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* John Lee
  b. abt 1590 England, d. Feb 23 1630 Worcester, Worchestershire England
  m. Jane Hancock bef 1616
     b. abt 1590 Twining, Gloucestershire England, d. Feb 24 1638
        Will probated Mar 26 1639, Worcester Consitory Court
  *  Col. Richard Henery Lee
     b. 1613 Nordley Regis, Coton, Schropshire, England
     d. Mar 1 1664 Dividing Creek, Northumberland Co VA
        A family Bible printed in 1765 which had been at Cobb's Hall, one
        of the Lee estates in Virginia, has an entry which had been copied
        from an earlier one, saying 'Colonel Richard Lee of Nordley Regis
        in Shropshire died at Dividing Creeks in the Co of Northumberland
        VA Mar 1 1664'. Arrived in VA in 1639-40. Served as Secretary of
        State of Virginia, member of the House of Burgesses, and Attorney
        General. Among the land he purchased was Dividing Creek Plantation
        at the Chesapeake Bay end of the peninsula between the Rappahanock
        and Potomac Rivers
        (Note: the same source who gave his parents as John Lee and Jane
        Hancock says he was b. abt 1617 Worchestershire, England. Another
        source, who also says one of his sons is Capt. Hancock Lee Sr, says
        Richard is s/o Sir Richard Lee b. bef 1579 Nordley Regis, Coton,
        Schropshire, England, and Elizabeth Bendy m. Oct 21 1599 St Mary's
        Church, Alveley, England)
     m. Ann Constable Mar 1641 Chickacoan Dist, Jamestown VA
        b. abt 1622 London, England
        [d/o Francis Constable, a bookseller, bpt. May 12 1592 Dotchet,
        Buckshire, England, d. Aug 1 1647 Westminster, London, England, and
        Alice _, they also had: Alice Constable b. abt 1615; Sarah Constable
        b. bef Mar 16 1616; Joan Constable b. abt 1618; Mary Constable b.
        abt 1619; Elizabeth Constable b. abt 1620; Margaret Constable b. abt
        1623; Rachel Constable b. abt 1624; Simon Constable b. abt 1625;
        Robert Constable b. abt 1626; Roger Constable b. abt 1626; Alice
        Constable b. abt 1627; Francis Constable b. abt 1629; Rachel
        Constable b. abt 1630; and Robart Constable b. abt 1631. Francis s/o
        Robert Constable and Margery Barker, they also had Robert Constable
        b. abt Sep 8 1590. Margery d/o Christopher Barker, printer to Queen
        Elizabeth I of England]
        one source gives her name as Ann Constable Owen
     *  John Lee b. 1642
     *  Richard Lee
        b. 1646/47 Paradise Co VA, d. Mar 12 1714 Mt. Pleasant VA
        m. Laetitia Corbin
           b. abt 1656 Westmoreland Co VA, d. Oct 6 1706 Machodoc VA
           [d/o Henry Corbin and Alice Eltonhead]
        *  two sons
        *  Richard Lee
           m. (Grace Ashton?)
           *  George Lee
                 One source says he came to VA in 1737 from England. After
                 Thomas Lee moved to Stratford, George and wife lived at the
                 old plantation and named it Mount Pleasant
              m. _ _ 1738
        *  Thomas Lee
           b. 1690 Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland Co VA
           d. Nov 14 1750 Stratford Hall, Westmoreland Co
              Served as President of the VA Council, Commander-in-Chief of
              the Colonies, acting Governer of VA. Built "Stratford" above
              cliffs of the Potomac about 27 miles north of "Indian Banks"
              on land he bought from ancestors of George Washington
           m. Hannah Harrison Ludwell 1722, d. Jan 25 1750
              buried at Burnt House Field in Lee family cem
           *  Richard Lee b. 1723 d. young
           *  Col. Philip Ludwell Lee b. 1727 d. Feb 21 1775
                 buried probably at Stratford
              m. Elizabeth Steptoe 1763
              *  Matilda Lee b. 1764 d. 1790
                    Inherited Stratford estate
                 m. Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee
                 Descendants of Matilda and Henry Lee
              *  daughter d. in infancy
              *  Flora Lee b. 1770 d. 1795
           *  Hannah Lee b. 1728
                 After husband died Hannah lived with Dr. Richard Lingan
                 Hall, who had taken care of Gawin during his illness
              m. Gawin Corbin
           *  John Lee b. and d. Mar 2 1729
              Probably died as result of his mother being thrown out
              of a window of the Lees' burning home Jan 29 1729, in
              order to save her life
           *  Thomas Ludwell Lee b. 1730 d. 1778 rheumatic fever
              Virginia Senator 1776-78
           *  Richard Henry Lee b. 1732 d. 1794
           *  Francis Lightfoot "Frank" Lee b. 1734 d. Jan 1797
                 buried Tayloe family cem, Mount Airy VA
              m. Rebecca Tayloe 1769, b. 1753 d. Jan 1797
                 buried Tayloe family cem, Mount Airy VA
                 [d/o John Tayloe of Mount Airy VA]
           *  Alice Lee b. 1736 d. 1817
           *  William Lee b. 1739 d. 1795
              Worked with brother Arthur in London as a spy.
              1773 elected Sheriff of London
           *  Dr. Arthur Lee b. 1740 d. 1792
              Graduated Edinburgh University. America's first spy, the
              Continental Congress named him its secret agent in London
              when war became imminent. Information gathered concerning
              the motives of King George III and Parliament were passed
              to the Lee brothers in America
        *  Henry Lee
           b. 1691 Westmoreland Co VA, d. Aug 25 1747 Westmoreland Co
           m. Mary Bland 1724 Prince William Co VA
              b. Aug 21 1704 d. May 1764
           *  Henry Lee b. 1729 Westmoreland Co VA, d. 1787 Westmoreland Co
              m. Lucy Gaines Grymes Dec 1 1753 Westmoreland Co
                 b. Apr 26 1734 Richmond Co VA, d. 1792
                 [d/o Charles Grymes b. abt 1709 d. abt 1753, and
                 Frances Jennings b. abt 1715]
              *  Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee
                 b. Jan 19 1756 Leesylvania, near Dumfries VA
                 d. Mar 25 1818 Cumberland Island GA
                    Rev. War service
                 m. Matilda Lee Apr 1782 Stratford Plantation VA
                    d. 1790
                 *  Henry Lee IV
                 *  Philip (Ludwell?) Lee
                 *  child
                 2nd wife of Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee:
                 m. Annie Hill Carter Jun 18 1793 Shirley Plantation VA
                    [d/o Charles Carter b. abt 1750 Shirley Plantation, d.
                    1806, and m. Ann Butler Moore b. abt 1756 Westmoreland
                    Co VA, d. abt 1810]
                 *  Algernon Sidney Lee
                 *  Charles Carter Lee
                 *  Ann Kinloch Lee
                 *  Gen. Robert Edward Lee
                    b. Jan 19 1807 Statford Hall Plantation,
                       Westmoreland Co VA
                    d. Oct 13 1870 Lexington VA
                       buried Lee Chapel, Lexington VA
                       Civil War service
                    m. Mary Anne Randolph Custis,
                       Jun 30 1831 Arlington House VA
                       b. Oct 1 1808 d. Nov 5 1873
                    *  George Washington Custis Lee
                       b. Sep 16 1832 d. Feb 18 1913
                       buried Lee Chapel, Lexington VA
                    *  Mary Custis Lee b. 1835, d. Nov 22 1918
                       buried Lee Chapel, Lexington VA
                    *  William Henry Fitzhugh Lee Nov 28 1867
                       b. May 31 1839 d. Oct 15 1891
                          buried Lee Chapel, Lexington VA
                       m. Mary Tabb Bolling
                          b. Aug 27 1846 Petersburg VA, d. May 5 1924
                       *  Robert Edward Lee III
                          m. Mary Middleton Pinckney
                       *  George Bolling Lee
                          m. Helen Keeney
                          *  Robert Edward Lee IV
                             m. Marjorie Tracy
                             *  Tracy Lee b. 1960
                             *  Robert Edward Lee V b. 1964
                          *  Mary Walker Lee
                             m. Smith Bowman
                       *  Mary Tabb Lee d. 1871
                          buried Lee Chapel, Lexington VA
                       *  Annie Agnes Lee d. 1874
                          buried Lee Chapel, Lexington VA
                       *  W H F Lee d. 1875
                          buried Lee Chapel, Lexington VA
                    *  Eleanor Agnes Lee b. 1841 d. Oct 15 1873
                       buried Lee Chapel, Lexington VA
                    *  Robert Edward Lee Jr b. 1843 d. 1914
                    *  Annie Carter Lee
                    *  Mildred Childe Lee b. 1846 d. Nov 5 1873
                       buried Lee Chapel, Lexington VA
                 *  Catherine Mildred Lee
     *  Francis Lee b. 1648
     *  Capt. Hancock Lee Sr b. 1652 Dividing Creek, Northumberland Co VA
     *  Anne Lee b. 1653
     *  Elizabeth Lee b. 1653 Northampton Co VA
     *  Charles Lee b. May 21 1656 Cobbs Hall, Northhampton Co VA
        m. Elizabeth Medstand
           b. abt 1655 Northampton VA
           d. aft Jul 13 1700 Northumberland Co VA
        *  Thomas Lee b. 1679
        *  Charles Lee b. Jul 16 1684
        *  Leeanna Lee b. 1685 Cobbs Hall, Northhampton Co VA
        *  Elizabeth Metstand Lee
           b. Aug 11 1688 Cobbs Hall, Northhampton Co VA
           d. abt 1765 Middlesex Co VA
           m. Thomas Buford/Beauford abt 1702 Middlesex Co VA
              b. May 21 1682 Christ Church, Lancaster Co VA
              d. 1761 Bedford Co VA
           Descendants of Elizabeth Lee and Thomas Buford
           2nd husband of Elizabeth Metstand Lee:
           m. John Howson abt 1710 Cobbs Hall, Northampton Co VA
              b. abt 1679 Northumberland Co VA
           *  Elizabeth Howson b. abt 1712 Northampton Co VA


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Most of the children of Col. Richard Henery Lee, and descendants of
Charles Lee b. May 21 1656

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