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Surfleet Memorial

From the Surfleet War Memorial, by John Emerson (with additional notations). The webpage author has placed these in alphabetical order and added additional data where he could:

Surname  Given names  Btn.  Regt. Died  Cemetery Notes
Bilsby Frank 10 Lincs 2 Sep 1917 Niederzwehren Cem.
Brown Alfred b
Brown James Walker 2 Lincs 1 Jul 1916 Thiepval Mem.
Burkitt William George 2 Lincs 23 Oct 1916 Thiepval Mem.
Darley Frank 7 Lincs 23 Apr 1917 Arras
Desborough Willie Worseldine 6 Lincs 9 Aug 1915 Helles Mem.
Flowers Charles William 2 Northamptons 16 Aug 1917 Tyne Cot Memorial
Flowers John Thomas 4 North Stafs 1 Dec 1917 Mendinghem Military Cem.
Goodwin William b
Hobbs George 2/4 Yorks Light Inf. 3 May 1917 Achiet-Grand Dommunal Cem. c
Hobbs Percy 10 Lincs 1 Jul 1916 Thiepval
Medcalf James b
Newman Walter Stanley 11 Ryl Fusiliers 10 Feb 1917 Regina Trench Cem., Grandcourt c
Smith John Leslie 1/4 Lincs 30 APr 1915 Lindenhoek Chalet Military Cem.
Summerfield Ralph Henry 8 Lincs 14 Feb 1918 Thiepval Mem.
Temple Percy 4 Ryl Engineers 29 Sep 1917 Cement House Cem. c
Twell Richard Percy Portsmouth Ryl Marine Light Inf. 24 Jun 1915 Helles Mem.

Their bodies are buried in peace but their name liveth for evermore

Key to Notes:

  1. Not found in CWGC database.
  2. Not enough info. to research.
  3. "Best guess" given available data.
World War 2:

St. Laurence Church, inscribed "In grateful and living memory of 4 Surfleet men" and "who fought and fell in The World War 1939 - 1945 R.I.P."

Surname  Given names  Btn.  Regt. Died  Cemetery Notes
King Ernest Taylor 6 Lincs 9 June 1941 Alamein Mem.
Harrison John Ernest HMLCG 16 26 Apr 1943 Surfleet churchyard
Mothers John Humphrey 2 Wiltshire 22 Jan 1944 Minturo War Cemetery
Taylor Frank b

John Emerson provides these photographs, and retains the copyright, of the World War One memorial at Surfleet:

War memorial  WW1 plaque

The word Parishoners is how it is spelt on the memorial, rather than parishioners.

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