1642 Index of Royalists

Index of the Names of Royalist Traitors Whose Estates
were confiscated during the Commonwealth.


Courtesy of:   Ted Burkmar

'Lands and Estates of several other persons forfeited for Treason,
to be sold.'

ALLENSON, William  late of Woolton-Magna  in Lancaster County
ARNOLD, William  of Crosby
BRADLEY, James  of Bryning
BEESLEY, Thomas  of Layton and Boughton
BOND, John  of Inkling-Green
BARKER, John  of Weetley
BARNS, Thomas  of Goose-Nargh cum Wittingham
CRAVEN, Robert  of Billington
CARTER, Joseph  of Furnes
DENTON, John  of Widnes
DARWEN, William  of Wavertree
DOUGHTY, Henry  of Thotnley
GREEHALGH, John  late of Bramblesholm, deceased
GREEN, William  of Torisholm
GERRARD, Charls  of Halsal
HORNBY, George  of Standish
HAUGHTON, Gilbert  of Brinscals
KIRKBY, John  of Upper Rawcliff cum Turnaker
KEY, John  of Walmersley
LEWIS, William  of Torkesteth, Clerk
LEYLAND, Richard  of Abraham
LEYLAND, Ellis  of Woston
LAMB, William  of Turnham
MARTINGDAL, Philip  of Blackrod
MELLING, William  of Chorley
NORRIS, Edward  late of Hale, deceased
NICHOLSON, Christopher  of Tatham
PILKINGTON, Hugh  of Coppul
PRESCOT, Edward  of Standish
PERKINSON, Thomas  of Chipping
PARK, Lawrence  of Cuesdal
RIGBY, James  of Coppul
ROBINSON, George  of Bretherton
RATCLIFF, William  of Foxdenton, deceased
RICHARDSON, Thomas  of Outrawcliff
ROBINSON, John  of Oldlaund
REDMAN, Sir John  of Writon
SNART, Henry  late of Bretherton, deceased
SCOT, Ralph  of Pemberton
SALVAGE, Richard  of Rufforth
SUDEL, Richard  of Fishwick
STAMPARD, James  of Warton
TRAVERS, Peter  of Skilmersdale
WOOD, Henry  of Widnes
WAINWRIGHT, John  of Latham
WRIGHT, Ellis  of Croston
WARD, James  of Osbulstone
ANDERTON, James  of Birchley in Billing
ANDERTON, Hugh  of Euxton
ANDERTON, James  of Clayton
ANDERTON, William  of Anderton
ASHTON, Henry  of Blackrod
BOOTLE, Robert  late of Thornton, deceased
BLUNDEL, William  of Crosby-Parva
BARKER, Alexander  of Dalton
BERRY, John  of Haughton
BROWN, John  of Standish
BAMBER, John  of Layton
BUTLER, Edward  of Outrawcliff
BUTLER, Henry  of Goosenargh cum Whittingham
BIRTWISLE, Thomas  of Huncoat
BROCKHOLES, Thomas  of Cheyley
BROCKHOLES, Thomas  of Hayton
BAINS, Thomas  of Sellet
BRADSHAW, John  of Scale
BUTLER, William  of Mierscough
CLIFF, John  of Eccleston
CARTER, Richard  of Widnes
CHORLEY, Richard  of Chorley
CLIFTON, Jervase  of Salming-Grange
CLARK, Thomas  of Catteral
COTTAM, Richard  of Dilworth
CONWEL, George  of Watton
CALVERT, John  of Cockerum
CHORLEY, Robert  of Yealand
CROSLAND, Jordan  of Furnes
DENTON, Edward  of Ditton
DOBSON, Hugh  of Legrum
DALTON, Thomas  late of Turnham, deceased
ELTONHEAD, Richard  of Eltonhead Junior
EYVES, Richard  of Bradley and Fiahwick
FIZAKERLEY, Nicholas  late of Fizakerley, deceased
FIZAKERLEY, Robert  late of Walton, deceased
FOWL, Robert  of Billington
FLETCHER, John  of Burscoe
GREEN, James  of Tilsley cum Astley
GORE, Edward  of Alker
GREGSON, John  of Latham
GORSUCH, James  of Scaresbrick
GELLIBRAND, Thomas  of Chorley
GREEN, Richard  of Bowerhouse
GRADEL, William  of Ulneswalton
GRIMSHAW, Thomas  of Clayton
GRIMSHAW, Robert  of Clayton
GRIMSHAW, Nicholas  of Clayton
GERRARD, William  of Ashton
HOWARD, Ralph  of Sutton Senior
HOWARD, Edward  of Eccleston Junior
HARRISON, Tho,as  of Speak
HESKETH, William  late of Northmeals, deceased
HAUGHTON, John  of Parkhall
HOUGHTON, William  of Grimzargh
HARRIS, Christopher  of Chipping
JACKSON, Christopher  of Bold
JANYON, George  of Blackrod
KNOWLS, John  of Par
KELLET, Richard  late of Fishwick, deceased
LANCASTER, John  of Reynel
LIVESEY, George  late of Sutton, deceased
LINEAKER, John  of Widnes
LATHOM, John  of Hugton
LAWRENSON, John  of Hugton
LATHOM, William  of Allerton
LATHOM, Richard  of Allerton
LATHOM, Edward  of Allerton
LOVELADY, Henry  of Alker
LUCAS, Richard  of Haughton
LANGTON, Abraham  of Hindley
LANGTREE, Thomas  of Langtree
LATHOLM, Richard  of Perbold
LABURN, William  of Torisholm
MIDGEAL, Edward  of Goosenargh
MARSH, Roger  of Goosenargh
MOLLINEUX, Edmund  of Ince-Blundel
MELLING, John  of Ince-Blundel
MOLLINEUX, John  of Ince-Blundel
MOSS, Richard  of Lathom
MOSSOCK, Henry  of Bickerstaff
MOSS, Richard  of Skelmersdale
DYER, ??
MOSS, Henry  of Skelmersdale
MORLEY, Thomas  of Wymington
NORRIS, Thomas  of Fornby
NELSON, Henry  of Madesley
NAYLOR, William  of Croston
NORRIS, William  of Adlington
NELSON, Thomas  of Wrightington
NORRIS, William  of Blackrod
NEWSHAM, Andrew  of Little-Plumpton
NORTH, Richard of Docker Junior
MEWSHAM, Nicholas  of Little-Plumpton
ORTON, Francis  of Woodplumpton
PEMBERTON, James  of Whiston
PARKER, John  late of Bradkirk, deceased
PLESHINGTON, Robert  of Dimples
PARKINSON, Thomas  of Clawton
PARKINSON, Lawrence  of Goosenargh
PARKER, William  of Woolfal
PARKINSON, Thomas  of Graston-Leigh
PAR, Ralph  of Altham
PARKER, John  of Loveley
PARKINSON, Lawrence  of Swinshead
PRESTON, William  of Ellel
PARK, Giles  of Furnes
QUICK, Richard  of Woolton-Magna
RICE, James  of Crosby-Magna
RICE, Edward  of Crosby-Parva
PEARSON, Thomas  of Mierscough
PARKER, Thomas  of Graston-Leigh
RIGMADEN, George  of Latham
RIGBY, John  of Standish
RISHTON, Ralph  Senior,  of Whiteash
RISHTON, Ralph, Junior,  of Whiteash
RISHTON, Edward  of Michaelhaies
RISHTON, William  of Ponthaulgh
ROSCOE, John  of Dalton in Furnes
RUTTER, Michael  of Croston
SHUTTLEWORTH, Richard  of Bedd'
STANNANAAUGHT, Henry  of Fizakerley
SPEAKMAN, William  of Latham
STANLEY, Peter  of Bickerstaff
SMITH, John  of Euxton
SENHOUSE, John  of Ecclestone
STANDISH, Lawrence  of Standish
SMITH, John  of Conow
SUDEL, Lawrence  of Fulwood
SHEPHEARD, Thomas  of Preston
SOWERBUTS, Thomas  of Samlessbury
SHERBURN, Robert  of Little-Mitton
SERGEANT, Robert  of Alcliff
SINGLETON, Thomas  of Dendron  in Furnes
TURNER, George  of Garston
TICKLE, John  of Alker
TICKLE, John  of Derby
TUTLOCK, Edward  of Kirby
TOOTLE, Hugh  of Whitkel
TOOTLE, John  of Chorley
TREFAL, Cuthbert  of Goosenargh
THORNTON, Richard  of Fence
TALBOT, John  of Dinkley
TOWNLEY, Christopher  of Curre
STANNANAUGHT, Lawrence  of Kirby
TURVOR, John  of Tunstal
TRELFAL, Wil.  of Warton
THISTLETON, Andrew  of Mierscough
THOMPSON, Wil.  of Eccleston
TILSLEY, Edward  of Ashley
UNSWORTH, Edward  of Windle
URMSTON, Richard  of Leigh
WETHERBY, George  of Whiston
WADMOUGH, Richard  of Sutton
WEBSTER, Hugh  of Eccleston
WELSH, Thomas  of Awton
WHITTLE, John  of Wheelton
WOODCOCK, Thomas  of Brindle
WARING, Robert  of Chorley
WATERFORTH, Hugh  of Mawdesley
WESTBY, John  of Mowbrick
WESTBY, Francis  of Mierscough
WHITE, Robert  of Kirkland, deceased
WESTBY, George  of Uprawcliff
WILKINSON, John  of  Furnes

20th Day of May, 1642


Source:    An Index of the Names of the Royalists Whose Estates were confiscated During the Commonwealth.
Compiled by Mabel G.W. Peacock London, Longmans Green & Co.
39 Paternoster Row
Hertford: Printed by Stevin Austin & Sons
Published in 1878

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