Surname First Name Address Place of Birth Age  Abbott Willie A

Tolland County Connecticut
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1930 Head of Household in the town of Stafford CT
Surnames A thru H

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Surname First Name Address Place of Birth Age Surname First Name Address Place of Birth Age
Abbott Willie A. Church Street Massachusetts 56 
Abdo George High Street Syria 46 
Abel Nellie M. Edgewood Street Connecticut 70 
Abraham Mike West Main Street Liban 45 
Ackerman William Furnace Avenue Connecticut 60 
Adams Ralph A. Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 22 
Adams Oren P. Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 39 
Adams Forrest V. West Road New Hampshire 49 
Adams Edith A. Morton Street Germany Bremen 56 
Adams Mary E. High Street Connecticut 69 
Adams Arthur H. Center Street Connecticut 61 
Alden Hannibal Edgewood Street Connecticut 63 
Alexander Michael Willington Avenue Romania 37 
Allard Louis Old Monson Road France 45 
Allard Edward J. Union Road Canada French 47 
Allen Christopher East Main Rhode Island 75 
Allen Pauline School Street Massachusetts 21 
Allerd Joseph H. Pinney Hill Massachusetts 35 
Ambrosi Gino Converse Street Italy 24 
Amidon Gilbert W. Glynville Road Connecticut 58 
Amprimo Ricardo J. Benton Street Italy 33 
Amprimo Domenico Prospect Street Italy 67 
Andrelski Sophie Corcoran Avenue Poland 43 
Andrew Charles A. Pinney Hill Massachusetts 67 
Andrews Stanton M. Orcuttville Road Maine 45 
Angley William A. High Street Connecticut 25 
Angley Frank J. School Street Massachusetts 54 
Antaye John West Main Street Canada French 56 
Antognoni Louis E. Furnace Avenue Italy 46 
Argenta John Edgewood Street Italy 68 
Argenta Angelo Corcoran Avenue Italy 41 
Argenta William M. West Main Street Connecticut 28 
Armelin Madaline Gold Street Italy 42 
Armstrong James E. Stafford Street Connecticut 32 
Armstrong Clara F. Church Street Connecticut 35 
Arnold Benjamin R. East Main Street Massachusetts 58 
August George Prospect Street Poland 61 
Augustson Zelma Wales Road New York 34 
Avery Daniel Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 50 
Avery Winslow B. T. Orcuttville Road Massachusetts 29 
Avery Orrin J. Willington Avenue Massachusetts 41 
Babiel Stephen North Street Poland 36 
Bacchiochi Primo Curtis Street Italy 35 
Bachiochi Ermina Cooper Lane Italy 62 
Bachiochi Dedimo Cooper Lane Italy 41 
Bachiochi Antonio East Main Italy 58 
Bachiochi Luigi West Street Italy 34 
Bachiochi Duilio Park Street Italy 31 
Bagein Achille West Main Street France 45 
Baker Frank H. Edgewood Street Connecticut 72 
Baldeacchi Sperouza Stafford Street Italy 47 
Baldi Alexander Stafford Street Italy 52 
Baldi John Brandon Heights Italy 51 
Baldricci Louis Willington Avenue Italy 47 
Balla Joseph Wales Road Pennsylvania 26 
Ballah Anthony West Main Street Syria 56 
Ballard Fred East Main New Hampshire 53 
Ballou Ora S. Somers Road Route 105 New Hampshire 45 
Banon Tony Park Street Connecticut 23 
Bard George P. East Main Street Connecticut 58 
Barlow Myrtie E. Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 44 
Barrett Emily L. Fisk Avenue Connecticut 84 
Barsaleau Edward J. Hydeville Road Connecticut 26 
Barsalou Napolean Stafford Street Canada French 61 
Bartlett Ozro Westford Avenue Connecticut 55 
Barton John W. Somers Road Route 105 Czechoslovakia 32 
Basset Lionel Union Road Massachusetts 32 
Bassette John Westford Road Canada French 48 
Baxter Edward New City Street New York 79 
Baxter Arthur New City Street Massachusetts 36 
Bean James R. Main Street Maine 73 
Bean Wright B. Church Street Canada English 64 
Beebe Harris C. Somers Road Route 105 New York 45 
Beffa Giuseppe New City Street Italy 43 
Begzi John Westford Avenue Czechoslovakia 54 
Begzi John Westford Avenue Czechoslovakia 30 
Belanger Erose Main Street Massachusetts 29 
Belanger Annie Main Street Massachusetts 55 
Belanger Amos Westford Avenue Massachusetts 24 
Belcher Julia A. Hollow Road Massachusetts 51 
Belcher Clifford T. Stafford Street Connecticut 23 
Belcher Willis E. Wales Road Connecticut 61 
Belcher Earl F. Wales Road Connecticut 25 
Belcher George M. New City Street Connecticut 30 
Belcher Frank E. New City Street Connecticut 56 
Belcher Forest J. High Street Connecticut 30 
Bellante Romano Prospect Street Italy 41 
Bellente Domenico Park Street Italy 26 
Belovity Thomas Westford Road Poland 48 
Benevenuti Arthur Maple Street Italy 55 
Benoit Olina Furnace Avenue Canada French 65 
Benton William E. Brown Avenue Connecticut 50 
Benton Clarence West Main Street Connecticut 26 
Benventi Renato West Main Street Illinois 25 
Berdini Giuseppe West Street Italy 42 
Bergeron Clement Converse Street New Hampshire 39 
Bernada Alfred D. Gold Street Italy 61 
Bernatt John Wales Road Poland 40 
Bertrand Joseph A. Westford Avenue Canada French 45 
Bertrand George N. Corcoran Avenue Massachusetts 56 
Betto Basquale Benton Street Italy 35 
Bidorini Inocente West Main Street Italy 51 
Bilack George Tolland Avenue Austria 42 
Billings Raymond F. Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 21 
Bissonnette Victor J. West Main Street Canada French 49 
Biz Vasco F. Brown Avenue Italy 27 
Biz Luigi Converse Street Italy 28 
Black Annie Patten Street Massachusetts 71 
Blair Edwind Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 64 
Blair Arthur G. New City Street Massachusetts 71 
Blair Harley Silver Street Connecticut 54 
Blazejovsky Joseph North Street Czechoslovakia 42 
Bley William West Road Germany 56 
Blick Walter Orcuttville Road England 55 
Blodget Arthur D. Pinney Hill Massachusetts 76 
Blodgett Clifford West Street Massachusetts 37 
Boardman Warner Willington Avenue Vermont 41 
Boczkowski Gregory Gold Street Poland 42 
Bodnar Joseph Road to Hampden Mass Hungary 57 
Bolieau George T. Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 49 
Bolieau George Westford Road Canada French 79 
Bolieau Henry J. Glynville Road Connecticut 48 
Bolieau Amey B. Furnace Avenue Connecticut 42 
Bolieau John T. Hicks Avenue Canada French 85 
Bolieau Zephise West Main Street Connecticut 41 
Bolieau Napolean High Street Connecticut 64 
Bolieau Henry High Street Canada French 77 
Bolieau A. Dewey High Street Connecticut 31 
Bolieau Henry L. High Street Connecticut 25 
Bolieau John B. Willington Avenue Massachusetts 68 
Booth Ralph E. Pinney Hill Vermont 46 
Borke George R. Burbank Road Connecticut 59 
Bosworth Herbert Wales Road Connecticut 58 
Bourgeois John L. <Unreadable> New Hampshire 42 
Bousquet Joseph High Street Canada English 62 
Bousquet Omer East Main Street Connecticut 27 
Bowden John R. Hollow Road Connecticut 38 
Bowden Earl R. Hydeville Road Massachusetts 31 
Bowden Fred New City Street Connecticut 60 
Boyer Henry G. Crystal Lake Road Route 166 Pennsylvania 66 
Boyer Chester B. Crystal Lake Road Route 166 Connecticut 30 
Boyer Harry Grove Street Rhode Island 41 
Boyko Herry Union Road Poland 34 
Bozscik John Willington Avenue Poland 41 
Bradbury Helen A. Stafford Street Connecticut 89 
Bradenko John Union Road Russia Kieff 48 
Bradley John Wales Road Connecticut 22 
Bradley George H. Grant Avenue England 63 
Bradley James F. Main Street Massachusetts 43 
Bradley Harry L. Brown Avenue Massachusetts 30 
Bradway Carl H. Somers Road Route 105 Massachusetts 44 
Bradway Charles P. Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 85 
Bradway Marshall Somers Road Route 105 Massachusetts 49 
Bradway Spencer H. Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 47 
Bradway Milo E. Bradway Street Connecticut 49 
Braun Joseph J. East Main Street Germany 63 
Braun Francis J. East Main Street Connecticut 37 
Bren Andrew Racker Road New York 39 
Brenyo James Union Road Hungary Budapest 60 
Bressan Genato Furnace Avenue Italy 31 
Bressan Angelo Gold Street Italy 55 
Briden Xavier L. Main Street France 32 
Bridges Fred A. North Street Maine 71 
Brigham George E. Keefe Plains Massachusetts 64 
Brodersen Peter Willington Avenue Denmark 53 
Brown Helen J. Pinney Hill Connecticut 72 
Brown Thomas W. Pinney Hill England 58 
Brown John Pinney Hill England 60 
Brown Hattie Stafford Street Canada French 75 
Brown Daisy Wales Road Connecticut 55 
Brown Fannie G. East Main Connecticut 78 
Brown Clarence E. Prospect Street Massachusetts 65 
Brown Peter J. Westford Avenue New York 50 
Brown Hattie East Main Street Connecticut 71 
Brown Sarah A. Park Street Connecticut 83 
Bruce William A. Westford Avenue Connecticut 60 
Bruce Harold W. Westford Avenue Massachusetts 31 
Bruis Joseph Road to Hampden Mass Italy 44 
Bruzzi Bartholomew Cooper Lane New York 25 
Buck Francis S. Grant Avenue Massachusetts 68 
Bugbee Eva M. East Street Connecticut 70 
Buhler Arthur W. Crystal Lake Road Route 166 New York 33 
Bulick Nicholas Park Street Czechoslovakia 60 
Bullard Harold Pinney Hill Massachusetts 33 
Bullard John Hydeville Road Canada French 62 
Bumstead William H. Orcuttville Road Massachusetts 60 
Burdett William Maple Street England 48 
Burdick Chester A. Keefe Plains Connecticut 45 
Burell Louis Silver Street Connecticut 27 
Burell George W. Prospect Street Connecticut 32 
Burell Edward West Street Connecticut 37 
Burke Edmund J. Main Street Massachusetts 69 
Burke Michael Converse Street Irish Free State 79 
Burlick Andrew Dennis Lane Czechoslovakia 58 
Burwell Harry E. East Street Connecticut 57 
Butler Arthur E. Silver Street Connecticut 30 
Caddy Jennie Keefe Plains Massachusetts 51 
Cady Eugine H. Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 61 
Cady Lottie R. Pinney Hill Connecticut 61 
Calchera Renato West Main Street Connecticut 25 
Calchera Mariano West Main Street Italy 29 
Calchera Benjamin West Main Street Italy 28 
Calcheria Siro Prospect Street Italy 42 
Camarella Luigi Glenville Road Italy 41 
Campbell George W. Tolland Avenue Connecticut 74 
Campo Cino Union Road Italy 52 
Campo Jennie Gold Street Italy 78 
Campo Raymond O. High Street Italy 31 
Campo James Fisk Avenue Italy 52 
Campo Antonio Prospect Street Italy 60 
Campo Louis West Main Street Italy 54 
Campo Benjamin West Main Street Italy 54 
Campo Antonio West Street Italy 40 
Cancian Pietro Converse Street Italy 57 
Cancini Luigi New City Street Italy 39 
Canestrari August Edgewood Street Italy 42 
Capulli James J. Grant Avenue Connecticut 32 
Carcari Peter Converse Street Italy 39 
Carder Leon W. Willington Avenue Connecticut 51 
Cariseau Ely J. Westford Avenue Vermont 53 
Carlson Fred New City Street Massachusetts 42 
Carobuicero Joseph Prospect Street Italy 31 
Carocari Louis Brandon Heights Italy 47 
Carocari Peter Belrose Street Italy 41 
Carocari John Willington Avenue Italy 55 
Carocari Flaminis West Street Italy 52 
Caron Henry J. West Main Street Connecticut 53 
Carpene Frederick Grant Avenue Italy 34 
Carter David Bradway Street England 21 
Casagrande Angelo Glynville Road Italy 58 
Casagrande John Furnace Avenue Italy 41 
Casagrande Joseph Silver Street Italy 27 
Casanova Joseph Keefe Plains Italy 33 
Casavant Henry Somers Road Route 105 Vermont 53 
Cavar Michael Wales Road Ohio 24 
Cercna William Cooper Lane Italy 43 
Cezapla John Somers Road Route 105 Poland 39 
Chaffee Eva K. Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 59 
Chaffee Carl Somers Road Route 105 Massachusetts 45 
Chaffee Burt S. Cross Road Crow Hill Connecticut 59 
Chak Phillip Willington Avenue Poland 44 
Chamberlin Ida M. New City Street Massachusetts 62 
Champagne Exmie Somers Road Route 105 Massachusetts 46 
Champagne J. Henry Gold Street Connecticut 33 
Champagne Paul Prospect Street Canada English 75 
Chaplin Mary A. Maple Street Connecticut 77 
Chapman Frank E. Road to Hampden Mass Connecticut 63 
Charter Godon A. Park Street Connecticut 37 
Charter Wayland S. Park Street Connecticut 34 
Charter Eugene S. West Main Street Connecticut 59 
Chase Gertrude Brown Avenue Florida 45 
Chilkowitch Prakap Westford Road Poland 50 
Chimatti Basili Gold Street Italy 50 
Choinere Clarence Stafford Street New York 24 
Christensen Clane Keefe Plains Denmark 68 
Christensen John Keefe Plains Connecticut 34 
Christensen John Sr. West Main Street Denmark 58 
Christiansen Christian C. Keefe Plains Connecticut 36 
Chrostauesky Sean Union Road Poland 47 
Cifitelli Alfred West Main Street Italy 45 
Cini Giovanna Park Street Italy 43 
Clapprood Mary L. West Main Street Connecticut 40 
Clark Silas F. Brown Avenue Connecticut 77 
Clark Alfred A. Prospect Street Massachusetts 52 
Clark Edward A. Cross Street Massachusetts 55 
Clark Raymond Converse Street Maine 30 
Clifford Joseph Glynville Road England 77 
Cobb Charles L. School Street New Hampshire 35 
Colagiovanni Lorenzo River Road Italy 34 
Colburn Oscar N. Pinney Hill Massachusetts 58 
Colburn Burrell East Street Connecticut 75 
Coleman Francis Converse Street Connecticut 25 
Coligan Delina F. Crystal Lake Road Route 166 New York 62 
Collette Albert P. Park Street Connecticut 40 
Collette Henry J. Stafford Street Connecticut 48 
Collette William J. Gold Street Connecticut 26 
Collins Elizabeth A. West Main Street Connecticut 72 
Collins David W. High Street Connecticut 73 
Comins Nettie A. High Street Massachusetts 76 
Comins Elizabeth Crown Street Connecticut 55 
Comins Julia Crown Street Connecticut 90 
Commiskey John T. Somers Road Route 105 Irish Free State 67 
Comstock Hiram Hollow Road Wisconsin 66 
Conklin John Upper Crystal Lake Road Connecticut 59 
Connell Adline Cross Road Connecticut 70 
Connors Annie West Road Massachusetts 66 
Connors Roy West Main Street Connecticut 39 
Constantin Apolonio Old Monson Road Italy 64 
Constantine Satirios S. West Main Street Albania 44 
Constantini Peter Brandon Heights Italy 40 
Constantinori Evnangelo School Street Greece 47 
Convers Arthur T. Hollow Road Connecticut 50 
Converse Edwin M. Somers Road Route 105 Massachusetts 56 
Converse Melissa L. West Road Massachusetts 89 
Converse Frank E. Westford Avenue Connecticut 76 
Converse Gibert New City Street Maine 61 
Cooley Lean S. Wales Road Connecticut 46 
Cooley Omer North Street Connecticut 38 
Cooley George E. North Street Massachusetts 56 
Cooley Roy E. Prospect Street Connecticut 25 
Cooley Benjamin P. East Main Street Connecticut 51 
Corcoran Julia A. Maple Street Connecticut 67 
Corcoran Michael R. Center Street Connecticut 71 
Corliss John B. West Road France 49 
Cormier Chefield Willington Avenue Massachusetts 34 
Corradi Amelia Gold Street Italy 51 
Corsini Michael West Main Street Italy 35 
Corsini Enrico Park Street Italy 23 
Corsini Pietro Park Street Italy 64 
Costello Louis Willington Avenue Connecticut 26 
Costello Bortolo Willington Avenue Italy 65 
Cote W. Fred Prospect Street Canada English 49 
Cote Ernest J. East Main Street Connecticut 24 
Cote John L. Westford Avenue Canada French 45 
Cox B. Maxwell East Main Connecticut 31 
Cradella Luigi River Road Italy 34 
Crein Margaret Stafford Street Connecticut 60 
Crivelli Alexander Park Street Italy 45 
Cummings Charles M. Prospect Street Connecticut 61 
Cummings Melvin Prospect Street Connecticut 27 
Cunningham John T. Hydeville Road Massachusetts 40 
Cunningham Joseph B. Parkess Street Massachusetts 28 
Cuny Mike Pinney Hill Czechoslovakia 26 
Curnan Charles High Street Connecticut 67 
Curnan Raymond Prospect Street Connecticut 38 
Curtis Bert R. Center Street Connecticut 51 
Curtis Daniel Center Street Connecticut 73 
DaDalt John East Street Italy 43 
DaDalt Paul Prospect Street Italy 44 
DaDalt Antonio Dennis Lane Italy 40 
DaDalt Domenico Willington Avenue Italy 47 
DaDalt Enrico Willington Avenue Italy 30 
DaDalt Cietro Willington Avenue Italy 52 
DaDalt Alfred Center Street Italy 32 
Daigle Alfred Furnace Avenue Connecticut 29 
Daigle Jennie M. High Street Canada English 58 
Dal Pian Attilio West Main Street Italy 30 
Dalinski James Mill Road Czechoslovakia 55 
Dalpean Paul Benton Street Italy 28 
DalPian Francis P. New City Street Italy 44 
DalPian Enrico Park Street Italy 33 
DalPian Guiseppe Park Street Italy 56 
Daly May A. East Main Street Massachusetts 68 
Dansker Henrietta N. Wales Road Connecticut 68 
Davis Emerson B. Hampden Road Connecticut 28 
Davis Edith E. Somers Road Route 105 Pennsylvania 55 
Davis Adeline Monson Road New York 91 
Davis Melvin H. Grant Avenue Vermont 71 
Davis George A. Gold Street Rhode Island 46 
Day Roland A. Upper Crystal Lake Road Vermont 29 
Day Frank J. Furnace Avenue Connecticut 41 
Dazelle Delor Upper Crystal Lake Road Massachusetts 48 
Dearburn Bosa New City Street Italy 66 
DeBass Marino Wales Road Italy 49 
DeBorde Edward C. Crown Street Pennsylvania 56 
Debucuoy John Main Street France 47 
Dec Joseph Wales Road Poland 56 
DeCarli Luigi Hollow Road Italy 62 
DeCarli Joseph Union Road Connecticut 29 
DeCarli Louis Center Street Italy 69 
DeCicco Angelo West Main Street Italy 37 
Defosse Henry Glynville Road Canada French 44 
Defosse Arthur Willington Avenue New Hampshire 50 
Defosse Louis Willington Avenue Connecticut 21 
Dehullu Valentine S. High Street Belgium 38 
Delamay Victor Main Street France 40 
Della Bella Antonio High Street Italy 33 
Della Bella Peter Silver Street Italy 47 
Delligan William J. Prospect Street Vermont 50 
Delmonico Albert J. Park Street Connecticut 36 
Deloge Joseph Parkess Street New Hampshire 51 
Deltt Karl Pinney Hill Germany Baden 56 
DeLucia Louis Center Street Italy 51 
Demars Louis Somers Road Route 105 Canada French 60 
Demars Louis Jr. Stafford Almshouse Connecticut 33 
Demars Joseph E. Prospect Street Connecticut 30 
Demchuk Max Westford Avenue Poland 43 
DeNadai Giovanni Willington Avenue Italy 51 
Denis John M. Pinney Hill France Alsace 62 
Denniston John E. Belrose Street New York 71 
Denslow Silas Prospect Street Massachusetts 33 
DePaoli Bruno Willington Avenue Italy 30 
Depeau Henry J. Hollow Road Canada French 42 
Depeau Joseph F. West Road Canada French 46 
Depeau Alfred A. West Road Canada French 39 
DePellegrini Cesare Union Road Italy 60 
DePelligrini Mario Stafford Street Italy 33 
Desso Ruffus Pinney Hill Connecticut 34 
Desso William F. Main Street Connecticut 31 
Devilin Clara Hydeville Road Connecticut 75 
Dibola Michael Furnace Avenue Czechoslovakia 41 
Dickey Wilfred Main Street Rhode Island 39 
Dickinson Benjamin Hollow Road Kentucky 60 
Dickson John Center Street Scotland 60 
Dimisk Harley Hydeville Road Connecticut 40 
Dimmick Clifford Park Street Connecticut 28 
Dimmock Fred West Road Massachusetts 68 
Dimmock James M. Pinney Hill Massachusetts 79 
Dimmock Charles L. Pinney Hill Connecticut 44 
Dimock LaYergne Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 50 
Dion Fred P. Church Street Canada French 49 
Dobson Thomas P. Hollow Road Scotland 60 
Dobson Thomas West Road Scotland 28 
Dobson John W. Hydeville Road Scotland 26 
Domalewski Krawery West Main Street Poland 56 
Doman Andrew Prospect Street Pennsylvania 30 
Dombroski Jennie M. Silver Street Rhode Island 36 
Donaldson Jack Maple Street Massachusetts 42 
Donaldson Sarah Center Street Northern Ireland 60 
Donick John Somers Road Route 105 Czechoslovakia 59 
Dorsey Richard J. Mill Road Connecticut 49 
Dorsey Joseph West Main Street Massachusetts 59 
Dorsey Arthur West Street Massachusetts 54 
Dottor Angelo Park Street Italy 33 
Doyle Frank C. Hydeville Road Maine 51 
Doyle Harold W. School Street Maine 28 
Driscoll John F. Somers Road Connecticut 36 
Drobnica Joseph Wales Road Poland 42 
Duanebier Otto A. Converse Street Germany 36 
Duble Bessie R. Parkess Street Canada English 34 
Ducharme William J. Furnace Avenue Connecticut 44 
Ducharme John L. Silver Street Connecticut 46 
Duda Antony Somers Road Route 105 Poland 43 
Dudley Fred E. Monson Road Massachusetts 51 
Dumay Elizabeth Colburn Hill Czechoslovakia 32 
Dunham William A. Mill Road Connecticut 72 
Dupont Alcide E. Glynville Road Canada English 43 
Duval Aljebeah J. Prospect Street Canada French 51 
Dvorsky Mike Cross Road Czechoslovakia 71 
Dymerski Alex Wales Road Poland 47 
Dyso Louis Main Street Connecticut 36 
Earnes Hattie Maple Street Massachusetts 75 
Eaton Esther W. High Street Connecticut 81 
Eaton Hattie West Main Street Connecticut 74 
Eaton Morgan Highland Terrace Connecticut 39 
Eckerman Leonard School Street Massachusetts 32 
Edson Richard C. Morton Street Connecticut 23 
Edwards Rose H. Main Street Connecticut 53 
Ege Clara Pinney Hill Germany Wurttemburg 49 
Ege Reynold Wales Road Germany 28 
Ekstrand Waldermar Grant Avenue Sweden 51 
Elkins Forest A. Willington Avenue Maine 45 
Ellis Emily Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 70 
Ellithorpe George Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 67 
Ellithorpe Minnie Prospect Street Connecticut 68 
Emhoff John East Street Hungary 32 
Engel John Tolland Avenue Germany 62 
Engley Frank B. Grant Avenue Connecticut 37 
Eno Edward E. Pinney Hill Massachusetts 61 
Fagan Francis J. New City Street Connecticut 27 
Faimengo Frank Belrose Street Italy 49 
Fain Angelo New City Street Connecticut 23 
Fairfield Rosa East Main Street Connecticut 74 
Falls William Main Street New York 57 
Faulker Anne L. Highland Terrace England 56 
Fedler Charle West Road Connecticut 25 
Feltrin Pietro West Street Italy 32 
Ferrenz Andrew Union Road Czechoslovakia 62 
Festi Luigi Wales Road Italy 68 
Festi Modesto Willington Avenue Italy 58 
Figone Pietro East Street Italy 60 
Fisher Fred West Street Connecticut 27 
Fisher Hany High Street New York 66 
Fisher Mitchell West Main Street Connecticut 56 
Fisher Joseph Maple Street Canada French 74 
Fisher Edward West Main Street Connecticut 32 
Fisk Richard M. Church Street Connecticut 53 
Fisk Robert H. East Main Street Connecticut 57 
Fitzgerald James Stafford Street Wisconsin 44 
Fitzgerald Margaret Stafford Street Ohio 74 
Fitzpatrick Ellen F. Prospect Street Connecticut 68 
Flagg Joseph E. Main Street Massachusetts 54 
Flanagan George H. High Street Massachusetts 63 
Fletcher Everett L. Road to Somers Connecticut 65 
Foisey Mary Main Street Connecticut 56 
Foisey Ernest Main Street Connecticut 28 
Foley John S. Prospect Street Massachusetts 67 
Fontanella Amalia Union Road Italy 52 
Fontanella Ralph Glynville Road Italy 39 
Fontanella A. Geno Benton Street Connecticut 30 
Fontanella Mary Brandon Heights Italy 56 
Fontanella Ferdinand Brandon Heights Italy 56 
Fontanella Angelo East Main Street Italy 28 
Fontanella Alex Willington Avenue Italy 50 
Fontanella Maria Willington Avenue Italy 58 
Fontanella Alex Center Street Connecticut 24 
Fontanella Valentino West Street Italy 45 
Fontanella Angelina Tolland Avenue Italy 47 
Ford Howard S. Orcuttville Road Connecticut 60 
Ford Charles A. Orcuttville Road Connecticut 54 
Foster John A. Union Road Connecticut 80 
Foster William A. East Main Street Connecticut 51 
Foucher Emile Monson Road Canada French 57 
Foucher Omer J. East Street Massachusetts 30 
Fouli Joseph Orcuttville Road Italy 32 
Fournier Wilfred West Main Street Connecticut 38 
Fox Charles B. Old Monson Road Connecticut 45 
Francini Gualtin Prospect Street Italy 40 
Frasenelli Otillio West Main Street Connecticut 22 
Frasier Mary Somers Road Route 105 Massachusetts 32 
Frassinelli John Willington Avenue Italy 54 
Frazier George Westford Avenue Canada French 53 
Frazier Joseph East Main Street Canada French 46 
Fredette Pheobe Fisk Avenue Canada French 51 
Fregeau Charles Westford Avenue Canada French 70 
Fregeau Roseanna Willington Avenue Connecticut 64 
Freidrich Albert Willington Avenue Connecticut 33 
Frekinger Henry Main Street Germany 54 
French Adnack Hollow Road Connecticut 65 
French Edward L. West Road Connecticut 37 
French Fred Hydeville Road Connecticut 36 
Fuller Della L. Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 60 
Fuoli Andrew Cooper Lane Italy 68 
Furek Max Silver Street Russia 36 
Furness James Westford Avenue Connecticut 43 
Gagne James Stafford Street Canada French 57 
Gagnon William Patten Street Canada French 50 
Gagnon Virginia Westford Avenue Canada French 81 
Galbraith William J. Somers Road Route 105 Northern Ireland 70 
Gale Laura M. Glynville Road Massachusetts 49 
Galica Jalm Pinney Hill Poland Galacia 40 
Galotto Romildo Brandon Heights Italy 42 
Gamba John Glenville Road Italy 51 
Ganlin Clifford J. High Street Connecticut 33 
Gardner Charles F. Monson Road Massachusetts 48 
Garvais Joseph Westford Avenue Canada French 66 
Garvais Augustus Westford Avenue Connecticut 38 
Garvais Paul Westford Road Canada French 42 
Garvais Leo H. Union Road Connecticut 40 
Garvais Augustin C. Union Road Canada French 63 
Gary Leah East Street Minnesota 46 
Gary Earl J. Hydeville Road Connecticut 34 
Gary Levy D. Westford Avenue Connecticut 67 
Gary Lyman C. Springs House Hotel Connecticut 41 
Gaulin Felix H. Patten Street Connecticut 27 
Gaulin Joseph Willington Avenue Canada French 59 
Geer Anna B. Park Street Connecticut 61 
Genholt Amos A. Mill Road Germany 53 
Genholt Raymond Keefe Plains Connecticut 24 
Genholt Paul Keefe Plains Germany 50 
George Harvey Somers Road Route 105 Massachusetts 78 
Gerard Angeline West Main Street Massachusetts 62 
Gero Harmedas Willington Avenue New York 31 
Gerould Lesy East Street Connecticut 72 
Giacomini Theresa Furnace Avenue Italy 51 
Giantonio Antonio Prospect Street Italy 48 
Gibson Essie L. Colburn Hill New York 75 
Gigliotti Giuseppe Gold Street Italy 59 
Gilbert Myron R. Road to Somers Connecticut 45 
Gilbert Wilfred Colburn Hill Connecticut 26 
Gilligan Christopher G. Grant Avenue Massachusetts 65 
Gilman Napolean J. East Street Connecticut 37 
Gilman Alexander Furnace Avenue Connecticut 37 
Gilman Fred Hicks Avenue Canada French 69 
Gilman James Church Street Canada English 70 
Gilman Henry E. West Main Street Connecticut 42 
Gilmartin Henry E. Somers Road Connecticut 64 
Gingras Ector Westford Avenue Canada French 50 
Gingras Amos E. Brown Avenue Connecticut 34 
Giord Damere West Main Street Canada French 82 
Gladysz Bartholomew Silver Street Poland 39 
Glazier Charles D. Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 58 
Glazier Herbert A. Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 61 
Glazier Clarence D. East Main Connecticut 25 
Glazier Richard C. East Main Connecticut 29 
Glover Frederick B. Hollow Road Connecticut 27 
Glover Frederick J. Hollow Road Connecticut 66 
Gnietti Francesco West Road Italy 47 
Goady Philip W. Silver Street Vermont 50 
Gold Milo A. Upper Crystal Lake Road Connecticut 77 
Goodel Mary R. West Main Street Italy 42 
Goodell Martin M. Stafford Street Connecticut 50 
Goodell Chester R. Stafford Street Massachusetts 32 
Gordell Walter H. Keefe Plains Massachusetts 42 
Goryl Joseph Somers Road Route 105 Poland 61 
Goryl John T. Benton Street Poland 32 
Gracie John P. Hydeville Road Canada English 42 
Graves Fred H. Orcuttville Road Maine 70 
Graves Reginald R. Patten Street Connecticut 22 
Greaves Norman Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 43 
Greaves Robert E. Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 24 
Greaves James H. Somers Road Route 105 Massachusetts 55 
Greaves Walter A. Grant Avenue Connecticut 49 
Greeley Robert Upper Crystal Lake Road Connecticut 44 
Greendonner George J. Somers Road Route 105 Germany Bavarian 50 
Greene Daniel E. Furnace Avenue Connecticut 39 
Greene Edwin W. Arnold Street Connecticut 40 
Gregory Antonio Stafford Street Italy 41 
Greizka Antoni Wales Road Poland 38 
Grenier Victor Westford Avenue Canada French 61 
Grenier Ameline E. Dennis Lane Connecticut 33 
Grennan John L. Square Pond Road New York 63 
Grennan Augustin Square Pond Road New York 26 
Grey Mahlon East Street Connecticut 43 
Griffin Terrene A. Park Street Connecticut 30 
Griffiths John D. Edgewood Street New York 70 
Grobausha Pola New City Street Poland 30 
Grundy James H. Gold Street Connecticut 52 
Guarco John Gold Street Italy 57 
Guarco Augustin Gold Street Italy 43 
Guathouski Bolieslaw North Street Poland 44 
Guay Alfred East Street Canada French 60 
Guay Balthazar East Street Connecticut 35 
Guay Thomas H. Glynville Road Connecticut 30 
Guerco Charley Park Street Italy 48 
Guerra Joseph Tolland Avenue Italy 47 
Guiliani Joe Park Street Italy 48 
Guiliani Vittorio Tolland Avenue Italy 51 
Guilmain David West Main Street Connecticut 42 
Guilman Freman West Main Street Connecticut 41 
Guilman Napolean Sr. Maple Street Connecticut 60
Haigh Frank Grant Avenue England 59 
Hajosy Albert A. High Street Connecticut 29 
Hajosy Adelbert School Street Hungary 58 
Hajosy Lewis Springs House Hotel Connecticut 22 
Halpin Thomas J. Gold Street Connecticut 37 
Hamilton James East Street Scotland 63 
Hancock Abbie J. East Main Massachusetts 54 
Hanley John J. Fisk Avenue Connecticut 34 
Hanley John P. Church Street Connecticut 48 
Hanley Bernard C. Morton Street Connecticut 36 
Hanley William B. Parkess Street Connecticut 41 
Hanley William J. Belrose Street Connecticut 46 
Hansen Eva Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 51 
Hansen Lausie L. Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 47 
Hanson Emil Highland Terrace Sweden 41 
Harmon Russell R. Westford Avenue Connecticut 33 
Harrigan Ida Keefe Plains Connecticut 42 
Harris Asa Pinney Hill Massachusetts 77 
Harris Mary Highland Terrace Massachusetts 70 
Hartshorn Henry C. Park Street Vermont 68 
Harvey Mary A. Brown Avenue Connecticut 55 
Harwood Ann E. High Street Connecticut 65 
Hassett Lillian A. High Street Massachusetts 54 
Hatch Miro B. Mill Street Connecticut 66 
Hatch Royal B. Colburn Hill Connecticut 36 
Hathaway Raymond A. Mill Street Massachusetts 38 
Hatt Vern A. Wales Road Maine 32 
Hayden Irving M. Patten Street Massachusetts 31 
Hayes Thomas J. Main Street Massachusetts 63 
Heald William H. East Main Connecticut 58 
Heinold Henry C. Union Road Connecticut 28 
Helm Louis Brown Avenue New York 77 
Hemingway Eve Orcuttville Road Connecticut 70 
Henner William West Road Maine 70 
Herbik Stephen North Street Pennsylvania 24 
Herdegen George East Street Massachusetts 37 
Hewett Albert Gold Street New York 43 
Hine Gred Westford Avenue England 59 
Hlobik Joseph F. Silver Street Pennsylvania 24 
Hoague Alexander Converse Street Vermont 54 
Hockla Metro Main Street Pennsylvania 27 
Hodgson Charles P. East Main Street Connecticut 71 
Hodgson William H. Highland Terrace England 55 
Holland Martin Somers Road Route 105 Connecticut 63 
Holt Celia Grant Avenue Connecticut 78 
Holt Lena Furnace Avenue Connecticut 64 
Horgerl Joseph East Street Germany Bavaria 53 
Hornacek Steve New City Street Czechoslovakia 35 
Horniacek Michael North Street Czechoslovakia 38 
Horsman Frederick N. Pinney Hill New York 41 
Horton James H. Wales Road Pennsylvania 52 
Hotkowski Hilary High Street Poland 52 
Houle James E. Hyde Park Canada French 61 
Howard George B. Wales Road Maryland 79 
Howard Mary A. Westford Avenue Connecticut 58 
Howard Fred W. Westford Avenue Connecticut 60 
Hubat Sofia Silver Street Connecticut 38 
Hubert Maria High Street Canada French 60 
Huden William D. East Main Street Massachusetts 64 
Hudon Eva G. Gold Street Massachusetts 46 
Hunziker John J. Somers Road Route 105 Switzerland 56 
Hurchala John Pinney Hill Czechoslovakia 41 
Hurley James E. Furnace Avenue Connecticut 61 
Hutchinson Everett J. High Street New Hampshire 24 


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