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Chris Pollard is a musician and author living in Gerrans. In recent years he has written a number of books about the area and its people. Several of these are out of print but they may be available through inter library loan (in the UK) and occasionally can be found on eBay. Note that the descriptions of the books come from the publisher.

And Father Rang the Bell

And Father Rang the Bell

Originally Published in Sept 1993, revised in Nov 1994

The story of the author's grandfather's great success as an athlete and a look at village life in Gerrans & Portscatho in the late 18 and early 19 hundreds. A good selection of local families and featured taking part in local sports, concerts etc. Plenty of local tales and information for those with family connections in the area (11 photographs)

Old Inns of Gerrans & Portscatho

The Old Inns of Gerrans & Portscatho

Published in Mar 1994

A history of the local inns since the 18th century; from the long forgotten 'Rose and Crown' to the waterside 'Passage Inn.'
Nine pubs and plenty of local history with a sprinkling of anecdotes (5 photos).


In Search of the King

In Search of the King

Published in 1994

The story of King Gerent the patron saint of Gerrans. This book looks at the various facts and legends which surround this dark age Cornish king, his connections with King Arthur and the Welsh St Tello; also his fortress 'Dingerein' and his burial place, the largest carne in Britain. (Illustrated)


Looking back at Old St Mawes

Looking Back at Old St Mawes

Published in 1995

A comprehensive history of the village of St Mawes in the parish of St Just in Roseland from the earliest records to the 1960's, with plenty of local reminiscences. Fishing was the life blood of St Mawes and when catches were poor the locals were on the brink of starvation. Some of the most upstanding members of the community were involved with smuggling including the governor of St Mawes Castle and, in later years, the mayor. Many local families are mentioned along with lists of residences in 1841 and 1914. (30 photographs).


History of Zion

History of Zion

Published in 1995

A history of the Bible Christian Chapel in Gerrans featuring chapel accounts from 1849-1894. Many local families are mentioned and also recollections of some surviving members.

Chris Pollard has given his kind permission for a scanned PDF copy of this booklet to be available here (Adobe Acrobat reader required).


A Cornish Life

A Cornish Life

Published 1997

The story of Cyril Johns B.E.M. of Gerrans who recalls memories of 55 years of service with the Auxiliary Coastguards, and the days of the horse-drawn Rocket Apparatus.

One of 10 children, Cyril started work at the tender age of 8 after the death of his father, to bring home some much needed money to his mother.

A farmer all his adult life, with a great love of reminiscing, Cyril was the ideal choice for this recollection of life on the Roseland Peninsula in the early years of this century.


The Book of St Mawes - Pilots, Pilchards & Politics The book of St Mawes - Pilots, Pilchards & Politics

ISBN 978 1 84114 631 7 Published in Oct 2007

Set in its sheltered position, St Mawes has often been described as the jewel of the Roseland. But its almost Mediterranean appearance, although pleasing to the eye, cannot hold a candle to its history and to the families who made this small fishing village a place of great national importance.

Link to publisher's page including a list of featured family names is
Gerrans & Portscatho by Chris Pollard The Book of Gerrans & Portscatho

ISBN 978 1 84114 785 7  Published in Oct 2008

Link to Publisher's page:

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