Wickwar Parish Church

Holy Trinity Church Photos by
John Wilkes of Cam
near Dursley, Gloucestershire
The Gloucestershire Photo Library

Dedicated to the Holy Trinity, the church was previously - at least up to the 15th Century - St. Mary's. The figure in stained glass wearing a red cloak represents St. Blaise, the patron saint of Weavers. This window is to be found the Weavers' chapel within the church.
Wickwar is named after the La Warre - the one time Lord of the Manor; 'Wick' is the Latin 'vicus' or village. In one stained glass window dedicated to John Gunston is a depiction of The Frith, a local building associated with the Gunston family. The Baptistry window with the figure in blue of the Virgin Mary and Christ Child is the work of W. J. Leach and dates from 1972
. Supporting the church tower, there is fan vaulting with a boss in the form
of a comical face.

Page composition by Allan Taylor of Vancouver, Canada
MOST of Wickwar's early priests are names in a register.
Little or nothing is known about them to help to recreate their character and contribution to the parish.
1277 William de Sudleg. Clerk. Custody granted to Nicholas de Wodeford. Agreement to serve till William de Sudleg of age.
1284 Church in custody of Nicholas de Stafford, Clerk, Tutor and Keeper of the Church. till William de Sudleg of age.
1288 Walter de Redying. The Church in custody of Walter de Brerle at the time who was not in holy orders.
1290 Robert de Londres. Clerk and Sub-deacon.
1294 Peter de Blound.
1298 Robert de Osysterne. Priest.
1299 Nicholas de Butiller. Clerk and Sub-deacon. (In 1300 Excuse for not getting ordained).
1315 Robert de Lond.
Philip Barbastre. Priest.
1326 John de la Feld. Clerk (ordained Priest 1327).
1370 William Draper. Priest.
John Vale.
1430 Richard Leventhorpp.
1461 John Wade.
1464 Thomas Mede.
1479 Robert Wodeward. Priest. Bachelor in Laws.
1515 George West. Clerk,
1532 Thomas Bysshoppe.
1545 George Colier.
1559 William Jones.
1570 Francis Yate.
1578 Michael Wharton.
1580 Henry Busshoppe.
1587 Jasper Merrick.
1615 Tobias Higgins.
1647 Obadiah Higgins.
1668 Eliezer Marshall.
1678 Samuel Edwards.
1684 James Kirkham.
1690 John Biddle.
1734 John Fortune .
1777 John Chester.
1801 Thomas Cook.
1830 Thomas Roupell Everest.
1856 Charles Edward Oakley.
1864 Ralph John Lyon.
1914 Thomas Arthur Garnett.
1948 Archibald William James Vowden.
1964 Eric Akers Perry.
One of the contemporary stained glass windows commemorating the life of a member of the Gunston family depicts the 'Round the Isle of Wight' yacht race