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Note: Researchers should be aware that there is at least one other Kirkstead parish in England.


Piece No.
1851 H.O. 107 / 2108
1861 R.G. 9 / 2370
1871 R.G. 10 / 3384
1891 R.G. 12 / 2600

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Kirkstead is both a village and parish in the vale of the River Witham 122 miles north of London and 7 miles south-west of Horncastle. Woodhall and Martin parishes border to the north, Kirkby on Bain to the east, and Tattershall Thorpe parish is to the south. The River Witham flows along the south-west border of the parish. The parish area before 1900 was about 1,550 acres and about 1,440 thereafter. The hamlet of Town End is 1 mile north-east of the church.

Kirkstead village is a small affair, south-west of Woodhall Spa, west off of the B1192 trunk road. The village is alongside the River Witham. If you are planning a visit:






Military History

In St. Leonard's church is an Oak tablet memorial to the five men of World War One from Kirkstead who did not return home.


Military Records

For a photograph of the Kirkstead War Memorial and the list of names on it, see the Roll of Honour site.


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Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc.

* REMOVAL ORDER dated 20 Jan 1844. Joseph ATKINSON and Susanna his wife and Betsey aged 9 years and upwards David aged 7 years and upwards Mary Ann aged 5 years and upwards and Louisa aged 1 year and upwards their children from Kirkstead to Timberland.

* SETTLEMENT EXAMINATION dated 6 Jan 1844. Joseph ATKINSON of Kirkstead Labourer. I am 31 years of age and upwards and was born at Timberland in the parts of Kesteven in the county of Lincoln where my parents were last legally settled as I have been informed and believe. I was never bound apprentice by indenture I never rented a tenement of 10 a year nor did I ever let myself as a yearly servant. In or about the year 1837 my mother gave me permisson to occupy a house and about 26 or 27 acres of land in the parish of Kirkby super Bain. In the said parts I occupied the land for four years and upwards without paying any rent for it and resided and slept for the whole of the four years in the said parish of Kirkby that is to say from Christmas 1837 to Mayday 1842. I was duly assessed for the said tenement to all the parish rates for the whole period and duly paid such rates. In or about the month of August 1833 I was lawfully married at Timberland parish church to Susanna my present wife by whom I have five children. Betsey aged 9 years and upwards David aged 7 years and upwards Mary Ann aged 5 years and upwards Joseph aged 3 years and upwards and Louisa aged 1 year and upwards. I am now with my said wife and children actually chargeable to the said parish of Kirkstead.
Joseph Atkinson [signed].

* SETTLEMENT EXAMINATION dated 20 Jan 1842. William Atkinson of Timberland Cottager touching the place of settlement of Joseph Atkinson his son. The pauper Joseph Atkinson is my son by marriage with Susanna my present wife he was born in the parish of Timberland in the parts of Kesteven in the said county of Lincoln in which parish I gained my last legal settlement by renting a tenement. I rented and occupied a farm there for about 40 years at the yearly rent of 135 or thereabouts and resided there the whole time and paid the whole rent and also all parish rates. The last year I had the farm was from Ladyday 1842 to Ladyday 1843 I rentied it for that year of Mr MILLS of Frieston Hall in the west riding of the county of York at yearly rent of 10 and upwards to wit 154 the farm consisted of a farm house and buildings and about 80 acres of land and was situate in the said parish of Timberland I occupied the said farm the whole of the year vizt from Ladyday 1842 to Ladyday 1843 and paid 10 and upwards to wit the whole years rent for the same. I resided and slept for forty days and upwards in the said parish to wit for the whole year And I was duly rated to and paid poor rates for the said farm for the whole year vizt from Ladyday 1842 to Ladyday 1843. My said son has not done any act to gain a settlement in is own right as I believe His mother and I allowed him to occupy a house and about 27 acres of land in the parish of Kirkby super Bain rent free but we did not let it to him.
Wm Atkinson [signed]. [LQS A/1/635/130&130/1]


    Year  Inhabitants
1801 131
1811 110
1821 132
1831 179
1841 180
1851 175
1871 148
1881 114
1891 127
1911 117
1961 85



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