About Me

About Me


It has been mentioned that there was nothing on the site to identify myself so I thought I would put a few things up.

My name is Rob Burns and I have been researching my family history since 1984 in conjunction with my mum and aunt.  In 1998 I took over the family history along with my cousin and since that time we have both been working on both sides of our respective families.  Our maternal mothers side resided in Rosliston for over a century and after visiting the village in adulthood I fell in love with the place.  The two surnames that are our main branch in Rosliston, are Cox and Wyatt, although we do have minor twigs with many other well known Rosliston names.  The Wyatt's seem to have their early roots in Appleby Magna.

In 1996 I started Acorn Genealogy (www.acorngenealogy.co.uk) initially to scan out of copyright books of an interest to family historians.  I also started to transcribe wills about the same time.  Not long after I was asked to carry out some research for a person with roots in South Derbyshire which had me considering offering a research service.  At that time I didn't feel the risk of making a hobby into a profession was viable and stayed with my day job.

By Jan 2010 I had for many reasons changed my mind and on the 18th the research arm of Acorn Genealogy started and is now the main part of my business.  Having started out researching prior to the internet I believe I have gained experience of the 'old' way of researching and the 'new' way.

This site whilst not updated as much as I would like it to be will continue to grow as and when time allows me to get to the Archives at Derbyshire.  I hope in time it will be compared to others out there and if it is only 25% as good as the amazing Wirksworth site I will be very happy.  This is not my site it is everyone's site.

May I finish this by saying thank you for visiting the site and if you have any information, pictures etc relating to Rosliston and don't mind it being in the public domain then I would be very happy to put it on the site.  In particular pictures of residents would be very welcome.


Rob Burns