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The Frontiersmen, Narratives of America, Book 1

Bantam Books

Allan W. Eckert
Simon Kenton, The Great Frontiersman

PO Box 748, Urbanna, OH 43078-0748     1993

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Ray Crain
Be Fruitful and Replenish the Earth, Descendants of
Mark Kenton & Mary Miller

PO Box 752, Guatier, MS 39553      July 1991

Denise Mahan Moore
Simon Kenton, His Life and Period, 1755-1836,

Country Life Press, Garden City, NY, 1930(Reprint, Ayer Company, Publishers, Inc., Salem,New Hampshire, 1993)

Edna Kenton
Simon Kenton, Kentucky Scout , illustrated by Edward Shenton Publisher:New York, Toronto, Farrar & Rinehart inc. [1943] Call #: B K37c Thomas D. Clark
The Life and Times of Col. Daniel Boone, Hunter, Soldier and Pioneer With sketches of Simon Kenton, Lewis Wetzel and other leaders in the settlement of the west Philadelphia, Porteer & Coates [c1884] Call # B B724e Edward S. Ellis


With references to the area and era

That Dark and Bloody River, Bantam Books Allan W. Eckert
Narratives of America, Books 1-6, Bantam Books Allan W. Eckert
Follow The River, Ballantine Books James Alexander Thom
From Sea to Shining Sea, Ballantine Books James Alexander Thom
Long Knife, Ballantine Books James Alexander Thom
Panther in The Sky, Ballantine Books James Alexander Thom
The Land Beyond the Mountains Ray Crain
The Long Green Valley Ray Crain

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