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Catholic Church Records for Benken, Sankt Gallen, Switzerland
etching of church Catholic Church Records for
Benken, Sankt Gallen, Switzerland
Birth, marriage and death records for 1797-1846 added January 2014
Index updated with birth, marriage and death records for 1797-1846

There are three microfilms available for inter-library loan through the LDS Family History Centers for the records of the Catholic Church at Benken, Sankt Gallen, Switzerland. The information on the following web-pages has been extracted from these microfilms. The list below shows what records are on each film.

I have done my best to copy the information exactly as it appears in the church records. All abbreviations and spellings were copied exactly. Any word I have been unable to decifer is in brackets [   ]. If you disagree with my interpretation of the writing or words, please contact  Deborah Heimann. All corrections or suggestions are welcome.

For the Taufen (baptismal) records, the names of the sponsors/godparents of the infants has been included because often they can be used to connect the parents to siblings, which in turn, helps to connect to the grandparents. As you read these records, you can see how some first names are very common within a family. I have also included information from the notes concerning dates of death and emigration.

I am providing this information as an aid for others in their genealogy research. I strongly urge everyone using these web-pages to remember that they are considered a secondary source. Please look at the original records on the microfilms listed below.

Verschiedene Akten -------------------------------------------- 0949824
Kommunion     bis 1796 
Konfirmationab 1848 
Taufen1830-1909/1947 -------- 0949825
Heiraten1831-1852 -------- 0949826
Geschichte der pfarrgemeinde744-1681

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