Photos of Abraham Knight Van Tine and family

courtesy of Linda Kress


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Submitted by Linda Kress


These are from a photo album which belonged to Sarah Milliken (Daisie)

Abraham Van Tine

Sarah Jane Milliken Van Tine

Abraham Van Tine and child





Submitted by Linda Kress




I just realized I've mislabeled the photo. #5 is Oliver Perry I think, not Edward Milliken, and Edward Milliken is sitting next to Abraham. I'll fix it later. cvy

Abraham Van Tine Party

Submitted by Linda Kress 2/10/2011

Oliver Perry Van Tine and his daughter Essie.

Essie and Oliver Vantine

Essie Van Tine

Oliver Van Tine

Submitted by Linda Kress 2/4/2011

Abraham Knight Van Tine
b. 21 Jan 1828 PA
d. 26 Dec 1914 Westmoreland, PA
md Sarah Jane Milliken 27 Oct 1853

She is looking for people to identify other Vantine Photos.

The document is a Civil War document for Abraham Knight Van Tine that I bought on EBay years ago -- but just thought it would be interesting in conjunction with the photo.

Abraham Knight Van Tine and Grandchildren

Bought from Ebay-Abraham Knight Van Tine Civil War document