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A site designed for you to share your family history with others from the Banbury area

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Submission of names

This is a standard family history surname list for names being researched in the Banbury area.

BUT we have the ability to add considerably more information for you should you wish to do so - see below.

To add a surname to the list please send the following information to Rosemary :

In order to prevent the 'harvesting' of e-mail addresses and the subsequent junk mail which will follow, addresses have had the @ symbol replaced by (@).
Therefore, to contact any person listed below, copy and paste the address and simply remove the brackets.

If you would like to include more information about your family (queries, notes, family charts, trees, photographs etc.) please read the Submission Guidelines and then contact Rosemary to see what we can do to help you.

If this helps you make contact with another researcher with the same interests, please let the Banburyshire mailing list members know by sharing your story.

If you are not a member and you wish to join, (it is completely free!) please go to the subscription page at RootsWeb.

You can also search or browse the mailing list archive from here.

Please note that I maintain this site because of my ancestral connection to the Banbury area, so it is unlikely that I can help with specific enquiries regarding your research.

Happy Hunting smilie