Troubled Times: Early JUDDE Family of Banbury: 16th & 17th Centuries, David Judd
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16th & 17th Centuries

David Judd


Early life in the market town of Banbury must have been quite serene until the outbreak of the English Civil war in August 1642 when hostilities broke out between King Charles I and the Parliament of the time.

It is this period of history that I have now reached with tracing of the JUDDE, JUD, JUDD, JUED, and sometimes spelt JWDGE family roots.

What mystifies me from the entries in the Banbury Parish register's, is where did John Judde "Elder and Younger" originate from, as JUDD family do not appear in early Banbury records until the marriage of John Judde to Alice HORLEY on 29 January 1572. The HORLEY family are in the main of Sussex, so it is possible Alice may have originated somewhere within this County. These John's must have come from outside of Oxfordshire and as yet I have not been able to identify from where, but it is possible they moved into Banbury because of trade, seeing as Banbury is at a crossroads between London, the Midlands and Norfolk. It could also have been because Banbury was becoming fashionable to live and be seen, or possibly this JUDD family may have been of London or elsewhere and were putting down their roots to make Banbury home. What also intrigues is that the family were all living in Banbury during the early part of the seventeenth century and must have known each other, but as yet I cannot work out the connection between them. Obviously more work required here.

John Judde (the Younger) who married Avis BROWNE on 22 November 1585 in Banbury had a son Anthony (baptised on 1 January 1588, Banbury), it is not known if John and Avis had any other children, it is possible they may have had another, born soon after they married sometime circa 1586 - 1587 but no details are known. A recent discovery whilst researching the GEORGE family (Joane George married Anthony Judd on 24 June 1612) was that the parents of Joane were Richard and Katherine BROWNE, so it is possible Katherine and Avis were sisters. The BROWNE family were of Kiddington, Oxford, so more work required here.

JUDD family can also be found in Warmington, Horley and Middleton Cheney in the early seventeenth century and research has shown that these families are related and can be traced back to Yeoman/Husbandmen Farmers of the 15th and 16th centuries to Packington and Coleshill, Birmingham. My theory is that the family of the Midland Counties being Yeoman Farmers were raising sheep for the wool industry and family in London were acting as Merchants and Skinner's, this was a very profitable business to be in at this time.

Thomas Judd, Chandler, was born circa 1605 and was married to Dorothy SWETNAM at Horley, Oxford on 24 February 1627, their first born son Ezekiel was baptised in Banbury on 11 January 1629, he died and was buried on 19 December 1645 at Banbury, it is more likely that he died from plague brought into Banbury by the soldier's rather than from any participation in the Civil war activities, but this cannot be ruled out due to the hostilities that were taking place in and around Banbury at the time. My line is through Thomas Judd's son Thomas who was baptised on 25 September 1631 in Banbury, he would have been eleven years old when the Civil war broke out and fourteen years old when his eldest brother Ezekiel died in 1645. What is difficult to comprehend is that the Civil war often turned brother against brother and father against son when it came to loyalties, whether Royalist or for Parliament and this must have torn families apart.

Life in and around Banbury during the Civil war must have been very difficult with sieges taking place in and around Banbury Castle, and with marauding soldiers and constant Royalist or Parliamentarian armies transiting through the area as well. These armies became very dependant on the locals for provision of food, accommodation and horses whilst in the area, often taking without payment. Living conditions must have been quite abysmal during this period. Trying to trace family and ancestry at this time in English history is going to be difficult to say the least with so much movement going on and mass graves after battles around the Country, but it is all about perseverance. Hopefully this will be made easier with more material becoming available at the National Archives in time.

Latterly (1660's) the family were of Adderbury and more details can be found under Isaac JUDD on page one of this chapter, prior to this they were of Banbury.

From research so far undertaken by me, even after the Civil war, times were hard with people eking out an existence as best they could, but better times were ahead in the eighteenth century.

Other families that I have looked at during my researches include the following:

I would be happy to pass on what I have on these families and would welcome any comments, criticisms or material regarding this piece on the JUDD family.

Reference To:

Oxfordshire Parish Register transcripts Banbury St. Mary
Baptisms 1559 - 1935
Marriages 1558 - 1931
Burials 1558 - 1920
Oxfordshire Family History Society

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Banbury Parish records - Baptisms

Anthony Judd baptised 1 January 1588 (son of John the younger)
Mary Judd baptised 25 December 1614 dau Anthony & Joane
An Jud or Jwdge baptised 2 March 1617 dau of Anthony
Thomas Judd baptised 25 July 1619 (Tithingman in Banbury 1644/5) son of Anthony
Margery Judd baptised 13 January 1628 dau of Anthony & Margery (of Neithrop)
Hanna Judd baptised 17 September 1626 dau of Anthony & Margery (of Neithrop)
Margery Judd baptised 13 January 1628 dau of Anthony & Margery (of Neithrop)
*Ezekiel Judd baptised 11 January 1629 son of Thomas - Chandler
Elizabeth Judd baptised 30 August 1629 dau of Anthony (of Neithrop)
Alice Judd baptised 29 February 1631 dau of Anthony (of Neithrop)
*Thomas Judd baptised 25 September 1631 son of Thomas
Susan Judd baptised 14 August 1633 dau of Anthony
*Mary Judd baptised 3 November 1633 dau of Thomas
*Elizabeth Judd baptised 5 September 1636 dau of Thomas
John Judd baptised 13 November 1636 son of Anthony (of Neithrop)
*Elizabeth Judd baptised 20 August 1637 dau of Thomas
*Henry Judd baptised 28 April 1640 son of Thomas
*Joseph Judd baptised 14 November 1641 son of Thomas

Banbury Parish records - Marriages

John Judde to Alice Horley on 29 January 1572
John Judde to Avis Browne on 22 November 1585
Jone Judd to William Sadlington on 6 January 1607
Anthony Judd to Joane George on 24 June 1612
Anthony Judd to Margery Kimble on 19 October 1625
Hannah Judd of Aynho to William Bailyes on 19 July 1649
Sarah Judd to Nathaniel Bloxham on 3 October 1717

Banbury Parish records - Burials

John Judde (the Elder) buried 31 July 1588
John Judde (the Younger) buried 29 September 1588
Joane Judd wife of Anthony on 1 August 1625 (of Neithrop)
*Elizabeth Judd dau of Thomas buried 10 September 1636
Thomas son of Anthony Judd buried 21 January 1638 (of Neithrop)
*Infant of Thomas Judd buried 28 April 1640
*Henry Judd son of Thomas buried 28 April 1640
Margery Judd wife of Anthony buried 30 July 1643 (of Neithrop)
Elizabeth Judd dau of Anthony buried 15 January 1644 (of Neithrop)
Anthony Judd buried 4 February 1644 (of Neithrop)

John Judd son of Anthony buried 4 February 1644
Hanna Judd dau of Anthony buried 6 February 1644
An Jud or Jwdge buried April 1644 (lived widow Bowers house & supposed to die from plague, day of burial uncertain)
*Ezekiel Judd son of Thomas buried 19 December 1645


The coding above is purely for the Family groupings, as two Anthony Judd's have been identified in my research. The blue (also marked with *) for Thomas Judd is the line of my descent

David Judd
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