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* Abner Vance b. abt 1759/60 Surrey Co NC, d. Jul 16 1819 Abington VA
     Swore the Oath of Allegiance in Chatham VA on Jul 29 1777. Abner Vance
     and Thomas Vance were on tax the lists of 1782-87 in Montgomery Co VA.
     Abner enumerated on the 1789, 1791-99 and 1802 Russell Co VA Personal
     Property tax list. Other Vances who lived in Russell Co bef 1800 were
     Matthew Vance, Phillip Vance, Samuel Vance, and John Vance. 1784 Abner
     Vance and James Howard were on the Surry Co NC tax list as owning 250
     acres of land. The Southwest Virginia Folk Lore Society at Appalachia
     VA, acknowledges Abner Vance's Death Ballad as the oldest song, still
     in existence which was written west of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The
     Lynchburg Press of Jul 27 1819 had this to say, "On Friday the 16th
     Instant, Abner Vance was executed at Abingdon, in pursuance of his
     sentence, for the murder of Lewis Horton. He addressed the spectators,
     about four thousand, for an hour and a half with considerable ability;
     he died with the most heroic fortitude. He accused some of giving false
     evidence against him; and said that if he had obtained a fair trial,
     and nothing but the truth had been sworn against him, he thought the
     penitentiary would have been proper punishment for his offense."
  m. Susannah Howard 1779 Lebanon VA
     b. abt 1767 Russell Co VA, d. aft 1850 Logan Co VA
     [d/o Abraham/Abram Howard b. abt 1740 d. abt 1786,
     and m. abt 1760, Jane _ d. 1806]
  *  Acenthia Vance
     m. Jermiah Farmer
  *  John Vance b. abt 1781
     m. Hannah Radar b. abt 1794 VA
     *  Nancy Vance b. abt 1823
        m. Owen Ellis b. abt 1814
           [s/o Philip Ellis and Elizabeth Hinchman]
        *  Levisy Ellis b. abt 1839
           m. Harrison Mullins Aug 14 1856, b. abt 1837
              [s/o Nathaniel Mullins, and Margaret Wilson b. 1791]
           *  Nancy Mullins b. 1862-64 VA, d. Jan 6 1939 Gilbert WV
              m. Frank Ryan b. 1860 of Irish Descent
              2nd partner of Nancy Mullins:
              p. Lewis Hardin b. 1860 Buchanon Co VA
                 [s/o John Harden, and Mary H Brewster d/o Comfort
                 Brewster b. 1803 and Elizabeth Chatman b. 1813]
              *  Luemma Hardin Mullins
                 b. Jan 31 1880 Pikeville KY
                 d. Jan 14 1923 Riddles Branch WV
                 m. Anthony Miller
                    b. Oct 8 1873 Oceana WV, d. Sep 28 1941 Logan Co WV
                 Descendants of Luemma Mullins and Anthony Miller
     *  Tabitha Vance b. abt 1825
  *  Tabitha Vance b. abt 1782 d. aft 1860
     m. Francis Browning 1796 Washington Co VA, b. abt 1781 d. Dec 29 1858
     *  Mary E Browning b. abt 1797
     *  William E "Buck" Browning b. abt 1799
        m. Sarah Wallace
     *  Jessee Browning b. abt 1801
        m. Mary Curry
     *  Nancy Ann Browning b. abt 1803
        m. Lorenzo Dow Hill
     *  Amy Browning b. abt 1805
        m. William Ellis
     *  Frances "Frankey" Browning b. abt 1807
        m. John Curry
     *  Margaret Browning b. abt 1809
     *  Jackson Browning b. abt 1811
     *  Rebecca Browning b. abt 1812
        m. James Browning
  *  James Vance b. abt 1784
     m. Barbara Miller
        [d/o Michael Miller d. Monroe Co WV, and Dolly _.
        Michael s/o John Miller Sr and Barbary Mauzey]
     *  Elizabeth Vance b. abt 1832 d. abt 1863
        m. William Aleshire b. abt 1830 Gallia Co OH
        Descendants of Elizabeth Vance and William Aleshire
        2nd husband of Elizabeth Vance:
        m. Thomas Hunter
  *  William Vance b. abt 1789
     m. Nancy Burnside
  *  Adina Vance b. abt 1791
  *  Alena Vance b. abt 1791
     m. Joseph Dempsey b. abt 1799
        [s/o John Dempsey Sr and Rachel Solomon, they also
        had John Dempsey Jr b. 1795-1805 who m. Minerva Vance]
  *  Richard Vance b. abt 1792 d. abt 1855 Logan Co WV
     m. Mary A Simms Mar 25 1813 Floyd Co KY, b. abt 1792
        Her surname may be Staton or Sutherland
  *  Elizabeth Vance b. abt 1794
     m. _ _
     *  James Vance b. abt 1832
  *  Nancy Vance
     m. Ephraim Hatfield Aug 28 1828 Pike Co KY, b. abt 1811
        [s/o Valentine Hatfield and Martha Weddington, they
        also had John Hatfield b. abt 1813 who m. Isabel Vance]
     *  Devil Anse Hatfield
  *  Abner Vance Jr b. abt 1796
     m. Jane Perry
        [d/o Joseph Perry and Isobel Shirkey]
        Jane may have m.1st a Mr Hatfield
     *  Joseph N Vance b. 1824 Logan Co VA
           one source says b. abt 1834
        m. Elizabeth Burgess Dec 17 1857 Logan Co, b. 1839 Logan Co
     *  Margaret Peggy Vance
        m. Evans Ferrell Brown Dec 27 1855 Logan Co VA
           b. 1834 Huff Creek, Logan Co, d. Aug 17 1895 Logan Co
        Descendants of Margaret Vance and Evans Brown
     *  Isabel Vance b. abt 1826 Logan VA
        m. Issac Brown Sr 1846 Logan VA
           b. 1824 Huff Creek, Logan Co VA, d. May 5 1863 Wyoming Co VA
        Descendants of Isabel Vance and Issac Brown
        2nd husband of Isabel Vance:
        m. Issac M Toler Aug 24 1866 Wyoming Co WV, b. abt 1819 Giles Co VA
           [s/o Elisha Toler b. abt 1786 Wyoming
           Co VA, d. abt 1856 VA, and Ann _]
        3rd husband of Isabel Vance:
        m. Lewis Hinchman Aug 1 1875
     *  Eli N "Blackburn" Vance b. abt 1831 Logan Co VA, d. May 7 1863
           On May 7 1863, as Capt. Andrew Gunnoe and some of his Home Guards
           who had been on scout duty in Logan, became involved in a quarrel
           with Isaac Brown and his brother-in-law, Eli Vance, on Big Huff
           Creek. This ended in the killing of both Brown and Vance
        m. Nancy Brown Aug 30 1855 Logan Co VA
  *  Millie (Mary) Vance b. 1796 Russell Co VA, d. 1870 Logan Co WV
     m. James Brown Jr 1815, b. 1792 Russell Co, d. 1859 Logan Co
     Descendants of Millie Vance and James Brown Jr
  *  Minerva Vance b. abt 1811
     m. John Dempsey Jr b. 1795-1805
  *  Sarah Vance b. abt 1811
     m. John McCloud aka John Browning b. abt 1803
  *  Isabel Vance b. abt 1815 Cabell Co VA
     m. John Hatfield abt 1837, b. abt 1813 Logan Co VA
     *  John W Hatfield b. abt 1839 Logan Co VA
        m. Mary Cline
     *  Sena Hatfield b. abt 1841 Logan Co VA
        m. William Walls
     *  Harriet Hatfield b. abt 1843 Logan Co VA
     *  Malinda Hatfield b. abt 1845
     *  Floyd Hatfield b. abt 1847 Logan Co VA
     *  Hannah Hatfield b. abt 1849 Logan Co VA
     *  Mary Hatfield
     *  Melvina Hatfield
     *  Phoebe Hatfield
     *  Ephraim S Hatfield b. abt 1851 Logan Co VA
        m. Nancy Staten/Staton

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