeral.  – Mill House, Ruan Churchtown, Grampound Road, July 12th, 1920.


5th January 1929      Western Morning News

COAD. – On January 3rd, at Chytroon, Perranwell, Elizabeth Harriet, widow of the late James Coad, of Millhouse, Ruan, aged 78 years.  Funeral at Ruan Churchtown To-day (Saturday), at Two.


9th August 1944     Western Morning News

News has been received by Mrs. CONBEER, now residing with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. COAD, at the Mill, Ruanlanihorne, that her husband, Pte. Harold CONBEER, has been killed in action whilst serving in Italy.  Pte. CONBEER was the second son of the late Mr. W. Conbeer and Mrs. Conbeer, of St. Austell, and was a chorister in the parish church for several years.


3rd March 1870      West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

INQUEST. – Edward Cox, who sustained an accident by a threshing machine on Mr. Giles Williams’s farm at Ruan, died on Tuesday at the Cornwall Infirmary,  An inquest was held on the body by Mr. J. Carylon on Wednesday, when a verdict of “Accidental death” was returned.


13th May 1876     Royal Cornwall Gazette

COX – At Ruan, recently, Mr. John Cox, senior, aged 52, also at Ruan, recently, Mr. John Cox, junior, aged 24.


23rd July 1868      Royal Cornwall Gazette

DEATH FROM SUFFOCATION. – An inquest was held at the King’s Head Inn, Ruan Lanihorne, on Tuesday, before Mr. Trewbody Carlyon, deputy-coroner, on the body of Elizabeth Crewes, aged 53 years.  The deceased was apparently in her usual good health at ten o’clock in the morning of the 20th instant, but about an hour afterwards, she hastened to a neighbour complaining of her throat, and a feeling of suffocation.  She was at once taken to her home, but before medical aid could be obtained she died, about half an hour from her having first complained.  Mr. Bennetts, surgeon, stated in his evidence, that he had attended the deceased on some previous occasions, and from what he now saw and heard he was fully of opinion that she had died from suffocation, and a verdict to that effect was returned.


17th August 1872     Royal Cornwall Gazette

CREWES – At Ruanlanyhorne, August 12, Mr John Crewes., formerly under-gardener at Tregothan, aged 22.


3rd April 1863     Royal Cornwall Gazette

CREWS – At Ruanlanyhorne, on the 21st ult, Mr. John Crews, aged 54 years.


5th December 1874     Royal Cornwall Gazette

CREWS – At Ruanlanyhorne, recently, Mr. Thomas Crews, aged 59.


12th July 1949     Western Morning News

DADDOW- On July 8, at Trethewey, Tregoney, Ann Eliza, the beloved wife of the late Josiah Daddow and loving mother of Edie, Blanche, and Joe.  Funeral today (Tuesday) at Ruan Lanihorne Church, Three p.m.  Men only.


1st January 1886     Royal Cornwall Gazette

DAVEY – At Treworgey, Ruan, December 17, Mr. James Davey, farmer, aged 61.


1st March 1933      Western Morning News

Formerly of Ruanlanihorne Mr. Thomas Rodwell DAVEY, of Wenham, Rogate, Sussex, formerly of Eastshaw Farm, Woolheding, Sussex, and Ruanlanihorne, farmer, who died on January 28 last, aged 75, left £5,258 grose, with net personalty £5,197.  Probate of his will has been granted to his widow, Mrs. Sarah Annie Davey, of the same address, and his children, Mrs. Helen Maud SMALLRIDGE, of Ratford Far, Petworth, Sussex; William Alexander Davey, of Slade Far, Rogate; and Thomas Rodwell Davey, of Eastshaw Farm, Woolheding,



14th January 1929      Western Morning News

Ruanlanihorne Memorial Service

The death of Rev. Dr. DAVIES (vicar of Brandeston and rector of Kettleburgh, Suffolk) has occurred in Suffolk after a long illness.  Dr. Davies, who was the son-in-law of the late Rev. Thos. Major DUNN, was the rector of Ruanlanihorne (Cornwall) for 18 years, and brother-in-law of the present rector (Rev. H. E. Dunn).  A memorial service was held in Ruanlanihorne Church at the same time as the interment at Suffolk.  Rev. H. E. Dunn was the officiating clergyman, and Miss Dunn was at the organ.


18th September 1923     The London Gazette

Notice is hereby given, that all persons having any claim or demand against the estate of GEORGE WARREN DINGLE, deceased, late of Ruan High-lanes, Grampound, Veryan, in the county of Cornwall (who died on the 27th day of May, 1923, and unto whose estate probate was granted to John Rowe and the Public Trustee by the Principal Probate Registry on the 4th day of September, 1923), are hereby required to send particulars of their claims to the undersigned by the 20th day of October, 1923, after which date the distribution of the assets of the deceased will proceed amongst the persons entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims of which notice shall then be given – Dated this 14th day of September, 1923.

L. J. FULTON, 4, Brick-court, Temple, E.C. 4, Solicitor for the said Executor.


24th August 1877     Royal Cornwall Gazette

DINGLE – At Rose-hill, Fowey, Aug 15, Ann, relict of Mr. W. Dingle, of Trelonk, Ruan, aged 77.


30th May 1923      Western Morning News

DINGLE. – Ruan High Lanes, Sunday, May 27th, 1923, George Warren Dingle, after a long and painful illness borne with Christian fortitude.  Funeral To-day (Wednesday), May 30th, leaving the house Three p.m. for Ruan Church.


2nd October 1869     Royal Cornwall Gazette

DINGLE – At Ruan High Lanes, John Spry, the son of Mr. Wm. Dingle, postmaster, aged 14 years.


3rd August 1833     Royal Cornwall Gazette

An inquest was held on Wednesday on the body of Richard Dingle, a farmer of Ruanlanihorne.  From the evidence it appeared that on Tuesday evening deceased came to the New Inn at Ruan-highlane, where he drank a pint of beer and two glasses of rum and water.  He then went into the stable, where he was soon afterwards found dead. –Verdict, died by the visitation of God.


21st March 1929     Western Morning News

Mr. R. B. DINGLE, Philleigh.

Mr. Richard Benjamin DINGLE, of Treworlas, Philleigh, who died on January 9 last, aged 62, left estate of the gross value of £1, 381, with net personalty £1,257.  Probate of his will has been granted to his sons, Richard DINGLE and William DINGLE, farmers, both of Ruanhighlanes.


6th February 1873     West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

At the residence of his son in law (Trelonk, Ruan), on the 2nd inst., Mr. Wm. Dingle, of Fowey, late of Trelonk, aged 77 years.  The funeral will take place at Ruan on the 7th inst., at 11 o’clock.  Friends will please accept this intimation.


24th April 1929     Western Morning News

The funeral took place on Sunday at St. Columb Minor of Mr. W. DINGLE, aged 59, eldest son of the late Mr. W. DINGLE, of Ruanhighlanes.  He leaves five children, his wife having predeceased him by two years.


6th February 1863    Royal Cornwall Gazette

DOBLE – At London, on the 30th ult., Henry Doble, Esq., surgeon, formerly of Ruan-highlanes, eldest son of the late Kempe Doble, Esq., surgeon, Grampound, aged 71 years.


12th September 1912     West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

DEATH OF MRS DOWRICK – Mrs. Dowrick, widow of Mr John Dowrick, passed away at Tregony, on Saturday, after a few months’ illness.  She had been failing in health since the death of her husband, which took place a few months ago.  The funeral, which took place on Tuesday, was largely attended.  The chief mourners were Mr. Fred Dowrick and Miss Lavinia Dowrick (son and daughter), Mr. Trethewey and Miss  Silvia Dowrick (nephew and daughter), Mr. and Mrs. Trethewy (brother-in-law and sister), Mr. and Mrs. George Dowrick, Mrs. Colson, Truro, Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Perdue.  Others present were Mr. J. Buckingham,

Mr. Jack Burley, Mr. H. E. Roberts, Mr. F. Roberts, Mr. F. Rounsevell (Govidey), Mr. A. ?, Mr. Southard (Ruan Lanihorne), Mrs. Wasley, Mr. B. Barnicoat, Mrs. Richard ?urley, Mrs. Buckingham, Miss E. Elliott, Miss Hilda Harris, Mrs. R. May, Mr. S. Lidgey, Mr. Barnicoat, Mrs Oliver, and Mrs. Willing.  Several beautiful floral tributes were sent.


29th December 1888     Cheltenham Chronicle

Deaths of Clergymen. – The Rev. Wm. Hinton Drake, rector of Bridestow-with-Sourton, died on Dec. 15th from the effects of an illness with which he was seized on the previous Tuesday.  He was born at Axminster in 1820, and was the eldest son of Mr H. E. Drake.  He was ordained in 1845 by Bishop Phillpotts, his first curacy being that of Towednack Lelant.  In 1846 he was appointed to St. John’s, Halestown, near St. Ives, a parish which he was instrumental in creating, and of which he was the first incumbent.  He was in 1873 presented by the Crown to the vicarage of Terrington St. Clement’s, near King’s Lynn, and again, in 1876 to the vicarage of Twigworth, near Gloucester.  From thence he went the next year, by exchange with the Rev. H. S. Slight, to the rectory of Ruan Lanihorne and in March, 1882, removed to Bridestow.  He was apersonal friend of the late Proessor Maurice, and was an earnest Liberal in politics.


23rd July 1886      Royal Cornwall Gazette

DUMBLE – At Ruanhighlanes, July 14, Frederick Martin, only beloved son of Mr. And Mrs. Dumble, aged 17 years. (note - buried at Probus)


13th November 1939     West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser


The rector of Ruanlanihorne died suddenly on Saturday afternoon.  He had lunched, and had written two letters in his study, when he collapsed and died in his chair.  He was 75.

In 1937, the Rev. Ernest Victor Dunn succeeded his late brother, the Rev. H. E. Dunn, to the living of Ruanlanihorne.  Mr. H. E. Dunn also died suddenly.  During his short incumbency Mr. E. V. Dunn had completely restored the church, and built new vestries, raising the money by fetes.  Some 12 weeks ago Mr. Dunn had an illness.

The Rev. E. V. Dunn was educated at St. Alban’s Hall, Oxford, Merton College, Oxford, and the Canon School, Truro.  He was ordained deacon in 1899, priest in 1900 by Bishop Gott, and was curate of St. George’s Church, Truro, from 1899 to 1902.  He was subsequently at St. Mark-in-Groves, Hull, Wilmington-with-Stoneferry, and at Wetherby-with-Linton in the Diocese of Ripon.  He was appointed hon. Chaplain to the Forces in 1918.  He succeeded his brother as patron of the living of Ruanlanihorne.

The funeral takes place at Ruan Churchtown to-morrow at 3 p.m.


23rd November 1939     Cornishman

Rev. Ernest Victor Dunn, rector of his family living of Ruanlanihorne, died on Saturday at the age of 75 years.  He had been ill, but had apparently recovered to a considerable extent, and the end came with suddenness.


2nd July 1937     Diss Express



News has been received of the death of the Rev. Hubert E. Dunn, who was Vicar of Brandeston from 1904-1911.  After taking a classical degree at Cambridge in 1890 he was ordained in 1894.  It was not until after having held several curacies that he became vicar of Brandeston.  In 1911 he left Brandeston to become curate of Ruan Lanihorne in Cornwall and after two years he became rector.


25th October 1938      The London Gazette


Pursuant to the Trustee Act, 1925.

NOTICE is hereby given that all the creditors and persons having any claims or demands against the estate of the Reverend Hubert Epaphroditus Dunn late of Ruan Lanihorne Rectory Ruan High Lanes in the county of Cornwall Clerk deceased (who died on the 27th day of May 1937 and to whose estate letters of administration were granted to the Reverend Ernest Victor Dunn formerly of the Vicarage Wetherby in the county of York but now of Ruan Lanihorne Rectory aforesaid Clerk on the 23rd day of September 1937 by the Bodmin District Registry of the Probate Division of the High Court of Justice) are hereby required to send in the particulars of their claims and demands to the said the Reverend Ernest Victor Dunn or to the undersigned his Solicitors on or before the 27th day of December 1938 and notice is hereby also given that after that day the said administration will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among the parties entitled thereto having regard only to the claims of which the said asministrator shall then have notice, and that he will not be liable for the assets or any part thereof so distributed to any person of whose debt or claim he shall not then have had notice. – Dated 22nd day of October 1938.

HUBBARD, RENDELL and KING, High Cross House, St. Austell, Solicitors for the said (084) Administrator.


3rd April 1857      Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Treworgay, in Ruanlanyhorne, in the past week, Eliza, the wife of Mr. Thomas DUSTOW, aged 41 years; also, Mrs. Kitty WRIGHT, aged 40 years.


13th June 1889      Cornishman

FRYER. – June 8, at Sea-view-house, Ruan High-lanes, Arthur Ernest Getning, second son of Thomas Webb Fryer, surgeon.


12th January 1927     Cornishman

FRYER – January 3, Fanny Sarah, widow of the late Dr. Thomas Webb Fryer, Ruanhighlanes, aged 89.


22nd October 1880      Royal Cornwall Gazette

FURZE – At Treworgey, Ruan, October 16, Mr. William Furze. formerly butcher, aged 89.


22nd May 1885     Royal Cornwall Gazette

FURZE – At Ruanlanihorne, May 14, Mr. John Furze, aged 76.


25th July 1907     Cornishman

GAY- July 12, at Ruanlanihorne, Samuel Gay, 41.


17th August 1916   West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

GLANVILLE – At Ruanlanihorne, Aug. 8, Henry D. Glanville (formerly of Gorran), aged 83.


24th December 1945     Western Morning News

GRIGG – On Dec. 23, at Trenona, Ruan High Lanes, Colan James, aged 69, beloved husband of the late Magdeline.  Funeral Wednesday, Dec. 26, leaving the house at 2.30 for Veryan Church.


5th May 1933      Western Morning News

GRIGG. – May 3rd, at Trenona, Ruan High Lanes, Ella Magdalene, aged 27, beloved daughter of Mr. And Mrs. C. J. Grigg.  Funeral on Saturday, leaving the house Three p.m. for Veryan.


8th March 1900     Royal Cornwall Gazette

GROSE – At Truro workhouse, March 7. Eliza Grose, relict of John Grose, Ruanlanihorne, aged 76.


17th January 1889      West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

GUMMOW.- At Ruan, January 13. Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Richard Gummow, aged 53.


29th January 1903       Cornishman

HARRIS – Jan. 17, at Treworgey, Ruan, Charles, son of Mr. William Harris, 21.


29th May 1777     Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette

At Ruan in Cornwall, in the 66th year of his age, the Rev. Francis Henchman, B. D.


13th May 1853     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruan Highlanes, on the 9th instant, Mr. Edward HOCKING, yeoman.


4th March 1876     Royal Cornwall Gazette

HOCKING – At Treviles, Ruanlanihorne, on St. Matthias’s Day, Miss Grace Hocking, aged 71.


31st December 1880     Royal Cornwall Gazette

HOCKING – At Treworga, Ruanlanihorne, December 27, Mary Ann Hocking, aged 86.


27th July 1940      Western Morning News

HOOPER. – At Trengrouse, Ruan High Lanes, on July 24th Elizabeth Grace, beloved wife of Thomas Hooper.  Funeral Sunday, leaving house 2.30 p.m. for Philleigh Church.


26th June 1931     Western Morning News

HOSKIN – On June 23rd, at Newquay, Hannah HOSKIN, beloved mother of Mary BALL, and grandma of Lena and May (mother-in-law of J. BALL), Ruanhighlanes.


1st June 1945     The London Gazette

Name of deceased – Mary Amelia HUGOE

Address – Curgurrel, Ruan High Lanes, Grampound Road, Cornwall

Description – Widow

Date of death – 28th December 1944

Notice of claims to be sent to – R. L. Frank, 7, Prince’s Street, Truro, Cornwall.  Solicitor

Date on or before which notices of claim to be given – 2nd August 1945 (150)


18th February 1892      North Devon Journal

HYDE – February 13, at Dr, Budd’s, Barnstaple, the Rev. J. T. Hyde, Rector of Ruan Lanihorne, Cornwall, aged 66.


18th February 1892      North Devon Journal

REV.  J. T. HYDE, rector of Ruan Lanihorne since 1882, died at the residence of Dr. Budd, at Barnstaple, on Saturday, in his 67th year.  He graduated B.A. from Emmanuel College, Cambridge, in 1853, and M.A. in 1856, but was not ordained deacon until 1868, and priest in 1869, at Norwich.  From 1868 to 1870 he was curate of All Saints, Creeting, Suffolk; was rector of Wemhworthy, Devon, from 1870 to 1878, also holding the curacy of Eggesford from 1871 to 1878, and was rector of Wllington, Herts, until removed into Cornwall.  Mr. Hyde was also patron of Ruan Lanihorne, the net value of which, according to Crockford, is £510 a year with house, the population of the parish being 325.


24th February 1837     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruan Lanyhorne, on Friday the 10th instant, Ann JANE, aged 82 years, - On Tuesday morning the 14th, her husband, John JANE, aged 75 years. – Also on the same day, Martha JOSE, aged 85 years.


16th October 1873     West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

At Ruanhighlanes, on the 4th inst., Mrs Selina JOHNS.


19th January 1839     Exeter and Plymouth Gazette

SUDDEN DEATH. – Last week, a poor old man called John Jose, died under melancholy circumstances at Ruan Lanyhorne, Cornwall.  He was 85 years of age, and too infirm to be removed to the work-house; and he received some trifling allowance from the Union, as an out-pauper.  But this was insufficient to enable him to pay any person for that care and attendance which his great age and his feeble condition rendered necessary; and he was found dead in his bed. –The Correspondent who sends us this, says that a short time since, a poor woman called Bawden, died in a similar manner, having just before lost her husband, who had perished from the utter insufficiency of the Union allowance.  They had, it seems, refused to go into the workhouse, because they could not submit to be separated.


18th March 1859     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruan-highlanes, in Veryan, on Saturday last, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. William KARKEEK, carpenter, aged 14 years.


14th June 1861     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruanlanihorne, near Tregoney, on the 7th inst., Mrs. Emma KARKEEK, aged 52 years.


8th December 1839      The Examiner

At Ruanlanyhorne, Cornwall, Jane Keast, aged 101 years.


19th March 1942      Cornishman

A verdict of “Suicide while the balance of the mind was disturbed” was recorded by the Coroner (Mr. L. J. Carlyon) at an inquest on Friday on Mrs. Ivy Pearl Knowles, aged 32, of Trethella Cottage, Ruan Churchtown.


1st November 1917       Cornishman         

LITTLE – Oct. 12, killed in action, in France, Pte. E. Little, L.G.S., aged 21, only son of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Little, Treworgie Vean, Ruanhighlanes, Grampound Road.


1st January 1820      Royal Cornwaa Gazette

At Treviles, near Tregony, Mrs. Anne Luke, aged 83, the only surviving sister of the Late Admiral Luke.


2nd January 1819     Royal Cornwall Gazette

The remains of Vice-Admiral Luke were removed from Tregolls last Monday, and interred in his family vault at Ruan Lanyhorne.  His funeral was attended by the most respectable gentlemen in the neighbourhood.  He was one of the most benevolent and kind-hearted man that everlived; which circumstance, combined with his other virtues and the rectitude of his mind, will endear his memory to every one who enjoyed the pleasure of his acquaintance.


4th June 1919      Cornishman

LUTEY. – May 26, at Trelonk, Ruan High Lanes, Alfred Lutey, aged 47 years.


27th May 1920      West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

In loving memory of my dear husband, Alfred LUTEY, who died at Trelonk, May 26th, 1919, and also the dear father of the three children, Millie, Fred, and Gladys.  One lonely year has passed away, since our great sorrow fell; Yet in our hearts we morn the loss, of one we loved so well, some day, some time our eyes shall see the face so sweet to memory, some-day we’ll clasp him by the hand, just over in the better land, friends may think the wound is healed but they little know the sorrow, that’s within our hearts concealed.

Inserted by his loving wife and children, Trelonk, Ruanhighlanes.


18th November 1853     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Goniton, in Ruanlanyhorne, on Thursday the 10th last., Henry, eldest son of Mr. W. MARTYN, aged 26 years.


2nd February 1855     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Goniton, in Ruanlanyhorne, on Monday, 29th ult., Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. William MARTYN.


20th December 1861     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Goniton, in Ruanlanyhorne, on Friday, the 13th inst., Mr. William MARTYN, farmer, aged 66 years.


30th October 1875 Royal Cornwall Gazette

MARTYN – At Gonitor, Ruanlanihorne, October 23, Miss Martha MARTYN, aged 37.


12th June 1950     Western Morning News

MINGO – On Saturday, June 10, Leslie, aged 21, beloved only son of Mr. and Mrs. Percy MINGO, of Treluggan, Ruan High Lanes, who died at the Royal Cornwall Infirmary as the result of an accident.  Funeral arrangements later.


8th February 1834    The Bristol Mercury & Daily Post

Mr. R. D. MITCHELL, linen-draper, of Ruan, near Tregony, formerly of Mevagissy.


11th June 1831      Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Treviles, near Tregoney, on Saturday last, in her 76th year, Mrs MORGAN, widow of the late Rev. Lewis Morgan, of St. Ives.


13th December 1894     Cornishman

NANKIVELL – Dec. 8, at Tregisswyn, Ruanlanihorne, Mrs Ann Nankivell, 89.


1st May 1879      West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

At Ruanhighlanes, April 18, Miss Catherine Nankivell, age 13 years.


29th November 1900      Royal Cornwall Gazette

NANKIVELL – At Tregsswyn, Ruan Lanihorne, Nov. 27, Elizabeth Nankivell, relict of Peter Nankivell, aged 83.


7th September 1860       Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Treworgay, in Ruanlanyhorne, on Sunday 2nd inst., Mr. Peter NANKIVELL, at an advanced age.


4th May 1893      Cornishman

NANKIVELL – April 25, at Tregisswyn, Ruan, Mr. Peter Nenkivell, 75.


23rd November 1871      Royal Cornwall Gazette

OLIVER – At Trestain, in the parish of Ruanlanyhorne, Nov. 14 Margaret, relict of the late Mr. Peter Oliver, aged 85.


14th October 1915      West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

In loving memory of our darling mother, S. J. OSBORNE, who died at Tregisswyn Farm, Ruan, Oct. 12. 1911.  Sadly missed by her sorrowing children.


7th February 1907      West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

PARKYN – At Gonitre Farm, Ruan, January 30, Richard Parkyn (late of Parkyn’s Shop, St. Columb Minor), aged 85.


22nd June 1883      Royal Cornwall Gazette

PAULL – At Trelonk, Ruan, June 13, Willie, second son of John T. Paull, in his 21st year.


25th January 1878      Royal Cornwall Gazette

PEARCE – At the Wesleyan Cottage Chapel, Ruan, Jan. 16, Mr. Charles Pearce, aged 74.


3rd April 1863      Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruan, near Tregony, on Thursday, March 26, Mr. David Pearce, miller, aged 49 years.


28th March 1879      Royal Cornwall Gazette

PEARCE – At Tregony. March 13, Mr. Edward Pearce (formerly grocer of Ruanhighlanes, aged 68.


26th June 1902    Cornishman

PEARCE- June 21, at Balham-hill, London, Edward, eldest son of the late David and Thomasine Pearce, of Ruanlanihorne.


27h April 1860     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruan Church-town, Eliza, daughter of Mr. David Pearce, miller, aged 3 years.


11th May 1877      Royal Cornwall Gazette

PEARCE – At Ruan, May 1, Harriet, the wife of Mr. Edward Pearce, grocer, aged 64.


19th January 1899      Royal Cornwall Gazette

PEARCE – At Ardevora, Philleigh, Jan. 12, Thomasine Pearce, wife of the late David Pearce, of Ruan Mills, aged 76.


21st May 1946      Western Morning News

PEDLAR. – Treasured memories of our darling Clifford, missing, H.M.S. Gloucester, May 1941, aged 20 years, very dearly-loved only child of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Pedlar, Ruan High Lanes.


23rd May 1949      Western Morning News


PEDLAR – Treasured memories of Clifford, missing, H.M.S. Gloucester, May 22, 1941, beloved only child of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Pedlar, Ruan High Lanes.


18th January 1923     West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser


Ruanlanihorne Woman’s Sudden End.

After attending chapel at Ruanlanihorne, on Sunday evening, Mrs. Evelyn PEDLAR, aged 63, wife of Mr. Jonathon Stephens PEDLAR, of Ruanlanihorne, expired suddenly on returning home.  At an inquest on Tuesday, the husband stated he was sitting in front of the fire with his wife when she suddenly fell from her chair dead.  For some time deceased had complained of flatulence, but apart from that she seemed to be enjoying fairly good health.  Dr. Scott, who examined the body soon after death took place, was of opinion that Mrs. Pedlar died from syncope, following a distended stomach acting on a weak heart.

A verdict was returned in accordance with the medical evidence.


25th January 1923    West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

RUANLANIHORNE FUNERAL - The funeral of Mrs. Evelyn Pedlar, aged 63, of Ruanlanihorne, took place last week, the Rev. Dunn officiating.  The mourners were Mr. And Mrs. Fred Pedlar, Mr. And Mrs. Willie Pedlar, Mr. And Mrs. Wallace Pedlar (sons and daughter-in-law), Mr. J. Dowrick (brother), Miss M. Pedlar (grand-daughter), Mesdames Williams, Michell, Webb, Cutler, and Greet (nieces), Messrs. M. Mitchell, A. Mitchell, S. Dowrick, W. Pedlar (Foxhole), and W. Williams (nephews), Mr. And Mrs. W. Pedlar, Foxhole (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Mrs. Herbert Mitchell, Mr. Webb, and Mr. And Miss Gibson.- Wreaths were from her loving husband and sons; Mary and Nell; nieces, nephews and Miss Best; nieces Hettie and Ivy; Mrs. Wasley; Mrs. Ball (Trevilas); Mrs. Penter and Mrs. Davies. – Miss Dunn presided at the organ.


29th August 1950     Western Morning News

PEDLAR- On August 27, at the Royal Cornwall infirmary.  Frederick Gordon, of Ruan High Lanes, beloved husband of Annie and dear dad of Merle and Curwin, aged 63 years.  Funeral Wednesday, August 30. leaving Ruan High Lanes 2.30 p.m. for Ruanlanihorne.


4th February 1897     West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

Death of Mr. J. Franklen Thomas-PETER,

Of Treviles, Ruanlanihorne.

News of the decease of Mr. J. Franklen Thomas-Peter has been received with much regret at Redruth, where in his childhood Mr. Thomas Peter lived lived with his parents, Mr. And Mrs. J. L. Peter, his father at that time occupying the position of County Court registrar, clerk of the Redruth Union. &c.  When his father, about two years ago, on the death of his older brother, the Rev. Lewis Peter, J.P., came into the important property of Treviles and other estates in Ruanlanihorne, by his express wish Mr. J. Thomas-Peter, with his wife and family, came into the district and settled down at Treviles House with every prospect of a long and happy future, he being after his father the future owner, and naturally personally interested in his surroundings.

At a comparatively early stage of his illness, he was advised to take up his residence in London for special treatment; but no one at that time anticipated fatal results; and although of late his near relatives have had to face the fact of greatly increased weakness, which led them to fear the worst, the news of his death came with a shock on outside friends unacquainted with details.

Mr. J. Franklen Thomas-Peter leaves a widow and six children.  The funeral took place at Ruanlanihorne.  Much sympathy is expressed with his widow and family, his father (Mr John Luke Peter), and mother, now resident at Pendower (Philleigh), Miss Peter, Rev. Lewis Peter, and Mr. Thurstan C. Peter, sister and brothers.

Besides being heir of Treviles, Mr. Franklen Thomas-Peter was prospective successor to another large property in Cornwall – the Chyverton property, through the will of the late Mr. John Thomas Henry Peter, of Chyverton.  On both paternal and maternal sides he was closely connected with old Cornish families.  Deceased, who was a justice of the peace for Cornwall, was born at Redruth forty-six years ago, was educated at Sherborne School, Dorset, and St. John’s College, Cambridge.  He was afterwards called to the Bar, but rarely practised.  Some twenty years ago, on the death of his kinsman, Mr. John Thomas Henry Peter, of Chyverton, he assumed the surname of Thomas in addition to his own, in accordance with a request in that gentleman’s will.  He shortly afterwards married Mary, daughter of the late Mr. George R. Oxenham, a barrister residing at Kensington.  About a year and half ago he came to reside at Treviles, on the death of his uncle, the Rev. Lewis Morgan Peter.


22nd November 1900     Royal Cornwall Gazette

PETER – At Treviles, Ruan Lanhihorne, Nov. 20, John Luke Peter, aged 80.


22nd November 1900      Royal Cornwall Gazette

SERIOUS ILLNESS OF MR. J. L. PETER, OF TREVILES.  Mr. John Luke Peter, of Treviles,  Ruanlanihorne, is so seriosly ill that there is little hope of his recovery.  Mr. Peter, who succeeded his brother, Rev. Lewis Peter, as owner of the beautiful estate of Treviles, and considerable other property, has only about three or four years resided at Treviles, preferring that his eldest son, Mr. Franklin Thomas Peter, and his family should live there.  On the early death of his son, he, however, came into residence and has taken much pleasure in effecting many improvements on the property.  Earlier in life Mr. J. L. Peter for many years lived at Redruth, where, as registrar of the County Court, solicitor and holder of important offices, he was well-known and esteemed.  In connection with Church and Cathedral work and in other

 useful projects, Mr. Peter is father of Mr. Thurstan C. Peter, of Redruth, and of the Rev. Lewis Peter.


29th November 1900     Cornishman

The late Mr. John Luke PETER, of Treviles.

We have already referred to this regretted death, but may add that, at 80, in the last year of his life, he celebrated his golden wedding and Mr. And Mrs. Peter entertained sons and grandsons and relatives at Treviles on that occasion, May 15th the date.

In his early days Mr. Peter lived much in Redruth, but afterwards, on the death of his eldest brother, the Rev. Lewis F. Peter, he went to live at Treviles, and took much interest in the improvement of the property, which now passes to his grandson.  As registrar of the county-court he displayed firmness and consideration.

For many years he was also the esteemed clerk to the board-of-guardians.  There are now only one or two members on the board who were so at that time, but their testimony is to the effect that he was an officer in whom implicit confidence could be placed and who endeavoured faithfully to discharge the onerous duties attaching to the position.

In this he was successful, and the board, on Friday, passed a vote of condolence with their present clerk, the son of their former clerk, at the same time testifying to the esteem and respect in which the late Mr. Peter was held by them.

Mr. J. L. Peter had also a large practice as a solicitor and the interests of his clients were always guarded with watchfulness and care.  In the midst of these many offices Mr. Peter did not forget to take a practical interest in the mining industry and for many years he was one of its most useful and influential friends.  He bought shares freely; and, when times of depression came and the miners were out of work and their families starving, he took an active part in devising how best to obtain work and food for these men.

It was only natural, coming as he did from a family noted for their adherence to the Church-of-England, that he should be a faithful adherent of that Church and that its welfare should ever be an object of supreme importance to him.  When the project of building the cathedral at Truro was started he was one of its moving spirits and threw his whole heart into the work.

His death removes one of the links of the present age with a past one.  Mr. Peter, was ever kind and considerate, and many are the acts of kindness which are at the present day recalled of the departed gentleman.

The funeral took place at Ruan on Friday and was largely attended.


22nd May 1902     Cornishman

The late Mrs. J. L. PETER, of Treviles.

The funeral of Mrs. J. L. Peter, of Treviles, who died at the residence of her youngest son, Mr. Thurstan C. Peter, of Trewirgie, Redruth, took place at Treleigh church on Friday.  Early in their married life Mr. And Mrs. J. L. Peter lived at Redruth, and their home at Trengweath was a chief centre of church work. The restoration of the parish church was theirs, thought-out and planned; Mr. and Mrs. Peter liberally subscribing and inducing others to contribute.  On their removal from Redruth to Crellow, in St. Stythians parish, they engaged heartily in assisting in the work of restoring that ancient and interesting church.

When the Bishop (Dr. Wilkinson) called on the women of Cornwall to raise funds for the internal fittings of Truro Cathedral, Mrs. Peter was one of the first to respond, accepting the post of president for the Carnmarth deanery, organising meetings and committees in every parish, the deanery raising over £1,000 for the fund.

When resident at Pendower and Treviles, Mrs. Peter’s work continued, and her departure from connection with Veryan church at the time of Mr. J. L. Peter’s death, about 18 months ago, was much deplored.

Mrs. Peter in former years was an ideal district visitor, winning the confidence of her poorer neighbours and setting them at ease.  Her chief complaint when leaving Redruth for the country was that there were few poor to visit.  Gifted with a strong sense of humour, genial, and always approachable, she will be much missed.

Mrs. Peter leaves one daughter, Miss Peter, and two sons, Rev. Lewis Peter, and Mr. Thurstan C. Peter, of Redruth, the eldest son, Mr. Franklen Thomas Peter, having died a few years ago.

The late Mr. And Mrs. J. L. Peter celebrated their golden wedding at Treviles about two years ago with children, grandchildren, and other friends, and received valuable gifts.  Mrs. Peter died after a very short illness.

The coffin was covered with wreaths of choice ferns and flowers, Rev. C. Kempe. Vicar of Veryan, an old friend of Mrs. Peter, officiated, assisted by the new vicar, of Treleigh, Rev. T. Mugford.  In addition to members of the family and near relatives, numerous friends from Redruth and other parts of Cornwall attended.


4th April 1895     Royal Cornwall Gazette

PETER- March 30, at Treviles, Rev. Lewis M. Peter, vicar of Cornelly and rector of Ruanlanihorne, in his 79th year.


7th August 1885     Royal Cornwall Gazette

PETER- At Treviles, Aug. 1, deeply lamented, Martha Franklen, eldest and only surviving daughter of the late Rev. John Peter, rector of Grade, aged 63.


7th January 1832     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Treviles, on the 4th inst. of scarlet fever, Mary, aged 8 years, and within ten minutes of her sister, Sarah Hichens, aged 5 ½ years, daughters of the Rev. John Peter.


14th March 1867     Royal Cornwall Gazette

PETER – At Treviles, March 8, at an advanced age, Mary, relict of the Rev. John Peter, rector of Grade, in this county, most deeply lamented.


13th May 1904     London Daily News

Thomas-PETER – 23rd April, at Carlton House, Truro, Mary Elizabeth, widow of J. Franklen Thomas-Peter, Esq., Barrister-at-law, of Treviles, Cornwall, and daughter of the late George Oxenham, Esq., Barrister-at-law, of Earl’s-terrace, Kensington, in her 50th year.


1st June 1822     Royal Cornwall Gazette

On Saturday last, at Treviles, near Tregoney, in the 79th year of his age, the Rev. Robert PETER, Rector of Sully and Vicar of Peallyne in Glamorganshire.


30th April 1874     West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

At Ruanhighlanes, on the 19th inst., Mr. James PIE, aged 71 years.


15th April 1864      Royal Cornwall Gazette

PUCKEY – At Barn, Ruan, April 7, Mr M. Puckey, aged 63 years.


5th April 1839     Royal Cornwall Gazette

Last week, at Ruan Lanihorne, after a most painful illness of two years, Mr. RICHARDS, a highly respectable farmer and a consistent member of the Established Church.  His funeral was attended by a numerous body of his friends and neighbours; when a very appropriate and impressive sermon was preached by the Rev. J. Peter.


7th March 1845     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruan Churchtown, on the 26th ult. Miss Mary RICHARDS, aged 72 years.


2nd September 1921     Western Morning News

ROBERTS – On August 31st, at Widfordbury, near Ware, Herts, Charles Roberts, late of Cregoe, Ruanlanihorne, Cornwall


26th December 1833     Exeter Flying Post

Dec 14, the wife of Mr. John Roberts, a respectable farmer of Cregoe, Ruan-Lanyhorne.


13th March 1879     West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

At Creagoe farm, Ruanlanihorne, Feb. 27, Mr. John Roberts, aged 79 years


20th October 1892     Royal Cornwall Gazette

ROBERTS – While on a visit to Saltash, Elizabeth Jane, relict of John Roberts, of Crego, Ruanlanyhorne, aged 59.


10th April 1913      Cornishman

IN LOVING MEMORY of LOUIE, beloved daughter of Louisa Roberts, of Fore-street, St. Just, who passed away at Ruan High Lanes, Grampound Road, after a short illness on April 8, 1911, in her 27th year.

Just two years ago to-day,

Our loved one passed away.

Do not ask us if we miss her,

There is still a vacant place;

We shall not forget her footsteps,

Or her happy, smiling face.

Thou art gone, but not forgotten,

Never shall thy memory fade;

Sweetest thoughts shall ever linger,

Round the spot where thou art laid.

And we hope to meet again,

When all our toils are o’er;

And death, and grief, and rain,

And parting are no more.


Sadly missed by her loving mother, and sister Beat.


8th April 1915     Cornishman

In loving memory of LOUIE, beloved daughter of Mrs. L. ROBERTS, of Fore Street, St. Just, who passed away at Ruan High Lanes, Grampound Road, after a short illness, on April 8th, 1911, in her 27th year.

Had we been with her at the last,

And watched her dying breath,

And heard the last sigh of her heart

Or held her drooping head.

Our hearts we think would not have felt

Such bitterness of grief;

But God hath willed it otherwise,

And now she rests in peace.


We mourn for you, dear Louie,

But not with outward show,

For those who mourn sincerely,

Mourn silently and low.


Sadly missed by her loving Mother and Sister Beaty.


24th August 1893      Cornishman

SALMON – Aug. 15, at Ruan (accidently killed) William John, eldest son of Mr. John Salmon, of Ruan, 17.


23rd October 1940     Western Daily Press

On Active Service

SCOTT – Flight-Lieutenant Francis Colin SCOTT, R.A.F., very dearly loved husband of Diana (nee Bush), Bishop’s Knoll, Stoke Bishop, and beloved eldest son of Dr. and Mrs. F. S. Scott, Ruan High Lanes, Truro; aged 27.


19th December 1867      Royal Cornwall Gazette

SLIGHT – At Cheltenham, December 18, Edward Victor Slight, only surviving son of the Rev. H. S. Slight, rector of Ruan Lanihorne.


13th November 1936     Western Morning News

SOUTHEARD. – Edwin James, aged 80 years, on November 12th, at Ruan-High-Lanes, beloved husband of Sara Jane Southeard.  Funeral Sunday, November 15th, leaving the house 2.30 for Ruan Lanihorne Church.


16th November 1939     West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

In loving memory of our dear father, Edwin James SOUTHEARD, who died at Ruanhighlanes, November 12th, 1936. – Ever lovingly remembered by his children and grandchildren.


11th April 1938      Western Morning News

SOUTHEARD. – At Ruan High Lanes, on 8th April, Sarah Jane, widow of late Edwin James Southeard.  Funeral Today (Monday), leaving house at Three p.m. for Ruanlanihorne Church.


28th February 1907       Cornishman

SOUTHEARD – Feb. 15, at the Royal Cornwall Infirmary, Truro, William John, eldest son of E. J. Southeard, of Ruan, 20.


6th March 1964   The London Gazette

Name of deceased –  Edwin John SPEAR

Address – Wynberg House, Ruan-High-Lanes, Ruanlanihorne, Cornwall

Description – Retired Farmer

Date of death – 14th September 1963

Notice of claims to be sent to – Thrall, Llewellyn & Pearce, 10 Lemon Street, Truro, Cornwall.  Solicitors

Personal representatives – Elizabeth Ann Blanche Spear and William John Daddow Spear

Date on or before which notices of claim to be given – 8th May 1964 (510)


21st August 1918      Cornishman

SPRY. – Aug. 12, at Tregamenna, Ruan High Lanes, Annie, wife of John Alfred Spry, aged 65.


14th August 1884     Cornishman

STEPHENS – Aug. 7th, at Ruanlanihorne, Thomasine, widow of the late Mr. Jonathan Stephens, of St. Dennis, and mother of Mr. Jonathan Stephens, of the “Railway” hotel, Penzance, aged 85.


15th August 1884      Royal Cornwall Gazette

STEPHENS – At Ruanlanihorne, August 7, Mrs. Thomasine Stephens, formerly of St Dennis, aged 85.


23rd March 1877      Royal Cornwall Gazette

SUTTEN – In London, March 17, suddenly, Mary Ann, relict of the late Mr. George Sutten, and eldest daughter of Mr. W. R. Furze, Treworgey, Ruan, aged 62.


17th July 1869      Royal Cornwall Gazette

SYMONS – At Ruan Highlanes, July 6, Mr. John Symons, aged 72.


15th April 1871      Royal Cornwall Gazette

TAYLOR – At Treworgey, Ruan, April 8, Mr. John Taylor, farmer, aged 38.


3rd November 1800     Sherborne Mercury

Lately died, at Ruan near Tregony, Captain Thomas, of his Majesty’s navy.


7th August 1950      Western Morning News

THOMAS. – On August 4, at Trenona, Ruan High Lanes, John, aged 86, beloved husband of Mary, passed peacefully away, late of Canellow, Zennor.  Funeral on Tuesday, leaving house at 2.30 p.m. for Veryan Church, Three p.m.  No flowers, no mourning.  Friends please accept this (the only) intimation.


14th August 1950     Western Morning News

THOMAS – The widow and family of the late John THOMAS, of Trenona, Ruanhighlanes, wish to thank the friends who sympathised with them in their bereavement and all who attended the funeral.


26th April 1828     Royal Cornwall Gazette

On Sunday morning last, at Ruan-Lanihorne, esteemed and regretted, Miss TREBILCOCK, aged 84 years.


14th March 1867     Royal Cornwall Gazette

TREFFRY – At Penhesken, Ruan Lanyhorne, March 11, Grace, relict of the Wm. Treffry, Esq., aged 76.


16th August 1866     Royal Cornwall Gazette

TREFFRY – At Penhesken, Ruan Lanyhorne, August 12, Wm. Treffry, Esq., after a severe affliction borne with Christian resignation.


9th April 1841     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Treworgey, Mr. Samuel Tregunna, aged 28.


3rd December 1924     Cornishman

TREGUNNA – At Trewithian Farm, on Nov. 24, John Tregunna (late of Treworgie, Ruan High Lanes), aged 71 years.


3rd October 1929     Western Morning News

Miss Ivy WASLEY, Ruanlanihorne

Miss Ivy Wasley, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Wasley, who died at the age of 26, was buried at Ruanlanihorne Church on Sunday.  Miss Wasley held a position at Plympton until seven weeks ago, and on  returning home died after a brief illness.  Mr. Wasley is a Parish Councillor, school manager, and churchwarden.  Miss Wasley was a number of Ruanlanihorne Church and choir, and the wreaths included one from the scholars of Ruanlanihorne Church of England School.  Rev. H. J. E. Dunn (rector) officiated, and  Miss Dunn was at the organ.  Mourners were: Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Wasley (father and mother), Mr.

Victor Wasley and Miss Rosie Wasley (brother and sister), Mr. W. Higman, sen., and Mrs. E. J. Southeard (uncle and aunt), Mr. H. Fuge and Mrs. W. Higman, Mr. B. Fuge, and Mrs. Victor Wasley, Mr. Wm. Higman, jun., and Mrs. J. Harris, Blackwater; Mr. F. J. Southeard and Miss E. Oates, Blackwater; Mr. T. J. Oates and Mrs. T. Buzza, St. Day; Mr. F. G. Pedlar, St. Michael Penkivel; Mrs. W. S. Pedlar, Ruanhighlanes; Mr. W. S. Pedlar and Miss Merle Pedlar, Mr. T Buzza and Mrs. F. Buzza, jun., St. Day; Mr. C. Pooley, Blackwater; Mr F. Buzza, St. Day; and Mrs. H. Fuge, Tregonhases.


10th November 1808     Exeter Flying Post

Died on Sunday the 30th ult, the rev John Whitaker, rector of Ruan Lanyhorne, near Truro, the celebrated historian of Manchester, aged 73.


16th March 1849     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At her house in Lemon-street, Truro, on Monday last, esteemed and respected, Sarah, the eldest daughter of the late Rev. John WHITAKER, B.D., rector of Ruan Lanyhorne, aged 66 years.


13th October 1838    Falmouth Express and Colonial Journal

Last week at Ruan Lanyhorne, Mrs. Williams. Relict of the late Mr. John Williams, of Trethewey, in that parish.


15th June 1860      Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Trethewey, in the parish of Ruanlanyhorne, on Friday last, very suddenly, Mr. WILLIAMS, aged 69 years, very much esteemed and respected by a large circle of friends.


15th April 1871      Royal Cornwall Gazette

WILLIAMS – At Barn in Ruan, April 8, at the residence of her brother Mr. Giles Williams, Dionysia Williams, aged 70.


13th September 1866      Royal Cornwall Gazette

WILLIAMS – At barn, Ruan Lanyhorne, September 7, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Giles Williams, sen., aged 73.


28th January 1881      Royal Cornwall Gazette

WILLIAMS – At Barn, Ruanlanyhorne, January 16, Mr Giles Williams, farmer, aged 86; much respected.


31st August 1893     Royal Cornwall Gazette

WILLIAMS – On the 27th instant, at his residence, Barn, Ruan Lanihorne, aged 63, Mr. Giles Williams, yeoman – County Alderman, and one of the vice-chairmen of the Truro Board of Guardians.


31st August 1893      Cornishman

We have to announce the death, on Sunday, of Mr. Giles Williams, C.A., of Barn, Ruan, one of the most useful and respected Cornish farmers.  Mr. Giles Williams, his father, and generations of Williams were known to Ruan.  His advice was sought, far and near.  Mr. Giles Williams had been one of the vice-chairmen of the Truro guardians for many years, his council and advice always being much valued.


31st August 1893      Royal Cornwall Gazette

DEATH OF MR. GILES WILLIAMS – Mr. Giles Williams, of Barn, Ruanlanihorne, Alderman of the County Council, and vice-chairman of the Truro Board of Guardians, died on Sunday, after a comparatively brief illness.  He attended the opening ceremonies in connection with the recent Fisheries Exhibition, but has for some time been ailing, suffering from a disordered liver.  He was sixty three years of age.  The esteem in  which Mr. Williams was held, was shown by his selection as Alderman of the County Council for six years at nearly the top of the poll.  He possessed the entire confidence of the Truro Board of Guardians, of which he was vice chairman for many years, his voice and vote being always in the interest of the poor.  He took great interest in the supply of literature to the inmates.  But he was nowhere more esteemed than at Ruan, where he had lived all his life.  He was a Wesleyan local preacher, and on Sunday afternoons sacrificed his own ease and walked nearly two miles to conduct a Bible class of about thirty of the young people of the neighbourhood.  The Wesleyan Chapel (one of the prettiest in the county), with school, caretaker’s house, stables, etc, is a monument of his liberality and devotion to Methodism.  He was on the most friendly terms with other churches, successive rectors of the parish regarding him as one of their most valued friends.  The writer has known him intimately for thirty years, and can truly say a more unselfish and kinder man he never met.


4th May 1860     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Treworgay, in Ruanlanyhorne, on Tuesday 1st inst., Mrs. Ann Yellard, aged 71 years.




1st July 1904     Western Daily Press


The marriage was celebrated at St. Paul’s Church, Bath, yesterday afternoon, of Miss Mary Margaret (Dolly) Baldwin, daughter of Mr James Baldwin, of Mount Pleasant, co. Cork, Ireland, and 21, Green Park, Bath, and Mr George Franklin Thomas Peter, of Treviles, near Truro, Cornwall, son of the late Mr Thomas Peter.  The officiating clergy were Preb. Angus Clerk and the Rev. R. W. Windsor (vicar).  The bride who was given away be her father, looked charming in a Brussels lace costume, over chiffon and cream satin.  She was attended by one bridesmaid, Miss Chrissy Baldwin (sister), who was attired in a beautiful dress of pale blue Indian silk and cream lace, and wearing a hat of blue chiffon.  She carried a shower bouquet of pale pink and white flowers.  Mr W Thurston Peter, of Redruth, Cornwall, acted as best man, and Mr James Yescombe Baldwin (brother of the bride) was groomsman.  The service was fully choral, and appropriate music was played by the organist (Mr Herbert J Harding).  After the ceremony a reception was given at 21, Green Park, but was of a quiet character owing to the recent death of the bridegroom’s mother, and the guests were limited to near relations.  Among those who were present were:- Mr and Mrs James Baldwin (father and mother of the bride), Mrs Baldwin (grandmother of the bride), Mrs Toum (of Killagorden, near Truro, Miss Toum, Mrs Gore (aunt of the bride), Mrs Peter (aunt of the bridegroom), Miss May Thomas Peter (sister of the bridegroom), Messrs W. And Thurston Thomas Peter (brother of the bridegroom), Mr J. Y. Baldwin, and Mr Bobby Baldwin (brothers of the bride), Mr B. Yescombe (uncle of the bride), &c.  Later in the day, Mr and Mrs Peter left for London, en route to Scotland, where the honeymoon will be spent.  The bride’s travelling costume was made of white voile with accordion pleated flounce and trimmed with deep silk fringe.  She wore a hat of pale blue chiffon.  The presents were very handsome, and numbered over 200.


15th November 1900        Royal Cornwall Gazette

BEARD – COAD - At the parish church, Ruanlanihorne, Nov 8, William Henry, second son of Mr. C. W. Beard, Ruan, to Cecilia Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. James Coad, Ruan Mills.


15th November 1900          Royal Cornwall Gazette

WEDDING AT RUAN – A wedding took place at Ruanlanihorne on Thursday, the contracting parties being Mr. W. H. BEARD, second son of Mr. Charles Beard, Ruan, and Miss C. A. COAD, eldest daughter of Mr. J. Coad, Ruan Mills.  The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Temperance Coad, who acted as bridesmaid.  The bride was given away by her father.  The wedding party included Miss E. A. Coad (Gonitor), Miss Flo Buckingham (Ruan), and Messrs. John Coad (brother of the bride) and Charles T. and Arthur Beard (brothers of the bridegroom).  The happy couple were the recipients of numerous presents and also heavy showers of rice from a crowd of well-wishers, who attended the church.  Rev. T. M. Dunn, rector, officiated.


12th September 1907      Cornishman

BEARD-GROSE,- At All Saints’ Parish Church, Fulham, by the Rev. Barton, Arthur, youngest son of Mr. C. W. Beard, Ruanlanihorne to Lillian, third daughter of Mr. Richard Grose, Builder, Fulham (formerly  Penzance).


13th September 1922

BETTENS – BRENTON. – Sept. 5th, at St. Mary’s Wesleyan Church, Truro, Mr. Willie BETTENS, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Bettens, of Paul, Penzance, to Miss Ada BRENTON, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Brenton, Treworga farm, Ruan-Highlanes.


6th June 1884        Royal Cornwall Gazette

BLAMEY - BENNETT – At Ruanlanihorne, May 8, Mr. Thomas Harris Blamey, Portloe, to Miss Hannah Maria Bennett, Ruan.


16th December 1887     Royal Cornwall Gazette

BROWN-DAVEY – At the Baptist Chapel, Truro, December 8, by the Rev. J. S. Paige, John, eldest son of Mr. John Brown, farmer, Trevillies, St. Pinnock, to Mary Annie, second daughter of the late Mr. James Davey, Treworgay-vean, Ruanlanihorne.


14th May 1813     Morning Post

Married – On the 6th inst., at Verian Church, Cornwall, by the Rev. Wm. Gregor, the Rev. Richard Budd, Rector of Ruan Lanihorn, to Harriet Anne, second daughter to the Rev. Jeremiah Trist, of Behan Park, in the same county.


4th November 1920      West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

WEDDING AT RUAN. – A quiet wedding took place at the Wesleyan Church, Ruan, on Thursday, the bridegroom being Mr. Stanley J. Carbis, son of the late Mr. James Paul Carbis and Mrs. Carbis, of Barn, Ruan, and Miss Ethel Tripp, daughter of Mrs. Tripp, of Trelagassick.  The Rev. G. Kirby White officiated, and the bride was given away by her brother, Mr. Thomas Tripp.  The happy couple are spending their honeymoon at Liskeard and Plymouth.


10th September 1814       Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruan Lanyhorne, on Monday last, by the Rev. Richard Budd, Lieut. H. CARNE, of H M S Experiment, to Miss Mary Ann BATE, niece of Mr. John Bate, of that place.


15th November 1873      Royal Cornwall Gazette

COAD – MARTYN – At the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Truro, October 30, Mr John Coad, Ruan Churchtown, to Miss Harriet Martyn, Gonitor, Ruan.


13th December 1888            Royal Cornwall Gazette

COX – FRYER – At Ruan, Veryan, December 5, Mr. Stanley Cox, of Falmouth, to Alice Maud, daughter of Mr. Fryer, surgeon, of Ruanhighlanes.


22nd October 1891       Royal Cornwall Gazette

CURGENVEN - SOWDEN – At Hicks Mill Chapel, October 19, by the Rev. William Oates (uncle of the bride), Edwin, only son of Richard Curgenven, Cusgarne (late of Ruanlanihorne), to Emma Louisa, youngest daughter of the late George Sowden, Hicks Mill, Gwennap.


9th April 1831     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Veryan, on the 31st inst., Mr. John CURGENVEN, Farmer, Ruan, to Miss KENT, of the former parish.


5th April 1917       Cornishman

DAVEY – BOGIE. – March 17, at Stretford, Manchester, John Harold Davey, of Ottawa, Canada, eldest son of Mr. And Mrs. T. R. Davey, Midhurst, Sussex, late of Ruan, Cornwall, to Bessie, youngest daughter of Mr. And Mrs. J. L. Bogie, “Annandale,” Park Road, Stretford, Manchester.


19th July 1888     Cornishman

DAVEY-RETALLACK.- July 10, at Ruanlanyhorne church, Mr. Thomas Rodwell, only son of Mr. John Davey, Lambourne, to Sarah Annie, second daughter of Mr. Thomas Retallack, of Trethella, Ruanlanyhorne.


19th March 1852           Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Veryan, on the 11th inst., Mr. George W. DINGLE, of Ruan Lanyhorne, carpenter, to Dorothy, second daughter of Mr. John HEARLE of Trengrouse, in Veryan


18th August 1881     Cornishman

DRAKE – PICKARD. – Aug. 15th, at St. James-the-Less, Plymouth, Cecil Drake, surgeon R.N., H.M.S. Inflexible, eldest son of the Rev. W. H. Drake. Rector of Ruanlanihorne to Constance (Tiny), daughter of Major-General Pickard.


16th November 1849     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Veryan, on the 8th inst., Mr. William DINGLE, saddler, to Miss Harriet SPRY, both of Veryan; and on the 13th, Mr. Wm. NICHOLLS, of Veryan, butcher, to Miss Jane ELLIOTT, of Ruan Lanyhorne.


31st August 1905     Cornishman

FENTON – FRYER. – August 24, at Ruan Church, Cornwall, by the Rev. J. A. Kempe, M.A., William Henry, son of the late Henry Fenton, of Ironbridge, to Edith Mabel, daughter of Dr. T. W. Fryer, of Sea View, Ruan High Lanes, Cornwall


4th July 1907      Cornishman

FRYER – ELLERY. – At the Cathedral Parish Church, Truro, by the Rev. Canon Hassard, Sub-Dean, Gilbert Percy, youngest son of Dr. Fryer, of Ruanhighlanes, to Beatrice Mary, eldest daughter of E. I. Ellery, Truro.


4th September 1879      West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

At Truro, August 18, Francis Chenoweth, of Veryan, to Mary, only daughter of Mr. Furse, of Ruanhighlanes.


23rd May 1845          Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruanlanyhorne, Mr. Wm. FURZE, to Miss Jane SAWLE.


12th February 1921         Western Morning News

From Exeter Cathedral Registers

“1726. Nov. 22.  The Reverd. Mr. John GRANT, of Ruan Lanihorn, and Elizabeth WESTON, by her father, Bishop of Exeter, in his Chapell there.  Witness his hand, Stepn. Exon.2


6th January 1854      Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Veryan, on Monday, the 26th ult., Mr. John Green, tailor, of St. Blazey, to Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, of Ruan Highlanes.


23rd September 1947       Western Morning News

GREET – TRUSCOTT. – On Sept, 20, at St. Veryan Parish Church, by the Rev. E. Alston, assisted by the Rev. Messop, Ruanlanihorne, Stuart, fourth son of Mr. And Mrs. A. Greet, of Tregoney, to Audrey, only daughter of Mr. And Mrs. R. A. Truscott, “The Garage,” Ruan High Lanes, Truro.


30th December 1932

GRIGG – THOMAS. – December 27th, at Philleigh Wesleyan Church, Alfred James, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Grigg, Trenona, Ruan High Lanes, to M. E. Eileen, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas, Polmenna, Philleigh.


15th February 1894              Royal Cornwall Gazette

GUMMOW – GATLEY – At the Wesleyan Chapel, Truro, Feb. 11, by the Rev. Owen Davies, John, fourth son of Mr. Richard Gummow, of Ruanlanihorne, to Elizabeth Jane (Bessie), second daughter of Mr. William  Gatley, Truro.


1st April 1842      Royal Cornwall Gazette

At St. Luke’s, Finsbury, London, Wm. GURNEY, Esq. of Plymouth, solicitor, youngest son of the Rev. Warwick O. Gurney, of Paul, near Penzance, Rector of Aston Bottrell, Salop, to Mary Ann, second daughter of the Rev. Richard BUDD, Rector of Ruan Lanyhorne, in this County.


14th October 1915      West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser


PRESENTATION. – A beautiful Morocco-bound family Bible, with gilt clasp, has been presented to Mr. F. J. Penter, jun., of Gonitor, Ruan, bearing the following inscription :- “Presented to Miss Hilda E. Hawkins, on the occasion of her marriage, September 18th, 1915, by the friends at Tregony Wesleyan Chapel.”


30th November 1893     Cornishman

HICKLEY-SLIGHT.- Nov. 16, at Christ Church, Bath, Martin John Hickley, Major 1st Batallion Royal Dublin fusiliers, to Mary Prowie, eldest daughter of the Rev. H. S. Slight, formerly rector of Ruanlanihorne.


13th July 1905          Cornishman

HIGMAN-SOUTHERAD.- June 29, at Ruanlanihorne Church by the Rev. T. M. Dunn.  William Robert Higman, of Johannesburg, son of John Higman, of Lower Anderton, Mount Edgecumbe, to Beatrice Mary,daughter of E. J. Southeard, of Ruanlanihorne.


27th November 1819        Royal Cornwall Gazette

On Wednesday se’nnight, at Ruan Lanyhorne, Mr. James HOCKING, to Miss Eliza ARTHUR.


23rd March 1816      Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruanlanihorne, on Monday, William HODGE, aged 90 years, to Jenefer FURZE (“a very sprightly girl,” says our correspondent) – aged 30.  The parties are both paupers, residing in the workhouse at Ruan.  Until within about six weeks of the marriage, the bridegroom was a “bed-lier,” but he so far recovered latterly, as to be enabled to walk about, with the assistance of two sticks.  On the bridal-morning, however, he threw away his sticks; and, to the great astonishment and satisfaction of a numerous company of spectators, walked to Church without any help whatever!


25th August 1832      Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruan, on the 4th ult.  Mr. William Hodge, of Lamburn, Perranzabuloe, to Miss Patty Behenna of that parish.


21st February 1867      Royal Cornwall Gazette

JACOBS – DOWRICK – At St. Mary’s Wesleyan Chapel. Truro, Feb 12, by the Rev. B. Firth, Mr. William Jacobs, of Ruan Lanyhorne, carpenter, to Mrs Jane Dowrick, of the “King’s Arms” Inn, Tregoney.


6th October 1910     Cornishman

JENKIN – OSBORNE.- Sept.15, at Ruanlanihorne, A. Jenkin, of St. Stephens Churchtown, to Stella J. Osborne, of Tregisswyn Farm, Ruanlanihorne.


9th December 1864        Royal Cornwall Gazette

JULIAN – STAFFORD – At the parish church, St. Michael Penkevil, Dec. 1, by the Hon. and Rev. J. T. Boscawen, Mr. Fred. Julian, of Ruanlanihorne, to Mary, second daughter of George Stafford, of Nancarrow-house, Tregothnan.


20th July 1882        The Sheffield & Rotterham Independant

KAYE – POOKE. – Recently, at Ruan Lanihorne, Joshua Kaye, Esq., of Oxford street, Sheffield, to Miss Marianne Pooke, of Devonshire, the young lady evangelist, who has done so much good work in many parts of the world, and who has so many well wishers.


19th June 1930      Cornishman

KERKIN-THOMAS. – June 12th, at Philleigh Wesleyan Church, William Henry, eldest son of Mr. And Mrs. W. H. Kerkin, of Polgrain, Caerhayes, to Phyllis Elizabeth, elder daughter of Mr. And Mrs. J. F. Thomas, of Trenestral, Ruan High Lanes.


24th November 1934     Yorkshire Evening Post

(Photo of the couple)

An engagement is announced between Mr. Robert Morris LANGFORD, of Trelonk, Ruan-High-Lanes, Cornwaa, only son of Surgeon Captain M. C. Langford, R.N. (retired), and Mrs. Langford, of Braganza, St. Mawes, Cornwall, and Miss. Joan Margaret DRAPE, only daughter of the late Lieutenant Norman Drape, R.A., and Mrs. Charles G. Waddington, of Wetherby.


30th October 1943       Western Morning News


Cornish Farmer Granted Decree

Mr. Justice Pilcher in the Divorce Court yesterday granted a decree nisi to Robert Morris LANGFORD, farmer, of Trelonk, Ruanlanihorne, Truro, on the grounds of desertion by his wife, Joan Margaret, and her misconduct with the co-respondent, Lewis Hawksley LUKEY.  There was no defence.  Mr. and Mrs. Langford were married at Truro Register Office in 1935, and there are two children.  The husband’s case was that the marriage became unhappy in 1937 through his wife having begun to drink rather heavily.  She associated with the co-respondent, a business acquaintance of his, and in March, 1939, she left petitioner and

afterwards lived with co-respondent.


2nd August 1894      Royal Cornwall Gazette

LITTLE – DAVEY – At the Parish Church, Ruanlanyhorne, July 31, by the Rev. L. M. Peter, Richard Edwin Little, of Ruan Highlanes, to Eliza Ann, only daughter of John Davey, Treworgey Vean, Ruanlanyhorne.


10th October 1912     West briton and Cornwall Advertiser

Wedding at St Mawes – Miss MICHELL and Mr. C. OSBORNE, of Ruanhighlanes.

The marriage has taken place at the United Methodist Church, St. Mawes, of Miss Elizabeth Grace MICHELL, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michell, Tregassick, Portscatho, and Mr. Charles OSBORNE, youngest son of Mr. John Osborne, Tregisswyn, Ruanhighlanes.  The officating ministers were the Revs. C. Barrett and G. Holmes (uncle of the bride).  During the ceremony the hymns, “The voice that breathed o’er Eden” and “O love divine and golden” were sung, the organist being Mrs. Frank Michell (aunt of the bride).

The bride, who was given away by her father, was attired in a silk voile champagne colour costume, with Tagel hat to match, trimmed with lace and standard feather.  The dress was adorned with silk oriental trimmings, and piped with silk to match.  The bride was attended by the Misses Sappho Osborne (sister of the bridegroom) and Irene Dunn, who wore crepe dresses, trimmed with lace.  Miss Osborne’s hat was of white satin, lined with pale pink silk and trimmed with pink ribbons, and Miss Dunn wore a hat of black chip trimmed with a big creme lace feather and black tulle.  The bride’s bouquet was of white roses, chrysanthemums and lilies, with maidenhair and asparagus, and the bouquets of the bridesmaids were of white roses, chrysanthemums, pale pink sweet peas and lilies, with maidenhair and asparagus.  The best man was Mr. John Borrows (Truro).

The reception was held at Tregassick and there were about thirty guests at the wedding breakfast.  The honeymoon is being spent at Plymouth and in Sussex, and on their return Mr. and Mrs. Osborne will reside at Polhendra, Portscatho.  The bride’s going away dress was of navy blue, and her hat consisted of a white braid and a black brim trimmed with a silk wing.  The bride’s gift to the bridegroom was a silver cigarette case and the bridegroom presented a keeper ring to the bride.  The bridegroom also gave a silver wristlet watch to Miss Osborne and a gold bracelet to Miss Dunn


1st February 1906      Cornishman

MINERS – BENNY. – Jan. 20, at Ruanlanhorne Church, Wesley, son of Mr. F. Miners, Ruan High Lanes to Kate, daughter of Mr. J. Benny, St. Just in Roseland.


23rd November 1883        Royal Cornwall Gazette

MITCHELL – RICKARD – At Truro, November 17, Mr. W. Mitchell, of Tregony, to Miss Bessie Rickard,  of Ruan.


6th July 1893      Cornishman

MORGAN – MARTIN – at New Westminster, British Columbia, Mr. Harry W. Morgan to Miss Janie Martin, youngest daughter of Mr. James Martin, of Trewirgie, Ruanhighlanes.


10th June 1836      Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruanlanyhorne, on the 8th instant, by the Rev. S. J. Trist, the Rev. Robert MORRIS of Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, to Harriet, eldest daughter of the Rev. Richard BUDD.


15th August 1912      West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

NEWTON – BALL _ At San Francisco, July 31, John eldest son of Mr. M. H. Newton, Lambourne, Perranporth, to Alice Ball, daughter of Mr. Ball, Treviles, Ruan. – By cable.


17th August 1860       Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruan, on the 14th inst., Mr. J. T. PAUL, merchant, St. Austell, to Miss A. DINGLE, eldest daughter of Mr. W. Dingle, of Trelonk, in the parish of Ruan Lanyhorne.


13th September 1906     Cornishman

PAULL – COLLINS.- September 4, at St. John’s, Hampstead, by the Rev. Brook Deedes, M.A., assisted by the Rev. Percy Shattock, M.A., J. Hicks Paull, of Egypt, son of the late John T Paull, of Trelonk, Grampound Road, to Rachel Doris, youngest daughter of Ernest Collins, M. Inst. C.E., of The Gables, Hampstead.


29th May 1890       Royal Cornwall Gazette

PAULL – VATCHER – At Fowey, May 22, by the Rev. H. N. Purcell, Henry, eldest son of John T. Paull, of Trelonk, Ruan, to Maria Florence, eldest daughter of the late Henry Vatcher, R.N., of Fowey.


13th January 1849       Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruanlanyhorne, on the 31st ult., by the Rev. Mr. Wilson, Mr. David PEARCE, to Miss Thomasine HOCKING, both of the former place.


19th October 1949     Western Morning News

PENTER – TREGUNNA. – On October 18, at St. Mary’s Methodist Church, Truro, by the Rev. H. J. Rigby, B.A., Arthur, youngest son of Mr and Mrs. S. Penter, Great Gargus Farm, Tregoney, to Olive, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Tregunna, Treworga, Ruan High Lanes.


18th November 1820     Royal Cornwall Gazette

On Wednesday the 15th at Calstock, the Rev. R. PETER, of Treviles, to Mrs. Wallis, of Sand Hill House.


31st May 1900        Royal Cornwall Gazette Royal Cornwall Gazette

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. PETER, formerly of Trengweath, Redruth, now of Treviles, Ruanlanihorne, recently celebrated their golden wedding, when they were the recipients of numerous surprise presents.


12th July 1850        Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Veryan, on the 10th inst., by the Rev. S. J. Trist, vicar, Stephen, son of Mr. John ROBERTS, of Cregoe, in the parish of Ruan, to Maria Letitia, daughter of Lieut. KEMPE, K.N., of Crugsillack, in the parish of Veryan.


31st October 1912     West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

ROBERTS – BODEN. – The Rev. J. W. Evans (curate) officiated at a pretty wedding in St. Austell Parish Church on Wednesday, the contracting parties being Miss Winifred ROBERTS, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Roberts, Mulvra, St. Austell, and grand-daughter of the late Dr. FRYER, Ruan-high-lanes, and Mr. James BODEN, Lamkelly, Fowey, son of the late Dr. BODEN, Cheshire.  Given away by her father, the bride looked well in a gown of champagne satin with pearl trimmings and black picture hat.  She carried a lovely shower bouquet of lilies and chrysanthemums.  The bridesmaids were the Misses May and Dolly RUNDLE, who wore cream silk dresses trimmed with lace and black picture hats.  They carried beautiful bouquets of roses and chrysanthemums, and also wore gold brooches, the gift of the bridegroom.  Mr. Edward BODEN was best man.  The happy couple left for Plymouth, where they will stay prior to sailing for Australia.


5th August 1937      Western Morning News

Cornish Golden Wedding

In the little village of Ruanlanihorne, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley ROWE celebrated their golden wedding on Sunday.  Mr. Rowe was born and brought his wife home to the pretty house in which they still reside.  About 50 people attended the reception.  Mr. and Mrs. Rowe received numerous presents and congratulatory telegrams.  Many presented them with bouquets, which converted the house into a veritable bower of flowers.


14th November 1939      Western Daily Press

Flt-Lieut. F. C. Scott and Miss D. M. Bush

At St. Mary’s Church, Stoke Bishop, Bristol, yesterday, the wedding took place of Flight-Lieutenant Francis Colin Scott, R.A.F., to Miss Diana Mary Bush.

The bridegroom is the son of Dr. And Mrs. F. S. Scott, of Ruan High Lanes, near Truro, Cornwall.  Dr. Scott is the old Bristol Rugby threequarter, who played for England against Wales in 1907.

The bride is the younger daughter of Mr and Mrs R. E. Bush, of Bishop’s Knoll, Stoke Bishop, Bristol.  Mr Bush is the well-known old Gloucestershire cricker and Rugby footballer.

Canon F. S. Norton (former vicar of St. Mary’s) officiated, and the bride was given away by her father.  She wore a rust-coloured suit trimmed with brown shorn lamb fur with hat to match and spray of orchids.

(Also photo)


17th November 1939     Western Daily Press

SCOTT – BUSH – On November 13, quietly, at St. Mary’s, Stoke Bishop, by Canon Fred Norton; Flight Lieutenant Francis Colin, eldest son of Dr. and Mrs. F. S. Scott, of Ruan High Lanes, Truro, to Diana Mary, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs R. E. Bush, of Bishop’s Knoll, Stoke Bishop.


21st November 1862          Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruanlanyhorne, Nov. 13, by the Rev. H. S. Slight, Mr. Alfred SHARP, of Polsue, to Anna Maria, second daughter of Mr. William DINGLE, of Trelonk.


28th November 1862     Stamford Mercury

At Ruanlanyhorne, Cornwall, on the 13th inst., (by the Rev. H. S. Slight) Mr Alfred Sharp, of Polsue House, fifth son of Mr. Sharp, of Burghley Park, to Anna Maria, second daughter of Wm. Dingle, Esq., of Trelonk.


9th May 1851       Royal Cornwall Gazette

On St. Philip and St. Jame’s day, at Walton, Somerset, by the Rev.J. G. Hickley, rector, the Rev. Henry Spencer SLIGHT, rector of Ruan Lanihorne, Cornwall, to Elizabeth Ann, youngest daughter of the late John Otter HICKLEY, Esq.


3rd May 1851      The Standard, London

On the 1st inst., at Walton, Somerset, the Rev. Henry Spencer SLIGHT, Rector of Ruan Lanihorne, Cornwall, to Elizabeth Ann, youngest daughter of the late John Otter HICKLEY, Esq.


23rd May 1874        Royal Cornwall Gazette

SYMONS - BLAMEY - At Ruanlanyhorne, May 18, by the Rev. H.S.Slight, Mr. Thomas Symons, carpenter, of Veryan, to Eva Mary, second daughter of Mr. Henry Blamey, Ruanlanyhorne.


4th October 1821        Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post

Thursday last, at Kenwyn, by the Reverend R. Polwhele, Richard TAUNTON, of Truro, M. D. to Anna, youngest daughter of the late Reverend John WHITTAKER, Rector of Ruan-Lanyhorne.


14th March 1946     Western Morning News


THOMAS – NICHOLLS. – On March 14, 1896, at Zennor Church, by the Rev. F. Roe, John Thomas to Mary Nicholls.  Present address: Trenona, Ruanhighlanes, Truro.


11th September 1935     Western Morning News

THOMAS – STOCKER. – On September 10th, 1935, at Probus Church, Samuel Henry Stewart, fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Thomas, of Trenestral, Ruan High Lanes, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late J. B. and Mrs. Stocker, of Tregelias, Grampound Road.


21st October 1853         Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruan, on the 13th inst., Mr. THOMPSON, tea dealer, of St. Austell, to Miss WILLIAMS of the former place.


26th July 1888      Royal Cornwall Gazette

TOMS – CURGENVEN – At St. George’s Church, Truro, July 21, by the Rev. A. N. Armstrong, Mr. Frederick Toms, to Miss Louisa Curgenven, third daughter of Mr. John Curgenven, Ruan.


14th September 1893       Cornishman

TONKIN – MEWTON – At the parish church, Ruan, W. Tonkin to Olivia, youngest daughter of the late Mr. J. Mewton, of Truro.


29th September 1892        Royal Cornwall Gazette

TROUNCE – RETALLACK – At the Parish Church, Perranzabuloe, September 24, by the Rev. C. E. Meeres, W. H. Trounce, of Trevilveth, Tregoney, to Ellen Maud Mary (Nellie), third daughter of Thomas Retallack, Trethella, Ruan Lanihorne.


28th October 1946      Western Morning News


TRUSCOTT – PASCOE. – On Oct, 27, 1921, at St, Veryan Parish Church, by the Rev. Tilson Morgan, Reginald Truscott to Catherine Pascoe.  Address: Ruan High Lanes, Truro.


26th April 1834          Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Veryan, on Thursday, by the Rev. S. J. Trist, Mr. Anthony WILLIAMS, of Ruan Lanyhorne to Anne, youngest daughter of Mr. John ROBERTS, of Trewartha Hall, in the former parish.


10th March 1821       Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruan-Lanyhorne, on Wednesday, Mr. John WILLIAMS, farmer, of Trethewey, to Miss Thomasine DINGLE of the former place.


14th April 1904               Cornishman

WILLOUGHBY-BAILEY. – April 5, at Probus, Henry Paull Willoughby, of Ruanlanihorne, to Mabel Kennard Bailey, of Probus.


30th November 1838     Royal Cornwall Gazette

At Ruan Lanyhorne, on Sunday last, by the Rev. R. Budd, Mr. Jeremiah Wright, to Miss Bound, daughter of Mr. John Bound, of that parish.


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