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*** WARNING - the transcriptions on this site will cease to be maintained when Rootsweb sites become read-only. The latest versions of the transcriptions can be found on the Cornwall OPC database at - and if you can't find what you want there then feel free to contact me ***

Welcome to the Gerrans & St Anthony in Roseland Online Parish Clerk (Genealogy) web site. I've also recently taken on the OPC role for St Just in Roseland and rather than make this web site more complex I've created a new site for St Just at

What I'm trying to do with this site is to bring together genealogical and local historical information relating to Gerrans & St Anthony to assist those interested in the villages and their people. My intention is to provide original information, transcriptions of primary sources of information (such as parish records) or to provide links to where primary sources (or transcriptions) can be accessed.

Note that if you are trying to make contact with the church at Gerrans you will find the contact details here - or if it's the Parish Council you want then try here -

To find out about material that has been recently added to this web site please take a look at the What's New? page.

'Health Warning' - please note that I do my best to make sure my transcriptions are accurate but it is easy to misread old handwriting. Therefore please make sure you check the original records before you rely on any information from my transcriptions. If you want me to double check any particular entry then just ask me.

If you find this website useful then please let me know! I am always open to suggestions as to what else to include and, even better, if you have that information available or can point me to where it is available! Feel free to contact me at . I maintain a mailing list of people with interests in Gerrans and St Anthony and send out an email whenever there's something new of interest on the web site (no more than a couple of times a year) so just let me know if you'd like me to add your name to the list. There's also a list of surnames that are being researched. Let me know if you would like an entry added to the list.

St Gerrans Church
St Gerrans Church taken in 2005
courtesy of Mary Alice Pollard

Bill O'Reilly 2008

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