Gerrans Parish Photos

Photos of Gerrans & Portscatho

Here are links to some sets of photos on this web site: 

1) Firstly on this web site I have some excellent images taken in 1886. Do not miss them!

2) Photos of Gerrans Churchtown

3) Photos of the Outskirts of Gerrans - I tried to photograph place names that appear in the Gerrans census

4) A small album of photos of Portscatho including 2 images from a 19thC family Bible

5) Photos I took around St Anthony in Roseland. The parish of St Anthony has been part of Gerrans since 1934. The church still exists and the churchyard is overgrown but it's a beautifully peaceful place.

6) Images of postcards of Gerrans & St Anthony

7) A (small) collection of photos of our Gerrans ancestors

8) There are links to other sources of photos of Gerrans & Portscatho on the Other Items page.

The 3 photos on this page are all courtesy of Mary Alice Pollard (


St Gerrans in the snow
St Gerrans in the snow (Nov 2005) 

Gerrans Bay
Gerrans Bay

Bill O'Reilly 2006

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