Workhouse Rules



Workhouse Rules


 Rules to be Observed at the Rosliston House of Industry

 Rule I
 Every Parish Officer that enters into Agreement, according to the Rules of this House,
 shall pay the Sum of "four Pounds four Shillings", for House-rent, "per Annum".

 Rule II
 Every Parish Officer, or some other Person for him, shall attend every quarterly Meeting,
 to defray the Expenses occurred for the said Parish, or forfeit the Sum of "five

 Rule III
 The Quarterly Meetings shall be held on the first Monday in "January", the first Monday in
 "April", the first Monday in "July", and the first Monday in "October", in every Year.

 Rule IV
 Every Parish Officer shall find Necessaries for the poor Persons he shall send, according
 to the Agreement.

 Rule V
 Every Woman who suckles a Child, the Parish of that Child shall pay, for the first
 Half-year, "six-pence" per Week.

 Rule VI
 Every Child from half a Year old to two Years old, shall pay, per Week, according to the
 Determination of the Committee; from two Years old and upwards, shall pay an equal Share
 with the Rest of the People in the House.

 Rule VII
 The Committee Meetings shall be held at the HOUSE OF INDUSTRY, in the Parish of ROSLISTON,
 in the County of Derby.

 Signed and allowed by us,



My thanks to Blanche Charles for the transcription and the rights to use it.  Blanche is the OPC for  Stapenhill