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"The improvements
of ages have had
but little influence
on the essential laws
of man’s existence:
as our skeletons,
probably, are not
to be distinguished
from those of
our ancestors."

- Henry David Thoreau

If you descend from anyone living in Middletown
before 1700, we welcome you to join us!

The following is a list of individuals (most with spouses & families) known to have settled in Middletown, Conn. before 1700. The list is from The History of Middlesex County (Henry Whittemore, Beers Co., 1884), which itself is derived in part from the List of Householders & Proprietors, Middletown, March 22, 1670. Names in boldface are the original 1650-54 settlers of Middletown listed on the Founders Rock plaque at Riverside Cemetery, and on the SMFSD plaque at Godfrey Memorial Library. Please note that this list is known to be incomplete! If you descend from a documented pre-1700 settler not on this list, please contact our Registrar about submitting lineage and references.

Not a descendant? A history enthusiast but with no Middletown ancestors?
No problem! Join us in the Friends category!

Josiah Adkins (1673)
Obadiah Allyn (1670)
Thomas Allen (1650)
Nathaniel Bacon (1650)

William Briggs (1677)
John Blake (1677)
William Blumfield (1650)
John Boarn (1677)
Alexander Bow (1660)
Nathaniel Brown (1655)
Thomas Burk (1670)
William Cheney (1655)
Samuel Clark (1676)
Jasper Clements (1670)
Henry Cole (1650?)
Nathaniel Collins (1664)
Samuel Collins (1665)
William Cornwell (1650)
Samuel Cotton (1697)
Samuel Doolittle (1693)
George Durant (1663)
Samuel Eggleston (1663)
John Elton (1677)
Thomas Ferman (1679)
Edward Foster (1670)
Jonathan Gilbert (1672)
John Gill (1676)
Richard Goodale (1671)
George Graves (1650?)
John Hall (1650)

Richard Hall (1650)
Samuel Hall (1650)
Giles Hamlin (1650)

Benjamin Hands (1678)
Daniel Harris (1653)
William Harris (1650)

Edward Higby (1667)
Thomas Hill (1678)
Thomas Hopewell (1662)
George Hubbard (1650)
John Hulbert (1669)
Isaac Johnson (1670)
Francis Jones (1672)
John Jordan (1678)
John Kirby (1653)
Isaac Lane (1664)
Thomas Lewis (1687)
William Lucas (1667)
Daniel Markham (1677)
Anthony Martin (1661)
John Martin (1650)
Thomas Miller (1650)

John Payne (1676)
George Phillips (1680)
Daniel Pryor (1696)
Thomas Ranney (1660)
William Roberts (1680)
Joseph Rockwell (1693)
Alexander Rollo (1697)
Noadiah Russell (1696)

David Sage (1662)
John Savage (1650)
Arthur Scovill (1671)
Edward Shepard (1687)
Joseph Smith (1675)
William Smith (1650)
William Southmayd (1674)
Comfort Starr (1673)
James Stanclift (1686)
Samuel Stocking (1650)
John Stow (1667)
Nathaniel Stow (1676)
Samuel Stow (1651)
Thomas Stow (1669)
William Sumner (1687)
James Tappin (1662)
Matthias Treat (1659)
Edward Turner (1665)
John Ward (1664)
William Ward (1659)
Andrew Warner (1667)
Robert Warner (1655)
Robert Webster (1650)
Benjamin West (1698)
Thomas Wetmore (1650)
Nathaniel White (1650)

Francis Whitmore (1674)
John Wilcox (1654)
James Wright (1690)

Membership Benefits. When you join the Society of Middletown First Settlers Descendants, you will receive:
• Two issues per year of The Middler, the SMFSD newsletter full of information useful for research about Middletown’s first-settler families.
• The annual membership roster enabling you to network with Middletown “cousins” across the country interested in genealogy.
• Access to the member area of the SMFSD web site that features detailed profiles of the first 23 settlers, local history articles, a comprehensive bibliography of Middletown genealogy & local history, and an archive of past issues of the SMFSD newsletter, The Middler.
• The opportunity to attend SMFSD meetings (every three years) in Middletown that include genealogy research, cemetery tours, library/museum visits, member networking, and social events.
• The opportunity to participate in the organization, suggest/plan meeting activities, and vote on SMFSD business.

Membership is a simple 1-2-3 procedure. If you are a descendant of any pre-1700 Middletown settler, and would like to join SMFSD:
(1) Send an outline/worksheet of your lineage to the Registrar. The applicant shall do their own genealogical research, and the resulting lineage should be accompanied by copies of reference material by generation. The Society seeks to verify submitted information, but does not research family lines.
(2) Send a check payable to the Society of Middletown First Settlers Descendants for the non-refundable $10.00 application handling fee.
(3) The Registrar will review the application for approval. Documentation is required only through the line of descent from the 1650-1700 settler. If needed, guidelines will be sent that help document descent by generation. (The Society will return an application if more documentation is needed. It is the applicant's responsibility to complete any gaps in the records.)

When approved, new members can choose to pay annual or lifetime dues: (A) Annual dues from January 1 to December 31 are $20.00 (in addition to the initial $10.00 application handling fee). (B) New members may elect to pay lifetime dues (instead of annual dues) based on age: Age 0-50, $300; Age 51-70, $200; Age 70+, $100.

Friends of SMFSD. Are you a history enthusiast? Would you like to receive The Middler? Join us at $20 per year!

Contact us about SMFSD membership today

Please send membership inquiries and/or lineage information to:
Cindy Nicewarner, Registrar
Society of Middletown First Settlers Descendants
6006 River Birch Court
Hanover, MD 21076
E-mail: cnicewarner "at" verizon.net

Plaques on Founders Rock and at Godfrey Library. Middletown, Conn. The plaque at left was mounted on Founders Rock in St. John's Park adjacent to Riverside Cemetery at the 250th anniversary of Middletown in 1900. The plaques at center and right were installed at Godfrey Memorial Library by the SMFSD in Middletown in 2000.