Early Mason County Genealogy

Early Mason County

BERRY, CALVERT, GRIGSBY, HAILE, MANN, OWENS, POWELL posted by Diane Hettrick on Sunday, July 27, 1997

1.John OWENS born 1660? VA? died 1712, Richmond Co. VA married Rebecca HAILE b. abt 1665, daughter of Francis HAILE(S) Children: John OWENS b. act 1685 VA, William OWENS, b.* abt 1687 VA, and Richard OWENS born about 1689 VA. 2. Richard OWENS b. abt 1689 VA, died bet Jan-May 1763, King George Co. VA. Married - probably - to Mary BERRY. Children: Joshua OWENS b. abt 1725 VA, Jeremiah OWENS b.1729 VA, Mary OWENS, 1733 VA, William OWENS b abt 1735? VA, (Dr.) John OWENS b. abt 1740 ? VA, Sarah OWENS, b abt 1740? VA, Richard OWENS, Jr. b. abt 1740? VA, Aaron OWENS, b. abt 1740? VA, Lettie OWENS b. abt 1740? VA. 3. Joshua OWENS b abt 1725, King George County VA. Died 6 Oct 1777 Prince William Co. VA. Married 10 Nov 1747, Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co. VA to Letitia GRIGSBY, b abt 1725, d. by 1760. Her parents William GRIGSBY and Ursula MANN. Children: (uncertain information) Joshua, Johnson, William. second marriage to Elizabeth Beeland POWELL b. abt 1735-39 VA, died 7 Oct 1814 Mason County KY. Buried Samuel Owens Cemetery near Washington KY. Children: Samuel OWENS b 1762 Va, and Nancy OWENS b 1772 VA. 2nd Md John CALVERT 1778 VA. After he died 1788 VA, she lived with son Samuel. This is from the _Owens Family of Virginia and Kentucky_, 2nd Edition, November 1991. by David Hatfield OWENS, 1540 Broadway, Ann Arbor, MI 48105, 313-662-5253. It is very well researched, with notes, sources, etc. and of course, you are related to the entire 161 pages. > I am descended through Dr. John. On the Kenton web site is some > information from a descendant of Jeremiah OWENS brother to Joshua and Dr. John. Do you have other information? Please share with me and with Yvonne so she can get it in the data base.

KENTON posted by Jon Hagee on Sunday, July 27, 1997


JAMES, KINTON, MILLER, OWENS, RUSSELL posted by Yvonne James-Henderson on Sunday, July 27, 1997

Looking for Kenton Kin? Come visit us at: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~daisy/kenton.htm Includes: JAMES, OWENS, RUSSELL, MILLER, KINTON and many more!

KENTON posted by Betty Renfroe on Sunday, July 27, 1997

I am so grateful to you for helping me find sister Elizabeth. she was born in 1735 and her brother Charles is my ancestor. I loved reading all about the KENTON. betty

GRIGSBY, OWENS, POWELL posted by Betty Renfroe on Sunday, July 27, 1997

i see by the list of people going to Mason co. ky in 1783, there are some OWENS on the list. i am looking for Joshua owens who married Elizabeth POWELL. i think they had children samuel and nancy. Joshua was married to Leticia GRIGSBY first and had children by her. Do you know anything about this family. I have read that they went to Mason co. Ky.

KENTON posted by Jay Noble on Sunday, July 27, 1997


KENTON, LEACH, MURPHY, SINGLETON posted by Cheryl J. King on Sunday, July 27, 1997

Reseraching genealogy of a SINGLETON line that has Manoah and relatives coming to Kentucky before and during 1779, and were in the Bryant's Station seige. Simon Kenton was around Kentucky at the same time as Abdan Kenton Singleton's immediate ancestors. Wondered if there might have been some blood connection or did they name their son Kenton out of respect? Abdan's father was George Alexander SINGLETON (b. 1846-7, d. circa 1894) and whose mother was Elizabeth MURPHY (whose mother was Priscilla "LEACH??"); whose grandfather was Moses SINGLETON (b. 1801-2 KY, d. after 1870,KY) and whose mother was Isabella LEACH, b. 1803-4,KY). I have traced the family back pretty far and don't find the KENTON surname, but wondered about the connection. Any help or leads appreciated. C. Kirk King

CLELAND, DOWDEN, EDMONDSTON, KENTON, MILLER, OWEN, SMITH, USA posted by Diane Hettrick on Sunday, July 27, 1997

I am a Cousin rather than a KENTON. I'm a DOWDEN descendant, from Jane DOWDEN whose sister married Simon. Jane and her husband William OWEN went to Ohio and Champaign Co IL. There's one descendant still there. What do you have on the DOWDEN and OWEN lines and what do you want? Thanks to a 5th cousin I have a lot of OWEN information. I really don't have much on the others - the CLELAND, SMITH, EDMONDSTON families, but I've been told there are others who have researched them. Are you including Cousin's ancestors in your data base, or just going back on the KENTON and MILLER lines? I look forward to hearing from you! Diane Hettrick, Shoreline WA USA, dhettrick@earthlink.net

ANDERSON, ARROWSMITH, CRUCHFIELD, CUSTAR, FOLEY, KENTON, MCFARLAND, PENCE posted by Patrick and Linda Ryan on Sunday, July 27, 1997

I just found pg 629 of the Biographical sketches (I just posted 630 in the re: kenton marriages message!) My stuff is really a mess but here goes the part that should have come first! Pg. 629 URBANA TOWNSHIP We are now able to trace the KENTON side of the ARROWSMITH family back to 1701. Mark KENTON, Sr., was born in Ireland March 21, 1701, died March 16, 1783, in Pennsylvania. William KENTON, Sr., father of Elizabeth ARROWSMITH, was born Sept., 20, 1837; married Mary Cleland, in Virginia, Dec., 15, 1763, died in this county May 21 1822; she died in mercer Co., Ky., April 14, 1788. Benjamin was a soldier in the Revolution; died in Philadelphia. Mark, Jr., was born Nov. 26, 1749; died Aug., 10 1785. Simon was born April 3, 1752 or 1753, died in Logan Count April 30, 1836; John, the youngest brother, died in mercer Co., Ky. Family record of William and Mary (Cleland) KENTON; Their children were Philip C., born Dec 5., 1765, died in Kentucky Nov., 2, 1855. William , born Dec 7, 1767, died in 1773. Thomas, born Aug, 23, 1770, died in this county Nov., 10, 1851. Jane, born jan. 21, 1773, died in Champaign County June 12, 1812. Mary, born July 22, 1776, died in this county Oct. 12 1815. Elizabeth, born March 26, 1778; married Ezekiel ARROWSMITH, in Kentucky, April 6, 1797, died April 19, 1867. Sarah, born Jan 30 1781, died Feb 1796. William born March 26, 1785, died Oct 6, 1823. Mark, born Dec 25, 1787, died May 6, 1851. Family record of Phillip C., son of William and Mary KENTON: When Phillip C. was quite old, he went to Kentucky to live with his son Thomas. At Cincinnati announcement was made that Gen. KENTON was in the city. At a banquet that evening, at the Burnett House, to which place he had been escorted, being called upon to make a speech, he replied, "I can't make a speech, but can say I always hated snakes and loved the women." Their children were William , date of birth and death not known. Thomas, born April 11, 1792. Elizabeth, born Oct., 26, 1793, died Jan 8, 1821; her husband Robert MCFARLAND, died Dec 28, 1863. Mark died in Indiana. John died in Indiana, Dec 28, 1879. Edmond died in Indiana. Sarah died in Iowa in 1879. Benjamin died in Kentucky. Philip C., birth and death not given. Family record of Thomas, third son of William and Mary KENTON, born in Virginia: Married Keziah D. CRUCHFIELD. Their children were Mary, born March 19, 1794, died Jan 31, 1851. James born 1796, was killed by accident Nov 27, 1862. Sarah, born March 18, 1798, died Jan 25, 1838. John born Feb 12 1800, died July 8, 1850. Thomas, Jr., born Jan 9, 1802, died in Iowa may 4, 1854. Elizabeth, born in 1804. Matilda, born April 19, 1806. Jane, born Dec. 15, 1809. Susannah born March 1, 1811. William C., born Jan. 9, 1813. Richard D., born Feb 12, 1815, died Aug., 7, 1835. Family record of William and Rebecca (ANDERSON) KENTON: Their children were Lewis, nancy, John A., and Cynthia Family record of Mark and Susannah (CUSTAR) KENTON: Their children were Gabriel, born Oct 1, 1815; Mary A., born Feb 16, 1815; Jonathan, born Aug., 4, 1817, died July 12 1840; Mary, born Nov., 28, 1819, died in March, 1875; Harvy, born Aug. 8, 1823; William M., born March 8, 1825, died in Illinois, June 8, 1875; Sarah, born Oct 5, 1827, and Samuel, born Dec. 15, 1830. Family of Alexander and Mary (KENTON) PENCE: Their children - Gabriel, born march 21, 1842; Catherine, born Sept., 5, 1845. Family record of William M., fourth son of Mark and Susannah KENTON. He married Mrs. Mary FOLEY, in Clark County. Their children - Harvy, Catherine and Ida Elizabeth; dates of birth not known. Family record of Samuel and Mary (Scott) KENTON: Removed to Edgar Co., Iowa. Their children - John and Susannah. Susannah married S.T. Thayers in 1878. Linda Ryan theryans@erinet.com


Pg. 630, Biographical Sketches Family record of Charles T. and Sarah Jane (Kenton) CARAWAY: Hew was born Dec. 14, 1821. Their children - Susannah, John H., Mary Celinda, Emma and Minnie; dates of birth not known. Family record of Thomas CLELAND, who is a native of Ireland: He married Jane Smith. They were residents of Virginia. Their children -Jane, married a Mr. MYERS; Cassandra married Thomas HAYMAN; they lived and died in the East. Nancy, married name not ;known. Susannah married William MCGINNESS, father of William L. McGinness, of Mad River Township, Champaign County. Sally married Thomas DOWDEN, the grandfather of the late Dr. Asel OWENS of Illinois. Mary married William KENTON, Dec. 15, 1763, in Virginia. William and Mary KENTON were the parents of Elizabeth Kenton, who married Ezekiel ARROWSMITH. Elizabeth Cleland married Stephen JARBOE, who was the grandfather of the late William TALBOT, of Illinois, some of Sampson Talbott. Their children -Thomas, married, now dead; dates and names not known. Phillip, married Elizabeth RICHARDS; they were the parents of the late Rev. Thomas Cleland, a prominent minister in the Presbyterian Church; he resides in Kentucky, and is the father of two sons who are ministers-P.S. Cleland, of Topeka Kans., and F. H. Cleland, of Lebanon, Ky. Thomas was also the father of Anna WILSON, mother of James Wilson, who married Elizabeth daughter of Elisha and Catherine HARBOUR. Catherine Harbour was a sister of Ezekiel Arrowsmith. Family record of Sampson Talbott, who was born Nov. 21 1767: He married Cassandra Jarboe; she is dead, date not known. One son by this union-William, born Nov 24, 1793, died in Illinois, Dec 25, 1845. Sampson married his second wife, who was Jane KENTON, eldest daughter of William and Mary, in 1798. She died in Champaign Count June 20, 1812. Their children-Harvy, born Aug.7, 1799, married Mrs. Comer; her maiden name was FITCH; he died in Champaign County, Feb 18, 1880. Sarah, born may 5, 1801, married Andrew SEARS; she died Jan 12 1878. Celia, born Aug 25, 1804, married Micajah PHILLIPS; he is dead; she married the second time -Joseph RUSSELL; he is also dead. Benjamin, born Aug 12 1807, married Cynthia JOHNSON; he died in Hancock Co., Ill., Dec 22, 1842; she died May 6, 1861. Elizabeth, born May 5, 1815; married Samuel STUART. Sampson, married the fourth time - Mrs. Ann Fitch; her maiden name was OLIVER. Their children -Jane, married William Harrison MCFARLAND

BURDEN, KENTON posted by Carl Dennis on Sunday, July 27, 1997

KENTON / BURDEN researcher

posted by Barbara J. Ragland on Sunday, July 27, 1997

My Kenton line starts with Jane BURDEN and William KENTON. I descend from their daughter, Margaret.

BURDEN, COLLINS posted by Jon Hagee on Sunday, July 27, 1997

I'm descended from William's half-sister Sarah Kenton COLLINS. We've got several of your BURDEN s on the list.

COVAULT, GOSSETT, HOLDER, KENTON, KINSELLA posted by Patrick and Linda Ryan on Sunday, July 27, 1997

I am in search of info on Robert Simon KENTON m. Aug 10 1884 in Shelby Co. Ohio to Mary Alice COVAULT. She is buried in Graceland Cemetery in Sidney, Shelby Co. Ohio but he's not there. He went by the name Simon. His children were all born in Shelby Co. They are: Wildie Clyde KENTON b. 15 July 1886, d. 7 Feb 1890 *Roy KENTON b.24 Dec 1887 d. 18 Sep 1975 in Dayton, Montgomery Co. OH, m. Lona HOLDER Bessie F. KENTON b. 27 April 1891 Mildred KENTON b. 29 Nov 1893 m. Homer GOSSETT Leinita KENTON b. 25 Dec 1897 m. Edward M. KINSELLA Edith May KENTON b. 2 April 1901 Kenneth J. KENTON b. 2 July 1905 My mother-in-law is the daughter of Roy KENTON. She does not know much about the KENTON side of the family. Some of my husbands family is having a reunion in August and I would like to find some information to share with them and maybe collect some too! I'd appreciate any help you can give me!!


This is my line of AGNEWS and KINTONS: > > Levi AGNEW b. July 29, 1805 in PA > m. Aug. 7, 1828 Sarah KREICHBAUM > s. William K. AGNEW b. May 31, 1835 > m. on Sept. 8, 1857 - Annie Elizabeth KINTON b. Aug. 30, 1838 > > Annie Elizbeth KINTON was the > d/o Hugh KINTON & Julia Ann Kinton [maiden name unknown but might have > been WILLIAMS] > > Hugh Kinton b. about 1811 - 1820 > ~~~Census of 1840 > Bedford County, Bedford Twp, PA, > KINTON, Hugh (1) male under 5 years > (1) male of 20 & under 30 > (1) female under 5 years > (1) female of 20 & under 30 > > ~~~Census of 1850 > Hugh Kinton & his wife were not in this Census but I found 3 of their > children listed: > > Bedford County, Napier Twp, PA > KINTON, Franklin age: 15 > living with family of Mary MCMULLIN > > Bedford County, St. Clair Twp, PA > KINTON, Hugh age: 5 > living with family of Joseph & Elia DAUGHERTY > > Bedford County, St. Clair Twp, PA > KINTON, Elizabeth age: 12 (Elizabeth is my Great Grandmother) > living with family of Adam & Margaret EASTER > > There was another daughter born to the marriage of Hugh Kinton and his wife > Julia. She died Jan. 5, 1856 in KnoxC, ILL. at the home of Simon STUCKEY. > She was 11years old. > > I'm wondering why these four children, Franklin, Hugh, Elizabeth and > Catharine all were living with different people! Hugh and Julia were not in > the Census of 1850 or 1860 but Julia and Hugh were both back in Bedford > County by 1865. > > I found also a death recorded for Margaret Williams KINTON, d/o Hugh & Julia, > d. 7/28/1865 in Bedford Borough, Bedford County, PA. Age given was 2 months > 5 days. [ The age at death may be off a few days! ] > > Bedford Inquirer - June 30, 1865, page 3. > Mrs. Julia Ann KINTON died June 17, 1865, age 40 years [ I think this age is > off a few years ] Died at Schellsburg, died of Paralysis - wife of Hugh > KINTON. > > Hugh KINTON then married a Mrs. Hannah GRIFFITH on Feb. 22, 1866 both of > Bedford County. > > ~~~1870 Census > Bedford County, St. Clair Twp. > 15. KINTON, Hugh age: 53 Born: PA > 16. Hannah 41 PA > 17. Carrie 11/12 > > ~~~1880 Census > Bedford County, East Ward > KINTON, Carrie age: 11 Servant Housekeeper > living with family of William SMITH (lawyer) & wife Margaret > Bedford County, Bedford Twp. West > KINTON, Hugh age: 69 Boarder Laborer > He is listed as divorced/widower > Bedford County, East St. Claire Twp. > GRIFFITH, Hannah age: 53 > Richard 32 son Farmer > Amanda 25 daughter > David 21 son > > For some reason, Carrie KINTON, the daughter of Hugh Kinton & Hannah Griffith > KINTON, is living at age 11 in the home William Smith. Hugh is no longer > living with Hannah Griffith Kinton, his X-wife but Hannah Griffith KINTON is > buried in the Schellsburg Cemetery with an unmarked grave between the two > wives of Hugh Kinton. > > ~~~~~~~~~I do not know the parents names of Hugh KINTON. I have the wills of > every KINTON who lived in Bedford County who registered a will. > > ~~~~~~~~~If you know anything about Hugh KINTON, or if you think you are a > descendant of Hugh Kinton, please let me know. I'm pretty sure he was born > in Bedford County. He could have been the son of John Kinton, Jr. who > moved to Indiana. > > Nancy AGNEW Peche' > San Antonio, Texas

KENTON, OWENS posted by Sandra Taylor on Sunday, July 27, 1997

I still don't even know if I'm a Kenton Kin. Still desparately trying to find any information on Mason OWENS, or at least someone else that was related to him. I do believe that man hid in the woods somewhere most of his life! :-) However, in the search for Mason, I have become completely intrigued by Mr. KENTON and his life..how very interesting!

posted by Randy D. Nichols on Sunday, July 27, 1997

Thank you for cluing me in on you new web site. As you may or may not remember my connection to the KENTON's is some what remote. My GGGGGGGG Grandparents were Richard OWENS and Mary BERRY. I am related thru their daughter Mary, their son Jeremiah was the husband of Jane Kenton. If this relationship is not too remote and you would like a copy of my gedcom information let me know and in what detail. I have often considered doing the same for the NICHOLS line and would be interested in what rules you establish for submission and what processes you develope for deployment. Thanks again.

CRUTCHFIELD, JUDA, KENTON, MOUSER posted by Paul Grisham on Sunday, July 27, 1997

Wondering if you can help me. The 1850 Mad River twp, Champagne Co. Ohio census lists Thomas Kenton age 75 (I am working from the assumption that this is Wiliam and Mary Kenton's son) as h-o-h for hhld nr. 32 on pg 434. Living with Thomas and "S" Kenton are a family of 5 people, all born in Ohio. This family looks like 3 generations and I am not sure of the surname. It looks like it could be MOUSER. The given names are Elizabeth 46, Thomas (K?) 23, Mary 22, Merrill 8/12, and John 50, in that order. Also listed in this Thomas Kenton's hhld is JUDA KENTON age 23 female. Do you know who these people are and have I got the right Thomas Kenton? His wife is supposed to be Kesiah CRUTCHFIELD but the "S" doesn't fit unless it's a nickname or unless Thomas had more than one wife. Please help. Paul Grisham

JARBOE, KENTON, PARKISON posted by Ed Parkison on Sunday, July 27, 1997

I am a great,great,great grandson of Simon KENTON and Elizabeth JARBOE, via their Daughter Matilda and John G PARKISON. In lieu of a home page I will give you my home address,to wit: Ed Parkison 5203 Old Redwood Hwy #45 Santa Rosa, CA 95403-8033

KENTON posted by Paul Grisham on Sunday, July 27, 1997

My 4th great grandfather was James KENTON who was born in Kentucky and lived in Salem Township, Campaign County Ohio in 1850. Family legend says the James Kenton was related to Simon Kenton but I don't know whether he was a son, grandson, nephew, etc.


Hello all, I'm still trying to find someone who might have information on Mason OWENS, b. Sep 8, 1760 in Prince William Co., VA, son of Jane KENTON and Jeremiah OWENS. He may be the father of my 3g gmother, Elizabeth OWENS BARTLETT. Here's what I have to go on: Elizabeth OWENS was b.1784-1785 in VA, married Samuel BARTLETT possibly abt. 1805, place unknown. In 1806 they had a dau., Nancy, in Adair Co.?, KY (this is from IGI, so needs to be verified). In 1825 they are in Henry Co., KY where Samuel signs the marriage bond for Nancy's marriage to William TINGLE. Also in Henry Co., KY: 1815 Polly TINGLE (f:Jasper) md. Henry OWENS 14 Oct 1815 1822 Mason OWENS md. Kitty TINGLE Oct 31, 1822 1822 Fanny OWENS (f:Mason) md. Edward OLIVER 23 Jan 1822 I don't know if this is the same Mason, or a son, but.. By 1830 Samuel, Elizabeth and family settle in Montgomery Co., IL. In the 1840 Census of Montgomery Co., Mason OWENS is listed in the 70-80 age group and there is one male b. 1825-1830 (only two in household). It is indicated Mason is a Revolutionary War Veteren. Another possible link between the BARTLETT and KENTON-OWENS family: >From Clark Co., KY Land Records, Deed Book 2, page 19 1796 Deed from Simon KENTON to John BARTLETT, 100 ACRES One of the BARTLETT families in Clark Co., KY had gone there from Loudoun Co., VA and had a Samuel in it. I haven't yet determined if this is my Samuel's family. John could be a brother, or even his father. If anyone can help I would be so grateful. I'm getting desparate. I know I'm close but just can't get there. Or, if you know of someone researching this line, it would help. Thanks. Sandra Taylor Ardmore, OK flower@brightok.net ******************* Researching: Paternal: ARME, GARRIGAN, HUNTER Maternal: ALLEN, BALLARD, BARTLETT, BERRY, CLARK, HARRIS, HOGSETT, JONES, KEAS/KEYS, KELLY, LEON, MAXEY, MILLER, NICKEY, OWENS, POWELL, RICHARDSON, ROMINE, STEPHENSON, SULLINGER, TINGLE, TRUITT, WHITE, WILEY, WILLIAMS, WILLIFORD..and many others.

KENTON posted by Samantha Green on Sunday, July 27, 1997

I am Samantha Green. A descendant of Mark and Mary Kenton by their daughter, Jane. I saw you Kenton Kin page and would very much like to add my line and receive the KENTON Gedcom you have already compiled. Please instruct me on how I can do this. The funny thing is, I wasn't even working on genealogy. I grew-up in Prince William Co. and was searching through the county's home page. I thought, "Boy, that Kenton name sounds real familiar. Maybe I should look through my records". I'm glad I did!

CLELAND, EMERY, EMMERIK, GORDON, GRIFFITH, KENTON, RHOADES posted by Kenton Rhoades on Sunday, July 27, 1997

>Good morning - >Looking for family connections to the Kenton name in the US and the >British Isles. (Please forgive me if this message is redundant, I may >have sent this previously, Am not sure if it went through) > >My KENTON family connection is through Mark Kenton,b 1701 (Ireland) and >Mary Miller . William Kenton,b 1737 and Mary CLELAND . Thomas Kenton,b >1770 and ? . William C. Kenton,b 1813 and ? . Richard Kenton,b 1835 and >Caroline E. EMERY (originally EMMERIK) . Effie Alma Kenton,b 1864 and >Elliot GORDON . Dana Gordon,b 1901 and Homer GRIFFITH . Winona >Griffith,b 1922 and Curtis RHOADES . Kenton Rhoades,b 1944 > >Found in family papers lithographs of Gabriel Kenton and Mary Kenton >circa 1870s. Trying to establish connection. Any Ideas or information? >Thanks for any assistance you may be able to give. >-Kenton Rhoades

KENTON posted by Becky Kenton Pyle on Sunday, July 27, 1997


posted by Yvonne James-Henderson on Sunday, July 27, 1997

The Pages: The Kuzzin's https://sites.rootsweb.com/~daisy/kmail.htm The Children: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~daisy/kentonki.htm KENTON KIN https://sites.rootsweb.com/~daisy/kenton.htm Hi, Take a look! I am updating the KENTON KUZZIN's page, if you would like to be added, please send me note, along with the line you are researching. This includes all related surnames, so don't be shy if the name you are researching is not KENTON! On the same page, be sure to check out some of the other related links! If you have more, not listed, be sure to send them along! Good luck in your quest, Yvonne

KENTON posted by C. Kenton on Sunday, July 27, 1997


KENTON posted by Jeffrey M. Kenton on Sunday, July 27, 1997


KENTON, OWENS posted by Glenn J. Graf on Sunday, July 27, 1997

Hello: I ahve reason to believe that I am a descendent of Jane Kenton Laws, sister of Simon. My gggg grandfather was a William Owens who was born between 1760 and 1770, and died in 1839 or 1840. I have a copy of his probated will from Mason Co., KY. I do not know his wife's name. It is my understanding that Jane KENTON Laws' first husband was Jeremiah Owens, and that they had a son William, and that this William's dates roughly match mine. What can you tell me about this line? Is it possible for you to send me the info you have on this William OWENS, if any? I would be most grateful. I'm very intrigued by this recent discovery and am anxious to make a definitive conclusion as to whether I descend from this, one of the great american families. Thanks for your help in advance.

KENTON, OWENS posted by D.H. Owens on Sunday, July 27, 1997

I am collecting all the descendants of an OWENS family, of which the Jeremiah OWENS who married Jane KENTON is one. I have over 300 descendants of Jeremiah -- a great deal more than the ones you currently have in your Owens Connection section. There are also a bunch that I couldn't track any further, and would like to learn about. Also, there are still people who think that Jeremiah had the William OWENS who went to Champaign Co. OH, which he did not.

KENTON posted by Yvonne James-Henderson on Sunday, July 27, 1997

Stop by for Kenton Kin registration information and the proposed agenda for the Simon Kenton Festival and Kenton Kin Reunion! https://sites.rootsweb.com/~vapwilli/skf.htm Please feel free to print out the page, complete and "snail" mail to: The Historic Washington Shopkeepers PO Box 132 Washington, KY 41096 Jon has lots more exciting things in the works, I'm sure he will give us the scoop know as soon as he has more information and after the Kenton Kin steering committee meeting this weekend! I know I for one, can't wait! Any Kenton's that attended the Urbana dedications, have a report? I hope to have pictures to share with you soon! Visit the KENTON Website at: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~daisy/KENTON.HTM

KENTON posted by Doug Schneider on Sunday, July 27, 1997


BALL, KENTON posted by Doug Schneider on Sunday, July 27, 1997

Caleb BALL m. Margaret KENTON about 1860, maybe in Indiana or Ohio. Issue: Ida Jane Ball, b 1864 in Rushville, Indiana. Ida came to live with Kenton relatives in Kansas, so something happened to the parents but no one knows what. Anything in your database? Doug Schneider

JARBOE, KENTON posted by Ann Holder Holmes on Sunday, July 27, 1997

Have info on the JARBOE line that married into the KENTON.Will trade info or do lookups.Ann in IN

SPIES, STEWART posted by Penny Stewart on Sunday, July 27, 1997

Hello and thank you. Could you check for any reference to the surname STEWART and a place called Stewart Station and Stewart SPIES? Much obliged, Penny Stewart

KENTON posted by Laquita Fox Carter on Sunday, July 27, 1997


COLLINS, GREGSON, GRIFFITH, KENTON, MCCLAIN, OWENS, RAINS posted by Christine Moore Smith on Sunday, July 27, 1997

Marriage #1 Jane KENTON and Jeremiah OWENS, 5 Sep 1757 Joshua m. Amelia GRIFFITH, Fauquier Co. Mason m. Sarah Florence Nancy m. James RAINS (cousin) Col./Senator William m. Mary MCCLAIN ? Sarah m. Dick GREGSON ? Jane m. Edmund COLLINS his 2nd marriage Jeremiah b. 1769 Mary Ann m. Willoughby Griffith

COLLINS, FLORENCE, GREGSON, GRIFFITH, KENTON, MCCLAIN, OWENS, RAINS posted by Charles Meadows on Sunday, July 27, 1997

Marriage #1 Jane KENTON and Jeremiah OWENS, 5 Sep 1757 Joshua m. Amelia GRIFFITH, Fauquier Co. Mason m. Sarah FLORENCE Nancy m. James RAINS (cousin) Col./Senator William m. Mary MCCLAIN ? Sarah m. Dick GREGSON ? Jane m. Edmund COLLINS his 2nd marriage Jeremiah b. 1769 Mary Ann m. Willoughby Griffith


William KENTON and Mary CLELAND, 15 Dec 1763, Dumfries, Prince William Co., VA Their Children: Phillip m. 1# Frances COLLINS and 2# Mrs. Hannah PHILIPS William 1767 - 1773 Fauquier Co. Thomas m Keziah CRUTCHFIELD Jane m. Sampson Talbott ( his 2nd wife, is first wife Cassandra JARBOE* ) Mary m. Sampson TALBOTT ( his 3rd wife) Elizabeth m. Ezekial ARROWSMITH Sarah 1781 - 1796 Mason County, KY William m. Rebecca ANDERSON Mark m. Susannah Markley CUSTAR

COLLINS, KENTON posted by Jon Hagee on Sunday, July 27, 1997

Looking for family of: Corp. Mark KENTON, Jr and Elizabeth Daugher is: Sarah "Sally" m. Edmund COLLINS

COLLINS, KENTON posted by Robert Burden on Sunday, July 27, 1997

Family of Corp. Mark KENTON, Jr and Elizabeth : Sarah "Sally" m. Edmund COLLINS

JAMES, KENTON, MCALESTER, MCDONALD, RUSSELL, THOMPSON posted by Yvonne James-Henderson on Sunday, July 27, 1997

Marriage #1, 14 Sep 1779, Fauquier Co., VA John KENTON and Catherine RUSSELL Mary "Polly" Kenton m. Berryman JAMES Simon Kenton d. in the War of 1812 Marriage#2, 5 May 1782, Mason County, KY John and Eleanor THOMPSON Patsey m. George MCDONALD Benjamin m. Martha MCALESTER , Resided in Clay Co IN, 1850 Ellen Thompson Jane James died before 1826 Mariah Draper Papers refer to: "Two unmarried daughters" living near Monticello, MO and that their son Benjamin moved to MO


Simon and Elizabeth JARBOE*, 27 March 1798, Mason Co, KY Matilda m. John Graham PARKINSON / PARKISON Elizabeth 1801 - 1810 OH Mary m. Daniel MURRAY William MILLER KENTON m. Mary Ann MCCULLOCH Elizabeth m. Jacob MYERS Ruth Jane m James BROWN

KENTON posted by Margaret Olson on Sunday, July 27, 1997

Benjamin KENTON ca. 1757, Prince William Co.,VA Did he "really" die in Philadelphia, PA , Rev. War??? We are looking for evidence of a wife and children, can you help? Currently Being Researched by Margaret Olson

BAKER, CREASEY, GREEN, KENTON, NEFF, NORTH posted by Margaret Olson on Sunday, July 27, 1997

Nancy KENTON ca. 1759 - 1844 Lucy Kenton m. 1# George CREASEY and 2# Duff GREEN Martha Kenton m. Orrin NORTH Simon Kenton m. Phoebe BAKER Elizabeth "Eliza" Kenton m. John NEFF

KISER, KISOR, KIZOR posted by Paul Grisham on Sunday, July 27, 1997

I'm looking for the family of Joseph KISER b. Virginia abt 1777. His son Charles was born in Ohio abt 1818. Charles KISER and his wife Hannah lived in Champaign Co. Ohio; listed on page 235 of the 1850 census--Joseph KISER is listed with the family (83 years of age b. Virginia). This family may have been associated with the Kentons in Kentucky or Virginia as Charles and Hannah's daughter Barbara married James Kenton's son William Henry Harrison Kenton. This Kenton line is descended from William Kenton, the oldest son of Mark Kenton and Mary Miller. I would appreciate any information on the Kiser family (also seen spelled as KISOR / KIZOR /etc.). Paul Grisham San Antonio, Tx

DENNIS, VORHEES posted by Billie House on Sunday, July 27, 1997

Hello, I am looking for any information on the DENNIS and VORHEES families in Mason Co. around 1800. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Billie House


DESCENDANTS of JEREMIAH OWENS and JANE KENTON July 1997 By: David Hatfield Owens, Ann Arbor, MI (313) 662-5253 Email: OwensMohr@Compuserve.com #4-3 Jeremiah OWENS was one of the nine children of #3-3 Richard OWENS [d 1763, King George Co. VA], who was the son of #2-1 John OWENS [d 1712, Richmond Co. VA]. I am tracking all the OWENS descendants of this family. So far I have nearly 1500, of whom more than 300 are from this Jeremiah. Nearly 50 of these I don't know much about -- like whether they had children. This is an excerpt of 2-3 generations of descendants. I have more info on many of these people. And seeking info on many. How to read this display: #4-3 The first number is the generation (guessing that John is #2). The second is just a number to identify the person. They're not always in order. I have left some out in this listing. 336 Desc Number of descendants that I currently have. Ch: #5-14 +11 Child. "+" means see more below. Eleven is the generation that this line goes down to (in my data). See also my book "Owens Family of Virginia and Kentucky", in many genealogy libraries. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- #4-3 Jeremiah OWENS b 13 Feb 1729, King George Co. VA 336 Desc d Oct 1773, Fauquier Co. VA Md: 5 Sep 1757, Prince William Co. VA to Jane KENTON (Fa: Mark) Ch: #5-14 +11 Joshua OWENS [1758] #5-16 +6? Mason OWENS [1760] #5-15 Nancy OWENS [~1763, Md. James RAINS] #5-17 Sarah H. OWENS [~1765?, did not marry R. GRIGSON] #5-18 +12 Jeremiah OWENS Jr. [1769] #5-19 Mary Ann OWENS [1771, Md. Willoughby GRIFFITH] #5-20 +6 Col. William OWENS [1773] Note: Jeremiah did not have the William OWENS who went to Champaign Co. OH. That was the son of Jeremiah's brother, Dr. John OWENS (d 1823, Mason Co. KY). Who was Bannister OWENS [~1781], in Mercer & Boyle Co. KY with Jeremiah's children? #5-14 Joshua OWENS b 28 Jul 1758, Prince William Co. VA 121 Desc d 5 May 1816, Fauquier Co.? VA Md: When? Where? to Amelia GRIFFITH Ch: #6-33 Sally OWENS [~1785?, Md. Thomas LEACH] #6-34 +11 Cuthbert Morgan OWENS [~1786] #6-35 Jane OWENS [~1790?, Md. Elijah SMITH] #6-36 +7? Evan J. OWENS [~1793] #6-37 Charlotte OWENS [~1795, Md. Hiram ROOKWOOD] #6-38 Mary Ann OWENS [1796, Md. Thomas TAYLOR Jr.] #5-16 Mason OWENS b 8 Sep 1760, Fauquier Co. VA 1 Desc d Jan 1804, Fauquier (murdered) Md: 13 Oct 1796, Fauquier to Sarah FLOURANCE Ch: #6-186 ?? Wilfred OWENS [~1800] Seeking info. Note: Fauquier Will Book 10 p77-78, 1826, says Mason's widow and children moved to Hampshire Co. VA. Who were the other children? #5-18 Jeremiah OWENS Jr. b 15 Jul 1769, Fauquier Co. VA 200 Desc d 22 Apr 1838, Mercer Co. KY Md: ~20 Dec 1796, Mercer Co. to Sally MOSS Ch: #6-39 +10 Mason OWENS [1798] #6-40 +11 William OWENS [1800] #6-41 Mary (Polly) OWENS [~1802?, Md. John MINOR] Md: 5 Oct 1816, Mercer Co. to Margaret PITMAN Ch: #6-42 Nancy Jane OWENS [1818, Md. William C. MOORE] #6-43 Dorothy Ann OWENS [1823, Md. Gaither MILLER] #6-44 Elizabeth OWENS [~1824, Md. Vernon A. WHEAT] #6-45 +12 Jeremiah Fielding OWENS [~1827] #6-46 6 Joshua Pitman OWENS [1829] #6-47 +9 James Samuel OWENS [1833] #6-48 Margaret F. OWENS [1837] Note: Did Margaret P. later marry John HICKMAN? Who was her daughter, A. D. OWENS, born 1841, 3 years after Jeremiah died? #5-20 Col. William OWENS b 4 May 1773, Fauquier Co. VA 6 Desc d 7 Nov 1847, Adair Co. KY Md: 1805, Henry Co. KY to Mary McCLEAN Note: Had four sons & two daughters, but no OWENS grandchildren. #6-34 Cuthbert Morgan OWENS b ~1786, VA 111 Desc d 22 Feb 1841 (in chidbirth?!) Md: 30 Apr 1814, Fauquier Co. VA to Elizabeth ARCHER Ch: #7-57 8? Thomas Fenton OWENS [~1815, Md. Ann FISHBACK] #7-58 +11 Joshua OWENS [1818] #7-59 Sarah Jane OWENS [~1820?, Md. William ROSE] #7-60 Caroline Amelia OWENS [1823, Md. J. CALDWELL] #7-61 9? John Samuel OWENS [1825, Md. Mary A. -----] Seeking info on sons Simon K. & William M. #7-62 9? Charles W. OWENS [~1826, Md. Susan WADDELL & Margaret ROLLINS] Seeking info sons James S. [~1851] & Charles William [1867]. Is this really Cuthbert's son? #7-63 Elizabeth Cathryn OWENS [1828, Md. Enoch FOLEY] #7-64 Cuthbert OWENS [1830-1839] #7-65 Rebecca Adaline OWENS [~1832] #7-66 11 James Marshall (Marsh) OWENS [~1833, Md. Melinda GRIMES] Seeking info son William Barton (Buck) [~1869], who had sons James, Harry, Buster, Frank, and Andrew Jackson. #7-67 Humphrey OWENS [~1835?-1840?] #7-68 Charlotte Frances OWENS [~1837] #7-69 Simon Kenton OWENS [1839-1862] #7-70 William Mason OWENS [22 Feb 1841 - 1864] Note: Elizabeth was 46 when William was born? Not at all sure about Charles W., but same page 1850 Census as three others in this family. Not named in Will. Was he Cuthbert's son? #6-36 Evan J. OWENS b ~1793, VA, 4 Desc d after 1850, Montgomery Co.? MO Md: 25 Jan 1827, Fauquier Co. VA to Harriet S. HAMMETT Md: 13 Mar 1845, Pike Co. MO to Denetta DUNCAN? Note: Had 4 daughters. Also 3 sons by 1840, who were they? #6-39 Mason OWENS b 8 Jan 1798, KY 41 Desc d 5 May 1841, Boyle Co. KY Md: ~29 Mar 1821, Mercer Co. KY to Phoebe DURHAM Ch: #7-334 ?? William OWENS [1822, Md. Eliza Jane BESWICK] d 1882, Orange Co. IN. Seeking info. #7-75 Sarah OWENS [1823, Md. BOLLING, PECK, & FLEECE] #7-76 Eliza Jane OWENS [1826, Md. Andrew MELLICK] #7-335 9? John OWENS [1828, Md. Dorothy Jane VERMILLION] Seeking info son David, who went to Los Angeles, & David's son Harry D. [1884]. #7-345 Ellen OWENS [1830-1832] #7-77 +9 James OWENS [1832] #7-78 Maria OWENS [1834, Md. Hamilton CROWDER] #7-79 +10 Harrison Mason OWENS [1837] #7-346 7 Isaac Savier OWENS [1839-1841] #7-80 Mary Ellen OWENS [1841, Md. Willis Lee SPEARS] Note: Phoebe moved to Parke Co. IN in 1854, to Hendricks Co. in 1865. Was Emily OWENS [~1834] their daughter? #6-40 William OWENS b 10 May 1800, Mercer Co. KY 71 Desc d 21 Oct 1865 Md: 1836, Mercer Co. KY to Mary Elizabeth BOLLING Ch: #7-81 Sarah Ann OWENS [1837-1840] #7-82 7 Fleece OWENS [1838, Md. his aunt, Cath. PREWITT, and then his sister-in-law, Susan McAFEE!] #7-83 Mary Elizabeth OWENS [1840, Md. GRUBBS] Md: 1842, Boyle Co. to Jane COOPER Ch: #7-84 7 Robert Hamilton OWENS [1843, Md. Elizabeth COOK] #7-85 8? Jeremiah F. OWENS [1845, Md. Mary B. GRAY] Seeking info sons (in Cincinnati?) James Wm. [~1879], Cecil [~1883], & Robert Gray [~1888]. #7-86 11 William Hector OWENS [1848, Md. Mary T. PENNEY] #7-87 10? John Mason OWENS [1850, Md. Susan C. McAFEE] Seeking info grandsons (in IN?) Charles Francis & Robert George. Md: 1852, Where? to Frances J. WEBSTER (his cousin's daughter) Ch: #7-88 7 Rev. Richard Burton OWENS [1853-1881] #7-89 Frances Ann OWENS [1856, Md. Winfield S. SNIDER] Md: 1859, Where? to Martha A. WEBSTER (Frances' sister) #7-90 7 James Samuel OWENS [1860, also Md. Susan McAFEE!] #7-91 7 Thomas Jefferson OWENS [1863-1886] Note: The most wonderfully intermarried family I've seen. #6-45 Jeremiah Fielding OWENS b ~1827, KY 67 Desc d ~Aug 1877, Boyle Co. KY Md: 2 Jul 1847, Boyle Co. KY to Frances F. COX Ch: #7-92 Margaret Ellen OWENS [~1848, Md. William COX] Was William's mother Nancy Ann OWENS of Mason Co.? Was Nancy's father Asael? #7-93 9 Jeremiah F. OWENS [1850] #7-94 Elizabeth Frances OWENS [1852, Md. William CLEM] #7-95 8 George D. OWENS [1854] #7-96 8? James Samuel OWENS [~1856, Md. COX, WALLACE, MINOR (CLEM) twice, STREVELS] Seeking info son James R. [1884, Md. COX]. #7-97 10? Joshua P. OWENS [1857, Md. Sarah J. CHRISTENSON] Seeking info son Clarence A. [~1898], grandsons Delbert, Clyde, Cecil, Feldon, Morris Ray. #7-98 Lucy Belle OWENS [~1862, Md. Joseph H. DUNCAN] #7-99 Addie B. OWENS [~1865, Md. C. Richard MARTIN] Did she also marry Samuel COX, 1885 Boyle Co.? #7-100 12 Arch M. OWENS [~1870, Md. Nannie F. WEBB] #7-101 Dolly K. OWENS [~1871, Md. Samuel M. PHILLIPS] #6-47 James Samuel OWENS b 31 Dec 1833, KY 11 Desc d 22 Jan 1867, Mercer Co. KY Md: 24 Feb 1857, Boyle Co. KY to Catherine J. PREWITT Ch: #7-102 Mary F. OWENS [1860, Md. John G. WADE] #7-103 9 David Lee OWENS [1861, Md. Sarah COOK] #7-104 Dorothy A. OWENS [1865-1887] #7-58 Joshua OWENS b Nov 1818, VA 39 Desc d 1882, Fauquier Co. VA Md: 1841 to Evelina CRAIN Ch: #8-75 Hester OWENS [1842, Md. Richard A. FOLEY] #8-78 11 John Webb OWENS [1846, Md. Elizabeth MOTLEY] Seeking info son David Bonner OWENS [1886]. #8-80 9? Samuel OWENS [1851, Md. Amanda S. -----] Seeking info sons Lesley H., Edwin H., Samuel R., Gilbert Turner, William C. #8-81 11 Henry Morgan OWENS [1853, Md. Josephine FOLEY] Seeking info grandson Thomas [Md. Ellen RUBIS]. #8-83 ?? Robert K. OWENS [1862] Seeking info. #7-77 James OWENS b 23 Apr 1832, Mercer Co. KY 9 Desc d 2 May 1909, Parke/Putnam Co. IN Md: 1857, Parke Co. to Sophia Janes BANTA Ch: #8-102 ?? David Woodson OWENS [~1858] Seeking info. Did he go to Labette Co. KS? #8-103 9? Elmer Mason OWENS [1861, Md. Margaret A. BURNS] Seeking info sons James S., Elmer S. #7-79 Harrison Mason OWENS b 20 Mar 1837, Mercer Co. KY 14 Desc d 23 Nov 1922, Tacoma WA Md: 1860, Hendricks Co. IN to Narcissa M. B, SPEARS Note: Lived in Tarrant Co. TX, Lewis & Pierce Co. WA. Seeking info grandsons Harrison Harper & Lee Ford [in WA]

ANDERSON, BALL, PEPPER, ROWLEY, SMITH, TRAVIS posted by Jim Burgess on Monday, July 28, 1997

I am NOT actively working on these families as they are so far removed but would like you to add them to you web site that I have connected to as being from Fauquier County, Virginia. Most of these families can be seen by visiting my web site at http://www.futureone.com/~burgess click on My American Family and then click on Smith. Joseph SMITH married Anne ANDERSON about 1736-1737 probably in King George County, Virginia and later settled in Fauquier County, Virginia. Anne Anderson was born about 1716 in King George County, Virginia the daughter of Walter Anderson and Mary TRAVIS. Joseph Smith was born about 1715 in King George County, Virginia was the son of William Smith and Margaret ROWLEY. Joseph Smith left his will in Fauquier County, Virginia in 1793. 1. Lucy Smith daughter of Joseph Smith and Anne Anderson married William PEPPER and moved to Mason County, Kentucky.Lucy Smith born about 1749 in King George County, Virginia. Apparently William Pepper left a will in Mason County, Kentucky about 1826. 2. Hannah Smith daughter of Joseph Smith and Anne Anderson married William BALL stayed in Fauquier County, Virginia; however, their son Benjamin moved to Mason County, Kentucky. 2a. Their son Benjamin Ball moved to Mason County, Kentucky. Benjamin Ball was born about 1772 married Nancy Cooke 24 Aug 1794 in Fauquier County, Virginia and moved to Mason County, Kentucky. Benjamin died in Mason County about 1850??? Any one working on theses families? Any information on them? Jim Burgess

JANE, JOHN, SCOTT, TAYLOR posted by Jim and Carolyn Innis on Monday, July 28, 1997

Wanted: Parents and place of birth of JOHN SCOTT, b. 1 Jan. 1764, Pa., and wife, JANE TAYLOR, b. ca. 1776, Pa. They were married in Mason Co., KY, on 22 May 1796. John was commissioned Ensign of the 15th Regt. of Militia, Mason Co., KY, on 11 Nov. 1796. I believe John was married previously, having sons John and Robert. Wife #1 must have died ca. 1795-6. Who was she? Thanks for any help: Jim Innis jrinjr@tso.cin.ix.net And thanks for putting this on your page. Jim and Carolyn Innis

KENTON, LONG, MURRAY posted by Todd R. Murray on Monday, July 28, 1997

Daniel Jr. MURRAY married Mary KENTON, daughter of Simon, on Feb. 20 1825 in Cincinnati, OH. Daniel Jr Murray died 2 Dec 1845 and buried in the Monon Chapel Cemetery in Monon, Indiana. Mary Kenton Murray died on Feb. 21 1864 and was buried on the Feb. 23 1864 in Monon Chapel Cemetery in Monon, Indiana. Henry Lane Murray was their son and he was born on Sept. 16, 1840 in White County Indiana and died on June 6, 1909 and buried in the Monon Chapel Cemetery. David Frank Murray was the son of Henry Lane Murray and Emma J Berkey. Born in 1872 in Monon Township Indiana. Date and place of death is not known. Samuel Paul Ross Murray was the son of David Frank Murray and Eva May Hazen and was born Jan. 16, 1901. David Frank Murray and Eva May Hazen divorced shortly after Samuel Paul Ross Murray's birth and he remarried, this information is a big hole in our research so any help would be appreciated, we know that David also had a son named Courtney. Samuel Paul Ross Murray died at Home Hospital, Lafayette, Indiana on Feb. 7 1983 and was buried in the Monon Chapel Cemetery on the 10th of Feb. 1983. James Frederick Murray was the son of Samuel Paul Ross Murray and Verna Jeanette LONG and was born August 16 1925 in Monon, Indiana. James Frederick Murray is my father. I left out all the siblings including my own, any interested in knowing what we have just let me know. I also have some of the death dates and places for Mary's siblings and will include those later this week or next. We have these records on computer but I have not figured out exactly how to pull out everything I want and in the format I wanted so I just sent out the connection first. Todd R. Murray

HUDSON, KENTON posted by Yvonne James-Henderson on Monday, July 28, 1997

History of Lafayette County, MO Biography of George KENTON Davis Township, P.O. Aullville, MO Son of John and Judith Kenton, was born in Missouri, Jan 29, 1840. His father was married three times and had 20 children. George was born in Carroll County, where he was educated and raised. At the age of 25, he engaged in the mercantile business at Milespoint three years. In the fall of 1869, he moved to the county. In 1874, he went to Independence, MO and kept the old Independence Hotel for six years. In 1880, he returned to Carroll county and in 1881, came to a farm of 170 acres in Davis township in this county where he is now. Nov 23, 1865, he married Miss Sarah C. HUDSON, of Jackson County, Mo and has five children: Eugene, Mary E., William C., Lou H. and Sara F. He is the grand-nephew of the famous pioneer, Simon Kenton

BERRY, DORSEY, HANKS, KENTON, LINCOLN, MOSS, OWENS, PITMAN, SHIPLEY, SPARROW posted by Christine Moore Smith on Monday, July 28, 1997

I am related to Simon KENTON through his nephew, Jeremiah Owens, Jr., the son of Jane Kenton (Simon's sister) and Jeremiah OWENS, Sr. Jeremiah Owens, Jr., born July 15, 1769, Fauquier County, Virginia. Married 1. Sally (Sarah?) Moss, December 20, 1796 2. Margaret PITMAN. born May 31, 1796 died July 17, 1753 Both Jeremiah and Margaret are buried in the Caldwell/Irvine Cemetery, located in Boyle County, Kentucky I do not know of any children of the union of Jeremiah, Jr., and Sally MOSS. Jeremiah and Margaret had the following children I know of: Nancy Jane Owens, born May 2, 1818, married Nov. 6, 1834, William St. Clair Moore; died, Boyle County, KY, Jan. 14, 1892. This couple were my great-great grandparents on my father's side. Joshua P. Owens (I think the P. stood for Pauling/Pawling) born June 27, 1828 Never married, died March 22, 1862. Margaret F. Owens born August 3, 1829, never married, died April 28, 1878. Both Margaret and Joshua are buried with their parents in the Caldwell Irvine Cemetery. Margaret Pittman, second wife of Jeremiah Owens, Jr., was the daughter of Thomas Pittman and Rachel BERRY. Rachel was a first cousin to Nancy HANKS. Rachel's mother was Rachel SHIPLEY Berry, wife of Richard Berry, and Nancy's mother was Lucy Shipley Hanks SPARROW. Lucy and Rachel's other sister, Mary Shipley, was married to Abraham LINCOLN, Sr., but there is some contention as to her being the mother of Thomas Lincoln. The Shipley line connects to the SHIPLEY / DORSEY lines of Maryland, and to England from there. My information has come from many years of study of this whole family and the area of western Boyle County, which was first Lincoln County, then Mercer County. Recent information concerning the Owens connection has come from several sources. I make no claims that everything here is correct. I do know that the basics are quite correct.

SELVAGE, SELVIDGE posted by Marlene on Tuesday, July 29, 1997

SELVIDGE / SELVAGE. Thanks. Marlene

NORRIS, STEWART posted by Penny Stewart on Tuesday, July 29, 1997

es! Please add my query. I'm looking for a Capt. STEWART who led a band of pioneer rangers called the Stewart Spies. He was a Scot/Irishman and had at least two sons, William and Thomas. His spouse's maiden name was NORRIS. They came to Kentucky from Pennsylvania, Redstone Country(Fayette County). Thanks alot, Penny Stewart

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