Muster Rolls 1569

The Muster Rolls were inroduced by Queen Elizabeth 1 who was on the throne at the time and was concerned for the defence of the country.  She needed to know on whom she could rely in the event of an invasion from Europe, therefore, all fit men between 16 and 60 years had to register with their arms (often only farm tools on poles).  Weapons were known to be stored in churches and the wealthy were committed to provide horses and other equipment.  This transcription was compiled by Carol Hughes from "The Cornwall Muster Rolls for 1569" edited by H L Douch and published by T L Stoate.

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DateHundred First NameSurnameAbility ArmourDocument Notes
1569PowderRichardeGYBYEa bbill-
1569PowderJohnGYBYEa bbill-
1569PowderWm.COGANa bjack, bill-
1569PowderRichardGOLDSMYTHEarbow, 12 arrows-
1569PowderJohnAMBROSEa arjack, bow, 12 arrows-
1569PowderJohnPETERa b--
1569PowderMychellJAGOWEa bjack, pike-
1569PowderRogerSYNDERCOMBa bharness, bill-
1569PowderWm.ROGERa bjack, splint, bill, sallet-
1569PowderAnthonyQUAYLERa bbill-

The furniture of this Parishe so remayninge ys 4 Ryvetts, 8 bills, 10 bowes and 3 shefs of arr.

Bill - Hooked blade on a pole                                         Jack - Thigh length quilted coat                                 Bow - Longbow

Pike - Long pole with spear head                                    Harness - Complete suit of armour                            Ryvetts - Half suit of armour

Splint - Gutter shaped plates for protecting the outside of the arm                                           Sallet - Helmet with back piece to protect the neck

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