DC Society, Continental Society Daughters of Indian Wars
Welcome to the District of Columbia Society of the Continental Society Daughters of Indian Wars.  If you have questions that this website does not address, please feel free to contact us.

2012-2014 Officers
Governor: Jacque-Lynne Schulman "Lynne"

First Deputy Governor:
Lucy Nicol Peak Birch "Nicki"

Louise Chaboudy "Penny"

Recording Secretary:
Laurie Nesbitt

Adele Bowyer

Jennifer Inskeep

Ellan Thorson

Librarian: Margaret Mary Russell

On June 30, 2012, the District of Colombia Society of the Continental Society Daughters of Indian Wars held a grave marking at Historic Congressional Cemetery in Washington, DC.

A CSDIW marker was dedicated at the grave-site of Chief Peter Perkins Pitchlynn. Peter P. Pitchlynn was elected Principal Chief of the Choctaws in 1864 and served until 1866. After his tenure he retired in Washington, D. C. and devoted his attention to pressing the Choctaw claims for lands sold to the United States in 1830. He was also a prominent member of the Masonic Order. He passed away January 17, 1881 in Washington, DC.

Mr. R. D. Folsom, officially representing the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, spoke at the dedication about his ancestor and the many achievements of Chiei Pitchlynn as well as the history of the Choctaw Nation.

Members of five Native American tribes attended the event. The CSDIW Governor General Sally Wood Hlavay, CSDIW national officers Mrs. Odom, Ms. Williams, Mrs. Bowyer, Mrs. Towns, and Ms. Farrigan joined with the Daughters of the District of Columbia Society in this event along with many guests.

The red roses of the floral tribute were selected as that is the state flower of Oklahoma. The ribbon streamers represent the Four Winds.