St Pancras, Pennycross Burials 1635-1812

St Pancras, Pennycross Burials 1635-1812

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Devon does not allow the full transcription of Devon PRs to be made public. If you would like details of a specific record then please contact me at the address on the Home page.

Surname ForenameDecade
??? ???1660-1669
??? ???1660-1669
??? ???1660-1669
??? ???1670-1679
??? ???1700-1709
??? ???1700-1709
??? ???1700-1709
??? ???1700-1709
??? ???1700-1709
??? ???1730-1739
??? Elizabeth1650-1659
??? Elizabeth1680-1689
??? John 16??-16??
??? John 1660-1669
??? Joseph1660-1669
??? Mary16??-16??
??? Mary1700-1709
??? Sarah16??-16??
??? Thomas16??-16??
??? William1760-1769
ADAMS Frances1790-1799
ADAMS Henry1790-1799
ADAMS Rachael1790-1799
ADAMS William1790-1799
ALBINE James1770-1779
ALLEN Mary1780-1789
AMNER Elizabeth1760-1769
ANGER John1640-1649
ANNER William1760-1769
ARER Judith1730-1739
ATEWELL Richard1770-1779
ATWEL Grace1750-1759
ATWELL Elizabeth1750-1759
ATWELL Mary1770-1779
BAILEY Thomas1780-1789
BARTLET Elizabeth1770-1779
BARTLETT Agnes1660-1669
BATE Thomas1760-1769
BEARRIS John1790-1799
BENNET Martha1740-1749
BERRY Elizabeth1730-1739
BERRY Sarah1760-1769
BEWS Frances1750-1759
BISHOP Rebecca1740-1749
BLACKLEY Jane1760-1769
BLADE Martha1770-1779
BLADE Thomas1750-1759
BLAKE Mary1750-1759
BLAMY Dorothy1790-1799
BLAMY John1770-1779
BLATCHEFORD Grace1690-1699
BONE Elizabeth Pearce1810-1819
BONE Grace1790-1799
BONE William1790-1799
BONNEY Mary1780-1789
BONNEY William1800-1809
BOW Elizabeth1780-1789
BOWE Elizabeth1780-1789
BOWE William1780-1789
BRANSTON Margaret1770-1779
BRIMICOMBE Lydia1800-1809
BRIMICOMBE Sarah1800-1809
BRITTON Diana1790-1799
BRITTON Hugh1790-1799
BRITTON Mary1810-1819
BROKENSHIRE Hannah1750-1759
BROKENSHIRE Jane1750-1759
BROKENSHIRE John1760-1769
BROKENSHIRE Mary1770-1779
BROKENSHIRE Mary1780-1789
BROKENSHIRE Sarah1750-1759
BROKENSHIRE Stephen1770-1779
BROWN John1790-1799
BRUISH Elizabeth1730-1739
BRULLON Anne1790-1799
BRUSH Thomas1740-1749
BUNNY John1790-1799
BUNSHOLE John1760-1769
BUNSHOLE Sarah1750-1759
BURLEIGH Mr. William1750-1759
BURLY Mary1700-1709
BURROWS Richard1760-1769
CAWSEY Elizabeth1780-1789
CHAPMAN Ann1740-1749
CHAPMAN Edward1780-1789
CHICKWIDDEN John1760-1769
CLEMENTS Samuel1740-1749
CLERK Elizabeth1740-1749
CLIBBET Ann1800-1809
CLINCH Thomas1730-1739
CLOAD Richard1750-1759
CLOAKE Celia1700-1709
COCK Jane1780-1789
COCK Jane Hambly1800-1809
COCKERHAM Margaret1740-1749
COCKS William Hambly1810-1819
COLLARD Mary1800-1809
COLLIN Elizabeth1700-1709
COLLING ???1660-1669
COLLING ???1660-1669
COLLINGES Margaret1660-1669
COLLINGS Andrew, ye older1630-1639
COLLINGS Elizabeth1660-1669
COLLINGS F??? Water1630-1639
COLLINGS John1630-1639
COLLINGS Mary1640-1649
COLLINGS Mary1700-1709
COLLINGS Sarah1800-1809
COLLINS Edward1810-1819
COLLINS Edwyn Trelawney1800-1809
COLLINS Emily Trelawny1810-1819
COLLINS Henrietta Carolina1800-1809
COLLINS Sarah1800-1809
COOMBE Henry1680-1689
COPLESTONE Jenny1790-1799
COPLESTONE Rebecca1780-1789
COPPLESTONE Mary1800-1809
COPPLESTONE Richard1790-1799
COPPLESTONE William Richard1790-1799
COPSTONE John1780-1789
COPSTONE William1780-1789
CORBER Margaret1700-1709
CORNISH Alexander1760-1769
CORYER Catherine1740-1749
COUGE John1700-1709
COURTENAY Mary1750-1759
CROOK William1790-1799
CROWNSON Elizabeth1790-1799
CRUFE Sampson1740-1749
CRUFF Nathanial1740-1749
CRUFF or LEVERTON John Leverton1750-1759
CUDLIP Ann Stephen1800-1809
CUDLIP Elizabeth1770-1779
CUDLIP Elizabeth1780-1789
CUDLIP Henry1800-1809
CUDLIP John1780-1789
CUDLIP John1800-1809
CUDLIP John1800-1809
CUDLIP John Pope1790-1799
CUDLIP Mary1760-1769
CUDLIP Mary1790-1799
CUDLIP Prothesia1800-1809
CUDLIP Prothesia1800-1809
CUDLIP William1800-1809
CUDLIP William1800-1809
CUDLIPP William1790-1799
CURRY Catherine1750-1759
CURTIS William1800-1809
DAVIDSON Elizabeth1770-1779
DAVIES Charles1790-1799
DAVIES Elizabeth1760-1769
DAVIES Elizabeth1760-1769
DAVIES Henry1740-1749
DAVIES Henry1750-1759
DAVIES John1750-1759
DAVIES John1760-1769
DAVIES Samuel1740-1749
DAVIES Sarah1740-1749
DAVIES William1770-1779
DAVIES William1780-1789
DAVIS Nancy1810-1819
DAVISON George1750-1759
DAVY Elizabeth1770-1779
DAVY John1770-1779
DAVY John1770-1779
DAVY William1760-1769
DAVY William1760-1769
DAW John1790-1799
DAW Margery1790-1799
DAW Mary1800-1809
DAW Roger1790-1799
DAW Thomas1800-1809
DAWE William1780-1789
DEINFORD Elizabeth1790-1799
DENSHAM John Shobrooke 1800-1809
DODGE Ann1790-1799
DORRELL Jane1780-1789
DOWDALL Robert1640-1649
DOWDELL Katherine1690-1699
DUVAL Elizabeth1790-1799
DUVAL Johanna1770-1779
DUVAL Mary1770-1779
DYER William1770-1779
FISHLEY John1770-1779
FOOT Anne1790-1799
FOOT Arabella1780-1789
FOOT Captain John1760-1769
FOOT John Collings1800-1809
FOOT Rev. Josias1780-1789
FOX Ann1800-1809
FOX Elizabeth1810-1819
FOX Georgiana Brown 1810-1819
FOX Lewis1810-1819
FOX Louisa1810-1819
FRAD Hannah1740-1749
FRIASE Fortune1790-1799
GAKE John1750-1759
GARD Elizabeth1770-1779
GAUD Richard1760-1769
GEFFORY Elizabeth1640-1649
GERMANS Jane1800-1809
GILLS William1740-1749
GOSNEY Anne1770-1779
GOSNEY Mary1760-1769
GRIGG James1790-1799
GRILLS Joan1760-1769
GRILLS Mr. Richard1760-1769
GRILLS Richard1740-1749
GRILLS Sampson1770-1779
GRYLLS Sampson1790-1799
HANKERSON Elizabeth1780-1789
HANKERSON Thomas, esq.1780-1789
HARPUR Ann1780-1789
HARPUR Mary1770-1779
HARPUR Michael1760-1769
HARPUR William1740-1749
HARPUW Walter1750-1759
HARRIS ???1630-1639
HARRIS ???1660-1669
HARRIS ???1680-1689
HARRIS ??? 1700-1709
HARRIS Ann1650-1659
HARRIS Arabella1700-1709
HARRIS Elizabeth1680-1689
HARRIS Jane1700-1709
HARRIS John1700-1709
HARRIS John1800-1809
HARRIS John1810-1819
HARRIS Samuel1680-1689
HARRIS Samuel1730-1739
HARRIS Susan1650-1659
HARRIS Susanna1750-1759
HARRIS Thomas1650-1659
HARRIS Thomas1690-1699
HARRIS William1630-1639
HARRIS William1740-1749
HARSFORD William1790-1799
HAYBEARD Frances1810-1819
HAYBEARD Robert1780-1789
HEAD Honor1750-1759
HEAD Honor1760-1769
HEAD Nicholas1750-1759
HENDER James1740-1749
HILL ???1810-1819
HILL John1780-1789
HILL Mary1790-1799
HOAR William1810-1819
HOARE Mrs. Gartrude1740-1749
HOARTH / STROUD Samuel1770-1779
HOOPER Elizabeth1770-1779
HOOPER Elizabeth1770-1779
HOOPER Elizabeth1790-1799
HOOPER George1780-1789
HOPPER Elizabeth1780-1789
HUDDISON William1790-1799
HURREL Susanna1760-1769
HURRELL Elizabeth1700-1709
HURRELL Mary1690-1699
HURRELL Tamson1700-1709
HUSK Ann1740-1749
INGRAM Jane1700-1709
INGRAM Walter1700-1709
IVEY John1760-1769
IVEY Mary1760-1769
IVEY Richard1740-1749
IVEY Thomas1740-1749
IVY Ann1730-1739
JAFTON ???1630-1639
KAYO (or HAYO) Elizabeth17??-17??
KERN Joan1730-1739
KING ???1700-1709
KING Jane1790-1799
KING John1800-1809
KING Joseph1800-1809
KING Letitia1790-1799
KING Robert1810-1819
KING William1780-1789
KNIGHT James1760-1769
KNIGHTON Joan1690-1699
LACY Thomas1770-1779
LAKE Samuel1800-1809
LANDS Thomasin1740-1749
LANG Mary1760-1769
LAWREY Nichol1630-1639
LEATHERN John1780-1789
LEE Anne1770-1779
LEE Jane1780-1789
LEE Rebecca1770-1779
LEMON George1760-1769
LENDON Isaac1810-1819
LENDON Joshua1810-1819
LEONARD (or LONDON) Johanna1800-1809
LINDEY Charlotte1800-1809
LINDON Joseph1770-1779
LONDON Mary1750-1759
LUNDY John1780-1789
LUNDY Joseph1780-1789
LUNDY Joseph1800-1809
LYCOMB Elizabeth1780-1789
LYCOMB Elizabeth1780-1789
MABBER Julia1800-1809
MABEN William1790-1799
MAN Alice1730-1739
MAN Elizasbeth1730-1739
MAN John17??-17??
MANN Jane1770-1779
MANN John1760-1769
MANN John1780-1789
MANN Mary1750-1759
MANN Mary1750-1759
MANN Mary1800-1809
MANN Robert1760-1769
MANN Robert1800-1809
MANN Sarah1750-1759
MANN William1770-1779
MANN William1770-1779
MARTEN Thomas 1630-1639
MARTIN Charity1800-1809
MARTIN Digory1780-1789
MARTIN Elizabeth1780-1789
MARTIN John1740-1749
MARTIN John1760-1769
MARTIN John1780-1789
MARTIN Mary1760-1769
MARTIN Sarah1750-1759
MASHAM Charity1780-1789
MAYO Mr. John1740-1749
MAYO Mrs. Alice1740-1749
MERCATON Nicholas, gent.1760-1769
MINER Jane1770-1779
MITCHELL Gregory Blackmore1800-1809
MOON William1760-1769
MOOR Robert1780-1789
MORRIS Robert1790-1799
MOULD John1780-1789
MOULDER Mary1790-1799
MOYLE Joan1780-1789
MOYLE Richard1780-1789
MOYLE Walter 1790-1799
MUDGE Charity1780-1789
MUDGE Elizabeth1770-1779
MUDGE John1760-1769
MUDGE Mr. Thomas1790-1799
MUFFET Susanna1780-1789
NETTING Charity1800-1809
NETTING Joan1760-1769
NETTING Mary Ann1810-1819
NETTLE Elizabeth1760-1769
NETTLE James1760-1769
NETTLE John1750-1759
NITTING Mary1800-1809
NORTHCOTE Elizabeth1770-1779
NOULDER Andrew1780-1789
PARDOE Maria1800-1809
PARIS Sarah1760-1769
PARSON Christopher1700-1709
PARSONS Ann1800-1809
PARSONS Charles1730-1739
PARSONS Mary1700-1709
PEAKE Robert1770-1779
PECK Joseph1770-1779
PHILP Elizabeth1760-1769
PHILP John1790-1799
PHILP Mary1760-1769
PIKE Rebecca1750-1759
PIKE Sarah1740-1749
PIKE Susanna1740-1749
POMEROY ???1630-1639
PREST John1760-1769
PREST Mary1750-1759
PROWSE John, esq.1660-1669
PUNCHER Robert1740-1749
RANDLE Thomas1760-1769
RAWLING Jane1790-1799
RAWLINGS Robert1790-1799
REDSTONE Ann Lane1790-1799
REDSTONE Henry1790-1799
REDSTONE John1780-1789
REDSTONE William1780-1789
REED John1710-1719
REEVES William1740-1749
RICHARDS ???1810-1819
RICHARDS Ann1810-1819
RICHARDS Mary1790-1799
RIMMS William1790-1799
ROBERTS John1750-1759
ROBERTS John1760-1769
ROBERTS Mary Anne1770-1779
ROBERTS Susanna1750-1759
RODD Mrs. Elizabeth1800-1809
ROGER Ann1700-1709
ROOD James1690-1699
ROWLING Richard1790-1799
ROWLING Richard1800-1809
RUSSELL Marjorie1690-1699
SALT Joan1780-1789
SCOBLE Richard1780-1789
SCOT Martha1750-1759
SE??? Martha1740-1749
SERRL John1750-1759
SHAPLAND Elizabeth1780-1789
SHEELS John1780-1789
SHEPLEIGH Peter1790-1799
SHEPPERD ???1690-1699
SHERRIL Sarah1750-1759
SHERRIL Sarah1790-1799
SHERRILL Benjamin1810-1819
SHERRILL Joseph1810-1819
SHERRILL Mary1800-1809
SHERRILL Mary1800-1809
SHERRILL Rebecca1800-1809
SHERRILL Sampson Smith1790-1799
SHERRILL Sarah1800-1809
SHERRILL William1800-1809
SHERWEL Benjamin1780-1789
SHERWEL John1780-1789
SHERWEL Sarah1770-1779
SHERWEL Sarah1770-1779
SHERWEL William1780-1789
SHERWELL Dorothy1770-1779
SHERWELL Mary1790-1799
SHERWELL William1780-1789
SHERWILL James1790-1799
SHIPPARD Rebecca1700-1709
SHIRREL James1760-1769
SHOBROAKE John1800-1809
SHOPLAND Sarah1780-1789
SHORT Mary1760-1769
SIMMONS Ann1810-1819
SKINNER Thomas1780-1789
SMITH Jacob1750-1759
SMITH Jacob1760-1769
SMITH John1750-1759
SMITH John1770-1779
SMITH Mary1760-1769
SMITH Robert1750-1759
SOADY Elizabeth1800-1809
SOLLECK Benjamin1780-1789
SPARKWELL Bart1640-1649
SPARKWELL Mary1630-1639
SPARKWELL William1630-1639
SPRY James1780-1789
SPURRAWY Susanna1790-1799
SPURREL O???1650-1659
STEPHENS Hannah1800-1809
STEPHENS Mathew1810-1819
STEPHENS Peter1800-1809
STEPHENS Peter1800-1809
STEPHENS Peter1810-1819
STEPHENS Susanna1800-1809
STEVENS John1640-1649
STROUD Elizabeth1770-1779
STROUD Mary1790-1799
STROUD William1770-1779
STROUD William1780-1789
STROUD William1780-1789
SUNDAY Elizabeth1780-1789
SYMONDS William1780-1789
SYMONDS William1780-1789
SYMONS John1810-1819
TANK James1790-1799
TAYLOR Aracott1800-1809
THOMAS Charles1750-1759
THOMAS Samuel1800-1809
THORN John1740-1749
THORN John1780-1789
THORN Joseph1780-1789
THORN Josias1750-1759
THORNE Christopher1750-1759
THORNE Hannah Mary1790-1799
THORNE Josias1760-1769
THORNE William1770-1779
TIBBEST Harry1760-1769
TINK Ann1790-1799
TINK Charles1800-1809
TINK James1790-1799
TINK William1800-1809
TOM Thomas1780-1789
TOMS Agnes1800-1809
TOMS Elizabeth1780-1789
TOMS Elizabeth1790-1799
TOMS John1800-1809
TOMS Mary1790-1799
TOMS Susan1790-1799
TRELAWNY Catherine1760-1769
TRELAWNY John1730-1739
TRELAWNY Mrs. Mary1750-1759
TRELAWNY Samuel1740-1749
TRELAWNY Samuel Pollexfen, esq.1770-1779
TRELLAWNEY Mrs. Ann1690-1699
VEAL Timothy1750-1759
VEALE Joan1750-1759
VICKERS Lewis, gent.1780-1789
VINE Elizabeth1730-1739
VINE James17??-17??
VINE Jane 1780-1789
VINE Jane 1800-1809
VINE Margaret1730-1739
VINE Mary1770-1779
VINE Mathew1740-1749
VINE Mathew1770-1779
VINE Susanna1740-1749
VINE Susanna1740-1749
VINN Elizasbeth1730-1739
VINTON Edward1740-1749
WALTER ???1640-1649
WALTER Mary1640-1649
WALTER Richard1700-1709
WALTER Roger1630-1639
WARREN Martha1740-1749
WARREN William1740-1749
WEBB Elizabeth1770-1779
WEBB Joseph1780-1789
WEL Elizabeth1770-1779
WELLS James1760-1769
WERE Dorothy1700-1709
WERE John, esq.1770-1779
WERE Mary, gent.1780-1789
WERE Mr. Thomas1740-1749
WESCOAT Sarah1740-1749
WESTCOAT Samuel1750-1759
WESTCOTT Elizabeth1630-1639
WESTCOTT James1690-1699
WESTCOTT Richard1630-1639
WHITE John1770-1779
WHITE William1800-1809
WHYAL Elizabeth1790-1799
WHYAT Johanna1760-1769
WIATT Mary1790-1799
WILLKOCKS Joan1700-1709
WILLS Joseph1760-1769
WIN Sarah1790-1799
WOLLAND Mary1810-1819
WOOD Jane1810-1819
WOOD William1810-1819
WOODISON Elizabeth1770-1779
WOODS Elizabeth1810-1819
WORE Joan1730-1739
WYAT John1780-1789
WYATT Charles1800-1809
WYATT Prudence1810-1819
WYHAT William1770-1779
YEOMAN John1780-1789
YOUNG William1770-1779

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