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There are a number of commercial bus and car services in Lincolnshire. Many have websites, but some of these websites are not always accessable or the routing information may be out of date. The author of this page recommends that you call first and verify information.

The services listed below are not affiliated with this web site and we offer no recommendations or evaluations. "Buyer Beware."


Train is undoubtedly the most scenic and relaxing way to visit Lincolnshire. Britain's national rail network connects over 2,000 stations covering all of the main cities and towns. The network is privatised, and is owned by many different companies, each serving different routes across Britain. The cars are modern and service is efficient and timely.


Car Hires

"Car Hires" (or "Car Rentals" in American lingo) are an easy way to set your own touring schedules. You'll need to have a full, valid licence issued in your country of residence and held for at least a year (some companies ask for 2 years). If your licence is not issued by an EC/ECA country, an International Driver's Permit may be required.

The average minimum car hire age is 23 (21 with some companies), and the average maximum age is 70 (80 in some companies). There may be restrictions on the type and size of car younger drivers can hire. Rental rates may also be higher for younger drivers.

If coming to England from overseas, I recommend that you use a domestic car rental agency in your own country to book the car, or use an online travel service.


Caravans or Motorhomes

The British call them "caravans" and Americans would use the term "motorhomes". They are a convenient way to haul your housing around with you. Lots of people like the flexibility and the sense of home these vehicles provide. Many parts of Lincolnshire, particularly the coastal resort towns, have caravan parks with full facilities.

The average minimum hire age for motorhomes is 21, and the average maximum age is 75. To hire a motorhome up to 3.5 tonnes, you'll need a full, valid licence issued in your country of residence, and held for at least a year.


Bus Services

There are at least 21 different bus services in Lincolnshire.


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