1861 Census
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Folio   Page    schedule        Forename     Surname              Relation to head     Condition     Age     Occupation       Where Born

                26              William      DURANT               Head                 Married       65y     Joiner           Rosliston
                26              Ann          DURANT               Wife                 Married       55y                      Blackfordby - Leicestershire
                26              Charles      DURANT               Son                  Un            23y     Cooper           Rosliston

64      7       27              Henry        DURANT               Head                 Married       35y     Carpenter        Rosliston
                27              Harriett     DURANT               Wife                 Married       31y                      ??
                27              Samuel       DURANT               Son                                10y                      Rosliston
                27              Henry        DURANT               Son                                8y                       Rosliston
                27              Marcus       DURANT               Son                                6y                       Rosliston
                27              Isaac        DURANT               Son                                1y                       Rosliston
                27              Joseph       ROYLE                Brother in Law       Un            29y     Carpenter        Edingale

                28              John         CARVER               Head                 Married       33y     Ag Lab           Cauldwell
                28              Fanny        CARVER               Wife                 Married       34y                      Newhall

                29              William      WARREN               Head                 Un            69y     Farmer of 9 AcresStapenhill
                29              Sarah        LUN                  Servant              Un            36y     Servant          Linton
                29              Rachel       LUN                  Visitor                            12y                      Linton

                30              Samuel       DURANT               Head                 Wid           52y     Joiner           Rosliston
                30              Thomas       DURANT               Son                  Un            20y     Joiner           Rosliston
                30              Martha       DURANT               Daug                 Un            18y                      Rosliston
                30              Elizabeth    DURANT               Daug                               12y                      Rosliston

                31              Thomas       DURANT               Head                 ?             57y     Carpenter        Rosliston
                31              Sarah        DURANT               Daug                 ?             23y                      Rosliston
                31              Thomas       DURANT               Son                  Un            21y     Carpenter        Rosliston
                31              Francis      WOOD                 Nephew               Un            17y                      Rosliston

        8       32 & 33         Mary         BACH                 Lodger               Wid           68y     Retired Farmer   Burton - Staffs
                                Jane         SIM                  Servant              Un            17y     General Servant  Coton

                34              William      COLLINS              Head                 Married       33y     Ag Lab           Rosliston
                34              Emma         COLLINS              Wife                 Married       33y                      Rosliston
                34              Sarah        COLLINS              Daug                               5y                       Rosliston

                35              Mary A       HOLDEN               Head                 Wid           40      Farmer of 11 acreRosliston
                35              Arthur       HOLDEN               Son                  Un            20y                      Rosliston
                35              Mary A       HOLDEN               Daug                               14y                      Rosliston
                35              Alfred       HOLDEN               Son                                10y                      Rosliston
                35              Stephen      HOLDEN               Son                                8y                       Rosliston
                35              William      HOLDEN               Son                                4y                       Rosliston
                35              Herbert      HOLDEN               Son                                2y                       Rosliston

                36              Samuel       ROBERTS              Head                 Married       37y     Ag Lab           Rosliston
                36              Mary         ROBERTS              Wife                 Married       35y                      Rosliston
                36              Sarah        ROBERTS              Daug                               12y     Scholar          Rosliston
                36              Mary         ROBERTS              Daug                               10y     Scholar          Rosliston
                36              William      ROBERTS              Son                                7y      Scholar          Rosliston
                36              Ann          ROBERTS              Daug                               5y                       Rosliston
                36              Elizabeth    ROBERTS              Daug                               3y                       Rosliston
                36              Ester        ROBERTS              Daug                 `             1y                       Rosliston

65      9       37              Rebecca      WALTON               Head                 Wid           54y                      Coventry - Warwickshire
                37              Peter        WALTON               Son                                12y                      Tamworth - Staffs

                38              John         BUSSELL              Head                 Married       52y     Mallster EmployinLinton
                38              Elizabeth    BUSSELL              Wife                 Married       51y                      Rosliston
                38              William      HOLDEN               Servant                            14y     Servant          Rosliston

                39              William      WHITTINGHAM          Head                 Married       62y     M.S              Coton
                39              Mary         WHITTINGHAM          Wife                 Married       64y                      Lullington

                40              Mary         SWINSON              Head                 Married       40y                      ??
                40              Joseph       SWINSON              Son                                18y                      Rosliston

                41              Thomas       HOLDEN               Head                 Married       32y     Ag Lab           Rosliston
                41              Jane         HOLDEN               Wife                 Married       38y                      Tamworth - Staffs
                41              Arthur       HOLDEN               Son                                11y                      Rosliston
                41              Lucy         HOLDEN               Son                                9y                       Rosliston
                41              James        HOLDEN               Son                                4y                       Rosliston
                41              Daniel       HOLDEN               Son                                10m                      Rosliston

                42              Edward       HOLDEN               Lodger               Un            23y     Ag Lab           Rosliston

                43              William      HOLDEN               Head                 Married       69y     Ag Lab           Rosliston
                43              Ann          HOLDEN               Wife                 Married       67y                      Newbrough - Staffs
                43              Mary         HOLDEN               Daug                 Un            38y                      Rosliston

        10      44              William      HOLDEN Jnr           Head                 Married       34y     Ag Lab           Rosliston
                44              Hannah       HOLDEN               Wife                 Married       40y                      Langley
                44              Isaac        HOLDEN               Son                                10y                      Rosliston
                44              Ann          HOLDEN               Daug                               9y                       Rosliston
                44              David        HOLDEN               Son                                6y                       Rosliston
                44              Emma         HOLDEN               Daug                               2y                       Rosliston

                45              John         HOLDEN               Head                 Married       44y     Ag Lab           Walton                             This whole families surname may be incorrect
                45              Mary         HOLDEN               Wife                 Married       40y                      ??
                45              Selinah      HOLDEN               Daug                               11y                      Rosliston
                45              Edwin        HOLDEN               Son                                8y                       Rosliston
                45              Eilman       HOLDEN               Son                                7y                       Rosliston
                45              William      HOLDEN               Son                                5y                       Rosliston

                46              Elizabeth    ALDRIDGE             Head                 Wid           78y                      Stapenhill
                46              Joseph       ALDRIDGE             Son                  Married       36y     Ag Lab           Rosliston
                46              Rebecca      ALDRIDGE             Wife                 Married       29y                      ? Staffordhire
                46              Thomas       ALDRIDGE             Son                                6m                       Rosliston

                47              Ann          BECK                 Head                 Wid           68y     Shop Keeper      Ashby De La Zouche - Leicestershire

66      11      48              Samuel       HOLDEN               Head                 Married       36y     Ag Lab           Rosliston
                48              Harriett     HOLDEN               Wife                 Married       34y                      Coton
                48              Catherine    HOLDEN               Daug                               12y                      Rosliston
                48              Amey         HOLDEN               Daug                               11y                      Rosliston
                48              Henry        HOLDEN               Son                                9y      Scholar          Rosliston
                48              Sarah A      HOLDEN               Daug                               4y                       Rosliston

                49              John         WOOD                 Head                 Wid           73y     Ag Lab           Swadlincote
                49              Mary         WOOD                 Daug                 Un            32y                      Rosliston

                50              Elizabeth    THOMPSON             Head                 Un            42y                      Rosliston