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The WDC GenWeb Project
Linked Descendant Charts of Virginia and West Virginia Families and
Their ancestors where ever they came from - Their descendants where ever they went
covering most all of the United States and some International areas
WDC GenWeb - Frequently Asked Questions, and Answers

[Note: Dec 25 2004 - WDC GenWeb has been online RootsWeb since Oct 1996. With 1,383 linked descendant charts from hundreds of contributors, the Project has out-grown the manual process of creating charts, updating them, maintaining the People Index and the ad-free search engine. WDC will remain on RootsWeb for researchers]

WDC GenWeb FAQ&A Table of Contents:

What is the WDC GenWeb Project?
Can I get my family online here?
What happens after I contribute?

Email when a new chart is added
Email when a chart is revised

How do I use WDC GenWeb?
Why do your charts look that way?
When is the People Index updated?

How accurate is the data in the charts?
I didn't find my people here, now what?
I'd like to learn more about genealogy!
Does WDC GenWeb need any more volunteers?
Acceptable Use Policy, Terms & Conditions

What is The World Descendant Charts Genealogy Web Project?
Contributors email us gedcom files of their family. Those files are used to
create descendant charts. We link the charts together, usually where members
of different families get married.

The Two Sections of WDC GenWeb:
We have developed a large number of family charts where at least one person
in each chart is linked to someone in another chart, to form one big family.
These charts are known as our Interrelated Section. If your ancestor or you
are in one of these charts, you are related to everyone in the Interrelated
Section, though sometimes rather distantly. Our Non-Interrelated Section has
other family charts where some, but not all charts, are linked together. We
will move families and charts from Non-Interrelated to Interrelated when we
have the links that enable us to do this.
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Can I get my family online here?
We post charts of Virginia and West Virginia families, their ancestors where
ever they came from, and their descendants where ever they moved to. So, we
have many charts online of families who lived in other states and countries.

There are two ways you can get your people online here: If you have at least
25 Virginia or West Virginia people we will put your charts online; or, if
you do not have VA or WV people, but you can link to one of the other charts
we already have online.

There are two reasons for the restrictions: We don't have enough volunteers
to handle a large influx of contributors; and we're trying to see how large
of a global family we can create with our Interrelated Section.

If you qualify: Email us your gedcom file in the standard paf format. You
should be able to create and export geds with your genealogy program and its
various menu choices. We have directions for creating/exporting geds for a
few of the more popular genealogy programs. Don't worry about what's in your
ged, all notes except for some historical events are edited out of your ged.
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What happens after I contribute?
Your file is placed in queue to be worked on. WDC is a very personal service
and we don't just put your data online, we work with it. Your gedcom is gone
through line-by-line to ensure the quality of the charts created. Locations
in your ged will be standardized (i.e., Olso, West Virginia or Olso, WVA is
standardized to Olso WV), as well as names (we use lower case surnames) and
dates (we use American style).

Next, your charts are created and linked. During this process we try to find
links to our existing charts and if we do we merge data and create the link.
As each of your charts with VA/WV people in them is put online, we announce
it on our WDC GenWeb list. Your name and email address is at the ends of the
charts you contributed, so other researchers can contact you. When we are
finished with a batch of charts which may include more that just your own,
they are indexed and the people in the charts are added to our People Index.

Finally, quite often we hear from other researchers who have data to add to
your chart, or a family that links to your chart. We will merge their data
with yours and/or create the links from chart to chart. Many or our charts
have been contributed to by more than one person, this has not only helped
the charts grow but also helps with the quality of the data in our charts.

It can take several days to several weeks to get all of your people online.
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Email me every time a new chart is added:
The WDC GenWeb mail list is a read-only list with nearly 2,000 subscribers.
As new charts are put online we send messages to the list, about 4-10 each
week. In the Subject of the message will be the name of the first person in
the chart, when they were born, where, and where descendants moved to. This
is an example: Subject: Francis King b. abt 1639 Eng. > VA/MD/WV

In the body of the message we will tell if the chart is in our Interrelated
or Non-Interrelated Section, the URL of the chart, usually a few lines of
text about the family, and a list of the surnames found in that chart.

To subscribe send a message to: [email protected]
Put the word subscribe or your name in the Subject field
In the body of the message put: subscribe
Note: Use lower case where indicated
Do Not put anything else in the signature file...nothing!
Subscribe to WDC-GenWeb-L list now

There is a digest mode you can subscribe: [email protected]
But since we have such a low volume of messages not many use digest mode.

For places to post queries see: Genealogy Resources on the Internet
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Email me each time a chart is modified:
We use the NetMind-it service for this. You will receive email every time a
chart you are interested in is revised. You can keep track of as many charts
as you want, with many options for how to do it. Mind-it will give you your
own web page to do this with. This a nice service to join up with, they do
not sell your email address and you won't all the sudden start getting junk
email. This service is on our WDC GenWeb Tools page.

To narrow things down more, every time we update our People Index we send
a message to our WDC GenWeb list to let everyone know this has been done.
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How do I use WDC GenWeb?
Use our Descendant Charts Indexes or our People Index to find families or
people you are interested in.

Most charts are linked by marriages. For example: In a Smith chart there is
a Jenny Smith who marries John Jones, with John Jones being a
on John Jones and you will be taken to the chart he is in, with Jenny Smith
being the first link you will see, which takes you back to her chart.

If Jenny and John have children, the link in Jenny's chart to John's would
then say, "Descendants of Jenny Smith and John Jones" with the return link
from John's chart to Jenny's being the same as above.

With some families we have so much data that you will find links to charts
of more male descendants. For example: In a Taylor chart there is a Martin
Taylor who marries a Jenny Smith, and they have many pages of descendants.
You would find a link called "Descendants of Martin Taylor and Jenny Smith"
which would take you to Martin's chart, the first link in that chart would
note that Martin is "[s/o Job Martin and Lucy Clair]" and takes you back to
the chart of Martin's ancestors you first found him in.

If you find some of our long charts are difficult to follow, put your cursor
on the * in front of a name, then use your arrow keys to scroll up and down
the chart. Or save the chart on your system, then open it with NotePad or
WordPad and do the same thing with your cursor and arrow keys.
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Why do the charts look that way?
Our pages display best with your Windows Desktop area settings at 640 by
480 pixels if you use a graphics browser. All pages display properly with
non-graphics browsers.

Our charts and index pages are specially designed to display as fast as
possible on any browser using your browser default settings...we use no
special fonts, colors, graphics or images on those pages.

We use a line length of 76 characters, so you should experience no word-
wrap problems with the display. Data about a person that doesn't fit into
one line is continued on the next, indented so as to distinguish it from
data belonging to another person.

A marriage is considered as a single record...if Martin Taylor was born in
Alton PA, died in Alton PA, married Jenny Smith in Alton PA, and Jenny was
born in Alton PA and died in Alton PA, we'll only tell you Alton is in PA
the first time it occurs in the listing for Martin and Jenny.

We also use very little punctuation. Our goal is to present very clean and
easy to read data, as fast as possible.
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When is the People Index updated?
Only when we finish with a batch of charts. That is so we don't have to go
back and make modifications to our Index pages when we find further data as
we work on batches of charts. Not only do we add new people, we constantly
hear from folks who have additional data on existing people in our charts
which usually means modifying their entry in our Index also. Indexing the
charts and maintaining our Index is quite a job!

Each time our People Index is updated, we let you know by sending a message
to the WDC GenWeb List. Since you have probably already searched our Index
for your people, you might not want to search the whole thing again just to
see if we have added any people you are interested in. For this, we have a
WDC GenWeb - New People Added special index that lists the new people added
linked to the charts their names appear in. Message sent to our list telling
of People Index updates include the URL to our New People Added page.
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How accurate is the data in the charts?
Only as good and accurate as the contibutors sources. WDC GenWeb does have a
distinct advantage though, we merge data. You may have an ancestors name and
birth date, someone else may contribute a death date and location, and we'll
merge the data. We also merge more accurate data when we receive it.

Many of our charts have been contributed to by more than one person. Results
of this means we are able to present highly accurate and more complete data
than can usually be found anywhere else, including the original contributors
own database. If you have a chart online WDC GenWeb check it often to see if
any new data or links to other charts have been added.

Though much of the data we receive is backed up with sources, and even if we
did list contributor sources, you should still use what we present online as
a guide for your own research.
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I didn't find my people here, now what?
I'd like to learn more about genealogy!
We constantly receive new contributions and new data to add to our existing
charts. Subscribe to our WDC GenWeb list to find out when we add new charts
and update our People Index.

The best place we know for you to do more research, and find out just about
everything related to genealogy, is, the Internets oldest and
largest free genealogy website.

On RootsWeb you'll be able to find: thousands of genealogy lists for ethnic
groups, surnames, states and counties, countries, geographical areas, most
genealogy software programs, and many other types of lists; vast collection
of data bases to search including the US GenWeb Archives, the lists RootsWeb
hosts, the SSDI and many more; thousands of links to other genealogy sites,
links to genealogy tutorials for the beginner or experts, and much more!
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Does WDC GenWeb need any more volunteers?
Yes! The more volunteers we have the faster we can get more data online and
add other features. We could use help with indexing the new charts, a fancy
text editor is good for this, EditPad is used a lot here. And help with our
People Index is needed, this requires being familiar with Excell.

A nice selection of 'noteables' has developed in our Interrelated Section.
We've got several charts with U.S. Presidents in them, and our master ged
containes data on the others, someone is needed to expand what we have and
help get more Presidents online. We have Jesse James, Wyatt Earp and other
notables such as Fidel Castro, someone could help round up more.

In the works is a special database that will take the Interrelated Section
back to around the year 500. We need help adding more people to this one,
which includes a royality and nobility database. Someone interested in the
antiquities of genealogy could help with our 200 BC - 200 AD database also
for the Interrelated Section. And, we need to get those databases linked!

We also need people who understand the format of our charts, to help create
them. We have been very lucky with the author of Brother's Keeper helping us
by adding features for us to create our charts, but there is still some lite
manuel editing that needs to be done. We could also use a programmer to come
up with tools that would help automate the creation and indexing of charts.
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Acceptable Use Policy, Terms & Conditions:
The WDC GenWeb charts may not be used in any commercial, or non-commercial
project or application including copying charts or the information therein
and placing them on WWW, Internet, or other media without our consent.

As a collection of information in a custom format, WDC GenWeb retains the
sole rights to the charts with the intent of preserving the data within and
presenting it to the Internet genealogy community for free access.

As a contributor, we reserve the rights to add new data and information to
your charts as we find it or receive it from other contributors and to link
to other charts we have online as new links are found.
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