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The WDC GenWeb Project
Linked Descendant Charts of Virginia and West Virginia Families and
Their ancestors where ever they came from - Their descendants where ever they went
covering most all of the United States and some International areas
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[NOTICE: This page is now Archived, but the links still work. Due to complexity of the browsable People Index, and the time needed to update this page, we are now using our custom Search All Charts to keep track of charts and people in them. The WDC GenWeb List was a read-only list used to inform subscribers of new charts put online, it is now an open list for you to post your queries. To get email when Google finds what you are looking for, see WDC GenWeb Tools]

Send Mail to WDC GenWeb:
Daryl Lytton - [email protected]
We are always interested in additions and corrections to our existing charts
When doing this please try to include the URL of the chart along with your comments

In most all cases the only information we have is what the contributor sent us
Contributor names and email addresses are at the bottoms of most charts.
WDC GenWeb has been online since Oct 1996 and some addresses no longer work

If you are interested in being a contributor, or co-contributor to an existing chart
please see our WDC GenWeb FAQ&A Page or send email with your questions


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