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Though the spelling is as different as the ways we came upon our name
these pages show how in many ways we are all related

Online since October 1996

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Stories online our Web Site:
Fort Lytton - Queensland, Australia
The Paddlewheel Steamer "SS Lytton" - Canada, May 1890 to 1902
The Story of Captain Litton & Lytton, California - Born 1816 in MD
James Harvey Litton
s/o John Litton & Sarah Standifer - 1930 Frontier Times Story
The Elizabeth Standifer League, Bastrop Co TX - Nov 1897 by Jacob L Standifer
The Drowning of Halcombe Lytton - Yarmouth Herald 1892
Lympstone, Devonshire England - Historical Sketch by Kevin Bradley
The First Letton? - Latvia>France>England>Scotland>USA
Letton in England - The Surname/Arms/Crest/Motto by Che Letton
Burton Litton b. 1753 - The Killing of Burton Litton and William Priest
Solomon Litton Sr - 1781 letter to father & account of capture by Indians
Solomon Litton Sr - Story of John Dunkin, Solomon & Wife Taken by Indians
James Harvey Litton Sr Bible Record - from Amanda Schermer
Strange death of Mrs Wilson Litton - Columbus Journal Jul 1891, Platte Co NE
Strange murder of Charles Aaron Litton - b. Apr 22 1975 d. Jan 1 2004 4:30am
Litton Descendant Rebecca Parr Crushed by Tornado - May 18 1883 Literberry IL
George Washington Litton & Son Killed in Train Wreck - Aug 5 1922 Sulphur Springs MO
Garfield Litton Killed in Quarry Accidenr - Apr 5 1924 New Paris OH
The Story of Arthur Litten & Family - b. 1831 s/o Solomon Litton and Adah Babb
Retirement of Sir E B Lytton - New York Times, Apr 27 1859
The Last Moments of Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton - and Obits & Articles, London, 1881-91
Dorothy Litton Gable Dies - Founder of The Litton Historical Society
The Dog Wagon - 30,000 Attend 1931 Litton Reunion at Charleston WV
Miss Louise Litten - The 1933 Chicago World's Fair Miss America
Moses Litton & The Chicken, Abington VA - The New York Times, Jul 20 1902
Moses Litton & The Chicken, Abington VA - The Washington Post, Sep 19 1904
The Killing of Turner G Letton - Jan 23 1865, Napa City CA
The Flogging of William K Lutton - New York Times, May 28 1869
The Story of Hans Litten b. Jun 19 1903 - New York Times, Oct 6 1940 and etc
Sol Litton home bombed, Lineville IA - New York Times, Feb 12 1895
The Shooting of Alf Litten, Bastrop TX - New York Times, Jun 15 1889
Dr. William J Lutton and the Blackout, New York City - New York Times, Nov 25 1942

Biographries online our Web Site:
Ralph Letton b. 1778 MD - s/o Michael b. 1740. Bios, Records, Articles; & son Van Wyck
Hervey Wilcoxen Letton b. 1809 KY - s/o Caleb Letton b. 1768 MD. 1882 Biography
John Litton b. 1811 & Sarah Standifer - 1929 Biography & Lytton Springs TX History
Israel Becraft b. 1818 MD - s/o Anna Maria Letton b. 1798 KY. 1882 Biography
John Will Letton Sr b. 1821 MD > KY - s/o Brice Ruben Letton. 1882 Biography
Thomas Litton b. 1822 KY - s/o Hiram Litton. 1886 Biography & Sampsel Twp MO History
Abraham Moses Litton b. 1824 VA > WV - s/o Kuper David Litton. 1910 Historical Sketch
Noah Baker b. 1834 OH - Married Catherine d/o James Litten b. MD. 1897 Biography
William H Letton & son Judge Charles B Letton - Scotland to Kansas in 1869
Mrs. Lou Parks Letton b. KY - Wife of John William Letton b. 1839 KY. 1922 Biography
Dr. Joseph R Lutton b. 1872 PA - s/o Mrs. Emeline (Cline) Lutton. 1897 Biography
Claude Denton Lutton b. 1882 NE - s/o Samuel Scott Lutton. 1940 Biography
James Carey Letton b. 1933 Paris KY - Notable Kentucky African American

Pictures online our Web Site:
Descriptions with links to pictures

921 Obituaries online our Web Site:
Died before Jan 1 1955 size 152k
Died Jan 1 1955 to Dec 31 1996 size 161k
Died Jan 1 1997 to Dec 31 1999 size 145k
Died Jan 1 2000 to Dec 31 2003 size 198k
Died Jan 1 2004 to Dec 31 2005 size 204k
Died Jan 1 2006 to Dec 31 2006 size 195k
Died Jan 1 2007 to Dec 31 2007 size 159k
Died Jan 1 2008 to Dec 31 2008 size 138k
Died Jan 1 2009 to Dec 31 2009 size 152k
Died Jan 1 2010 to Dec 31 2010 size 144k

Databases online our Web Site:
Some Ottery St. Mary Church Records (Devon, England)
223 Burials in VA National Cemeteries 1778-2006 - size 44k

Data sets online our Web Site compiled in 2001:
Database A - size 230k - Marriage, Birth, Death Records Indexes
Database C - size 122k - Census Records Index, Military Records
Litton Kentucky Land Grants 1806-1910
Litton's in 1920 Jackson County West Virginia Census
North Carolina Revolutionary War Records

Books online our Web Site:
The Coming Race, Haunted and Incantation, The Lady of Lyons, The Last Days of Pompeii, Zanoni, Rienzi - Lord Lytton
Eminent Victorians, Queen Victoria - Lytton Strachey
The Last Days of Pompeii, A Redaction - S Fowler Wright - 1948

Books to buy:
Litton Historical Society - Onida, Tennessee
Ottery St. Mary - Church History, Town History, Manors, Genealogy etc
Archive CD Books - Devonshire
Ancestors and Descendants of Soloman Caleb Litton Sr - by Canie Burns Litton Jr

At the LDS FHC:
27 Books & Documents - Lutton, Litton, Letton, Litten, Lytton

On the Internet:
Knebworth House Home Page - Home of the Lytton Family since 1492
See St. Mary's Church - Ottery St. Mary, Devon, England
Devon History - from 1850 History, Gazetteer and Directory of Devonshire
North Devon Journal - Current Online Edition, and Archives
History of Lympstone - By Rosemary Smith of the Lympstone Society
GENUKI - UK and Ireland Genealogical Information Service
Useful Links - Devonshire Genealogy Heraldry and History
Devon, England - Discover Devon

Miscellaneous Notes:
Bits and Pieces 1000-1900 - Compiled in 1996

Home Pages:
Sharon A Litton
Catherine "Cat" Lee Litten
Daryl J Lytton
Lytton Proom Jarman
Thomas Litton

Contributors in Alphabetical Order:
Cathy Alty
Beverly Aytes-Bowhall
Kevin Bradley
Sharon Beene-Brichter
Jim Carns
Miss Kate Cherry
Holland E Cox
Deena Cross
Carolyn DeBiasi
Pauline Hallett
Ann Arnold Hamilton
Elaine Harris
Lynn Harkins
Anna Herbertson
Nancy Hilliard
Lillian Hunter
Jane Irisa
Don Johnson
Michael Kay
Vic & Judy Kemper
Karen Knowlton
Marion Lynn Laster
Mrs David Latherow
Mary Jo Leonard
Che Letton
Mrs James H Letton
Tricia L Letton
William Reynolds Letton
Jerry Linton
Mrs Alexander Frank Litton
Canie Burns Litton Jr
George Washington Litton
James Litton
Neil Litton
Phyllis Litton
Scott Litton
Simon Litton
Ward Litton
Amos Holly Lytton
Mrs Ann Lytton
Bonnie Lou Lytton
Daryl John Lytton
David Lytton
Eugene Richard Lytton Sr
Fred H Lytton
Martha Ann Lytton
Patsy Lovell
Patricia Mello
Mary Ann Merritt
Sue Moore
Marilyn Nickless
Nancy Offield
Walter Palmer
Brenda Ballard Pflaum
Rhonda Robertson
Bonnie Schermer
Clarence E Shepard
Carolyn Shields
Harold D Smith
Heather Smith
Kandy Stoehr
George Tabb Jr
John Lytton Trommer
Diane Wallis
Sandra Yelton
Darlene Zimmerman

Note: The above are contributors before the year 2000. As of March 2008 there have been 139 contributors.

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