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Mailing List - Frequently Asked Questions

I Introduction, Terms and Definitions
I.B How much does it cost to subscribe?
I.C What are List Mode and Digest Mode?
I.D What is a Listowner?
I.E What is a Tagline?
I.F What is the Archive?
I.G Are there other mailing lists like this?
II Getting on and off the list
II.A How do I join the list?
II.B How do I get off of the list?
III Technical data, Errors, and Testing
III.A How many people are on this list?
III.B How do I send a "test" message?
III.C My message didn't appear on the list.
III.D My message bounced back to me. Why?
III.E I'm not getting all the messages.
III.F Your computer unsubscribed me!
IV Rules for Using the List
IV.A What are the List Rules?
V Tips and Techniques
V.A How do I post a message?
V.B How do I reply to a message?
V.C Can I post anything I want?
V.D What does a good Query look like?
V.E Tips for using a List
V.D E-Mail Etiquette and Good Manners

Last updated on 5-May-2003
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