Pommern Roots


Die östlichen Kreise Hinterpommerns: Bütow, Lauenburg, Stolp, Rummelsburg, Schlawe
Land am Meer / Land by the Sea: Seiten zu Pommern von Gunthard Stübs
German Genealogy / Pomerania: Contributed by Adalbert Goertz, created by Rick Heli
Information rund um Polen: Polish-related Internet documents and web sites by Dr. Rakowski
POMORZE (Pomerania): The New Province in Poland
The Pomeranian page: Kent Peterson's Genealogy Trading Post
Die Pommerschen Leute : USA
Pommerscher Verein Freistadt: Pomeranian Society in Wisconsin / USA
POMERODE in Santa Catarina: Die deutscheste Stadt in Brasilien
Hauke Fehlberg: Agriculture in Pomerania / old Maps
"Pommerscher Greif" : Genealogical Society / Genealogische Gesellschaft
Pommersches Landesmuseum in Greifswald: Deutsch, English, Po Polsku, Svenska

This is a new Web Site as of October 2001.



1. Provide a foundation of knowledge of Pommern resources organized in an easy to understand layout.

2. Provide easy to understand historical writings dealing with the Pommern people that could be used for not only genealogists but also school children (high school age)

3. Provide some genealogical data for researchers - but the main focus would be historical in nature.

4. Creating a bibliography of published and non-published works and listing the libraries/depositories/archives that have them.

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