Rosliston Properties

Rosliston Properties



The following thumbnails are of properties within Rosliston.   These will be added to on an ad hoc basis as and when I am able to photo and prove that they were where our ancestors lived.

   Holly Cottage where the COX family lived prior to moving to Doncaster

   Clyde House Farm where the WYATT family lived prior to moving to Doncaster.  The above to families

                       two families married into each other.  Clara COX married James WYATT    

          Long Furlong farm house, just outside Rosliston.  The LEEDHAM family lived here  


     Longlands just outside Rosliston. The LEEDHAM family lived here also


Leedhams Cottages - William Cox lived here in 1881


Leedhams Farm - Still owned by the LEEDHAM family today